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Cassandra Clare on initial ‘City of Ashes’ script: It was ‘totally unrecognizable’ from the book (Exclusive)

City of Ashes

Since the announcement that The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes had been delayed to announcement that filming would resume in 2014, fans have been anxiously waiting for news about the second movie in The Mortal Instruments franchise.

One of the reasons for the delay, next to a disappointing box office bow, was the script for City of Ashes. Two months ago, Clare took to social media to divulge some information about what the script was lacking — the most important being faithful to the source material.

When we spoke to Clare last week about the upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD release of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, we just had to ask about City of Ashes. While she said that she hasn’t yet seen an updated script, she reiterated how different the initial script was from the book.

“I really think fans wouldn’t have been happy with the screenplay as it was,” Clare said. “There was not enough time between City of Heavenly Fire and City of Ashes to turn out the screenplay that they wanted to turn out and make it faithful to the book. It was a very, very, very different. It’s totally unrecognizable.”

Clare said that Constantin Film wants to do right by the fans, which is why they are taking the time to work on the script and do it justice to the books.

“They felt to film that screenplay would have been a betrayal to the fans’ trust,” Clare said. “So they faulted on it. The last thing I heard was that they were working on an update. Hopefully I will get to see the updated version. I would rather they waited and got it right.”

Clare said that the scene she’d most like to be on set for is Simon’s transformation into [SPOILER] a vampire.

“I think Robbie Sheehan would really pull it off,” Clare said “He’d be awesome. He’s so good at comic stuff, but he’s also so good at — which he doesn’t get to do enough of — serious stuff. It’s a real heartbreaking scene and I think it would really — it’s a great moment for him as an actor and a great moment for the character and for the other characters, too. It’s the moment when they kind of realize the consequences of having brought this guy with no special powers and is a mundane into their world.”

There is currently no set start film date for City of Ashes, but Constantin Films plans on shooting sometime in 2014.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones arrives on Blu-Ray combo pack and DVD on Tuesday, Dec. 3 in the U.S. Be sure to pick up your copy!

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68 Comments on Cassandra Clare on initial ‘City of Ashes’ script: It was ‘totally unrecognizable’ from the book (Exclusive)

  1. i totally agree. i was disappointed with the first movie because it left out some of my favourite parts from the book I’d rather they do the books justice but take a little extra time doing it.

    • teamedwardjace // December 1, 2013 at 5:05 PM // Reply

      I loved cob . I do. Love the cast but there were sine things they could’ve included Eg explaining seraph ladies just a bit. But yeah I want them to take the time

    • I disliked how they left out Raphael and revealed the whole brother sister thing when we were supposed to find out who is who in the third book. Not the first.

      • yeah i am agree with you it was really annoying tat they revealed stuff in the first film that should have been revealed in the third and they missed out quite a bit like the scene in takis restaurant.

      • agreed even with the forsaken, the battle at renwicks clarys runes hodge betraying them simon turning into a rat

  2. And they wonder why the first movie tanked… *shakeshead*

    • Exactly. Poor Cassie. If I was in her shoes I would’ve pulled all of my hear out by now. I know for a fact that she wasn’t happy with the way CoB turned out either. She just can’t afford the luxury of openly voicing her dissatisfaction with it (for obvious reasons).

    • teamedwardjace // December 1, 2013 at 5:07 PM // Reply

      Hey Daniela and Mina, I feel it didn’t tank but didn’t do well as we hopes. It made a substantial amount in end. However there were people who loved or liked it and those who didn’t. Also part of the issue was the release time and marketing

    • @TeamEdward,

      Look I would be happy (or maybe not considering the first movie was terrible due to the script problems) for a sequel to be made, but at some point we gotta stop deluding ourselves?

      The movie made 82 million worldwide off a budget of 120 million (60 production, 60 marketing)…..even if you ignore studios don’t keep 100% of box office receipts, it was a flat out bomb regardless.

  3. Let Cassie of the fans do the script , By the Angel please don’t screw this one again

  4. Let Cassie or the fans do the script , By the Angel please don’t screw this one again

  5. obviously the script for city of ashes would be way different! city of bones was NOTHING like the book! was confused throughout the movie! i wanted so bad to walk out during the movie:( i rlllllly freakin hope they don’t screw this one up, i hope they do it justice, Please!!!

  6. I loved the first movie, and thought it was true, and that the changes they made worked for the movie. But if Cassie says that the CoA script was way off, then I am very happy that they are waiting. Better to have to wait for a good movie than get the crappy movie right away.

  7. It’s better to take the time to do it right. We can wait.:-)

  8. Moral of the story respect the fanbase and respect their wishes to have their films be as faithful to the book as possible and get it right or else there will b he’ll to pay and we won’t forgive easily trust me this fanbase is a lot more powerful than anyone thinks so by all means let them fix it up buy they better get their act together with everything else including the marketing. Sorry if I might sound harsh but I just really want to put it out there bc I’ve been meaning to say it for a while. So like to the script writer and the studio fix your shit and make a really good movie and for the love if god get better music

    • teamedwardjace // December 2, 2013 at 5:47 PM // Reply

      miranda you raise some good points. i found it faithful and they need to work on the marketing(however while being faithful they need to make sure nonreaders get it too)

      • Very true!! The only parts that I hated were the part with the pieces of the portal(SO… STUPID) and the kiss scene could have been much much better and less awkward. And maybe the freezing scene at the end, seemed like it should have been better as well. The rest was good and I felt true to the book.

  9. Sharon Rousseau // December 1, 2013 at 12:49 PM // Reply

    It’s difficult for me to understand Ms Clare’s criticisms of the script and frantic efforts to distance herself from COB’s script & production. It was well publicized by cast, director, and Ms Clare herself that she was “intimately involved” in all aspects of the production. She rewrote sections herself. She advised director and cast members on every scene. She was present for the publicity tour and her valuable on-set presence and input was praised by cast members. Her statements now criticizing the script’s differences from the book ring very self-serving and hollow. I enjoyed both the book and the movie, and look forward to COA, no matter who pens the script.

    • She’s not criticizing CoB here, she’s criticizing the script of CoA.

    • Thank you, Sharon. Couldn’t agree more.

    • I totally agree, her behaviour irritates me too – she said she absolutely loved the CoB film in dozens of interviews before the release, and after the first critisism arose she backed out and now practically talks and acts like she didn’t have anything to do with making it. Bad move.

      • teamedwardjace // December 2, 2013 at 5:45 PM //

        if you’ve been paying attnetion to ther tumblr, she did at one point say there were things she was even shocked to see. (not that she disliked it) sometimes they used her opinion and sometimes they didnt

    • Authors never have much input. They just dnt. Once they sell the rights, they are basically kicked out and Clare was lucky to have any input at all. The only reason she got to rewrite that section of the script was because the actors (Jamie Campbell bower and lily Collins) brought her in on it. The author, and Clare is no exception, is basically at their mercy. I feel so sorry for her and have a sense of foreboding for the rest of the movies, as the first one I found a little lacking (though not a complete failure). Book to movie conversions never reach my expectations, but having just seen the catching fire movie city of bones was a failure in comparison.

    • teamedwardjace // December 2, 2013 at 5:46 PM // Reply

      or she was misquoted

      • Um there’s an interview with the Hollywood reporter, so I don’t see how you can “misquote” video and audio evidence.

        Also yes most authors don’t have much input which is why you don’t claim to have a lot of input and then back out later when the movie gets a terrible review.

  10. KikiLOVESJace // December 1, 2013 at 1:21 PM // Reply

    I’m a little worried, but I really want to see Simon transformation to a vampire.

  11. And yet people hate on the people behind CoB, when they hold off on CoA to give us the best experience they could. Screen Gems and Constatin Films are proving time and time again that they have our backs and care about us, and yet people still complain?

    I’m sorry, but I’ve been having to deal with CoB criticism since the movie first came out and I’m sick of it. I’m sorry, but have any of you BEEN through adaptations before? Do you know how this works? As far as book/movie things go, the movie is NEVER exactly like the book. And as far as adaptations go, CoB was an AMAZING one.

    Unlike Roswell and TVD, if you gave the movie a different name, people still would have realized what it was supposed to be. At least it wasn’t completely different from the source material, like Pay it Forward and Beastly. At least the Jace and Clary romance made sense, and they didn’t ruin Jace’s character, like the romance and Edward were ruined in Twilight (not to mention the fact those movies were riddled with bad acting, and cheesiness). At least the movie didn’t feel disjointed, and they didn’t leave out crucial parts of Clary’s character, like they did with Wanda in The Host. And do I really need to mention the atrocities of the Percy Jackson movies in this post?

    Guys, the CoB movie WAS good (especially compared to those movies listed above). I get being a bit disappointed with stuff, but I think some of you are being WAY too particular, and not at all appreciative. This movie could have been a LOT worse. But at least at the end of the day, they kept all the major plot points. At least at the end of the day, they tried to stay true, and kept in fan favorite moments; at least the characters didn’t feel like cardboard but themselves, and the romance felt believable, and it felt like TMI at the heart of it.

    They HAD to change things to make this movie work. They had to try and make it understandable and approachable for audiences old and new. And really, the only thing they changed was the vampire hotel scene, and the ending fight scene. And I actually thought those were GOOD changes for the overall feel of the movie (as the other versions would have felt out of place). And so they tried to make this movie more action-packed and interesting for guys (and not go the Twilight route). Can you really blame them for making Clary more badass and whatnot when you consider that? Overall, this movie is very true to the book, and the changes are not so major, that it’ll drastically change stuff, and they can’t fix it later.

    Once again, this movie could be a LOT worse. Pause for a moment and remember that Magnus wasn’t in the original script, and Clary was originally going to be a boy. And now how about instead of screaming at the movie people for once, you be grateful for all the GOOD things they did for us, and the fact they’re trying so hard to please us, when they really don’t even have to.

    And also… I am so sick of people hating the CoB movie, because “HP is so accurate”, when I could list a TON of things they changed from the HP movies from the books…

    Look, guys. I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that, but sometimes I feel like people forget to look for the many positives in something, and just focus on the negatives. And when it gets to the point where you’re pretty much sabotaging your own fandom, by telling people to not see the movie and stuff, I think that’s when certain people need a reality check.

    We almost lost CoA for this and other reasons, but now it’s back on the table, and people are still probably going to sabotage this movie so we don’t get CoG. Granted, second movies are usually better and more accurate than first adaptations, but I’m still worried we’re not going to get CoG, due to fans’ too high expectations, which I think is a bit extreme?

    If you’re unsatisfied with something, and want it to change, that’s fine. Tell Screen Gems or whatever, and hope they fix it in the next film. But do NOT not see the movie, and tell other people not to, if you want/expect them to make the next movie, but better. What some of you guys are thinking is beyond me…

    • Thank you a LOT, i couldn’t agree more! I thought I was the only one accepting the movie and like the changing. The only thing i hope is that they are filming all the books….

      • teamedwardjace // December 2, 2013 at 5:49 PM //

        cellie and shanna, you raise some good points. yes something had to hange(e.g ralphel not being in the first movie) . i loved cob and and found alot ot if faithful but they could have incldued some of the deleted scenes and mentioned what certain things were like seraph blades

    • Yes, there are many worse adaptations, but why not raise the bar a little? Look at Lord of the Rings – they changed a LOT, but no fans complained and the movies made billions. Because Jackson’s team stayed true to the main message, mythology and characters, put great music in and made the movies very deep and grown up (the books were actually for teenagers too).
      The event compression in CoB was great and I really appreciate that the big secret of Jace and Clary not being siblings was let out (people don’t react well to incest and it’s also just nice to know something the characters don’t), I also liked the props very much and the actors are the best cast possible, the action scenes were good too.
      BUT: the mythology and character explaining dialogues were cut to the bone, most of my friends who watched the movie without having read the books got the impression that Jace, Isabel and Alec are the only shadowhunters in the world and didn’t get at all who Valentine was and what he wanted, not to mention that they had no idea what Idris, Accords and Conclave are. The music was off – I mean the cheesy song during the greenhouse scene, the score was actually wonderful. And I didn’t like some of the jokes – they worked in the book, but they didn’t work in the movie, there were just a little too many.
      More talking and explaining mythology, less joking, more grown up music and CoA will be just perfect. I strongly hope for that.

    • Melinda MacLean // December 13, 2013 at 8:31 PM // Reply

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. I completely agree with you100%. I cannot wait to see how they introduce Raphael in City of Ashes.

    • bytheangelrawr // May 18, 2014 at 2:36 AM // Reply

      Its surprising me that no one is mentioning the fact that there arent any of the typical phrases in the movie like By the angel and such.. But I totally agree with you on how overall, despite the glitch in CoB, we still need to support it if we want a CoA.

      And why would they even bother to make improvements when no ones bothering to watch it in the first place….so yeah I get your point and its a good one. I also get that movie adaptions rarely meet expectations but I feel like small little things here and there couldve made the difference a bit more bearable and tolerable for disappointed fans ya know.

      Like maybe add in Church and have a quick appearance of Raphael and the Lightwoods. And use the typical Shadowhunter phrases like By the angel. I feel like those things wouldve added to the TMI feel and its not like it wouldve changed the original CoB movie much. It just wouldve made it feel more like TMI so that the differences between the CoB book and movie were easier to look over or tolerate.

    • I completely agree with you100%

  12. The only thing I didn’t like of CoB was that they changed Valentine’s personality.

    And then, there was a lot of inconsistencies:

    -Why the demon with blue hair invited Clary and Simon to the club?
    -The police didn’t go to Clary’s house after the noises and explosion…
    -How Clary was able to see the angelic power rune on the Pandemonium’s poster?
    -The people on the club wasn’t able to see Jace, Alec and Isabelle but they could see the blue-haired guy being attacked by someone “invisible” so why not help him?
    -Why Valentine wanted Clary to drink his blood?
    -And something I found funny is that they didn’t kill the demons when they were frozen.

    • Oh wow. Thanks everyone. I’m glad that you liked and could agree with what I said:) I was actually worried I would offend someone (something I really didn’t want to do at all), so I’m glad that didn’t happen, and my post didn’t come off as too mean. LOL.

      And as for some of your questions, I actually have answers, as I’ve been rereading the books lately;)

      They did change Valentine’s personality, no doubt, but IDK. I’ve been rereading the books, and I actually don’t think it’s that much of a departure anymore. Now when I’m reading the books, I can easily imagine that Valentine was as crazy as he is in the movie, and I just missed it at first. And the madness Meyers has in his eyes, when playing Valentine… is just truly amazing, in my opinion. Anyway… they definitely made Valentine more Hollywood villain-esque in the movie, and at times I do miss the other version of him, but for the most part I really like Meyer’s portrayal now, and can sort of see him being very similar to book Valentine, when you look at it in a certain way.

      As for why the blue haired demon let Simon and Clary into the club, that type of demon is attracted to the opposite sex, and tries to feed off their life force, which is probably why he let Clary in. For her “vitality”. LOL.

      Well, in their defense, we don’t really see Clary’s house again right after all that happens, so they could have shown up there at a time we didn’t see. Also, I think they make up for it a bit, in having the “police” show up at Luke’s, but, admittedly, it could have been an oversight on their part. (And on a side note, I actually like how they handled everything leading to JCS going to the Institute better in the movie, as it was more convenient and flowed together better, imo. It also took up less time.)

      As for Clary seeing the Angelic Rune on the poster, I don’t know if that was really there, so much as Clary was just seeing it in her head, as her memories were beginning to come back (as Magnus explains he purposefully set that occurrence up in the movie).

      Alright… the mundanes not noticing someone getting killed by invisible people in Pandemonium IS weird. LOL. But I’m just going to assume that the people didn’t see it because they didn’t want to see it. LOL.

      Actually, Valentine trying to get Clary to drink his blood is foreshadowing (something most people miss, which is sad, as it’s more proof that Screen Gems knows what they’re doing). If you remember, in CoG, Valentine reveals that he’s going to wish for the Angel to strip the Marks of anyone who doesn’t drink from the Cup and swear themselves to him, so that they’ll become Forsaken. Him trying to get Clary to drink, was probably his attempt to get her to join him then and whatnot.

      And them not killing the frozen demons IS a bit silly. LOL. But most likely it was because they were starting to already wake up, and Clary and the others were afraid of getting trapped down there again, when they had other places they needed to be. And this is just me spitballing, but there have been some series where you can’t hurt someone/something that’s frozen, because ALL of time is stopped (and they won’t receive damage until it starts up again), so they could have been implying that there, but we’ll probably never know for sure. LOL.

  13. teamedwardjace // December 1, 2013 at 5:03 PM // Reply

    Well I’m glad they’re taking time to work on the script. I found cob faithful and loved it but if coa deviated a lot idk how I feel. I am glad they’re still making coa

  14. purpleshadowhunter // December 1, 2013 at 6:12 PM // Reply

    Ok question for all you who keep saying CoB was true to the book.Yes,I am aware things have to be change for the screen-write,that’s understandable.I did notice difference but they didn’t bother me until the end. I’ve said this before: The MAJOR problem is Valentine didn’t end up with the cup,Clary did. CoA is about Valentine getting the sword bc he already has the cup. How are they suppose to start CoA if she has the cup? Also,Valentine need to spend more time with Jace and Clary to try to get them on his side. He really needed more time with Jace so the Clave is suspicious of Jace aiding and abetting Valentine.And Hodge gave away the whole sister/brother plot that isn’t suppose to be revealed that it is a lie until CoG. Oh and the end fight being in the Institute totally goes against shadowhunter code..HELLO do you not know the Institute is protected and demons and downworlders CAN’T go in it? Yet they did in the movie in the final fight. I don’t mind Clary being more badass I think its kinda cool but in the end fight she uses a rune she made up infront of others who aren’t suppose to know about that yet.And did Valentine have her mom in the basement of the Institute the whole time?That’s just a little weird.If I had nit read the book first then yes I would have thought it was a good movie.

    • that`s one thing that`s been bothering me! and i think the ony solution would be that Valentine get both the Cup and the Sword from the Silent Brothers when he kills them all! i can totally see Clary giving the Cup to them and then the Inquisitor take jace tehre and the events can develop as the book says…. as for teh rest iw as really upset that they broke the institute code ! i eman teh books clearly says that those places are sacred and no demon is allowed to get in! why didnt they used Renwick¿?

  15. I think that’s a good idea to wait and get the movie right because when I was watching COB I was very mad on a lot of scenes for example Simon did not turn into a vampire. That was one of the scenes I was mad about but here are a few others ,Hodge telling Valentine to tell Clary and Jace they are brother and sister, you know all of us fans where surprised that happened in the books and then in COG we find out that’s not true but instead my parents asked me are they really brother and sister and I say yes but since I brought one of my friends with me and she read the series she knew I was lying.Another scene I was mad at was when Valentine didn’t get away with the cup because he did in the book so now I keep thinking what or how are they going to do all that in the movie because all of this stuff relates to COG. Then they’re is there not in Renwick’s there in the Institute when all the bad stuff happens . My last thing would be when the portal breaks and it’s snow not glass because Jace picks up a little piece of glass just to see if he can see Valentine in Idris. I’m sorry this is so long I’m just putting what I think and I’ve been meaning to say this.

    • Ummm I don’t know which book you read but Simon only turns into a vampire in CITY OF ASHES. He walks off after the whole Seelie Queen thing because he is a Darkling and he feels drawn to the Hotel Dumort. Then Raphael brings the dead Simon to the Institute and tells them they have to bury him so he can become a vampire or he will be dead forever. So you see this isn’t in City of Bones at all. Just go check your books again and you’ll see 🙂

  16. I definitely think not staying true to the City Of Bones hurt them in the box office. Just for example: in the book it talks of how Clary killed the Ravenger by using Jace’s sensor, but in the movie Jace was the one to kill the Ravenger. There are definitely more examples, but its small things like that, that do the book injustice. Once fans see the movie, then they tell there friends how it was not like the book at all and the chain keeps going where people just say, “I will wait until it comes out on DVD”. STAY TRUE TO THE BOOKS and the box office may show you a better reward Constantin!!!

  17. yes, i definitley agree that there were changes, but i still think they did a really good job with it, considering how long the book is and how much is in it, to fit all that in a 2 hour filming shot i think they did really well, i wasn’t happy about things they didn’t explain and include but on some level i understand, i was just excited to see the characters we love come to life, not many books get made in to films (some people see that as a good thing) but to me i like seeing the things i picture when i ready act happening it just adds to the whole world we imagine and i love that!!:D i’m soo sooo happy that they are spending more time on the script and that they are really taking us in to account i cant wait for CoA and i hope to god the rest of the books get made:D
    100% my most favorite series ❤

  18. *although i was abit annoyed and confused about the ending, i get why they did it becoz they wasnt sure when they finished filming if there was going to be a second, but i didnt like it, valentine no matter what should of gotten away with the cup

  19. i hated that they changed half of the last par on the nook in the movies, Valentien was eprfet i always saw him as a crazy man but all that comes in the movie was wrong, him wanted to Clary to drink his blood, Being in the institute instead of Renwicks when the book says that no demon can enter an institute no matter what and then not taking the real CUP and the shocking reveal being spoiled cause of a conversation they previously plot (Valentine and Hodge) that was just disappointing…

    CoA it`s my favorite book and i hope they can bring all the feelings that we see on it, i am too exited to see the whole Seelie Queen part and of course Simon`s Death and Rainsing as a vampire as well the scene on the ship and when he becomes a Dayligther… is this book when things start to get really interesting and i want that to be showed on the movie!

  20. I do really hope they make it less hollywood and more of the book but I still love the first movie I love the cast all of them and I think lily plays clary great I love the books and just hope they keep going on making the movies 🙂

  21. I am absolutely praying that there will be a sequal. I will go see it a million times just so they will continue the franchise. I only became a fan last week and I’m hooked. Im going to buy the movie and all of the books. I WOULD PAY TO GO SEE A SEQUAL SO DOES MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS PLEASE (we never seen the first in theatres but would definately see the second one)

  22. I heard that in the first script they wrote for CoA they didn’t even put Maryse, Max,Robert,Maia or Raphael in it!
    I liked the first part of CoB the movie but the second part..was..really bad! The fight happening in the institute,VALENTINE,HODGE..everything was wrong and Clary ends up with the real cup..? O.o
    Im glad they’re working alot on CoA’s script after they fucked up CoB’s ending..
    They can’t just cut important characters like the lightwoods and maia and raphael! And they totally should put Church in the movie if they are planning to do the whole series into movie and if they’re planning to do The infernal devices into movies too..because Church the cat is REALLY IMPORTANT!!
    Hope CoA will be better than CoB

  23. I love jamie Campbell bower in the role of jase and I can’t see anyone ever takeing his place.cant wait to see city of ashes.

  24. jamiebowercambellisa hottie2014 // January 12, 2014 at 2:26 AM // Reply

    i absolutely loved cob and can’t wait for coa to come out. i think jamie bower campbell played the caracter jace really well.

  25. I am a huge huge huge fans of the mortal instruments…and I agree with clare that constantine seems have their own idea to make this adapted novel movie..why they do that.?it lost lot of splendid part of the novel..I thought that summit would make better movies..I can’t hardly wait for the sequels… Hopefully coming soon..

  26. The book was amazing I hope it’s not to different 😀

  27. The thing about CoB is that if you didn’t read the books then it will be hard for you to relate to the Shadow World. That’s my story actually. I just read the book after some months since I saw some potential on the movie. And that’s the time I can point out missed and changed scenes from the book. I’m really looking forward for the Simon-rat scene and THEY CHANGED IT! Omg, so.. I’m really hopeful for this CoA. I still love the franchise and expecting soooo much for CoA. Take all the time you need and try to relate it much on the book so that the non-readers can also relate and maybe turn them on our fandooom!! It’s really a big mystery to me tho on how they will start CoA when in the ending of CoB, the Mortal Cup was with Clary. Will Valentine stole it again? ,_, so yea, hoping for a nice sequel! By the Angel,

  28. i put the city of bones movie in the same category as dragonball evolution and the last airbender live action by m night shylaman, no offense


  30. I felt that the first film gave away too much of what happens in the books that follow after the first one. I would like to see how they will bring it back to city of ashes coz the seeds are planted that Simon will turn vamp after his capture and the whole jace doesn’t valentine and the cup coz he got away with it in the book! How are the going to make it like the book when they’ve already spoiled most of it.

  31. I think that the movie should go by the book city of bones was like the hunger games it wasnt worth waitng 2 years on but it was a great movie it just left too much out

  32. Lily Templeton // March 14, 2014 at 1:43 PM // Reply

    i agree but i cant wait anymore if it takes another year …… i cant think about it but make sure Jace (<3 ❤ <3) and Clary kiss a lot. i think the book really explains their relationship but the first movie doesnt show as, much they only kissed once (AMAZING) but u know…. just film it as quickly as u can!

  33. valentinefair // March 19, 2014 at 11:07 AM // Reply

    I think the first movie was not bad. I really liked it, but I missed too many scenes and details from the book, like the cats.. (YES they are important!!) some not so important scenes where too long and important scenes too short. If they move away more from the books in city of ashes, I don´t think if I want to watch it…. I love the cast and the story so much, how can they fail?? just stay close to the book and everything will be perfect. you can never put everything into a movie but please PLEASE don´t ignore what is important to the fans!! simons transformation is important!! its what I want to see most. and magnus and alec on the boat, if they cut that scene I will never stop crying. I prefer waiting and I really hope for cassie and all fans, that we will see a perfect movie for those perfect books soon. =)

  34. WhereistherealMagnus? // May 2, 2014 at 11:28 PM // Reply

    Am I the only one who was disappointed in the portrayal of Magnus Bane???

    I am a forty-two year old woman who bought the first three books in a set for my teenage son who hates to read. A year later I decided to read them myself and loved them. Couldn’t put them down. I took both of my boys to see the movie when it came out and they loved it. It had been so long since I’d read the books that I didn’t realize that so much had been changed and left out until I read these comments.

    I was really surprised that no one else has commented on the portrayal of Magnus Bane who I pictured to be a more colourful and eccentric character perhaps somewhat like Johnny Depp’s The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland minus the crazy. Instead his character was bland and boring.

    Anyone else agree?

    • bytheangelrawr // May 18, 2014 at 2:29 AM // Reply

      I TOTALLY DO!! ughh i wish there was more glittery eccentric Magnus in CoB but hopefully itll be in CoA!

  35. bytheangelrawr // May 18, 2014 at 2:18 AM // Reply

    I really hope CoA comes out much better. The Percy Jackson series is one of my faves and that already got absolutely ruined for me.

    I understand why people are saying that CoB was done as best as possible with a time frame but in my opinion, some unnecessary scenes shouldve been cut out in that case and replaced with the vital ones. For example, instead of that moment when Clary wakes up freaking out about the angelic runes shes been drawing, I think more time and detail shouldve been put into the follow-up scenes. Everyone says they love badass Clary (which I agree on), so in that case she shouldve been the one to kill the ravenger with Jaces sensor. Idk it just seems to make her look like the Hollywood damsel in distress when she totally relies on Jace to save her in that scene. On the other hand I love how Jocelyne kicked some bad-guy ass before she could be taken to Valentine!!! 🙂

    Another part that was a bit confusing for me (whose actually read the books) and my bff (whose only ever read CoB and that was after the movie) was the Raphael ordeal. I get that it wouldve been awkward to try and fit his character in with all that was going on, but I think if every time there was a vampire scene they sorta zoomed in on this one vampire (being Raphael but leave that unknown to the audience) thats always looming in the corner smiling or something, fans and first timers would’ve gotten the hint that he was the leader and someone important for later on. They couldve even made him the one to try and pull Clary back down on the ladder in the sunlight-rooftop scene just to accent the point that he was the vampire everyone should keep an eye out for. That way it would take up literally no time at all because he doesn’t get a script. I think fans wouldve been at least sort of satisfied if we couldve just pinned a face to Raphael in the movie.

    Then theres Valentine. I actually dont get why people are so strung up about how he was portrayed because I think the whole Hollywood villian guy actually benefited this movie. I mean it made it a bit more exciting when it was revealed that Valentine is Clarys father. Because now everyone is just like, well shit…your mom is eternally knocked out, your in love with your brother, and your dad seems like the Shadowhunter version of the witch in Cinderella. The fact that hes a stereotypical nutcase rather than a more humble undercover bad guy worked in CoB to me and added to the action. Him trying to make Clary drink his blood (although it could be foreshadowing) was a bit weird for my bff though and she thought it pushed the crazy guy thing way too far. It seemed random to her until I explained snippets of the series.

    What was also confusing to my bff (who I mightve forced to watch it because i freakin love this series), is all the family drama at the end. It bothered me that Hodge revealed the whole fake brother and sister thing prior to CoA or even CoG and how Clary and Jace already started doubting if it was the truth in the movie…but I understood that it was necessary to get views. I mean I know that if I hadnt read the books, watching incest on screen wouldve just been awkward and I wouldve left the theater before it was over. But it kind of threw me off how easily they were willing to say, hey we probably arent related because it just doesnt feel right and ride away romantically at the end. In all honesty, if someone even suggested my biggest crush was actually my long lost brother and there was some substantial evidence to prove it may be true, even if I were all googely eyed about him Id immediately back off because it just wouldnt feel right. Id doubt the truth all the time and I think that they shouldve at least waited till CoA for Clace to start doubting if they were really related.

    Jocelyne being in the basement of the Institute…that was just a wtf moment for me and I mightve kicked the chair in front of me in annoyance. It made no sense and as a fan Ive been trying to come up with a reason they did that but I really have none. So yeah, thats that.

    OMG MAGNUS BANE!!!!!!! Ughhh I wish he wouldve been portrayed differently!!!! I love Godfrey as the actor but a little sparkly eyeliner, a wink toward Alec, and some sassy-witty comments or jokes every now and again wouldve really wrapped up his character!! Idk, in the books hes this very loud, glamorous character and in the movie hes a bit more land than I wouldve imagined. Also, was it just me or did the lines he was given seem repetitive and awkward? It almost sounded like improv to me. The best Magnus lines to me were his flirty comment to Alec (which I wish was a bit more elaborated because my friends didnt get that he was legit attracted to Alec until I mentioned it (they thought he was just joking)), when he pulled Clary back and said Remember, it was Shadowhunters your mom was running from, and when he told Isabelle to be careful because the Institute was being invaded.

    Speaking of Isabelle, I absolutely loved her in the CoB movie (which is funny because I imagined her as a mean girl and hated her)!!! I love that short little Simon-Isabelle moment and thought it was perfect to lead into their future romance!!! I did sorta miss that whole, your just a weak mundane teasing we see in the books but their private moments really introduced the later relationship status for the other movies (THAT I PRAY TO GOD ARE BEING MADE AS WE SPEAK)!

    One thing I really missed in the CoB movie though was the Lightwoods. They are sorta big to for the series and maybe one quick scene with them stopping by to check on Clary or something wouldve been enough for me. Just to point out that theirs more Shadowhunters and give Alec and Isabelle a point of origin (because without their parents in the movie everyones just like, well you have British accents but your in NYC so whats the deal).

    I missed Church in this movie even though he wasnt apart of the overall plot. I just think one little extra from the books wouldve made fans go nuts because then in the theater we all couldve been like OMG YOU SEE THAT CAT WALKING BEHIND CLARY YEAH THATS CHURCH OMG ITS CHURCH!!! And also it wouldve really been adorable to see Church crawl out from Jaces room in that hot shirtless scene after the big kiss.

    To me the kiss was VERRRRRY cheesy but I still liked it!! I mean the garden was beautiful and the script sorta followed CoB for the most part. What was random was how they put Hodges bird in that one seen but didnt elaborate or show him again for any of the others. (weird that no one mentioned this before…hes a bit important to the books).

    I liked Hodge overall but thought he needed a bit more of that Hollywood villian feel to him. Rather than resent him like I did when I read the books I actually felt sorry for him in the movie. In the books we see how Jace is heartbroken because Hodge was with them all along and was supposed to be like a mentor to him. We didnt get to see how close he was to the Lightwoods and Jace so that when he betrayed them the reaction was more HOLY SHIT NO HE DIDNT rather than OMG POOR GUY HAS NO CHOICE IF HE WANTS TO GO OUTSIDE AGAIN! And another thing, this may just be my bad memory but was Hodge even supposed to try to help them stop the demons from coming out of remorse? I know that scene was really jacked up but I dont get why they had Hodge help rather than play him off as the bad guy.

    Things also shouldve been explained more. The Conclave-Council, Alecanta, and Idris was all lost on people I know. They were all like who are these people and why are they being mentioned. And Id have to explain the positions of everyone for them to grasp why they were so important. Seraph blades shouldve been explained too. I think the perfect time to have done it wouldve been when Luke saved Cary form the demon girl after going through the portal. Theres a part when he tells her they need to go because the demon would be back. She couldve had a line then asking why the demons always came back and reformed, and Luke couldve explained that a Seraph blade was required or something. It wouldve cleared up a lot of misunderstandings. Runes couldve been explained a little bit more and Downworlders too. I know Isabelle had that moment when she was telling Simon about them but when she said zombies aren’t real my friend was like, then what else isn’t real and are Downworlders like their stereotypes or are they different in this movie.

    I like how Alec was portrayed and honestly we found out everything about him wed need for CoA EXCEPT FOR THE PARABAITI THING!!!


    Hopefully in CoA theres a moment where Jace tells Clary everything to make it clear to the fans whats what. Like he gives her a mini history lesson on Shadowhunters and Valentine and maybe it could get explained as him letting he rknow whats what so shell be prepped for tracking him down. I also cant wait for her to start being trained and to experiment with all their weapons!!! 🙂 Im counting on Simons transformation to be gold. Even if the rest of the movie sucks Id give it 10 stars as long as his becoming a vampire is a good scene. I cant wait for the battle on the warship and Im ready for some intense action in that one!!! Im gonna guess the Lightwoods will be introduced and the movie digs deeper into Jaces family history.Raphael better be in this because if hes not, it just wont be CoA and itd already be too messed up to throw him in for CoG.

    I am in love with the idea of seeing the Seelie Queen and some Alec and Magnus background too. I feel like thats important to get into at this point for the movies to get better ratings. I hope the scenes with the Inquisitor are amazing because Im relying on that and I also want a bit more insight on Lukes pack. As of now CoB made it seem like the whole pack was killed off except Luke himself.

    I know its a small detail but I think insight on rune making would be pretty important too seeing as new comers just see weird symbols whenever it popped up in CoB. Also the name of a stele was left unknown so its just a random light up stick to everyone. There was also never the naming of seraph blades before they were used which sorta makes them seem like weapons anyone or anything can use.

    I loved Isabelles whip as far as weapons go and I may be fucking this up (I feel like I am) but was Alec supposed to have a bow and arrow or am I mixing up books right now?

    I dont think fans want Clary to be portrayed as the typical heroine who saves everyone and has a special power but at the same time they dont want her to be some helpless damsel either. The perfect mix would be for her to be able to stand her ground but every now and again someone interferes before she gets killed. At the same time, in the CoB books Clary never really got in over her head so she cant be too confident and brave either.

    I liked the humor in the movie and hope to see more in the next. It makes Simon seem more relateable the way he panics and cracks awkward nervous jokes in scary moments. Sorta made me feel like I could categorize myself with him as a fellow mundane. And then the humor with Jace made him seem slightly intimidating but cheek, witty, and amusing. It added to his badboy persona as well.

    Idk I jsut hope CoA gets made and gets made WELL. I love this series too much to not see it on the big screen and get good reactions. Overall I just think the major scenes should never be left out or changed from the books and small little details (like Church and such) would add to the TMI feel and experience for new comers a LOOOOOOOT! 🙂 Cant wait for the release (well actually I can since the longer it takes means the more time theyre spending on improving it)!! 🙂 ❤

  36. By the Angel anxiously awaiting......... // June 14, 2014 at 3:31 PM // Reply

    By the Angel, I would have to agree with the author in making sure it is better portrayed toward the books. I loved the movie City of Bones! A little more advertising of the movie would of also helped. I thought it is more interesting than the first movie of Twilight series (only read once). That it got me reading the novel, twice I must add, and buying the moving. It kept it more interesting and with more suspense. It leaves you wondering how they are going to come up next script for City of Ashes. Although she stayed with the cup, I wonder how he “Valentine” would recover the cup in order to create the forsaken. For he stayed with cup in the end of the book. The Mortal sword would be the second object he would go after in the City of Ashes. As for role of Simon stayed I think perfect because he was showing slight side effects of transformation not yet fulling turned until City of Ashes. The actors I loved them all. As for the novels I loved them all including the The Infernal Devices… Can’t wait for the the Dark Artifices to come out. My nieces and I anxiously await for the sequel. In the meantime they are reading the novels n love them as well. Best of luck and wishes for a great outcome in the sequels to come. Hope to hear any upcoming news of the City of Ashes…

  37. i really want all the same cast o be in the second movie

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