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Another new ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ snippet: ‘A rune’

City of Heavenly Fire cut

After teasing fans with a somewhat unnerving City of Heavenly Fire snippet earlier today, Cassandra Clare has shared another snippet from the final installment of The Mortal Instruments. And it looks like we’ve got a new rune!

a rune, hovering like an angel: a shape like two wings joined by a single bar

What do you think of the latest snippet? And you can catch up on all snippets (including spoilery art) here!

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20 Comments on Another new ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ snippet: ‘A rune’

  1. Uuh! Exiting! Can’t wait to see what it does! (;

  2. Omg yes! I cant wait for City of Heavenly Fire!!!

  3. i think i`ve read that before D:

  4. teamedwardjace // September 11, 2013 at 3:24 PM // Reply

    oooo its exciting!

  5. i could be angelic power acctually

  6. This was in the first book from when Clary and Jace needed to get off the top of Hotel Dumort. So probably something to do with flying.

    Page 287 of the City of Bones.. “A rune danced against the back of her eyelids: two downward triangles, joined by a single bar- a rune like a pair of wings…”

  7. Yes I remember that also, it is a flying rune!!!

  8. I’ve been thinking for a while now that Clary will put an ‘angel’ rune on Jace and it will sprout him some wings. He and Clary could become angel-like with the rune…

    • i`ve been thinking of that too but that would be a really bad idead i dont like that at all, is enough to read abou her dreams when she saw Jace with wings and Sebastian with wings, but those were dreams i dont like the idea of her Putting real wings on jace, I preffer that Raziel came to the earth and help them that seeing anyone with wings D:

  9. teamedwardjace // September 11, 2013 at 7:59 PM // Reply

    that does sound familiar but perhap she actually uses it this time ! it would be cool if they became angel like

  10. BY THE ANGEL! These snippets are going to be the death of me. This is amazing in the last book she brings something from the book that started it all.

  11. This is definitely the same rune Clary saw at the roof of Hotel Dumort!
    So glad that in using it, Cassie is paying homage to the very first book in TMI series as well as finally revealing the meaning of it! It most likely represents “Angel Wings” or “Flying” and I’m guessing that Clary will be using it on Jace. Love the symbolism of it! 🙂

  12. new i recognized it when i read it!!!just shows how well Cassie thinks into things for future books!!

  13. Remember the last scene of CoLS? ” […] And then, there at the root, an ugly gash of sheared-off bone and sinew. Angel’s wings—angel’s wings that had been sliced from the body of a living angel. Angelic ichor, the color of liquid gold, smeared the floor. ”

    So I’m guessing Sebastian will take his rage out on heaven and strip the angels of their wings leaving them powerless. Clary will give the Angels their wings back with this rune and the Angels will join the fight against Sebastian coz he already has Demons fighting for him.
    How’s that for a guess?

    • Nahh, i dont think Sebastian is powerful enough. It’s possible, but it’s a stretch… most demons aren’t powerful enough to fight with angels (scene with Ithuriel at the end of CP), let alone Shadowhunters with demon blood.

  14. I think Jace is going to be turned into an angel cyz Sebby killed all the others

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