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Looking back at the Top Stories of 2013

Shadowhunters! 2013 was indeed the Year of the Shadowhunter with so much excitement in the field of books and movies. On the final day of 2013, we're taking a look back at the Top Stories of 2013 in the Shadowhunter fandom.

1. Clockwork Princess 

Clockwork Princess First EditionThe final installment of The Infernal Devices had fans terrified months prior to reading it and the final product didn't disappoint. Clockwork Princess debuted at No. 1 in not only Young Adult fiction but fiction in general selling 90,000 copies in the U.S. in its first week.

2. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones teaser posterThe film adaptation of Cassandra Clare's bestselling novel hit theaters on August 21 and DVD on December 3. The film, which starred Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, didn't dominate the box office, but Constantin Film still has faith in the franchise and plans to start filming on The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes sometime next year.

3. Three more Shadowhunter Chronicles series on the way

The Dark Artifices: Lady MidnightWe already know about The Dark Artifices, the sequel series set five years after the events of The Mortal Instruments coming in March 2015), but Cassandra Clare revealed that she plans to write two more series set in the Shadowhunter world: TLH (set in 1901, and involving James Herondale among others) and TWP (set following The Dark Artifices).

4. The Bane Chronicles debuts

The Bane Chronicles What Really Happened in Peru coverThree of the top Young Adult authors came together to create The Bane Chronicles, a ten-installment eBook series about everyone's favorite warlock Magnus Bane. The first installment debuted on April 16 with the final installment set for January 21, 2014. The Bane Chronicles has spent time on the New York Times bestsellers series list throughout its eBook publication.

5. City of Heavenly Fire snippets

COHF placeholderWhile City of Heavenly Fire, the final book in The Mortal Instruments, won't be released until May 27, 2014, Cassandra Clare got the party started with a slew of snippets from the highly-anticipated book. The snippets ranged from scenes to chapter titles to visual snippets that left fans breathless and eager to discover the fates of their favorite characters.

Other memorable stories:

6. The Shadowhunter’s Codex was released

7. The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes slated for 2014 production

8. The Mortal Instruments dominated the bestsellers lists

9. Mortal Instruments cast appearances and promotion for City of Bones

10. Clockwork Prince manga was released by Yen Press

What’s your most memorable moments/stories from the Shadowhunter fandom in 2013?

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8 Comments on Looking back at the Top Stories of 2013

  1. The announcement of the graphic novel story of The Cricle! (The Secret Treasons)

  2. I think one of my best moments was introducing myself to these series and immersing myself into a whole new world if characters and meeting some of the most awesome people on this site

  3. No matter what we have been through with the film adaptation we still had a really amazing year and I do not regret joining this fanbase and falling in love with the mortal instruments series.

  4. I will never regret being introduced to TMI and the Infernal Devices books. I am a senior and was introduced to them by a much younger friend whose daughter loves them. I was disappointed with the first film but am looking forward to reading City of Heavenly Fire.

  5. The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 3:11 PM // Reply

    my favourite time of the year is when I finally got my copy of clockwork princess and finished reading it in just a few days, les than a week because I just couldn’t wait to read the next chapter and the one after that and the one after that. it was just an amazing book and way to end TID book serie

  6. By The Angel! // January 25, 2014 at 10:45 PM // Reply

    This is a little late but…y’know. I may have only joined this fanbase early 2013 but it has changed my life. I read both series in the Shadowhunter Chronicals and I have to yet read The Bane Chronicles. I have always loved reading, but I have never ever ever fallen so in love with the characters! Everytime something horrible happens to them, I start to cry and feel pity for them, everytime something good happens to them I leap for joy! I think the Shadowhunter world has been soooo well thought as soooo well written it just feels…real! And I wish it was real to be honest. I like to beleive if I ever go to New York and see an armed civilian wearing all black that they are one of the nephlim. I like to think when I see someone with very pointy teeth they are Vampires! I like to think when I see someone who is abmnormally hairy…okay I won’t go there. This book series hasn’t just changed me, it has changed my bookshelf. My whole top shelf is now The Mortal Instruments series and there is already a spot made up for City of Heavenly Fire, The Infernal Devices Trilogy, All of the movie companions, The Shadowhunters Codex and a ton of Shadowhunter Chronicals Manga! My bedroom wall is completely covered with City of Bones movie posters and drawings of runes! I own City of Bones on DVD and I watch it all of the time! I also own the movie soundtrack and have it on all of my eletronic devices. I also have all of Beth Crowleys fanmade Mortal Instruments inspired songs on my computer! My wardrobe has a whole section of Hot Topic Mortal Instruments Themed clothing, My jewlery box has a special spot for my Angelic Rune necklace. My house keys are on my Stele keychain! If my Stele keychain brakes I have a backup Angelic rune keychain. My journal is black and covered in white runes. People call me obsessed…I’m not. I am just inspired. I am inspired to find who I am thanks to Clary. I am inspired to be witty like Jace. I know its okay to be a bit dorky thanks to Simon. I know you can be both a girl and brave thanks to Izzy. I know that no matter what the relationship is it is love all the same thanks to Alec and Magnus. I know that words can be just as dangerous as fists thanks to Valintine and Jonathan. I know books are powerful thanks to Tessa. I know never to isolate yourself thanks to Will. I know that no matter how weak you are you CAN be strong thanks to Jem. And because of both series TMI and TID that not everything is as it seems! I am thankful for Cassandra Clare because she shines a real light on how the world SHOULD be. I am done my Mortal rant now. By the Angel I cannot wait for City of Heavenly Fire!

    • That was beautifully worded, and I agree with every word. I too am a recent addition to the shadow hunter world, and I am a inspired fan. I love these series, and I can’t wait get all of Cassie’s future books.

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