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Cassandra Clare sounds off on postponement of ‘City of Ashes’: ‘A delay could be good’

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On Tuesday night, news broke that production on The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes had been delayed by Constantin Film because “the company did not want to rush into production with an unfinished screenplay, preferring to take the time to get right.” The film has not been cancelled contrary to some reports. Just delayed.

Cassandra Clare addressed the postponement of City of Ashes saying that “a delay could be good.”

Here’s what she had to say:

By now you guys likely know that the filming of City of Ashes was delayed: In fact a lot of you knew about it before I did since I found out from Twitter this morning!

Some of you have been asking me about it, and I wish I could answer you, but — I think I’ll quote Rick Riordan here — though the movies are based on my books, they are not my movies. The books are my books, but the movies belong to the production company. They make the decisions they make, and sometimes I know about them and sometimes I don’t. I’m sorry I can’t answer you, but it’s like asking me about your math homework—I would like to help you but I don’t know the stuff. (I am very, very bad at math.) Like I said a year ago, I am a terrible source of movie news and that remains true.

Delays happen in the movie biz. Lots of things happen in the movie biz—it’s a really chancy business, which I know about generally because my grandpa worked in movies and I think would’ve approved of me taking to the peaceful writing life instead. Look, I never thought they’d make the first movie. I literally assumed it would be cancelled up until the moment of the premiere.

According to The Wrap:

“The decision to delay “City of Ashes” was made several days ago after Constantin spoke with its international distributors at the Toronto International Film Festival, Moszkowicz told TheWrap. While Constantin is committed to making the sequel, the company did not want to rush into production with an unfinished screenplay, preferring to take the time to get right.”

 Speaking for myself —and honestly, for readers and fans, too — I think a delay could be good. The draft of the screenplay I saw for the first time last week was very far from the book City of Ashes, and if they’d really started shooting in September there wouldn’t have been time to change it. From the limited amount I know, it seems to me better to take the time to get it right than to rush ahead.

Bottom line:  The movies are not up to me and I am not part of the production team that makes them. I am distanced from what’s going on right now also — I am in Provence writing City of Heavenly Fire* and having a late celebration of my birthday with a big group of friends. Do I totally sympathize with people being disappointed at the delay? I do. But like I said, movies are v.v. chancy and out of my control — I remember when Screen Gems dropped the project, and we all assumed that was that, and later they picked it back up again. There’s no way to know what will ever happen in films, especially if you’re not in the business. I am incredibly lucky in my career and my readers, and even if they made a movie where Magnus ran for president or something, it wouldn’t change that.

We now return to our regularly scheduled posting of snippets and fanart — and the countdown to Heavenly Fire. If I hear anything movie related that’s news, I’ll let you know!

Sounds like a delay might be the best thing for the franchise in the long run. It’s great that the studio wants to take the time to get it right and make a faithful adaptation. What’s a little wait to get a film that is faithful to the book?

What scenes are you most excited to see come to life in City of Ashes?

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72 Comments on Cassandra Clare sounds off on postponement of ‘City of Ashes’: ‘A delay could be good’

  1. i am most exited for malec scenes! they are my favourite couple<3 and maybe waiting a little longer is good, maybe the screenplay will be better!

  2. Sarah Priddle // September 11, 2013 at 1:52 PM // Reply

    Totally agree. I would prefer to wait for a movie that is closer to the book, rather than to see a movie that doesn’t do it justice. I tend to get more out of books anyway, but to see one turned into a movie with great actors (who fit the characters they play) and scenes that are faithful to the story is really exciting if it’s done well. City of Bones was done well, though there were some minor changes to the storyline, as well as some bits that were omitted (as to be expected when you make a 2 hour movie from a novel). I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and really look forward to future installments (with the same actors, of course!). Waiting with bated breath for Heavenly Fire, too!

    • I totally agree with you Sarah. I couldn’t put it any better. I would rather wait for the movie, to be done right. And as you said closer to book, then to have something that doesn’t resemble it. Cassandra wrote an AWESOME series, and it deserves to be done justice in the movies. And I am happy Constantin Films, is willing to take the time to make it right, and with the same actors, cause they were awesome. And Sarah, I agree with you about City of Bones, it was well done, I really liked it, with the changes that were done to it. So as you I am anxiously awaiting for City of Ashes and hopefully all the books on film. Please everyone keep seeing the movie!!!!

      • I completely agree with you both! It is disappointing but well worth the wait. As the saying goes: Good things come to those who wait.So wait we will while we keep enjoying City of Bones, re-reading all the other books in the series, and counting down the days till COHF comes out!!!!

  3. I really love scene Jamie and Lily ( Jace and Clary), waiting for better script and movie I think good, but please not to long

  4. teamedwardjace // September 11, 2013 at 2:23 PM // Reply

    okay this could be a godo thing and the way cassie explained it helps. if the delay allows them to be faithful and also ensure the nonreaders get understand it better, then that’ll help. will news reports please stop saying its cancelled!

    • Yeah can they stop its annoying and rude

      • It’s just poor journalism on their part. No where in the press release or original source does it say anything about being cancelled or potentially cancelled. Nothing we can do about what they publish unfortunately

      • @Alyssa

        First off, thanks so much for maintaining this site and getting all the news articles together! I love your optimism and passion for TMI, but my beef is that I hate people providing false hope. The bottom line is, even if (a big if) TMI turns a profit thanks to DVD/merchandise/syndication rights, it will be extremely, extremely low and that makes it weird justification for a sequel. None of the boxoffice numbers, even what Mosckowicz reports (which never matches up to official sources like BoxOfficeMojo or Rentrak) are justification for a sequel. This is the reason big news sites like Hollywood Reporter, Wall Street Journal, Deadline, etc. are suggesting the sequel was cancelled. I mean, why would you make a sequel when the first movie loses money or makes a super tiny profit?

        Not admitting to a cancelled sequel is standard Hollywood play when the movie is still playing in theatres, like Green Lantern (despite it being 2 years, they still haven’t given official word on whether the sequel is cancelled or not), Golden Compass, Eragon, Superman Returns, etc.

        I think we should just be glad a movie was made at all…after all, there are so many fantastic YA books that never get a movie.

      • Thanks for your comment. News sites like Hollywood Reporter and Deadline never said cancelled. All they said is delayed, which is the case. Some outlets are writing false information about it being cancelled. Never is it mentioned that it’s cancelled. Constantin remains committed to this franchise and want to do best by the franchise and fans by perfecting the script. So I’m ok with waiting if it means a better movie.

      • teamedwardjace // September 30, 2013 at 1:37 PM //

        i agree lol. also i apologize for my terrible spelling.

  5. Haha, president Magnus. He’d have my vote.

  6. What I’d really like to hear from Cassie would be a simple answer to the question: did YOU like the movie? does it do your book justice in your opinion? She sounded so excited and pleased during the production and now after the poor box office results she did literally everything to distance herself from the project. I guess she does it so the fans don’t blame whatever they didn’t like in the film on her, but I don’t think any of them really want to place blame, they just want her opinion. And she has avoided to give it. And I personally think she should say something already. It just would be natural for her to say something about her impressions from the movie as a whole. If you didn’t like it say, if you did, say it just as well. She always had an opinion about the project, why stop now? This sudden “it’s none of my business” attitude is neither a nice nor a wise move, not at all.

    • I agree, it kind of surprised me how the movie felt a bit off from the book. [Sorry for the comparison–>] In other books turned movies the authors seem very proactive in the making of their movies, I specially think that’s why they were very successful. Maybe she regretted not getting her opinion in while the movie was made so she doesn’t want to bother with it as much anymore, I think that’s why she points out “… though the movies are based on my books, they are not my movies. The books are my books, but the movies belong to the production company…” Hopefully the 2nd one does the book Justice.

  7. i really dont know what to think anymore

  8. From how I get it, I’m thinking Cassie herself, along with probably a lot of people that work on it, dint’ like the script at all

  9. Well.. this just goes to show how far they strayed from the first book, honestly. The reason that the City of Ashes screenplay was so different than the book itself, is because the first movie ruined nearly any chance of the other movies being able to remain faithful to their literary source.

    I wish they’d keep the same cast (Minus the guy who played Magnus. Great look, horrible actor) and just make the first movie all over again.

    I’m sure they will try to rewrite the screenplay, but by the time they do that, I don’t know if they’ll be enough gusto or reason to make the second movie at all.

  10. Has anyone of you seen what was on Cassie’s computer: “Oh God,” Magnus said, “they’re dead. They’re all dead.”

  11. I get that changes have to be made to fit within the time limits of movies but if they stick to the books basic plot and not veer totally of course in the second half like they did with COB and please God get a different actor to play Magnus he is one of the most important characters I whole heartedly agree with Shasta, horrible actor, this movie could be amazing! Time to fix the script will be a good thing

  12. Loved Godfrey Gao, loved the movie. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I also don’t think Cassie is backtracking or dissing City of Bones. She’s making a statement that right now she doesn’t know what is going on because the decision to cancel or postpone the sequel is not up to her … it’s the production company. She has said all along that she loved the movie and understood the changes that had to happen in the script. She even at Jamie and Lily’s behest rewrote the ending with the director’s approval. So let’s just all stop slinging mud and pointing fingers.
    The fact is the movie was largely marketed to the fan base, which was ill advised because we were all going to see the movie anyway. It was more important to try to reach fans who don’t know anything about the books, so they would want to go to the movies.
    And City of Bones had the extreme bad luck to come out at the same time as two sleepers … The Butler and We’re The Millers … who turned out to be much more popular than expected.
    I truly want to see City of Ashes make it to the screen. Hopefully it will happen before Jamie, Lily and Robert are 30 and too old to play teenagers.

    • The Butler and We’re The Millers don’t have the same target audience as COB though. I don’t think that was the problem here…

      • The target audience was the fan base and that was the mistake. The same people that went to see the Butler and We’re the Miller’s (which would be me), are also the same people you want to go see TMI. They are probably many of the same people that will go see THG sequel when it comes out in November. Too much of the problem for TMI was targeting just the tween, teen and young adult audience. So it did make a difference. I don’t know how much. But I know it did make a difference. And a week or so later, One Direction is released and takes a chunk of the audience. Next time I hope they have better luck with the release date and their competition at the box office.

  13. “The draft of the screenplay I saw for the first time last week was very far from the book City of Ashes, and if they’d really started shooting in September there wouldn’t have been time to change it.”

    What?!?!? COB’s script was already very different from the book, especially the ending, and COA’s script is changed even more!? COB was such a disappointing and poorly done movie for a great story . . . my hopes were not high for COA from the beginning, and now, especially after hearing the Cassie herself state that COA script is “very far” from the book, I’m really not looking forward to it. What could have been a great franchise is already suffering . . . and the first movie just came out.

    Hopefully this “delay” will mean a better script and movie. If that’s the case, I will wait forever. Well, not really, but you get what I mean.

    • That’s why there’s the delay. So they can work on the script. Hopefully it’s more faithful to the source material. I think they’ve learned their lesson when it comes to changing things in the adaptation.

      • Alyssa, I don’t exactly know what is the best way to word this but I am genuinely really worried, disappointed and feel somewhat betrayed…
        I understand the enthusiasm and the eagerness to watch a much beloved book series adapted to screen, but I also understand the emotional investment and the high expectations a fan may have. I do have an open mind. I’m actually game for changes in book-to-movie adaptations coz I love watching movies and I love reading books. Different things. Like ice-cream and bananas. And I still liked CoB (definitely not loved) but the movie had its issues… We can all attest to that. Doesn’t make you less of a fan if you do. In fact it takes a true fan to point out the mistakes to allow the betterment of it or any potential sequels… For me it was a 6-7 out of 10.
        By stating “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ is the best book-to-movie adaptation ever and more” in your spoiler-free review ( ) didn’t help matters any and never matched the reality of things, IMHO. Script? (all over the place) Soundtrack? (cheesy and off-putting at times – greenhouse scene and hotel dumort) Ending? (Valentine…) To point out the main ones.
        I don’t even know if I’m supposed to keep hoping for sequels but If we ever do, these issues need handling… Starting with the marketing. There is no immaculate conception in all forms of art. That’s for granted. But we need movies not in ways that are similar to other movies but in ones that can tell themselves apart. And to be marketed as such. And we the fandom need to be more realistic.
        If we do get the powers that be to take our voices into consideration it will be a win-win situation (happy fans – box office success). That’s my two cents anyway.

  14. On Cassandra’s twitter she replied to a fan saying she was glad they were redoing the script. From what I’ve read they strayed too far from the book and actually took fan feedback to correct that. Hopefully it’s all positive.

  15. I think if there is a sequel it needs a new screenwriter. I don’t know if this Jessica Postigo is related to someone important but I don’t understand why they didn’t get an established or respected writer to adapt the books. A lot of criticisms about the movie are about the dialogue, pacing, screenplay structure and some of the actors have mentioned that the script was constantly changing during filming. I looked her up on IMDB and she has 0 screen credits before this movie. Why would you hire someone with NO successful screenwriting experience to adapt something you want to be a successful series. Even Twilight’s screenwriter had written for some very well-known and successful TV shows.

    • Agreed, I don’t understand it either

    • Not gonna lie, I thought any negative aspects of the movie definitely fell upon her shoulders. They need someone with more experience. And they did the same thing with The Infernal Devices, which crushed my heart. Of course, the chances of there being a TID movie doesn’t look that great, which makes me sad but in the deep recesses of my brain also a little happy if the screenwriting would be anything like Postigo’s.

  16. @B – Cassie said from the get go that she gave her input in regards to the script. The movie people listened and applied some suggestions and left out others. She also said that up until opening day she thought that they wouldn’t release the movie. She said the scripts were good but did not provide what her definition of good was….good as it is exactly like the book….or good it was written well. Seriously, the journalism insiders still haven’t been able to report the correct gross for the movie domestically and/or internationally.

  17. Well my first thought was they better redo the screenplay and make CoA very close to the book bc as you see in the above post many fans are seriously disappointed in CoB.And most everyone is in agreement that the end was messed up.They skipped alot of interaction between Valentine,Jace,and Clary. Hodge told Valentine to tell make them believe the are siblings that totally ruined major parts CoA and CoG. Clary has the Mortal Cup when Valentine is suppose to end up with it.How are you going to start CoA if he doesn’t have cup? Plus they are suppose to believe Jace is in league with Valentine but for that to happened they needed more interaction together.And in CoA Valentine suppose be to going after the Mortal Sword,but he needs to have the Cup first. I can’t say I didn’t like the movie bc I did and if it was a movie not based on a book it would have been great,but like I said the ending was all wrong.

  18. yea, i agree with alot of the above comments. Jessica Postigo did a pretty bad job when it came to the screenplay, it isnt just the critics who thought the movie was bad. Alot of my friends who are HUGE fans of the books were overall disappointed with the outcome. Of course CoA is gonna stray far from the book, CoB did so how could it not? and what was up with Clary magically putting her house back together?? that was rlly stupid lol after seeing the movie i was literally cringing as to how they were going to adapt CoA, now i know not to get my hopes up at all

  19. I think that this series is more than books – it’s a world that most of us like to live in. There is a lot in the books and i think that everyone involves in the production as well as the actors did the best that they could.
    Having said that, i really think that there is no problem in taking time to film a movie – the Harry Potter movies took almost a year and they turned out awesome. I think that they don’t have to worry if the movie is half an hour to one hour longer because a great screenplay will always be remembered.
    The Lord of the Rings are quite long but the movies are also awesome. We need to stick to the book as much as we can because there is a pathway that reveals secrets and the truth along the way and removing something in the first or second movie will definitely affect the end result. But at the same time, everyone must have fun at the same time and not be stressed in filming or shooting – there are heaps of funny things in the book.
    I really liked the actors in the movie. The only thing i’ll say is that Valentine would not have treated clary and jace like that in the end.

  20. Definitely agree. A carefully crafted screenplay is important. Look at the first Twilight movie. Yeesh! And I’m a diehard Twilight fan. When you meander too far from the original plot it looses its integrity. So I’m pleased to hear they’re taking their time fine tuning the script.

  21. I said something to this effect during a panel at the SLC Comic-Con this past weekend, but think it needs to be said here and now as well: novels/comics need to be treated as separate things from any adaptations thereof.

    People also ought not to be reading things into others’ statements that aren’t actually there.

    It should’ve already been clear that Ms. Clare isn’t involved in the production of the movies based on her books, but since she’s apparently being asked questions about them as if she is, she came out and clarified things. She also offered her own opinion concerning the film being delayed in order to work on the script. She did not, however, give an opinion on the quality of the existing script or whether she agreed or disagreed with its contents as they were when she saw them, although she did acknowledge that said contents were a departure from what she herself wrote.

  22. I have seen CoB 16 times and counting…It did make me nervous they were delaying CoA but I hope that they will proceed as they say. I think one of the biggest problems was lack of publicity. There was no lead up at all to CoB…I knew about it because my niece heard about it on Tumblr and then I had stumbled on Clockwork Angel when I was looking for steampunk books on Amazon. It sounded awesome so I bought it. It was terrific and so I looked up the authors other works and found out she was the one who wrote CoB. My niece had CoB and CoA so I borrowed them from her and then bought all 5 and Clockwork Prince and preordered Princess. I loved all of them. I do wish people who did not like the movie would just not talk about it. It does a disservice to the ones who want to have an open mind. I was not sure about Lily as Clary but I thought she did well. I was very happy about Jamie as Jace. I knew he was perfect. And he was! I just hope they can get it together to do all 6. I think Constantin has the rights to Infernal Devices as well. I think those may be even harder to find an audience for unless they find a different promotions company. One reviewer said ” This franchise’s fate was sealed when they chose discount distributors Screen Gems”. I think he had a point. I would have liked to have seen more ads leading up to it. I just kept watching the trailer on youtube. All we can do is wait and pray I suppose. I wish I could figure out where would be a good place to leave thoughts for Constantin on better promotions for CoA and other films.

  23. I hope they won’t get problems with getting the actors back together when they are finally ready to start. :-/

  24. @Emma

    I don’t mean to be rude but you just sound way to pessimistic. Think positive thoughts. 🙂 If we went by what you have said on previous posts about movies not making money, don’t get sequels….then how did Resident Evil get sequels? Constantin made them too. And if we go by what you said, that the movie company makes around 55% of the box office receipts then there is no way a sequel to Resident Evil should have been made either. It cost around 60 million to make and promote Resident Evil and the box office total was 102 million. If the movie company only makes 55% of the receipts, the movie only netted them 56 million. So they did not make a profit there either. Nor did they break even. So until they actually officially cancel CoA, which they have made no indication that they are doing, be more optimistic. 🙂 No sense in worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.

  25. I don’t believe the studio. I think they are just saying it’s just post poned to not upset the fan base that will possibly go see it again…then they’ll post pone it more….then just cancel it. CoB continues to do poorly in theaters and even my hopes for international success have been dashed. I still plan to go see it a third time however even if all the fans saw it three times in the theater it realky needed non-fans to go see it to make it a big money maker apparently which it wasn’t able to do for some reason.

  26. I didn’t know that Constantin Films made the RE movies, but that only reinforces something I just said in comments on another article, which is that I ultimately believe that Constantin is committed d to adapting as many of Ms. Clare’s works as possible and do everything they can to make that happen.

  27. I agree with Davey again when he says that novels/comics need to be treated as separate things from any adaptations thereof. The fact is that in books there is all the time the author needs to give the details, to take the long and meandering path. In a movie adaptation it’s all geometry … the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. And when the book in question has over 400 pages that has to be shrunk down to 80-120 pages of script, you know things are going to have to be changed, consolidated, condensed, characters left out etc. You’re lucky if they keep the story, main characters, major scenes, a few recognizable lines of dialogue. I loved City of Bones because I chose to step back and enjoy it as an entity separate from the books. The filmmakers are not filming a book they are adapting it, and in doing so, big not little changes need to happen. So I think it’s important to let fans of the books know that whoever the screenwriter for City of Ashes ultimately turns out to be, there will be many changes from the novel. So just enjoy the movie and spend 2 hours in Shadowhunter land and then go back and enjoy the books with their exquisite details that the movies don’t have time for.

    • Well said and I agree. I do understand that it’s only an adaptation and can never be as detailed as the book. However, it’s difficult to seperate it entirely from the book version because the book is what made the movie. The problem was the interpretation and execution. Just like Harry Potter movies, those weren’t loyal and as detailed as the books but they were epic because of interpretation and execution by the film makers. That’s why it’s good they’re going to delay City of Ashes. They badly need to rethink everything and analyze the books better to make an epic production if huge details are to change and omitted.

  28. After all it’s still possible that they’re going to make the sequel. Some movies did get a sequel and their box office numbers were way worser than CoB.

  29. I guess a delay is good especially the fact that there would be a huge change in the plot. Since City of Bones ended kind of differently when Valentine didn’t get the real cup and Clary still has it. We all know the cup plays a huge part in City of Ashes because Valentine used it to control Agramon. That’s why I’m wondering how it’s going to play. I have to admit I was kind of disappointed in the movie. I’m not expecting it to be loyal to the book for cinematic purposes but they could’ve done better.

  30. I think if the City of Bones had been the box office blockbuster we all thought it would be, then we would all be a lot less critical of the film, the director, the screenwriter etc.

    • If the movie had a clear structure (beginning, middle, ending) and coherent story-telling with proper character building and backstory, then we wouldn’t all be so critical about it as you say. We don’t talk about blockbuster status here, unfortunately. I don’t think that was ever the case with the late August release, but just a decent box office (>100mil worldwide) or decent reviews (>40%) would suffice. I don’t see how it can be the other way around as you put it. And there’s a saying were I come from that goes : either the seashore is askew or the keel.

      • I respect your opinion and everyone has one. I felt the movie did have a clear structure and was coherent. As to proper character building and backstory, that’s always difficult in any movie due to time constraints. With the time they had I felt they did an good job. And I enjoyed the film very much. Did I wish they could have included more from the books … yes of course. But at a film that was already 2 hours and 10 minutes long, it would have been difficult to add more.
        I live on an island so I understand your little saying. The point I was trying to make in my previous comment was simply that it’s easier to point fingers when something fails than when it succeeds. And some of the criticism, not all, but some, sounds like people are looking for a scapegoat, someone to blame. But I certainly respect anyone’s right not to like the movie, as long as they respect my right to love it.

      • Of course and I respect yours to. I enjoyed the movie as much as I could but I think I was/am pretty biased. The first time I thought it was a 7/10 and the second well a 5/10. The fact that CC dropped any support of the film doesn’t help either. And her cameo was cut, why was that? I just couldn’t help but feeling how disarrayed and lacking certain depth it all felt. 😦 Thank you for being positive and to be honest everyone-myself included-maybe focuses too much on the negative. That doesn’t mean there weren’t positive things in the movie. For example the casting/acting was great. I loved every single one of them in their roles. The score by Atli Orvarsson was very fitting to the mystical theme. The sets, the special effects, the pace. For me the main issue is the screenplay. And the songs used at specific parts. And I’m not pointing these out for people to lose their jobs or cause any more damage but for them to be considered and bettered for City of Ashes. Eveyone deserves a second chance. If they learned from their mistakes, that is.

      • And I’m not a book purist. I’m all for changes in adaptations from books, but I do want the main themes/characters true to the source. 2 words. Valentine. Ending.

  31. I will be heart broken if they don’t make a sequel I love these books and I can only imagine them on the big screen!!!

  32. I just ADORE, LOVE these books and I want them on the big screen SO much! The delay made me really sad. I can’t stand waiting 2015 for CoA to be released, beacuse if they don’t start filming soon that’s when it will be released.
    I NEED the Seelie Court scene. It would be nice really nice if they put the demon that takes the form of the one you fear the most in the scene in the ship/boat where Jace watches Clary die.

  33. If they don’t get the script finished and filming started in 2014 then I doubt the sequel will be made at least not with this cast. There all in their early to mid twenties and they’re supposed to be teenagers. That would be a shame because I thought the cast was spot on and I wouldn’t swap out one of them for another actor. I want to see the sequel and I think with the proper marketing it could appeal to a wider audience. So Constantin, I hope you’re moving forward on the sequel and quickly!

    • I love the cast too. They have really proven themselves. I don’t care what people say about the characters. They all are good and with more experience for them to get into their characters it should be all good. I have wasted a lot of my week worrying about this so I am about to be done looking. We really need this positive movie. I am also glad Clary is not a wimp like Bella. I am glad she is strong girl growing up to be a strong woman. I do not understand how the stupid movies get made. PLEASE do not dodge this one.

  34. I hope city of ashes script finished and filming started in 2014 then the cast from city of bones as they are perfect for the character

  35. Don’t throw it out. lol Please. We want City Of Ashes movie. Cant someone else team up with SONY since the old fans and new fans want a movie. Someone has to understand the cliff hanger pain in my heart I feel. Especially since I have not read all the books. I do not have the time to sit and read all day. I really want to see Mortal Instruments good news. All I want for the upcoming holidays is to give the fans their movie back. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. You know, it sucks that we have to wait, but if the script was too far off from the book, than I would totally rather they fix it up than watch a movie that I won’t like. I loved CoB movie, and I want the same reaction with CoA.

  37. I think the cast was pretty much perfect, though Isabelle wasn’t what I was hoping for. The movie/screenplay was definitely a bigger deviation than i was expecting, given how *everybody* was promoting this movie as very true to the book. I loved the movie anyway and sure hope they can keep the cast together, because they were the best part of the the CoB movie.

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  39. I understand and it is probably a good thing. I want to see near the end jace was I though you were dead after the ship exploded also the part we clary freaks out about Simon being in the sun light. Oh and when Simon has to dig out of his grave.

  40. The one franchise that got the perfect cast is being delayed? I fucking hate this. Poor Jamie and Lily.

  41. Calm down. 🙂 Hopefully they pick back up with DVD sales. I heard kick A$$ did not make alot and because of DVD sales it got sequel. I think the other movies Devergent and vampire academy will flop as well,but City Of Bones has a real story to tell.

    • The thing is, Kick Ass was profitable on Box Office alone, while TMI flopped on box office alone. Kick Ass grossed 96 million off a 30 million production, 10 million marketing budget.

      TMI will end up with a high 80’s gross for a 60 million production, and another 60 million marketing budget.

  42. I just thought that they cast Jace Lightwood-Herondale-Morgenstern perfectly. Haiz.

    • They should still make the sequels. They should have done more character background to lure the audience in. They also should reconsider the movie on a lower budget. Team up with another screen company. This TMI deserves second chance. Now most the actors are doing other projects. This movie should be made.

  43. To be quite honest…they should scrap the whole movie franchise. The Mortal Instruments was not meant to be a film, it was meant to be a television series i.e. Game of Thrones type of production. Having said that and being very disappointed in City of Bones (the script and editing, not the actors), I very much intend to see City of Ashes and whatever follows, I just hope the leads and are up to par with their anti aging regimen. It’s going to be a long road.

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