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Lily Collins spotted in Toronto — prep for ‘City of Ashes?’

Lily Collins was spotted in Toronto on Sunday after a fan snapped a photo of Lily at Toronto International Airport. The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes is slated to begin filming in less than two weeks (September 23) so perhaps Lily was doing some prep for the film?



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12 Comments on Lily Collins spotted in Toronto — prep for ‘City of Ashes?’

  1. It looks like she might be reading the script

  2. Um… um… what are they going to do about her hair?

    • My question exactly. I hope they do extensions inside of some awful wig.

    • Who cares about her hair! I’m sure everything will be taken care of. Not actually that important other than the color. FYI, they were all supposed to be arriving there on Sunday for pre-production meetings and script readings, costume fittings, etc. as the filming starts in two weeks.

  3. FINALLY SOME (possibly) CoA NEWS!!! *exhales in relief*

  4. lily looks really good and calm down on the hair extensions. during the movie, i don’t think i even really noticed about the wig. in one of the phots, her looked red. if she didn’t dye it, she probably will and then they’ll give her extensions

  5. I´m so happy!!!! Today I saw again CoB… kjjslsjdljfksdjhja… I don’t have words to describe hoy much I love this fandom!!!

  6. Lily left Toronto this afternoon.

  7. HATE HATE HATE the terrible feeling of getting your hopes up and then bang having them down to hell……
    The title says it all :
    Future of ‘Mortal Instruments’ Sequel in Jeopardy
    Is this for real? Can anyone confirm?

  8. sheilathethongbarbarino // September 11, 2013 at 6:42 PM // Reply


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