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Possibility of an ‘Infernal Devices’ television show?

 Constantin Film, who owns the rights to The Mortal Instruments also holds the rights to Cassandra Clare’s prequel series The Infernal Devices.

Back in April, Constantin Film decided to move forward with The Infernal Devices film hiring screenwriter Stephanie Sanditz to pen the Clockwork Angel script.

But it seems as if Infernal Devices might possibly be headed to the small screen instead, as Cassandra Clare addressed a question on Twitter relating to the subject.

A television show would give more time to explore the characters and the story (i.e. 22 hours per season), but there is also the downside of producers taking independent liberties on where the show would be going that deviate or extend upon the source material (i.e. The Vampire Diaries.)

What do you think about the possibility of an Infernal Devices television show? Do you prefer it to a movie? Would you prefer something like an HBO-produced Game of Thrones or CW-produced The Vampire Diaries? Sound off in the comments!

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164 Comments on Possibility of an ‘Infernal Devices’ television show?

  1. Oh my god a TV show would be awesome more time to watch our favourite characters come to life!

    • i agree

    • Yes it would be great if the stick to the book! Not if they do whatever they want like The vampire diaries! I love this show because i haven’t read the bookd!

    • Honestly, i think a tv show would be better because then we don’t miss any major parts of the book 😉

      • Omg. Haha. When I read your comment I thought about all the wessa feels…

      • Joanna Boughton // July 9, 2014 at 11:47 AM //

        Absolutely agree. The details in the infernal instruments play a strong role in the mortal instruments series, for example, magnus and Will, brother zacheria ect. If you dont cover the details it wont be worth watching

  2. I think this would be a great idea!! *Cough cough* my filming schedule is open for the role of Tessa, if you’re interested Ms. Sanditz *cough cough* I think an HBO production would be great! I love what they’ve done with GoT!!!

  3. KikiLOVESJace // December 24, 2013 at 6:22 PM // Reply

    I think I’ll be pretty happy either. 🙂

  4. JaShar Hawkwell // December 24, 2013 at 6:23 PM // Reply

    Idk how I feel about it. I’m excited about the prospect of the steampunk movie/tv show but I feel if they make it as tv show, it will differ vastly from the storyline set forth in the book [i.e. Vampire Diaries- huge fan of the show, not so much of the book] which in turn changes things for the movie. Then on the other hand, a television show would give them more time to divulge deeper into the character’s back stories and histories. I guess we will have to wait and see

  5. I think a TV show would be brilliant! More time for us to enjoy our characters come to life, but also more time for us to see the plot of the story in detail, instead of having it limited and squished into 1-1:30 hours \o/ I think a CW production would be great, I don’t know why, I can just feel it… But an HBO one wouldn’t be bad either!

  6. I think a TV show would be a lot better as has already been said as they can then show in more detail the life of the characters but I would prefer they stick more to the story line as I believe Infernal Devices would lose a lot of viewers if the plot differed a lot I would understand a slight change but nothing too major.

  7. Gen O'Connel // December 24, 2013 at 6:42 PM // Reply

    I don’t really know; it’s kind of hard to have an opinion. You want it to become a movie because it could be more known, but a show so that they can explore the characters more. I’d be both happy and upset with either decision. All I know is that if it turns out to be as bad as Vampire Diaries in my opinion, we’re in trouble. Plus, shows like that are known for having not-so-great actors at times, so I’m worried.

    • There are lots of great actors on TV now and they don’t skimp on production values anymore. Check out Reign and American Horror Story.

    • Agreed. I’d actually hate to see this turned into a TV show or movie or anything. I mean, I just don’t want them to mess it up and it doesn’t seem like a story that could be…. I don’t know, expressed that well on television. Plus, City of Bones wasn’t all that popular in theaters and didn’t get as much popularity from some fans because they changed some stuff in it. Who knows what they could do with a TV show.

  8. I think I’d like something more along the lines of GoT, as I’d want it to stick to the books we know and love, or a movie. Although I love CW shows! I don’t think book to screen adaptations are their thing (look at what happened with the Selection series!).

  9. Peanutgirl4ever the book lover // December 24, 2013 at 6:45 PM // Reply

    I don’t want them to do anything with it. I want to remember it as novels and how I imagined it. A story feels more real and inviting when its coming off pages into your imagination. They already ruined City of Bones. I don’t want them to ruin any others.

  10. I would prefer them to be movies, however if they won’t do the movies the our next best shot to see our characters really alive would be through tv. Nevertheless if they turn to tv, the devices could turn for the worse. I was a fan of vampire diaries the book series and when they showed who would be playing the characters, they were all fine. Not caring about certain features that must be kept within the characters. After watching the first season, I stopped and never looked back. The writers had completed changed the plot and storyline of the book series and this is what I’m afraid will happen if it gets picked up for tv. The ifd hold a special place in my heart and it is beautiful the way it is. If it was made into a tv show I do not want the writers to change the story line by bringing in new characters or sensual scenes that would no way happen to the characters in the book. Like putting two characters who would in no way be together actually get together- that was done in vampire diaries. IFD is awesome and I don’t want the show writers to touch this beauty and twist it to satisfy the needs of todays society of television.

  11. I prefer movies, I dont know why but a tv show doesnt seem like a good idea. I stick with the Movie idea all the way. No Show. A Movie. Please.

  12. Well I think a TV show would be a great idea, however I fear that with a TV show fans in some places may not be able to get to watch it. For example I sometimes want to watch a show and don’t have the channel, and if I go online they tell me Im not in the area and unable to watch it.

  13. It would be rilly cool but it should be on the cw

  14. I think it has the potential to be an amazing show, but they would have to do a good job because it could also totally crash. It’s a fine line when adapting something like this into a show.

  15. Give me the YV show just at the riggt time pf night so i can stay up and watch the show #eastcoastprobs

  16. please if they go in this direction, it NEEDS to be made just like they made Game of Thrones and NOT like TVD.

  17. Katherine Tyler // December 24, 2013 at 7:38 PM // Reply

    I would by far prefer they make a movie instead. I would never be able to wait week after week to watch every episode (plus I don’t have cable anymore). And even if the series became a really big thing, there are only 3 books, so after they’ve adapted what Clare has created, wouldn’t they try to create another extra storyline to make more money or whatever… Its just a bad idea…
    I would however, totally love having a movie version of the Infernal Devices 🙂

  18. If it turned into a tv show I would watch it over and over 🙂 make it a show PLEASE

  19. I think it would be ok as long as they stay true to the books. unlike the first mortal instrument movie didn’t stay within the first movie at all.

  20. Lightwoodshadowhunterss // December 24, 2013 at 8:22 PM // Reply

    This would really help the story play out well and to get all of the info across! 😀 I think it would be a great thing for the books.

  21. It depends of the director, if they respect the story I don’t care, but has to be epic and the cast must be chosen carefully

    • YES. definently i would be fine with either as long as whatever one it ends up as has a good cast and it is amazing and just like the books.

      • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 10:39 AM //

        I totally agree
        perfect cast + the storyline of the books + good director
        = happy fans (and a awesome show / movie)

  22. Fantastic! I always think TV shows would do a better job than a movie would. However, I’d prefer them to follow the book instead of expanding it upon the source material. It just makes me uncomfortable. :p

  23. I think the movie would be better cause there they could be completely accurate, where as a tv show the writers could change everything

    • Will Herondale // April 3, 2014 at 5:14 PM // Reply

      MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! the vampire diaries TV show drifts off and does not follow the book AT ALL!! they added new characters and left so many out…it’s horrible.This is my favorite book series and it would suck as a TV show! The TMI movie sucked, but that just tells us to get a different director and make sure the hot guys (Will&Jace) are actually hot and don’t look like a monkeys ass(Jace)!!1 AKA cast the characters based on the description of the book, and FOLLOW THE PLOT LINE!!!! don’t drift off into what happens later, focus on now!!

  24. Well we saw how the TMI Movie turned out. There was way too less time to explain the whole world so it was a nice movie if u didn’t think much about the book… But I think a TV Show, even if they take some liberties, would be cool. If they get the characters right!

  25. I guess I would still love a movie best, followed by something like the Game of Thrones TV series. Still trying to figure out how I feel about The Infernal Devices turning out to be like TVD though.

  26. teamedwardjace // December 24, 2013 at 10:36 PM // Reply

    That would be awesome! But they should do what game of thrones does and be faithful

  27. I agree this should become a TV show and honestly I dont mind If Its not 100% true to the books. This could be a great opportunity to develop new storylines and introduce new characters. Im not saying It should be different from the books but the writers can add extra stuff. The source material can only give like ten episodes so the new material can be stuff that doesnt affect the plot at all. I dont want a movie because we all know how TMI turned out. It was a disaster. Maybe after 3 seasons a spin-off (without any source material) could be developed and Cassandra Clare can come on board as consultant.

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 10:48 AM // Reply

      those are some good points and ideas but unlike you I would like them to be like 90% accurate and they should remember Magnus Bane appears in all the book or it wouldn’t be right

  28. I can’t wait!!!!!! But if you do have it as a tv show, put it on abc 57, not family, or fox 28 because a lot of people dont have cable like me and want to watch it. Also, you should cast Nina Dobrev as Tessa,dand Augustus Prew as Will. They both fit the characters and are really good actors. You should make at least 3 seasons, one for every book!!!

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 11:02 AM // Reply

      NO not Nina Dobrev
      it has to be new faces if I see Nina I will think of the vampire diaries

  29. I’m split, because if they made it into a tv show, it gives the opportunity to spend so much more time with the characters, but that might motivate the writers to deviate from the books, and I LOVE the books. So making movies might make for a more accurate plot, but not as much time to spend in the Shadowhunter universe. Either way, I’d love to audition for Tessa:) *wink wink* Seriously, Tessa is one of my top favorite book heroines, and I read a LOT of books;)

  30. I haven’t read Game of Thrones but I have read the Sookie Stackhouse books and what HBO did with True Blood killed the show. The fans turned their backs on the show and after this upcoming season it is over. I have not read TVD books but I love the show. I don’t really know if it is a good idea or not. But whether they are made into movies or a TV show, the books will always be better. The only book I ever read that was shown on screen EXACTLY as it was written in the book as the first Star Trek movie with Chris Pine. And honestly, I wonder whether the movie came first or the book. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they do.

  31. I love the idea of doing the Infernal devices as a tv show because I was worried that the series would be ruined by making an okay but not great movie. I liked what they did with City of Bones, but the infernal devices has much more depth and way more complex characters that I think needs a tv show to include everything important.

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 11:14 AM // Reply

      exactly what I was thinking but I hope they don’t completely change the storyline I mean the books are perfect just the way they are

  32. speaking of infernal devices guess what everyone I have the book.

  33. I honestly love TID too much to be okay with them making it into movies or a TV show.. I don’t feel like either of those will live up to how amazing the books are, and if it does end up being made into either one of those, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it, because I don’t want my love of the books to be ruined by a movie or TV show who’s characters don’t look or feel like the characters I pictured while reading it or who’s storyline differs from the original one.
    My standards for book to movie adaptations are very high, because when someone messes up a book I loved, I tend to get very upset.

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 11:21 AM // Reply

      exactly how I feel if they ruin the movie / show its going to mess everything up like for e.g. Magnus Bane in 1878 will be slightly different than Magnus Bane present day

  34. Actually the number of episodes depends on the network and the time and money they want to give to the show, for a shows like this that are more fantasy and effects than anything it would be better to work on cable where they will have more ability to move the plot fast on 13 episodes and not boring and repeating like some 22 episodes for season show… i surely will see this if it comes out!

  35. Jamie the Canadian // December 25, 2013 at 1:55 AM // Reply

    This makes me kinda nervous… I think a TV show would be very different and that way we could watch Cassie’s AMAZING characters all the time and their relationships and stories could be built with a lot more detail and explanation then with a movie. Although TMI is my favourite group of books ever, I wasn’t to impressed with the finished product of the City Of Bones movie so I don’t feel very confident with the thought of that happening to TID as well. I think a TV show would be very unique but I don’t even know if I want it to be put on the big screen at all. Book to movie adaptions tend to slack off in many categories so I think leaving TID on paper may be a better idea. No matter what happens, I will ALWAYS love these characters and stories and i will forever watch them if adaptions do happen. I just don’t want to see its reputation ruined and it to flunk at the box office/TV because it deserves so much more. This is my personal opinion.

  36. Oh God, please don’t make TID into something TVD-esque. They’ll ruin the love story of Jem, Tessa, and Will if they try to make it into a love triangle like TVD and completely butcher the book. Personally, I think that this is a series that is meant for the big screens simply because it has a significant and beautiful ending that is also very cemented in. For TMI, I could maybe see a TV show working because 1) We don’t know what’s happened because CoHF isn’t out and 2) The ending hasn’t happened yet. Maybe the TID TV show could work, but right now, I’m just not seeing it.

  37. I’m going to say no. I have always wanted the orginal series, city of bones to city of heavenly fire, to be a tv-show. So I would prefer that instead of them filming City of glass and making it as bad somehow as city of bones was. Just start over and do it right with a tvshow.

  38. Since we already have a full-blown series to be made into a movie (TMI), I think it would be exciting to make such an important series into a tv show. It seems like it would be exciting waiting for a new episode of THE INFERNAL DEVICES. Although, it seems some parts will be hard to cut/ make shorter. xx

  39. I would watch that tv show! However, the downside is that tv shows are often very different from the books. Also, they can be cancelled midway through.

  40. I love that they’re making tid into something, but I would prefer a movie. A tv show isn’t going to be shown everywhere, so that would live the fans that live in a country where tid isn’t translated (like me), pretty upset.

  41. Im fine with a TV show if the stick to the book.. but i doubt they would. they probably pull a vampire i might prefer a movie more.. also so it would fit along with the mortal instruments movies..

  42. A tv show would be great! A movie would be awesome too but I feel like a tv show would be better for this series. I just hope that whatever they do, they get Tessa and Wills first encounter right. I would be the happiest person ever if they did it right!

  43. I actually think a tv-show would be a really great idea for this trilogy as it gets more time to explore the characters. And while i do think The Infernal Devices has many great action scenes in the book, i’m afraid the amount of moments where the characters bond would be lost if it was made into a movie.

    Also, i’m fine if they take some creative liberties with the book AS LONG AS they keep the rules of the universe cassandra created intact (such as how runes work, warlocks and vampires can’t have children, no demons at the institutes and so on)

  44. NO!!!!! I just want the Movie. They always change the plot around in the TV Shows!!!

    MOVIE PLEaSE!!!!!!!

  45. … I suppose that’s exciting, but I’d prefer a movie. Also, I don’t really trust when books are made into TV shows, bc we saw how that worked out for Delirium.

  46. Nooooooooo, by the Angel, no. I read V.D and i was very disapointed byt all the “liberties” that were taken. Just make the movies!!!!! BTA i will just die if they make a tv show and ruin it.

  47. I would love it as a television series! Movies always tend to disappoint especially when i love the book (in this case) and i agree that the series would help in getting to understand and know the characters like in the books. only downside would be if it was a television series, there would be a LONG period of frustration regarding “Wessa”, but i think it’s a good idea:)

  48. Honestly I think a tv show would work much better for TID. Since it’s only 3 books there is a lot crammed into them and I think cutting stuff out to make a 1 and a half hour movie would be really hard (especially with clockwork prince and princes) but a tv show would allow them to really flesh out the story line and bring the books to life in a much more detailed way. I think TID would work really well as a tv show and I am excited as hell

  49. YES PLEASE!!!

  50. I’m not thrilled with the idea. It just seem like a good idea but maybe with a TV miniseries.

  51. um of course I would love for it to be a a tv series!! I mean that means that I would get 22 hrs worth of infernal devices, will herondale and jem rather than just a few hours of the whole story!!! I would love that

  52. TV because there will be more Jem Carstairs time :p

  53. Hight Warlock of Oakey // December 26, 2013 at 10:30 AM // Reply


  54. Tabitha Paschalis // December 26, 2013 at 2:12 PM // Reply

    A TV show would be a MUCH better idea. The story is so complex that it cannot possibly be suited for a few movies. Think of how popular teen TV shows are, Constantin would do a lot better financially by making this a TV show. The TID are my favourite books of all time, I want them to be treated properly on the screen, a TV show would work so much better.

  55. I don’t really like the idea of a television show. Somehow it feels like they’re taking value off something that we all know is incredible and deserves its own films.

  56. So, I’m going to be outside the beaten path here and say not a live action TV show, but more like an anime/cartoon. They already made a graphic novel, so it’snot that much of a stretch. Though I would want them to change the art direction. That way they can be more faithful to the story without having to sacrifice things in the name of costs/safety for live action parts. It would be difficult to find a station to house that though, since there really isnt the same sort of acceptance of more adult themes in animated works in America as there is in other regions of the world, so it would get shoehorned into the Nickelodeon network and would lose parts of the story probably. But if it were liveaction the best home for it would probably be a cable network, and hopefully not the CW – TVD is my guilty pleasure, but that’s not how I want to see the story portrayed, and every CW or ABCFamily show has all the same sort of vibe. It would be a dream for HBO to pick it up, but it’s target audience does not really jive with TDI’s fandom, so the premium networks are highly unlikely

  57. The possibility for a TID show will make the fans crazy, but there are only three books! Your talking about making things up or adding stuff. Usually a movie doesn’t even succeed in getting the books story right. I am all on board with a Shadowhunter TV show, I think it would be great, just not The Infernal Devices.
    -Maddie W.

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 12:00 PM // Reply

      that is a very good point . they can make there owns story just leave TID alone unless they plan on making it EXACTLY like the books

  58. I think that a TID tv show would be perfect I’ve been thinking about it for a while, even a miniseries might be interesting. TV offers the opportunity for the details of the story to be explained properly.

  59. I really don’t like the idea of a tv show. I just feel there would be too much time to explore everything.

  60. Rowena Drake // December 27, 2013 at 8:14 AM // Reply

    I think i’ts better as TV series.


  61. steampunkgirl // December 27, 2013 at 8:31 AM // Reply

    I think a T.V. show could be great, so long as they stick pretty closely to the books! There’s a reason people love the books so much; if they want people to enjoy a T.V. series about them they should be quoting the book as much as they can.

  62. I like the idea of a TV show more than a movie. However, I’d rather they wouldn’t touch The Infernal Devices, and leave it alone altogether. Some of my favourite characters are the ones from TID and I can’t bear to see them cast wrong. LEAVE IT ALONE AND DON’T MESS IT UP LIKE CITY OF BONES.

  63. I am not a big fan of TID. I liked very much how the characters and backstories of James and Will were written, but that’s it, I find everything else quite average compared to TMI, including the main protagonist and antagonist. Dear TID fans, don’t throw anything at me, that’s just how I feel. That’s why I’d prefer Constantin to focus on TMI first and foremost.
    As for the TV show idea, if they stay true to the books, the show will definitely flop. Don’t get me wrong, I’d watch it if it was filmed close to the source material, but I read the books, and the producers have to aim at a larger audience than just fans of the books. The books have action and adventure and strong characters, but the story is too “chaste” if you pardon the expression. yes, it’s romantic and quite in accordance with the morals of the described time period, but TV viewers who haven’t read the books, including teenagers, won’t care much about it, they just expect something much more hot and sensual from evening TV (I don’t suppose they want to air it in daytime). After The Tudors, The Borgias and some other recent historical TV shows people won’t be interested in a TV series with a historical background without some hot action in the bedroom and in less suitable places. And TID has almost none of it, it’s very very innocent
    Besides even 10 episodes would be enough to cover everything that counts in the books, and producing a TV series is very expensive, more expensive than making movies, so they won’t start it until they think it has a potential of lasting for several seasons. So my conclusion is: if they indeed decide to turn TID into a TV show, they will definitely change a lot. Which may be a good thing or a bad one depending on what and how they wil do.

    • A BIG FAN OF THE INFERNAL DEVICES // January 4, 2014 at 12:40 PM // Reply

      dear writer
      I don’t know who you are but you got it wrong I know a lot of TEENS who loved the books … for your information not all teens want is bedroom scenes … what teens want is supernatural beings or fantasy worlds. shadowhunters and downwolders are a perfect fit… and maby something innocent is what people need . I think they should keep to the books and completely ignore everything you said .and by the angel 10 episodes will be barely enough for the first 4 chapters of clockwork angels. and not everybody likes to read books but a lot and I mean a lot of people watch movies and TV shows . also people like the new and the unknown . also I am not ”throwing anything at you” I would just like to make a point. I don’t think you know the average teens or young adults as much as you think you do. pardon me if I something I said was too harsh. I think they should make a TV show and keep close to the books.

  64. I’m happy they’re doing it like this because this series has so many details they could break it up in to sections unlike a movie where you have to make sure not to have it to long or to short
    but they have to have cute and pretty actors that can act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 12:43 PM // Reply

      I just hope they keep to the books and don’t change everything like in the vampire diaries

  65. i hope they make it like game of thrones or in other words turns out like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Cool idea, but I think it would be better to make a movie of Mechanical Angel in 2 parts, the last part of Breaking Dawn or Harry Potter. Please …….. ❤ ❤ Mechanical Angel should be filmed and shown as the City of Bones

    • I’m sorry for the mistakes in the commentary of 28 12 to say that mechanical angel must be shown in the cinema. And the second note, that as a serial series is a cool idea. But Mechanical Angel must be in the cinema in 2 parts PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS PLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  68. Mechanical Angel as a series will also be great

  69. OMG NO NO NO NO MOVIES OR TV SHOW you’re gonna ruin everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  70. I’m so past ready for a chaste, interesting, character driven, well written and executed plot. When people rely only on sex, drugs, porn, and language to promote a t.v. series or movie I believe any creativity and though were thrown out the window. It would be a refreshing change. Arrow and Beauty and the Beast t.v. series are not driven by those mentioned above. They actually have a well thought out plan. Kudo’s to them and anyone else in the movie industry that can produce something that actually engages my mind. Love TID It’s different than the norm.

  71. I think a TV show will be better than a movie. I know CoB movie wasn’t well received because the whole Shadowhunter history is confusing to people who haven’t read the books plus a lot of people complained that CoB was “too similar to Twilight” (which is a f-ed up statement). I think that if TID was turned into a TV show it might elaborate more on the Shadowhunter history that wasn’t mention or was confusing in CoB. I just hope that if they do turn TID into a TV show, they should really stick to the story plot and they don’t have an actress like Kristen Stewart play Tessa. That will just ruin the entire thing.

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 12:52 PM // Reply

      I am someone who completely agrees. I hope they read your comment because you have a good point

  72. I would rather a movie over a tv series for TID, it’s the way to go I find if fans want to see a product that fallows closely with the books plot. I read tVD and I couldn’t watch more than the fisrt 4 episodes of season 1, because (for me) it wasn’t staying true to the story line. If they do choose to make TID into a tv series I hope it stays true to what is in the books, and not like they did to tVD.

  73. I like the idea, but I am imagining more like Sherlock, the episodes would be an hour long and the episodes in one series would be like 5 or 7, I think that would be a good length 🙂

  74. Cool idea, but I think it would be better to make a movie of Mechanical Angel in 2 parts, the last part of Breaking Dawn or Harry Potter. PLIS<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  75. If they do either one, TV show or movies, I just hope they do it right. City of Bones might have gotten me to read the books, but after reading them and watching it again, the movie was a major disappointment. I still support the Infernal Devices on which ever route they take but I want more effort.

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 1:02 PM // Reply

      yes … me too I watched the movie and thought it was good but they shouldn’t have changed sooo much I like the part of the rest of the shadowhunters helping in the fight in the end but the rest was too much

  76. Not strung on the idea because, maybe not all countries will get it, as the author is American, so with a tv show it may only stay local, the possibility of UK as well as the story is set in London :/ but that doesn’t stop them cancelling after a season in one country, but not in another. I’d rather a movie that way it’s safe to say near enough everyone will see it. Also with channels not everyone may have the appropriate one and I know if the tv series didn’t hit the uk or I didn’t have the right channels I’d be highly disappointed. Hmmm that’s just me but movie would be safer, even though tv would capture more of the story line it’s just to much of a risk. This being my favourite all time series maybe I’d just prefer if it was left alone completely.

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 1:13 PM // Reply

      I think it would be cool to see them on screen they should just stick to the story line

  77. Has anyone here seen the tv miniseries Pride and Prejudice from 1995 with Colin Firth? They took this beloved book and made six, hour long episodes out of it. And the mini series has a better rating then the 2005 movie on imdb.
    I noticed a few others have mentioned their interest for a mini series. I believe this could be the solution to everyones worries. If they do the first season on Clockwork Angel and have anywhere between 5 – 10 episodes. Then if it goes well from there then they can continue with the other books. This will allow time for character development then compared with a movie, but because there are so few episodes it will be hard for the script writers to add scene that are not from the book.
    Please leave a reply on your opinion of TID as a miniseries.

    • I’ve seen the tv mini series Pride and Prejudice and the movie and I love them both. Or something like The Pillars of the Earth would also be great.
      I totally agree with you. TDI should be developed as a mini series. They would stick to the book since they wouldn’t have time to change the plot.
      Sorry if I have written something wrong, I’m Spanish.

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 1:17 PM // Reply

      I agree a miniseries will be cool if they don’t change anything. even if I loved the idea of watching a normal series month after month with my favourite characters

  78. TV series is okay as long as they don’t change the whole story-line (and i really doubt it). Because that would be so disappointing. But I always prefer movies 🙂

  79. I will be fine with either as long as they don’t mess it up. Also I hope it’s on a channel I have because I don’t have HBO and I can’t stay up longer than 10.

  80. It would totally be a hit on the CW if it’s made right so I guess they’ll go with that.

  81. Oh, I love TV shows way more than movies! There is so much more time to explore the characters and you don’t have to leave the world after 90 minutes or so again, so I really hope it’s going to be a show!
    They could have made a great show out of the TMI material and I was of course excited about the movie, but a show would be much more fitting for such an amazing plot and the hilarious characters.
    I don’t really care if they change the plot a bit. Of course, it should be recognizable but there is nothing to say against more development and new story lines =)

  82. Annoynomous // January 1, 2014 at 3:18 PM // Reply

    I don’t think the tv show would be good I really don’t like the idea at all because I like it to go by quicker. I would prefer it as a movie like the hunger games imagine the hunger games or the city of bones movie as a tv show imaging how awful it would be and wat if there’s not enough people the show and it goes off the air

  83. The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 1:38 PM // Reply

    I think they should stick to the books storyline either way movie or TV show. If they make a movie I think they should make it LOOOOOONNNGGG movies like a clockwork angel part 1 and part 2 clockwork prince part 1 and part 2 and clockwork princess part 1 and part 2 and maby another movie that focuses on what happens after clockwork princess almost like a ”were are they now”. I like the idea of a TV show but only if they stick to the books. If they make the show or movie they should make it exactly like the books or it will be ruined , small thing MIGHT still be fine. But things that might not be so big to
    other people could be HUGE to readers and people that love TID. If they ruin the movie / show its going to mess everything up like for e.g. Magnus Bane in 1878 will be slightly different than Magnus Bane present day. Magnus 1878 was in love with Camille , helped the Shadowhunters and Will only because of her (at least in the beginning) , he also wasn’t the high warlock of Brooklyn (or anywhere) at that time , it was before ”Magnus’s vow” and also it was 1878 so his wardrobe will be different yet still has to be Magnus like.
    and Magnus present day was different although the actor Godfrey Gao did a great job. Magnus had a slightly changed personality in TMI, because he has been thru more things in his life. I say they should keep to the storyline and make sure they don’t change the little important things.
    Either way as long as the storyline is the same and the characters look like described in the book I think it will be a hit
    Magnus Bane – actor Godfrey Gao in different wardrobe and makeup seeing as its 1878.which is actually very obvious
    I do not know witch actors will play witch character but I think
    Jem Carstairs – should look both Chinese and British . he should be almost build like a shadowhunter should be build ,strong etc. but yet as if he is weakened by his illness [addiction to Yin Fen]. Jem is described as being quite pale and having odd bright silver colored hair. His eyes are said to be the same silver but with a gentle curve that hints at his parentage, and he has a fine-boned angular face, with a slight curve of his eyes. He looks youthful, partially because of his slightness. He is also tall, very slender and handsome too.
    Tessa Gray – Tessa has smooth, brown hair and steely gray-blue eyes. She thinks herself average and her hair unruly. She is also considerably taller than other girls and boys her age. Magnus, in City of Fallen Angels, says she has a serious face. When reminiscing about past times (bonus content of Clockwork Prince), Magnus thinks of Tessa as pretty (along with Sophie). Not traditionally beautiful, but kindly attractive. also she comes from NYC so she should look American.
    Will Herondale – should look like a fearless fighter, a bit arrogant, like someone who makes jokes but takes serious things serious. and someone who has made a habit out of hiding his true emotions, yet still can steal the heart of the audience , and HOT definitely HOT. also Will is described to have deep violet-blue eyes and black hair that falls in his eyes. He has elegant features – high cheekbones; long, thick lashes; full lips and an elegant throat. He is muscular and well built with broad shoulders. He is mentioned to be 6 foot tall and have callused hands from his years of training as a Shadowhunter. He is said to be extremely handsome by most people.
    For the other characters I do not exactly know… so good luck with that.. I hope they will pick the perfect people to play the perfect roles.
    P.S. I am sorry for the LLLOOONNNGGG comment. but I want them to get it perfect.<3

  84. I could go either way but a tv series sounds intriguing, definitely would be stellar to stretch out into episodes. As long as they STICK TO THE BOOKS and commit, once it’s started if it were to be cancelled without finishing the story or rushed to “wrap it up” (I’m thinking 666 Park Avenue here) that would be devastating! I can appreciate most cinema “adaptations” but with these books it really isn’t necessary to deviate from the original story. And that goes for both TMI & TID in my opinion. I haven’t read all comments so not sure if this was mentioned but what about through Netflix original programming? An HBO production does sound better than the CW (although I do watch a lot on that channel) but if HBO were to butcher it like they did with True Blood….. However it turns out I can not wait for Will Herondale in the flesh, so to speak. CAN’T WAIT. I never thought when I started these books that I would love them as much as I do.

    • I also failed to mention that other character development would be better explored through a miniseries ie. the Waylands, Starkweathers, Carstairs ect….and that could be done without altering the main storyline in the books at all! Woo.

  85. I think it would be better a movie i prefer it to be a movie it would help me connect better with the characters

  86. angelraziel // January 8, 2014 at 1:18 AM // Reply

    i would chose CW-production!!!!

  87. Caitlin Dunphy // January 11, 2014 at 6:45 PM // Reply

    I wouldn’t mind, either a tv show or a movie! But as long as the tv show is aired in the would be so annoying if it wasn’t!!

  88. A tv series would be ideal

  89. I think an HBO mini series like sherlock or downton would be perfect… Make it a little like downton meets buffy hahaha

  90. I think that is would be a great idea to have it as a tv show because I think that the characters in TID are much deeper then in TMI. Therefore, having more time to develop each character would make the series a lot better if it became a visual series. Especially since Will is like the most complex person in the history of complex people.

  91. I think The Infernal Devices series is way more of a movie type of series not a tv show. They tried that with Delirium and that didn’t work out. Please just make it a movie. I wouldnt watch it if it was a tv show series cuz they take forever. I love the books so much I actually would watch them either way but a movie would be way better.

  92. I say a TV show would be awesome, but I hope they wouldn’t expand. A TV show would give them a great opportunity to ACTUALLY FIT ALL THE DETAILS IN! But I think a CW would be better for those of us who are younger and parents do not approve of HBO recordings…

  93. I think a TV show would be amazing!! It would give them enough time to include EVERY DETAIL!! But I think a CW production would be better than an HBO production for those of us younger folks whose parents don’t approve of us watching HBO…

  94. Are they making the whole tmi series into movies? Because I heard somewhere they were stopping with ashes and that really scared me as we all know the ending to ashes is very depressing on claces part 😦

  95. I think it should be an Anime instead.

  96. What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable familiarity concerning unexpected emotions.

  97. No no no absolutely not I don’t even trust these people to make the movies, I would rather go into a horrendous coma than watch this amazing series die with the tv show. NO

  98. I would prefer a tv show because then my favorite book wouldn’t just end after one movie. It would give me something to look forward to and keep the imagination and magic of the book series alive with something new every week. Like the article said, there would be much more room for character development so people who haven’t actually read the books can become more attached to the characters.

  99. I have a feeling its not going to be on an English Channel 😦

  100. Zach Tuneberg // April 6, 2014 at 11:30 AM // Reply

    I think they should make a tv show out of both the mortal instruments and the infernal devices. It definitely allows writers and actors to bring out their character more and gives fans a greater opportunity to relate to individual characters, whereas in a movie a director has to cram the story in, leave certain parts out, sometimes change things, and still find a way to bring the plot to its climax and end. When it comes to books now a days, tv shows are the more loved when turning them into screenplay. So, stop debating among yourselves. Give Cassandra Clare the glory she deserves and make her stories the best tv shows the world has ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

    • TID LUVER!!! // April 19, 2014 at 8:40 PM // Reply

      I agree that they would both be awesome tv shows, but since they started with movies on TMI I think they should finish it that way.

  101. TID LUVER!!! // April 19, 2014 at 8:39 PM // Reply

    I think that the Infernal Devices would make an amazing tv show if casted correctly. I feel that if it was a tv show they would have to find very talented actors who take on the roles of the characters and really embody them.

  102. I wish I was Tessa Gray // April 22, 2014 at 5:12 AM // Reply

    I just want to say, books such as the Infernal Devices, well written and such, in my opinion should not be turned into a movie/book. The books are fantabulous, and a movie/show would be pretty great to see everything come to life. But I would much prefer my imagination than a movie/show. The movie/show would ruin the imagination you had and would basically be what it looks like because it’s hard to imagine when you have an image basically forced into your head. I’m not saying that there should not be a movie/show, but I’m just expressing my opinion. If they do pick it up as a TV show, it should stick to the books as much as technology these days will allow it. I have read TVD books and am a big fan of the show, the show is completely different to the books, but I prefer it that way. TID shouldn’t be like that, I want the show/movie to be exactly like the book, as super close as possible. Out of a TV show or Movie, I would prefer the movie. I cannot wait a week for the next bit of the show, and what happens when the book ends? The writers will create their own storyline and it will be ruined. Even though movies have time limits, I wouldn’t sort of mind if the movie was split into parts, as long as it sticks to the books like glue. I would prefer it just to be books, but if I had to choose, it would be a movie.

  103. I think I would enjoy the TV show, but I would get so annoyed if they took liberties with Will, Tessa, Jem, and the rest of them. I also think it would be ruined, but I would like to see a TV show. It wouldn’t change my opinion (very high) of the books at all.

  104. No… Please no. Just please leave it. This will just create problems. No-one will be happy with the casting and if they do, they will make it like Vampire Diaries, so they won’t follow the script at all. Seriously, just leave a book as a book. Don’t ruin it!!

  105. i think that a tv show would be AMAZING!!!!!! but it has to be like the book. like almost exactly like the books

  106. I think that a tv show would be really awesome IF and only IF they A, do the book justice, B, follow the books really really closely, and C FIND THE PERFECT WILL HERONDALE-ACTOR-WHATEVER. Because I love Will Herondale a LOT and I don’t want them to not to justice to his character in the books. Well, of course they have to choose really good actors/people for the other characters as well. But if they don’t follow these three steps then in my opinion I don’t think it would be a good idea because the books are so perfect on their own and a part of me just wants it to be left alone. And yes it may attract more people to the books but a lot of people who will watch tv shows won’t want to read the books. For example, a lot of people who watch Pretty Little Liars don’t read the books/ don’t want to read them. And for me I love the vampire diaries tv show but I don’t want to read the books. And I’m scared of that because the books are perfection. I don’t expect anyone to really take my opinion into account but these are my feelings about it being turned into a tv show.

  107. why would you be happy about a television show? it would mean dragging on the torture honestly; more time and space for them to completely stuff up the masterpiece that is the infernal devices.

  108. Personally I think they should make it into a tv series like pretty little liars where they go off the books but also put a little twist on the small things to make it last a little longer. The people who read the books might like to know what’s going to happen in the big picture but still be able to be surprised after each episode

  109. I hope that if it’s going to be a TV series make it like for ABC Family or CW because I want to see this and I don’t get HBO. I would like it to be a show more than a movie because 500 pages is a lot to get into two hours

    • Also they have to find perfect actors like Jamie and Lily are to Jace and Clary. The biggest problem I have with most dream casts for Will is that people are pick guys with shaggy straight hair, when Will has CURLY BLACK HAIR. Also they’ve got to get those blue eyes.

  110. I think it could be awesome if it was done right. That’s unfortunately a big if. If they stayed true to the books I would be happy. A TV series would be an awesome way to include details that a movie wouldn’t be able to fit in.

  111. Melina Cioffi // September 1, 2014 at 12:39 PM // Reply

    I would love a TV show but I’m terrified that they are going to completely change everything like with the Vampire Diaries.

  112. OMG! I’d love to watch these books in a tv show! I haven’t read them but they are still on my list and CW is just good! The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow, The Secret Circle… they are all amazing so that would be great!

  113. I think it’s a great idea. I would also love to try out for the role of Cecily Herondale.

  114. Nothing pains me more than when the plot of a story is changed or major details are left out. I would love to see this series as a TV show or movie, however please do not change the plot.

  115. I don’t mind either way as long as I get to see Tessa, Will and Jem in action. But I do prefer a tv show because then The Infernal Devices lasts longer😄😄

  116. Tv show pleaseeee!!! I don’t wan to miss any parts

  117. I would love both, but I would like a tv show better because it’s more time to watch and explain the entire book.

  118. I’d prefer a movie as TV series tend to change the script a lot more when based off a book.
    I’d like to see a closer view to the book as I love to see how close my imagination fits to how people with more knowledge of the book see them.
    Just my opinion tho! 🤗

  119. Well they ruined the mortal instruments by turning into a show called shadowhunters. The move City of Bones was fantastic.

  120. I would prefer movies if they didn’t stray from the book as much as they did in city of bones but I would definitely love to see one of my favorite book series brought to life

  121. Cecily Herondale // March 24, 2017 at 9:50 PM // Reply

    I do think a tv show would be great! But it worries me because of what happened which the mortal instruments. They ruined the books. Another thing is the actors. The actors and the storyline were a big part of why I hate shadowhunters! I think the cast, acting, and storyline has to be perfect!!

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