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Get to know some of the characters in ‘The Last Hours’ with these portraits

The Shadowhunter fandom is still buzzing over the announcement of a fourth Shadowhunter Chronicles series — The Last Hours, which is slated for a 2017 release.

To help better acquaint her readers with the new characters in The Last Hours, Cassandra Clare has shared character portraits of the new cast, drawn by Cassandra Jean.

After the The Last Hours announcement yesterday (the day before? Sometime..) I thought you might like to see/get to know a few of the prominent characters. Cassandra Jean drew these for me months ago, back when I was still solidifying some of the plot outlines and character details. You can also find most of these names on the family tree and identify their connections. Let’s start with …


Cordelia Carstairs. Bit of a scapegrace and ever since she was ten she’s had a sort of a crush on


James Herondale, who is parabatai with


the always-delightful Matthew Fairchild, and has a very odd relationship with Tatiana’s Blackthorn’s ward


Grace Blackthorn, whose brother Jesse Blackthorn may or may not be dead


a mystery that occupies the busy brain of writer


Lucie Herondale, whose father would really prefer she marry


Alastair Carstairs, Cordelia’s older brother. Shown with Cortana — looks like Elias did as Tessa suggested and passed it down to his own children after all.Alastair is best friends with


Charles Fairchild, who you may remember as Potentially Buford from Clockwork Princess. Charles would like to be the next Consul, alas, and Henry finds he rather gets along better with Cecily and Charles’ son


who is the younger brother of the ever so sophisticated


Anna Lightwood.

This isn’t all the characters, but it’s a visual tour of quite a few of the significant ones (barring those, like Tessa, Jem, Will and the other adults, who you already know!) I find having visuals of characters often helps while I’m writing so these live above my desk!

We can’t wait to meet these characters! Are you excited for The Last Hours?

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92 Comments on Get to know some of the characters in ‘The Last Hours’ with these portraits

  1. Ermahgawd yesh! 😆

  2. Overly excited I think and I was counting how many Shadowhunter Chronicle books are planned including TMI, TID, TDA, TLH, and TWP. The total : 18 BOOKS! ❤
    By the way, you mean Cecily and Gabriel's ( not Charles's o.o ) son…

    • so excited

    • TWP?What’s that one?

      • TWP is The Wicked Powers. It takes place after TDA and it’s about Ariadne and Octavius, and it takes place three years after the ending of TDA

      • Jen Herondale // March 3, 2014 at 12:09 AM //

        There are just SO many! 🙂

      • Yeah…. 20 years from now I can envision this “Cassadra Clare releases what TFD stands for. The series will be called The Final Descendent. It will take place 500 years after The Mortal Instruments and it will revolve around Clarissa Herondale, Jace Herondale’s great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great granddaughter, who is struggling with living up to pressure that comes along with being a descendant of the most famous Shadowhunter in history, and her namesake Clarissa Morgenstern”

      • Jen Herondale // March 4, 2014 at 8:26 PM //

        OH my gosh I can’t stop laughing…

        But yeah, I can totally picture that.

  3. JaShar Hawkwell // February 23, 2014 at 5:56 PM // Reply

    I am so excited for The Last Hours and based on the information above and other snippets that have been released, it sounds liek this book is going to be filled with lots of drama.

    The Herondales and the Lightwoods and the Fairchilds.

    But the Carstairs…? You reckon those Carstairs are related to that one that approached Will and Tessa at the end of CP2?
    Jem 😦

    • Jen Herondale // February 23, 2014 at 7:31 PM // Reply

      Most likely, as Jem…
      Anyway, somewhere down the line will be Emma Carstairs, as well.

      • Jen Herondale // February 23, 2014 at 7:37 PM //

        Actually, after reading through the list again, I saw this: “Alastair Carstairs, Cordelia’s older brother. Shown with Cortana — looks like Elias did as Tessa suggested and passed it down to his own children after all.”

        So yeah, they are Elias’ children, and he follows Tessa’s suggestion of passing down Cortana.

      • Yeah, but this is the generation after Will and Tessa and Jem. Jem stays Brother Zachariah until at least The Mortal Instruments cycle. And as far as I know Silent Brothers are celibate.
        So…it would have to be the Carstairs relatives, wouldn’t it?
        And I would absolutely LOVE for Emma to be Jem and Tessa’s daughter but I’m not sure about the timeline….

    • Jen Herondale // February 23, 2014 at 7:45 PM // Reply

      It would definitely be interesting for Emma to be Tessa and Jem’s… But I’m not sure how I feel about Tessa being with Jem in present day after being with Will back then. I just feel like that’s… Well, I guess if you’re immortal, you’re going to love and lose a lot… I don’t know. I just have mixed feelings about that.

      And yeah, it’s Elias’ line of Carstairs, not Jem’s.

      • I love that Tessa and Jem end up together. Because Tessa honestly loved both boys. She didn’t love one more than the other, she loved them equally but for different things. Tessa stayed single right up until Jem managed to come back to her. She thought Jem was lost to her. So when he came back it was possible for her to give Jem the life he wanted.

        I like the whole Tessa and Jem thing more for Jem than for Tessa. Jem copped a raw deal. So I’m glad he got a happy ending.

        But the scene where Will died? I was openly weeping. I’ve always been Team Will, but I like that Cassie resolved things for Jem. Like how Collins resolved things for Peeta. Because those characters deserve happy endings, for all the shit they went through.

        God, that turned into a bit of a rant >.<

      • Jen Herondale // February 24, 2014 at 11:07 PM //

        First of all, I rant via comment all the time. I mean, don’t we all? We’re over-emotional fangirls after all… 😉

        I, as well, am Team Will (I mean, look at my name). But I agree about liking it when authors make things okay for both characters. Because we end up caring about both, even if we prefer one personally (and usually romantically), and don’t want the hell that authors create to continue for either of them. (Especially when the other guy is as sweet and wonderful as Jem.) As for Peeta, do you mean that he got a happy ending even though he was hijacked?

        I totally see what you’re saying about liking the Tessa and Jem thing for Jem. I guess that I can look at it differently if I think about Jem, not Will and Tessa. For Jem’s sake, I’m definitely glad that he still get’s to be with the girl he loves.

        In most love triangles, you can automatically figure out who the girl will end up with, because you can tell that she loves one more than the other. Personally, I feel like Tessa did love them both equally (as you said) however was more drawn to Will. I guess that as a reader I think it’s a little weird that the girl ends up with both boys in the love triangle… (Kind of like a MUCH less creapy verson of the resolution of Twilight.) But upon thinking about the whole “immortal” thing, it get’s a lot less weird. It’s the same as Magnus having had relations with characters involved in TID and then their decendents in TMI.

      • That is a good point. We do need our rants to stay sane 🙂

        Haha, the first time I read your name, I thought it said Jem Herondale! And that is so right. I mean, I am in love with Will. But I love Jem. I love him like I loved my best guy friend in high school. I couldn’t stand watching him be in pain in CP2. And then the whole thing with Tessa and Will and then Jem shows up, partially a Silent Brother. Oh my God….I’m pretty sure I cried.

        And that is exactly right about Peeta. That is going to be so heartbreaking to watching on the big screen.

        That’s what I loved most about the resolution with Will and Tessa and Jem. She never replaced Will. I guarantee you Tessa and Jem share Will stories all the time. Maybe not romantic memories, but just classic Herondale stories. I can’t wait until The Last Hours comes out. Have you heard about that yet? It sounds amazing! The Herondale kids. More Will!!!

        Agree completely about the whole love triangle thing. Like I didn’t even class Clary and Jace and Simon as a love triangle because Clary was soooo in love with Jace so quickly. Simon really didn’t stand a chance. I think Tessa was more drawn to Will in the same way we’re all drawn to the beautifully tragic. “To love is to destroy”…I know it was a Valentine thing, but it seems to be the Herondale curse, doesn’t it? Edmund, Will, Jace. Even Stephen, since his love for Valentine forced him to destroy so many other people.

        I never thought it was weird, Tessa ending up with both men, but maybe because I was so invested in all of the characters. And yeah, the whole immortal thing. I have to re-read CP2 cos I can’t remember if Cassie said that Jem was completely human again. I really don’t want Tessa to have to go through Jem’s death as well. Maybe he’ll get the Silent Brothers’ longevity. Imagine losing both of the loves of your life. I mean….ow.

        Awww Magnus. I love him. Even though I have all of the Bane Chronicles, I’ll be buying the hardcover copy. I want to see the cover all together.

        Now I really really want to re-read TID. But I have to read Divergent first….

      • Jen Herondale // February 26, 2014 at 8:24 PM //

        Ha, these comments keep getting longer and longer.

        I find it insane and yet incredible how symbols on paper about people, places, and things that aren’t even real can make people get so emotional. We fall in love with these pretend people, we wish we were a part of their world, and we cry when they die (even though they never existed in the first place). Isn’t that kind of crazy to think about?

        [Sidenote about watching Hunger Games on the big screen: Isn’t it heartbreaking how in Catching Fire, at the end in the arena (when Peeta and Katniss say goodbye and part their seperate ways), that’s the last time we’ll ever see Peeta AS Peeta?]

        I really like what you’re saying about Tessa not replacing Will and about Tessa and Jem sharing Will stories. And yeah, I mean we’re commenting on a post about The Last Hours, so I’ll say I’ve heard about it 😉 But yeah, I’m super excited to see how Will interacts with his children and how he acts as an adult. I hope he still has a rivalry with Gabriel, his now brother-in-law.

        I’m pretty sure we ALL knew that Clary would pick Jace from the second she laid eyes on him in Pandemonium. I find it extremely refreshing in love triangles when you can’t immediately tell who the girl will end up with. It makes it so much more interesting. And in TID, while I could still tell that Tessa would inevitably be with Will, there was some doubt, some possibility that she might not. That made it so much more interesting to read. (Because personally, I’m getting sick of love triangles. I get that they are an easy and popular way to add lots of drama to your story, but must they be in everything? If anything, spice things up and make it a love pentagon or a love octagon.)

        I think that Jem is probably mortal now… Unfortunately, that seems highly logical.

        Agreed on wanting to re-read. But I also have to re-read Harry Potter… Also, Divergent is really good. (But in my personal opinion, the second gets tedious to read, and the third gets boring at times.)

      • They really do. But there’s so much to say!

        It is crazy to think about. I cried at Dumbledore’s funeral like I was actually there. And when Leisel found Rudy after the bombing…. 😦
        I love that authors can do that. It’s why I want to be one of them. I want to be able to create characters that people love as much Harry, Hermione, Katniss, Will, Tessa, and however many else there are.

        Awww man, it really is! The last time Peeta is purely Peeta. When we see him again he’ll be haunted and still suffer the effects of the hijacking…That is so depressing. Peeta! .<
        The rivalry will be hilarious between Will and Gabriel. Can you imagine the family gatherings at Christmas and birthdays. Will would totally dig at Gabriel in these super secretive ways so the kids would have no idea. And then Tessa would just look at Will and tell him to shut up in that married way people have. I think Jem would sneak out of the Bone City for Christmas too. Maybe play some Christmas carols on his violin.
        Ohh I hope there's a scene like that. And I think Will would be the fun parent, Tessa would be the disciplinarian. BUT they would both read the kids bedtime stories.
        I'm so excited for this. Obviously. hahaha

        Cassie actually said she loves love triangles. So I think there will always be at least one in her books. (I was just thinking about TMI. There was Clary-Jace-Simon, Simon-Izzy-Maia, Magnus-Jace-Alec, Valentine-Jocelyn-Luke, and there's probably a few others.) I vaguely remember hearing about a girl-girl-boy love triangle in either TDA or TLH.
        I totally agree with you about the love triangle trope. It's been done to death. A love octagon would be great. There's a whole book right there! At least in TID the love triangle was refreshing. And goddamn painful. Seriously, after I closed the book on CP I couldn't sleep. I tried to figure out how Cassie could fix it. That was the most excruciating wait I've ever had for a new book.

        I know it would make sense for Jem to be mortal I just…I don't want Tessa to lose both of them! Nah, screw that. *I* don't want to lose both of them!!!

      • Jen Herondale // February 27, 2014 at 9:57 PM //

        Oh, gosh, I was sobbing at the end of The Book Thief. I was sitting in my family room so my parents asked me if I was alright as I sat there watching Leisel’s universe explode. No. I was not alright. I was crying my eyes out. Harry Potter had SO MANY DEATHS. Seriously. Or should I say Siriusly. I was crying all throughout that series. When Fred… and Tonks and Lupin… I lost it.
        I agree, I want to be able to create such lovable characters that people cry when I do what all authors must do and put them through hell. Huh. Maybe this will be more difficult than it sounds… Because it hurts me as much as it hurts my readers… 😦

        Haha, I love what you said about Will and Gabriel. And if Jem sneaks out of the Bone City for Christmas… That would be one of the most incredible things ever. Yeah, Will probably is the fun parent. The “Don’t tell Mom I let you do this” parent. But he’s also probably really protective of his daughter. Especially any time a boy gets within twenty feet of her (unless he’s a Carstairs).

        I think a lot of authors enjoy using love triangles. Clearly especially Cassie, when you start to look at all the one’s in TMI that you listed off. A girl-girl-boy love triangle would be quite interesting and new. You barely ever see those. BUT would it be two girls in love with the same boy? Or a girl and a boy in love with the same girl? I feel like the first one would be more interesting because you wouldn’t know who the boy would pick (unless, as we discussed before, it’s really obvious), but with the latter you would know instantly just based on if the girl they’re both into is straight. There would be no thinking, “Hmm, maybe she’ll pick the other one…”

        Hmm, maybe someone SHOULD try out a love octagon… Hey, it would be just like all the love-shapes from middle school! Haha!
        Yeah, CP was painful. I was just thinking about Will and about how painful it would be (and was) for him to hear that the girl he loved was engaged to his BEST FRIEND.

        Totally agree. I don’t want to have to sit through BOTH of their deaths, either! Wait… Jem is going to be in CoHF… What if he dies in it? I mean, no one’s safe, anyone could be killed by that psycho demon child… What if Jem is a casualty?

      • I read in public too often. So on those occasions I should be bawling my eyes out, I usually get away with a burning behind my eyes and in my throat. Otherwise I’d have people on buses/in lectures/on trains/at work thinking I’m having some kind of mental brain down.
        Oh my God, you siriusly didn’t 😛
        That scene with Tonks and Lupin laid out in the Great Hall…… 😥

        I think I might try to avoid putting my characters through too much emotional turmoil. Maybe just some awesome battles…where no one dies. Unless nobody cares about them too much.

        You know the book I really want to be able to write one day? The one that’s floating around on FB: where the main character falls in love with the reader. That would be really fun to write. 🙂

        I know, right? I hope that really, truly happens. OMG THAT’S THE WORST THING ABOUT JEM’S PROBLEM!!!! JEM AND WILL’S KIDS CAN’T GROW UP TOGETHER!!!!!!
        Oh my God…that is heart wrenching. That never occurred to me before 😦

        I think in TDA it’ll be Emma, her parabatai, and someone else. That’s my theory anyways. I like the idea of the two girls. I think authors have the two guy scenario because it speaks more to the female audience. But that’s getting way too deep into market trends and blah blah blah.

        OMG HOW AWFUL WAS THAT SCENE WHERE WILL WAS TRYING TO CONVINCE HIMSELF TO CONVINCE JEM TO GIVE TESSA UP?!?!?! As much as he loved Tessa, he loved Jem more, I think, in the end. Which is lovely, really. They really were a two-man army.
        Stupid demons 😦

        NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Jem can’t be a casualty!!! He can’t become human after 150 years, finally have a life with the woman of his dreams, and then DIE. Cassie can’t be that cruel. She just can’t. Jem has to be safe.

        SO IT CAN’T BE TESSA EITHER. They did say a “boyfriend” will die, though.

        NO NO NO!

        (Sidenote: psycho demon child. Nice :P)

      • Jen Herondale // March 2, 2014 at 2:20 PM //

        See the thing is, you need tragedy in books. It makes them so much more intense and interesting. I mean, look at Twilight. Literally one character died (and it was someone we didn’t care about much) in the “ending battle” with the main villains. The Voltori are still in power at the end, and there is no real ending battle (and in the books there isn’t even a fake ending battle). The author really took the easy way out, not wanting to kill anyone or have anyone genuinely fight. It made the ending boring and uneventful.
        But then look at The Hunger Games. Plentiful tragedy and death, but it’s not overdone. It makes sense that the characters died when they did.
        If everyone you care about in a book survives, it makes it feel like the threat they were facing wasn’t as dangerous as they acted like it was.
        Have you read Percy Jackson? (SPOILER ALERT FOR HOUSE OF HADES IF YOU HAVEN’T) Because in the Heroes of Olympus series, that is what I found in the most recent book, House of Hades.
        There was all this build up about how someone we love would be left behind in the depths of hell and they had all these super awful threats to face and they would probably all be killed…
        … and then no one dies or is even super seriously injured. And suddenly I felt like, “Wait, that was the ending battle…? But… nothing happened…”

        That would be fun to write, however quite difficult.

        Yeah, it would’ve been much happier if Will and Jem’s kids could grow up together… 😦

        I THINK she said the girl-girl-boy love triange will be in TLH but I’m not entirely sure…

        They said a “boyfriend” will die. It will probably be Jordan because he’s a beloved character but still not super important.
        Otherwise, I feel like Cassie absolutely loves putting Izzy through hell so it might be Alec because then it would be talking to Magnus about a boyfriend dying (assuming that they get back together) AND would really hurt Izzy.
        It probably won’t be Jace because it is very rare (however not impossible) in YA books that MAIN main characters will be killed.

        (In responce to your sidenote: thanks 😉 )

      • I remember reading Meyers’ explanation of the end battle. She tried to explain it away by saying that she wanted it to be a victory of the mind without any bloodshed…I think she was just scared to end anyone’s life. She really needed to kill someone, O totally agree with you. Breaking Dawn was such a non-event, coupled with that awful Jacob and Renesme (or however you spell it) thing. I think Meyers’ editor had just given up by that point, seeing as Meyers was raking in so much money for them.
        Ahhh Hunger Games. That was so brutal, the ending. I mean, poor Gale. And Prim…. 😥 I know exactly what you mean, though. As much as we don’t want characters to die, sometimes they have to for the Greater Good of the Story. And, yes, t make the danger the characters face all the more real.
        I haven’t read Percy Jackson yet, but I’m feeling like I really want to: I love Greek mythology. I was obsessed when I was a kid. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but the strength of the fandom is such that I think I’ll risk it. 🙂

        Oh, yeah, it’d be so hard. I thin it’d have to be like a Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower thing. Where he’s writing to someone, and he eventually falls in love with them. But…hmmm. I’ll have to think on that.

        Maybe Jem and Tessa and Clary and Jace’s kids could grow up together. That could be OK. At least there’d be a Herondale (well, Lightwood) and Carstairs side-by-side again.
        I so need to re-read TID.

        Ohhh, interesting! I TLH is fast becoming my most highly-anticipated series. Bring on 2017! I need more Herondale in my life!

        Hey yeah, Jordan makes sense, as horrible as that is. Poor Maia. And I often forget that Izzy and Alec are brother and sister because they’re so different. I don’t want Izzy to lose another brother!!!!

        God, it just can’t be Jace. He and Clary need some kind of happy ending. Jace has to survive. He just has to!

      • Jen Herondale // March 9, 2014 at 10:05 PM //

        Totally just scared to end anyone’s life. The Jacob and Renesme thing was creepy… Yeah, the Percy Jackson fandom is worth it. I mean, it has it faults, for sure (biggest example being the uneventful, forgetable House of Hades) but it’s also worth it due to awesome concepts, funny situations, and lovable characters. I’m really into mythology. I love Greek and Roman, and Norse is especially cool, too. And Egyptian. Rick Riordan has done Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Greek), House of Hades (including Greek and Roman), The Kane Chronicles (Egyptian), and I believe next year he’s gonna be starting a Norse series. All my favorites! 🙂

        I’ve never read Perks of Being a Wallflower, but I’ve heard great things about it. It’s written kinda like that?

        Yeah, poor Izzy. First her younger brother dies, then her parents split up, then if Alec died, too? And crap, what if Simon went, too? MAN that would be kind of over-kill but also suck really hard… But yeah, I’m pretty certain Jordan’s gonna kick it. If I’m wrong… I don’t want to think about who would go instead.

        I really feel like both Jace and Clary will survive. If any of the MAIN main characters were to die, I think it would be Simon… But not Jace. I mean, she’s killed him before and brought him back to life, so I just feel like she won’t, you know?

      • I just don’t get why Meyer needed to have that blurred line in there. She did explain, through some info-dumping, that Jacob wasn’t actually in LOVE with Renesme, but he will be eventually. So what the hell’s the difference?

        If you love mythology, I suggest you read Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods”, like, yesterday. There’s a whole lot of Norse in there as well as a bit of pagan and some other stuff that I think you’d really enjoy. Plus, Gaiman’s a genius, so you can’t really go wrong 🙂
        It’s always the characters that save a story. Or, so I think anyways.

        Well, Perks of a Being a Wallflower is written from Charlie’s perspective, but in a series of really, really long letters he writes to a “friend” who we never actually meet. It’s kinda cool actually.
        I definitely recommend it. The ending is messed up but the book is brilliant. And Emma Watson doing an American accent in the movie? So weird, but she pulls it off.
        I have a feeling Clare will definitely lay off Izzy. She can’t cop too much more. She’s a strong, strong woman but damn everyone has their breaking point!
        OMG SIMON CAN’T DIE. He just CAN’T. Maybe he almost does but comes back or something. I really want him to stick around for the news series. Simon as the new member of the immortal gang? Yes please!

        You’re definitely right. She can’t off Jace again. It’d just be repetitive and Cassie doesn’t do repetitive.
        *Phew*, relieved now.

        Also, I totally just preordered my signed copy of Heavenly Fire. And bought the Shadowhunter’s Codex. 😀

      • Jen Herondale // March 9, 2014 at 10:07 PM //

        ***Correction: I meant Heroes of Olympus (Greek and Roman) which includes but is not limited to House of Hades… oops… Forgot to read it over before I posted it… heheh…

      • haha, all good! I very rarely proof my comments. I probably should since autocorrect has it in for me. >.<

      • Jen Herondale // March 14, 2014 at 9:22 PM //

        Apparently, it’s something about Jacob is just brotherly to her now, but will be romantically in love with her once she is old enough for it to be less awkward.

        Huh, interesting. I’ll check that book out then.

        So you never meet this “friend”? Is there a chance they don’t exist? That was the first thing I thought of when I heard that.

        I worry that if Alec AND Simon were to die, Izzy would end up just killing herself, or attempt to but be stopped by Clary or someone… I mean, she wouldn’t be able to cope with THAT much… That would be so sad.

        Simon would be an awesome addition to the future of the immortal gang!

        Oooo, Shadowhunter Codex is awesome 😉 I love how it’s annotated… I have a signed copy of Clockwork Princess from when I went to the release event around here when she was on tour. Don’t have any of her other books signed, though… 😦

      • The whole Jacob thing just freaks me out. I think Meyer needs a good shrink to even have that element in that book. I mean seriously. And not once, but twice!
        I think that book is permanently imprinted on my brain.

        You really should, Gaiman is a genius!

        And no, you don’t. I took the whole thing with Charlie and his “friend” was that he was going to leave his diary somewhere and whoever read it would become his friend. You know, because he spilled out his soul so that “friend” would know him pretty well by the end of the journal. 🙂

        I can see that happening. Izzy would be stubborn enough to go through with it too. It would take Jace I reckon, to stop her. Jace, her last living brother. And maybe Magnus because Magnus would be mourning Alec too. Nope, change my mind, it would take Jace, Magnus, AND Clary to stop her.
        But I think we’re panicking for nothing. I don’t think Clare would do that to Isabelle. She couldn’t!

        Aww man, I’m imagining Simon teasing Tessa a little. I mean, another girl who fell head over heels with a Herondale? He’d get some kind of shots in. Especially while Clary and Jace were still around. (Not thinking past this comment. Because I don’t wan to think about Simon outliving Clary).

        OMG I HATE LIVING IN AUSTRALIA SOMETIMES!!! We don’t get awesome book tours. I would so want to live in the States for just a little while so I could get some books signed. It just sucks that most of my favourite authors live overseas :(. I won’t get CoHF for ages! It has to be shipped from Barnes and Noble after it’s released. I think I have to ignore the internet for a while toward the end of May!!!
        I love that the Codex is annotated. Reminds me of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them AND Quidditch Through the Ages. Which I used to have but I think my mum threw them away 😦

      • Jen Herondale // March 22, 2014 at 8:23 PM //

        I love when authors play around with format of books.
        Like in The Book Thief, where the narrator will leave kind of sidenotes in the middle of the page.
        Or to show how something affects a character, they’ll have the sentance broken up on a page with odd spacing.
        Interesting narration AND new format techniques can add to such an enjoyable reading experience.

        I don’t know, though. While I’d love to think that Clare wouldn’t be willing to hurt Isabelle that much… what’s to stop her? To be honest, I feel like TMI is very soap-opera-ish. Often over the top with drama and insane plot twists. So I wouldn’t count that out. As much as I love TMI (for many reasons, including awesome characters, badass villains, and of course super interesting plot), it’s actually for this over-drama/often-insane-twists that I actually enjoyed TID more.

        Haha, Simon totally would tease Tessa. That would be GREAT.
        … Man, now you got me thinking about Simon outliving Clary…
        Suddenly I wish he was never turned into a vamp. That’s too… Ouch…

        Wow, that must suck, having to get the books late. Do you like giving yourself spoilers? Ugh, I have some friends who do. It get’s so annoying when they’re constantly asking me, “Does Jace do this? Who is this person really? Why does this happen?” And I’m just like, “I don’t give spoilers, guys. Just read the books.” I’d suggest not going on any websites TMI fandom related until you’ve read the book. That’s what I tend to do.
        It’s cool that you live in Australia though! I know a few people who have visited and LOVED it. I have a total fasination with the place. I really want to go someday. And sure, you might not get book tours, but you live a heck of a lot closer to the Lord of the Rings filming sites then I do!
        In a story that I’m writing there are a few Aussie characters. If you don’t mind my asking, what is some common slang that you guys use often that would differ from American slang? I know that’s pretty generic, but anything would be helpful.

        Annotated guide books are perfection. I have a Star Wars “Way of the Jedi” or something guide book that is annotated by a bunch of Jedi and some Sith.
        Those HP extras are super cool. I may have them, but I’m not sure.
        Sucks that she threw them out… :-/

      • Those little side notes in The Book Thief were amazing. You know Zusak re-wrote the first 70 or so pegs about 12 times? That is dedication. Only thing is you can kind of tell. But, hey, if I could write like Zusak I’d be happy.

        I totally and one hundred per cent about TID>TMI. I think because Clare gave herself a lot more time to do TID, because it wasn’t her key series, if you know what I mean. Plus, did you ever notice that EVERYONE in TMI compares things to paintings, not just Clary? I mean, Clary’s the artist. None of the others would know who that artist is. Not to mention all of the artsy comparisons were to the same artist…that annoyed me. At least in TID the book comparisons were limited to Tessa and Will. It made the characters so much…richer.
        I know right? I can almost picture Simon and Tessa’s conversations. That would be beautiful. I also can see Magnus teasing Simon for all eternity.

        Yeah, Simon outliving Clary is not cool. Like, on any level. Hopefully we don’t get to read that far ahead. I don’t know if I could bear another Will & Tessa type scenario.

        I do thing weird thing where I read the last page in books when I’m about a third of the way in. And you have no idea how many times I flipped to the end of Clockwork Prince/ss to make sure Will would be OK. It was a very good thing that the last page of the series didn’t give away too much.
        I ask people questions that I don’t actually want the answers to when I’m reading. And when people deny me answers I thank them. It’s just me thinking out loud, really. The plan is to completely ignore any TMI websites until I have finished CoHF. I don’t want to know who dies and what happens (because TDA is supposed to be set in a post TMI world and this is a huge deal…) before I have actually experienced the words myself.

        Australia is pretty cool. I’m from Brisbane, if you’ve heard of it. Not many people have. Most people when they think of Australia think Sydney or Melbourne. But Brisbane is awesome.

        Hmm, well what usually happens is we call people “mate” when we don’t actually know them. A lot of my friends, and people I work with, call everyone “cunt”. Like, that is a term of endearment almost. Sidewalk = footpath. We call sunglasses “sunnies”, and bathing suits are “togs”, “swimmers”, or sometimes “bathers”. Flip flops are “thongs” and we add “-o” to everything. “arvo” = afternoon, “servo”= petrol (gas) station, ambo (ambulance). And we very, very rarely say “G’day”. Mom is Mum as well, like with the Brits. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT we do not say “shrimp on the barbie”. We call shrimp prawns. Err…have I missed anything?

      • Missed the last paragraph! I think it just means that I get to buy them again. Which I think I have to, seeing as there’s a set you can buy with the Tales of Beedle the Bard as well!
        Have not yet managed to get into Star Wars. Maybe because I watched the movies out of order, that’s always a possibility… 🙂

      • Jen Herondale // March 26, 2014 at 10:26 PM //

        Rewriting something 12 times is insane… But yeah, impressive and shows dedication.

        Yeah, the whole “Clare gave herself a lot more time to do TID because it wasn’t her key series” makes sense. Like maybe she let herself develop the storyline more before setting a due date.
        And I never noticed the fact that EVERYONE compares things to paintings… Yeah, that is a little off. And the comparisons/book metaphors were done very well in TID.
        I can see Simon saying something to Magnus about “Do I really have to spend enternity listening to you –INSEART SIMON-Y COMMENT HERE–”

        That’s an interesting quirk. Personally, I CANNOT STAND spoilers, so I would never be so brave as to look at the end of a book before finishing it.
        I ask questions but also tell people “BUT DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME!”
        Of course I’m insanely happy that Will had a happy ending… But the fact is, he’s still dead… Sure, it was of old age and he lived a long and happy life with Tessa and their kids but… It still hurts so much, you know?
        All I know is that we must all go into it with a box of tissues at hand. I’m so worried…
        I wonder who the villain of TDA will be… God, what if Sebastian gets away? I sincerely doubt it, but still a possibility… Anyway, I’m ready for that little demon child to be murdered violently by Team Good.

        Gonna be honest, I have not heard of Brisbane. But I just looked up pictures of it and it’s SUPER pretty 🙂
        I SERIOUSLY hope I can go to Australia someday…
        Thank you sooo much for the slang stuff. More helpful than I can express.
        So do friends call each other “mate”? Or is that just when you’re unsure of their name? And also, understood that the whole “shrimp on the barbie” thing is a misconseption, but is “barbie” the term for barbeque?

        I have the Tales of Beedle the Bard. That one is GREAT.
        Star Wars is awesome; A really classic fandom, if you ask me. The original three are the best. The prequel three… aren’t good quality. Die-hard Star Wars fans will tell you that the prequels SUCK and will try to act like they never existed… If you ask me, I’ll say that two of the main characters were poorly cast because those actors CANNOT act for their life so that was probably the main issue. Not to mention that the storyline didn’t have enough thought in it… But they have some pretty epic battle scenes 🙂

      • I want to read another of Zusak’s books called “The Messenger”. I read the first page one day in a book shop and I was so excited. But you know, the whole no money thing stopped me buying it. Maybe this month, seeing as I’m about three books away from being a gold member at one of the book chains over here. (I’d say it’s sad, but I’m actually kinda proud).

        I’m sorry I pointed it out then, cos once I realised that even ALEC was comparing things to paintings, I was like “seriously, Cassie? I don’t think so”. And that sucked cos I love Cassie! She is brilliant. I can’t wait to see how she works TDA. The comparison thing might just be a matter of practice. TDA and TLH might be even better than TID (not likely, seeing as there’s no Will, except for TLH, but you never know!).

        If I accidentally read a huge spoiler I tell myself that I still don’t know how the story got to that point. Like when I read that Katniss and Peeta end up together. I was like “but…how does that happen?”.
        I KNOW! The Will thing sucks. Because it means he’s not coming back. I mean, no one lives forever, but when series end we don’t actually see them die. We saw WIll die and it was awful. I hated it. 😦 BUT we get TLH. And I think the Herondales run the Institute, so I think we may see him and Tessa (and Brother Zachariah?) a lot! Fingers crossed anyway.

        If Sebastian gets away I am going to e so annoyed. OHHHH maybe the bad guy is Magnus’ father. They keep hinting at the idea that Magnus’ dad is a pretty important demon, so maybe Sebastian lets him loose to terrorise the Shadowhunters. That’s one possibility….

        Brisbane is amazing, but you should check out photos of the Gold Coast. Or Bondi Beach. Or Uluru. Or the Great Barrier Reef. Absolutely stunning.
        It kind of depends on the person. I use it when I don’t know someone or when I’m annoyed with someone. Some people do use it as a term of endearment but I’ve seen it used more for strangers.
        Yeah, barbecues are “barbies”. If you need me to verify anything, that is not a problem. 🙂

        I may have to buy the three extra HP books then. I do miss my Hogwarts school books haha.

        I have heard that the prequel three suck. But I haven’t really watched enough of the original trilogy to know for sure. It’s cool that you can acknowledge the new movies though. I have a mate who, like you said, doesn’t talk about them. What do you think of Disney doing a sequel trilogy? I’ve heard mixed responses.

      • Jen Herondale // April 6, 2014 at 11:14 PM //

        Lack of money is definitely an issue with buying books. Then friends are like, “Just check it out from a library.”
        NO, FRIEND. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. There’s something… so special about owning a book, you know? Something that makes it feel so personal, and makes it so much more… important.

        Yeah, I could NOT see Alec comparing things to art… Cassie is a brilliant storyteller, but not necessarily a brilliant writer. It’s one of THOSE situations. She comes up with incredible plots that keep you guessing every page… But she does things like the whole “comparing things to art”-thing that make her writing credibility lessen.

        I read this trilogy called “Midnighters” and I accidentally read a HUGE spoiler online… What I tried to do was push it to the back of my mind so any time I would start to think about it, I would force myself to focus on something else. But if I catch myself thinking about it too much, I’ll do something like that where I just tell myself I don’t know how it happens or something.
        Yeah, I’m super excited to get to see more of Will in TLH.

        DUDE The bad guy being Magnus’ father is TOTALLY a great theory… It would be far more interesting than many other plots, too, because we’ve seen plenty of fighting humans (or demonic humans) by now. I’d LOVE to see some uber powerful demon that one group of Shadowhunters can’t fight alone… That would be awesome. It would totally work for Sebastian to let the demon loose before being defeated himself.
        Which means… Magnus CAN’T die. Because I NEED to see some of him interacting with his dad…

        Wow, Australia is SO beautiful. We’ve got some pretty places in the States, but nothing like that. I mean, Hawaii is INCREDIBLE (I’ve never been, though) and there are some beaches here in Cali that are super nice (but VERY crowded, usually). But it’s NOTHING like the beaches you guys have. The water is so blue… I’m jealous.
        Thank you SO much for the slang-help. I’ve found lists and stuff online, but I’m never sure how accurate they are.

        Have you heard of Hogwarts is Here? It’s an online-Hogwarts thing where you actually take CLASSES. Check it out! It’s REALLY cool.

        Hmm, well… I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE DisneyNerd, so for the most part I trust Disney to do a good job with most things. Once Disney bought Marvel, many people started to dislike some of the new movies (especially Iron Man 2, even though I don’t know why because personally I really enjoyed that one).
        I feel like they should be careful… Basically, it’s either going to SUCK terribly or it’s going to be AWESOME. I definitely hope for the latter, but I AM kind of… worried. I feel like my worry for it, though, isn’t related to Disney owning it. Regardless of WHO is making them, just the fact that more ARE being made could end up over-kill if it’s not handled well enough.

      • OMG people tell me to go to libraries all the time! And I did for a while but then, when you want to re-read something, you have to find it again. And someone else might have it! Plus, I like buying books. There’s actually a list of reasons for buying books that you take forever to read that completely justifies my addiction. It’s amazing.
        Besides, library books don’t smell the same as new books!

        Clare does make up for it in TID. And in City of Bones it is just Clary doing the comparing-to-art thing. I think the editor started overlooking things when City of Bones became a bestseller. Editors have that tendency, unfortunately. If you’ve ever read the Delirium trilogy, you’ll know what I mean. (If you haven’t STAY AWAY. Seriously, just don’t even go there!)

        I did the same thing with the “Secrets of the Eternal Rose” trilogy. But I did it to myself by flipping through pages I hadn’t read yet. It was a spoiler that turned out to not be a spoiler but it changed the way I read all the dramatic scenes though, cos I was wondering when it would all go down.

        OMG THAT THEORY TOTALLY MAKES SENSE! Sebastian releases Magnus’ dad, dies, and then the Shadowhunters have to try and force Magnus’ dad back into the demon realm. OMG AND BECAUSE THE NEW GENERATION OF SHADOWHUNTERS CAN’T HANDLE IT ALONE JACE HAS TO COME OUT OF “RETIREMENT” OR WHATEVER AND HELP OUT WITH HIS SUPER ANGEL POWERS.
        If this doesn’t happen I think I’ll cry. Maybe Magnus is the one who finally defeats his father?!?!?!
        You’re right about the bad guy though. We need a twist. Mortmain was an epic one. All immortal and stuff. A high-ranking demon would be brilliant! And I wonder who’ll be the bad guy in TLH…

        Hawai’i is amazing. I went there about five years ago with my mum. There was this moment on a bus tour where we stopped at a waterfall on the side of the road. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. But yeah, our beaches are pretty sweet. I used to live right near Byron Bay. Now my nearest beach is about two hours away. It’s a problem, haha.
        Online lists can be very accurate, but the trick is to find a trustworthy source. For instance, those “Aussie slang dictionaries”? They do have our slang, but the thing is some of those phrases have fallen out of favour. I haven’t heard anyone say “ace”, or “grouse” in ages.

        Ohhhhh THAT’S what “Hogwarts is Here” is?!?!?! I thought it was just an article or something that popped up on my FB news feed. I really, really need to get on that!

        Disney bought Marvel? Well, there you go! So that means all the new Marvel movies are influenced by Disney? Awesome! Because, yeah, I loved all the Iron Mans. And I just saw Winter Soldier (love, love, LOVED it!). Disney’s great. But I agree completely. The fourth Pirates movie was overkill completely, no matter how much i love Jack Sparrow. I mean Captain Jack Sparrow.
        I really need to see the original trilogy.

      • Jen Herondale // April 20, 2014 at 4:27 PM //

        I LOVE the smell of new books. I love the smell of nice book stores. I mean, is there anything more homey?

        I have, in fact, read Delirium. I enjoyed the first one, but like Divergent, it all went down-hill from there. I think Julian or whatever his name was was really annoying and the end was just kind of passive. I mean, she didn’t even give a resolution! Sure, it’s obvious what happens as in who she choses, but what happens to the WORLD? Like do they form a better, new society? Or does everybody die because the government called for soldiers to come in? We don’t actually know. Which REALLY bugs me.

        I hate it when that happens. I feel like knowing something is going to come to play eventually does kind of ruin dramatic scenes ’cause you’re just sitting there waiting for it to happen.

        If that Magnus’ dad theory ISN’T true, I’ll be kind of upset (unless what actually does happen is better). I feel like this is a highly logical (am I Spock now?) situation and a great villainous force.

        My family is thinking about taking a Hawaii trip sometime within the next couple of years. I really hope we do. It sounds incredible.
        Sucks that you live so far away from the beach.
        I live in a really cool area ’cause I’m like a half hour away from quite a few different beaches AND like 20 minutes from Disneyland 😀 OF course I have a season pass (I’m such a DisneyNerd) so I go all the time.

        Okay so you said “favour” instead of “favor” so do you guys write in that sense (like the British as well)? Like “colour” and stuff?
        Alright and what about the term “ankle-biters” for children. I’ve seen characters say this on TV. Do people actually say that? And if so, is that term like a cute way to refer to small-children? ‘Cause that’s how I’ve heard it used…
        And last thing, I was actually wondering what kind of different candies do you guys have? ‘Cause I saw this Tumblr post that was someone in Australia saying “Wait you guys doing have -insert candy names here- in the States?” And some of them sounded kinda crazy (or even made up) so I was wondering about that…
        Thanks again for the help. You are a LIFE-SAVER. I’ve been really worried that I’ve been messing up some of the slang. I’ve only used a little bit of it but the stuff that I have used I’m worried I’m doing wrong.

        Yeah, HiH is really cool. I signed up but I have a lot of muggle-school stuff to deal with so I might not be able to get around to it that often 😦

        Iron Man is my favorite superhero (in the cinematic universe, anyway – he acts a little different in the comics and I’m not as big of a fan) so I loved all those movies. But dude, The Winter Soldier was probably one of the GREATEST movies I have EVER seen. Bucky is another one of my favorite characters in Marvel, so man, that HURT. I was crying through quite a bit of that movie. Especially the scene where he was being tortured, and the end when Cap said “I’m not goanna fight you, Buck.” Oh, man, the FEELS!
        I love Pirates of the Caribbean. I enjoyed watching the fourth movie, but yeah, it was kind of overkill.
        Yeah, you should see Star Wars. If anything just because they are classic Sci-Fi movies 🙂

      • If I could bottle the smell of new books, I would wear it as perfume. Or spray it around my house. Probably both. One of the best smells in the world. It would definitely be part of my Felix Felicis experience haha.

        Awww no! I was so hoping to save everyone from the horror that is Delirium. Seriously, she just gave up! It was like she didn’t want to deal with this world she’d created and just slapped words on a page. The editor must have given up because Oliver did. Those books, in my opinion, are WORSE than Twilight and 50 Shades. Because at LEASTJames and Meyer cared about their stories, even if their writing sucked. Oliver’s writing was impeccable and she just gave up. And that is unforgivable. AND OMG I KNOW! WHY WAS JULIAN EVEN THERE? AND THE RECONCILIATION BETWEEN LENA AND ALEX WAS DONE *IN ONE SENTENCE*. OMG, WTF?!?!
        This series makes me angry. So. Angry.

        Cassie won’t disappoint. I don’t think it’s possible she could disappoint us. So even if the bad guy isn’t Magnus’ dad in TDA, I think we’ll be OK.

        OMG THAT SOUNDS LIKE THE MOST PERFECT PLACE TO LIVE EVER! I sooooo want to go to Disneyland one day. I want to meet Mickey Mouse! I have a bit of an obsession with Mickey Mouse haha. Disneyland…is that California or Florida? I get so confused. I so hope you get to Hawaii 🙂 I can’t believe you guys have fifty states! We only have eight!

        Yeah, we spell like the Brits. So we use u’s in colour, favour etc and we use s’s instead of z’s. so “moisturise instead of moisturise”.
        Ummm, I thought ankle-biters was a US thing. We usually say “toddlers”. Some seriously Aussie people, so like out woop woop (so “woop woop” = “in the middle of nowhere”), call toddlers “little tackers”.
        Well what kinda lollies (that’s what we call candy) are you talking about? We have a bunch of things! Tim Tams are probably the best. These chocolate biscuits that are the best things ever. I hope you guys have Tim Tams. A lot of our lollies are international. We don’t have too many uniquely Aussie lollies. Honestly can’t think of any.
        Well if you want, I can read the story for authenticity if you want 🙂 If you feel comfortable with that, that is. Sharing your written work can be terrifying. Trust me, I know!

        I haven’t signed up yet. I am part of Pottermore, but I don’t use it. I got sorted (into Hufflepuff) and I got my wand (silver birch and lime, I think) but that’s all I remember. I should really get back into it. You get all the extra HP excerpts 🙂

        Ironman was my favourite….but I think I prefer Steve Rogers to Stark now. That scene in the first Captain America, when Rogers throws himself of the grenade? How many people would actually do that? Now THAT is a good man.
        Tony is amazing though. And I do like RDJ 😛
        Bucky, man. That poor guy. Seriously awful. And poor Steve. Penny with Alzheimer’s and Bucky without his long term memory. Seriously, poor guy.

        I do like classic movies. I will see Star Wars one day! 🙂

      • Jen Herondale // May 2, 2014 at 11:22 PM //

        I would LOVE having my entire house smell like new books… 🙂

        I feel like Twilight was written worse, but Delirium had even less thought put into it (by the end anyway).

        I just hope the villain is an interesting one!

        Disneyland is the one in Anaheim, in SoCal. I love Mickey Mouse, as well. I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING DISNEY!!! Disneyland is (in my personal opinion) a thousand times better than Walt Disney World, the one in Florida. Many reasons. For one thing, Disney World feels like an amusment park, with much less of Disney quality feeling. Disneyland is just so… it has SOO much more of the Disney magic we’ve all come to love. Also, Disney World is just HUGE. You can only do a little bit per day, and you have to take bus rides between parks. Disneyland is much more compact, making it feel like more thought was put into it. As if each individual thing is more important than it would be at Disney World, as Disney World is so big that expansions are nothing new.
        What’s cool about having fifty states is that it covers such a large area. I mean, you can be in the U.S. and chill out on a beach, or still be in the U.S. and be out riding horses in the mountains. You can be in the U.S. and be farming in a field, STILL be in the U.S. and be freezing you’re butt off in negative temperatures, or even STILL be in the U.S. and be in a rainy city scape. There’s an environment for just about anyone!

        Alright so ‘u’s and ‘s’s.
        And no, ankle-biters is not used here. We use toddlers, as well. Wonder where (if anywhere) they say that then…
        I’m not really sure which ones I was talking about. I just saw this list and I felt like a bunch of them had to be made up. The names were kind of crazy (but epic) in comparison to the boring candy names over here… We do not have Tim Tams. I mean, we probably do SOMEWHERE, but I’ve never heard the name before.
        I’m so confused!!! You said “cunt” is a term of endearment, right? I googled it just to make sure that in the U.S. it doesn’t have some not-nice meaning or something, and it said something about it being um well not that. At all. Does it mean something not necessarily nice however is used kind of teasingly in a nice/friendly way? Please help, I’m so confused now!
        Thanks for the offer, but I’m not really big on sharing my stories (except with friends/family). I might ask for specific examples of dialogue, but that’s about it that I’m comfortable sharing. Thanks though!

        If you end up joining Hogwarts is Here, tell me your profile thingie so that we can become friends on there. It’s pretty much all about the wizarding school assignments and stuff, but you can become friends with people on there. I don’t really like that aspect of it (because it makes people think it’s like a nerd social networking thing) but… -shrugs-
        Hufflepuff is made fun of a lot online and in the fandom, but honestly, I don’t really get why. Being sorted into Hufflepuff if a good thing, ’cause it means you’re helpful, a loyal friend, and a very nice and accepting person. I guess it’s just because there aren’t really any main characters in the books who are Hufflepuff…
        Anyway, I’m Slytherin (and actually wearing my Slytherin t-shirt right now 😉 ). I definitely feel like my sorting is accurate. I’m not a Death Eater (nor would I ever even CONSIDER joining Voldy given the option) and neither is anyone in my family! I’m just super clever. Some of my friends will be whispering about something and I’ll be asking what they’re talking about. By the time they tell me, I’ll just be kind of disappointed because I already knew what they were talking about (even though it was some random gosip that no one had even told me yet, probably something about who-liking-who probably) and so it wasn’t nearly as interesting as I had hoped.
        I feel like my grammer was shamefully terrible in that paragraph. Whatever. Over it. If it doesn’t make sense, my apologies.

        Yeah, Cap is DEFINITELY the better man. However, my favorite character tends to be the conflicted, arrogant a-hole who tends to be hot, smoldering, and tortured (inside joke that I just had to use right there) but is actually a REALLY good guy at heart and ends up sacrificing himself for his loved ones.
        Let me give you some examples: Tony Stark, Will Herondale, Jace Lightwood, Finnick Odair… Need I go on? Also, my favorites almost always die. If they’re a main character (cough cough Jace) they die and come back to life.
        Oh, gosh, the Peggy scene KILLED me!!! I could not handle that. At. All.

      • Delirium was ridiculous. I can’t even talk about it. It makes me sick and angry and bleh.

        I know the villain will be interesting because Cassie is writing him. So I’m not too worried.

        Disneyland is now on my bucket list. A whole land of Disney? Yep, sounds awesome.

        Australia is pretty massive too. But we don’t really get snow. Like, in some places we do, but not in many. Most of the mainland is desert. Pretty much everything in the middle. There’s even a town out back where people have to live underground because it’s so hot. No, I’m not making this up. It’s called Coober Pedy Seriously, Google it. Australia’s a crazy place.

        Man, c*** is a horrible word, but so many people use it as a replacement for “mate”. I use it when I’m really, really angry at someone. It’s one of those words you either use too much or hardly ever. There’s no in-between. My ex used it all the time. If someone was cool they were a “mad c***”, but if he hated them, they were more likely a “dickhead”. It’s interesting, the differences in culture, hey? So yeah, it’s a horrible word that gets used in a casual manner. But not in polite society, if you get my meaning. Like, city people who were born and bred in the city aren’t likely to use it in that way, but people from rural areas most likely are. It’s a location thing. Plus an upbringing thing 🙂

        Anklebiters is a Paramore song, which is why I thought it might’ve been an American thing. My bad >.<

        I totally get the whole sharing thing. It's so hard. It was my writing degree that got me over that. If someone doesn't read my stuff now, I don't like showing it to friends and family. Weird, hey?

        Oh, I will. I might give it a go while I'm house-sitting. Pass the time and what-not. Or, better yet, while I'm on uni break (uni = college just btw. Our unis are different from your colleges from what I gather as well)

        I think you're right about the Hufflepuff thing. The only main character in Hufflepuff was Cedric and, well, he was killed off. Hufflepuff is cool! Proud to be yellow and black 🙂
        Slytherin, eh? I know Sytherins aren't evil. just…most evil characters tend to be Slytherin. I mean, River Song from Doctor Who would so be Slytherin, but she's not evil! And I'm not brave enough for Gryffindor, or insanely smart to get into Ravenclaw. Not cunning or whatever for Slytherin. My sorting was pretty spot on too 🙂
        (the paragraph was fine. I understood it. Sometimes grammar can be difficult. When I get tired I basically start using shorthand. I try not to, but sometimes it's just too hard typing everything out!)

        Will Herondale…I feel like he's the best guy out there. I mean, Jem is amazing, but Will is horrible so no one will die. Like, that takes a special kind of "good". WIll is just…amazing. But I get you. I think that's why I like Iron Man so much.
        Jace Herondale = Iron Man
        Will Herondale = Cap

        You know, for the whole comparison thing.


      • Jen Herondale // June 1, 2014 at 5:23 PM //

        I’ve gotta admit, I feel kinda bad. You always reply to my post within the first couple of days, but it takes me forever to get around to it! I’ve just been so busy… With finals and then there’s the school musical (we’re doing Aladdin and I’m playing the Genie so I have to be at every rehersal) and I try to write as much as possible whenever I get on the computer which means I don’t let myself go on my email nearly as much any more… AND, CoHF came out over here on Tuesday so now I’m just reading whenever I have free time. It’s over 700 pages… I’m on 340. The only reason I’m not done yet is school. Don’t you just hate that? Due to school or work not being able to read?

        Disneyland is definitely something for everyone’s bucket list. True, it’s expensive. But if you save up for it, it’s totally worth it.

        Are you serious? There’s a place where people live UNDERGROUND? Wow… That’s really cool!

        Okay, I get it. Depending on where you’re from or how your parents raised you (obviously) you either will or won’t use certain nasty words in common coversation. I know loads of people who use terrible language constantly, and I gotta say, I find it very unattractive. It’s one thing to cuss every once and a while, I definitely do when I’m really angry at someone or something, but I know people who use the F word in every single sentance. I just feel like that’s unnecessary.

        Funny, I was listening to Paramore when I read your reply. I had no idea that was one of their songs. So yeah, maybe that is an American thing that no one really uses anymore. Not sure…

        I’m willing to share my writing with the people closest to me, but that’s about it, so far. We’ll see if that changes any time soon.

        Hufflepuff definitely stands for good values. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m the greatest example of these values, though. I’m a nice person, don’t get me wrong. But I’m just not really the type who is willing to accept EVERYONE into my group just because they need somewhere to go. I tend to be more of the type who wants someone to prove that they’re a good person before I am willing to spend time with them, not the other way around of letting someone in in order to let them prove themself.
        Yeah, most of the evil characters are Slytherin… I feel like that’s more of a bloodline thing, though. And it totally makes sense that the evil characters would be Slytherin, ’cause they’re almost all pure bloods and/or really clever and cunning. I feel like I’m brave enough for Gryffindor and (if I put enough effort in) I can be smart enough for Ravenclaw. But I definitely wouldn’t fit in with the people/atmosphere of Ravenclaw. I probably would fit in at Gryffindor, and actually I’m often sorted there, too. It’s like, with every quiz I take, I’m either Slytherin or Gryffindor. But in the Pottermore quiz directly from Rowling, I’m Slytherin, so I feel like that’s what I should go with since that quiz is directly from the creator of this world.

        I agree. It takes a deep kind of goodness to put yourself through hell every day, pushing those you love away, just to protect them. I love him so much…
        What the heck again with the rhyming! Day/away. Ugh… We just finished up a poetry unit in my English class and it has affected my brain, seriously. Just in common speech every day, I’ve been rhyming randomly. How!? What’s happened to me!?
        Anyway, yeah, I never really thought of that but I suppose they do kind of match up with them. Will is Cap because he has that pure-of-heart goodness. Sure, Jem might have the personality of Cap, but Will has the incredible selflessness.
        Jace ALSO has that willingness to sacrifice himself for the ones he loves, but less of the pure-of-heart-ness. He’s more… corrupted, almost. Since he was raised by Valentine, he’s more… he has more of the ability to be completely ruthless.

        I remembered my uncle mentioning that in the comics, when Cap comes back (DANGIT ANOTHER RHYME, see!?), Peggy was still alive. I wasn’t sure if they were going to go with that, but the fact that they did just made it SO MUCH MORE PAINFUL!!!

      • Don’t feel bad, it just means you have more of a life than me 😛 I’m never too far from my emails, and I have to reply ASAP. It’s a weakness in me.
        OMG the genie is the best character in Aladdin! I’ll bet you’ll do great I’ve never been one for acting. I reckon I could do radio plays, but that’s about it.

        I haven’t started CoHF yet. It hasn’t arrived! I bought mine from Barnes and Noble and I’m waiting for it to get here. I wanted the signed copy so I ordered from the States. And as a poor uni student, I can’t afford another copy. I’m hoping it comes today. I’ve been rereading the Bane Chronicles so the Shadowhunter world is fresh in my mind for when I can finally get to it. I finished CoLS last week 😦
        But before that, I had to take a WEEK off reading for exams. I thought I was going to go crazy.

        I have so many places I want/need to get to but they’re all so expensive! London, France, Italy, Manhattan (you know, just so I can see what the fuss is about!), and maybe Tahiti. One day. I so need to save money

        Oh yeah, Coober Pedy is pretty cool. There’s another place I want to go. Hopefully I don’t suddenly discover I’m claustrophobic!

        Yeah, the whole cursing thing. I try really hard not to, but it depends on my mood and who I’m with. But I never let the C word slip unless I am truly, truly angry. Because I really hate that word. It’s so…upsetting.

        There are a bunch of Aussie-isms that are hardly used anymore. Which kind of sucks because our slang is freakin’ hilarious. I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say ‘Ace’ or ‘Grouse’ (both of which mean awesome, by the way).

        I have a short story I’m trying to edit at the moment and I’m struggling! When other people look at it they pick up on things I always miss. I have to try and edit this thing by the 7th. Oh dear.

        Oh the HP houses. I’d never get into the Ravenclaw common room. I suck so bad at riddles. Even though all of the other HP quizzes say that I belong there. That’s true about the Slytherin. Bloodlines are so important there. I think the way you deal with people is so much smarter.You don’t have to deal with so many idiots. Cunning is one of those qualities that people associate with evil but it’s really not that bad a quality. It just means you’re wily. And that’s pretty awesome.

        You’re a poet and you didn’t even know it! 😛 How much does poetry suck? I had to do a unit of it in my second year of uni and I swear it almost killed me. Being vague for the sake of being vague just seems counter-productive. I’d rather prose any day.

        The Herondales were all so awesome. Well, until Stephen. I think selflessness ran in their blood, speaking of bloodlines. Jem and Will were both such good men, but they expressed it in such different ways. No wonder Tessa had such a bad time of it.
        Jace I don’t usually associate with selflessness, but you’re right. He’d do anything for Clary. But whereas Jem or Will may draw a line at doing certain unspeakable things, I feel like Jace would cross that lin and descend into darkness for her.
        Something that always annoyed me: Will and Jem were parabatai, Alec and Jace are parabatai. But I never get the sense that Jace and Alec are overly close, you know?

        Awww man, Peggy and Cap. Those two 😦 That Agent Carter show is going to be so intense!

      • I haven’t gotten my signed copy of CoHF either! It’s getting a bit ridiculous. I call them every day about it.

      • This worries me, particularly if you’re in the States. I’m all the way in Australia and if you haven’t gotten it yet then I am terrified I won’t get it for ages!!!

      • Jen Herondale // July 12, 2014 at 11:19 PM //

        My friends are starting to get mad at me for not replying to their emails… ha, definitely developing a nasty habit of procrastination! I mean, dang, it’s been a month and 12 days since your reply… Sorry! I’ll TRY to reply faster next time…
        Yes, the Genie IS the best character 😉 And I did do great! Haha! I’m really into acting. The singing part was what made me nervous… But I did it! Quite an accomplishment…
        Radio plays?

        I HATE having to pause reading in order to study for finals… It’s awful! I should hope that by THIS point you’ll have not only received your copy but also blown through it. If so, let me know your thoughts!

        Price is definitely an issue with traveling… You said you want to go to Tahiti? Well, it’s a magical place 😉 (You watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?)
        I have a friend in France right now, another in Egypt, and one who just came back from Italy. I’m soooo jealous…
        For now, I guess I’ll just have to be content with Disneyland for mini/mid-week vacations!

        I just see cursing as unnecessary. I mean, do people REALLY think it makes them look that much cooler?

        Yeah, I mean, I look at these lists of Aussie slang and so many of them are just SO epic!!! If only they were still as common as they once were…
        I know that I probably already clarified this, but I wanna make sure one more time (or for the first time if I didn’t clarify yet): “woop woop” is middle of nowhere so it could be used like these “You guys live out woop woop?”
        Thanks so much for the help!!!

        Was the short story an assignment? Why’d it have a deadline?
        Was it fiction? What genre?

        I’m AWFUL at riddles, but I love them. At times, that gets frustrating. You know, it’s funny, when I was younger I used to be TOTALLY 100% Gryffindor (and I still am in the sense of being loyal and brave). But then something happened and I became Slytherin. It’s kinda funny, since they’re rivals and all…
        Did you ever end up signing up for Hogwarts is Here? If so, what’s your name on there? I never really have time to go on, anyway, but in case I get around to it now and then.

        Haha, my friend is so obsessed with saying that! Every time I rhyme– AW, DANGIT ALL I’M AT IT AGAIN!!! I agree COMPLETELY! Totally counter-productive. I can TOTALLY appreciate REALLY good poetry, but… I still dislike writing it. For our poetry unit I wrote all but one of my poems about fandom-stuff. Haha! I seriously got away with it! I think my best was a ballad about Fred from the POV of George… I cried while writing it…

        I love Jem for being so incredible and pure, but still. If I had been Tessa, I wouldn’t have had a bad time of it AT ALL. No hard decision there! I am so ridiculously in love with Will Herondale that I cannot express it through words… Haha, only SLIGHTLY obsessed…
        Jace would turn into the devil himself if it meant Clary was safe.
        Yeah, I guess in comparison to Will and Jem, that’s true. I felt like Alec and Jace were close, but maybe Alec’s secret put a weight on how close they could get, you know? To me, while reading the books, I felt like they definitely were close but not NEARLY to the extent of Will and Jem.

        I’m SOOO excited for the Agent Carter show!!! My friends are all split between Black Widow/Hawkeye shippers and Black Widow/Captain America shippers, but me and only a few others are PEGGY/CAP SHIPPERS ALL THE WAY, MAN!!! 😦
        Oh, hey, speaking of comics, thought I’d mention: I’m going to Comic-Con!!! Like SDCC!!! This year was our FIRST TIME trying to get tickets, and by some miracle we got them!!! I love conventions. Are you into them? Are there any cool/big ones in Australia?

      • Wow, has it been that long? Time seriously flies, doesn’t it? And procrastination is a part of life. I’ve been putting off so many things I should’ve taken care of months ago. Ah well.
        Radio plays are awesome. Seriously, I’ve probably already talked about the Neverwhere radio play, but you so need to listen to it! McAvoy and Cumberbatch in the one play? Um, I would listen to that on repeat, quite gladly 🙂

        Oh I so finished CoHF already. It was amazing! Totally already shipping Emma and Julian. I can’t wait for TDA, though, admittedly I am more excited for TLH.

        Oh hahaha maybe not that T.A.H.T.I.T.I. and of course I watch SHIELD. I love that show! The season finale was fantastic 🙂
        Man, you have some well-travelled friends. All I do is fly back and forth from Brisbane haha.

        Cursing is just ingrained in some people’s vernacular. I know when I come home from hanging with some people, I curse a lot more than I did before I left. And once I even let the “c” word slip because I’d spent so much time around people who use it casually. It felt so wrong…

        Oh, yeah, living out “woop woop” definitely means in the middle of nowhere. I use it every now and again. And we have some weird-ass place names too. Wagga Wagga, for one.

        Errr, I can’t remember which short story we’re talking about. it was more than likely the one that had a deadline. I got it back and got told to fix it up and send it back. Only thing is, they didn’t tell me what was wrong with it in the first place. Awkward…

        Oh, I haven’t signed up for HIH yet! I should really get on that. I keep forgetting!

        OMG O did a poetry assignment on Will Herondale. I wish I still had the poem because I was so proud of it. It went missing in between laptops. Though, I wish I could write it. Sometimes I wish I could write things that let my emotions out but were vague, kind of like poetry? All I have is fiction and all you can do with that is change the names…
        Aww man that George poem would’ve been so sad! I don’t even know how you did it without reducing the paper to a watery pulp.

        Oh, me too. Will over Jem any day. But I would’ve LOVED to have Jem as a friend. Could you imagine a better dude to have in your corner? I don’t think so. And OMG have you seen the comic that was released with the Aussie version of CoHF? Will makes an appearance!!! It’s amazing.

        Maybe Alec being in “love” with jade (because I agree with Magnus when he said that Alec only thought he was in love with Jace so he never had to look at real relationships. Actually, I think it was Jace who said that. :-S). I more thought of it as the whole “men can’t be as close as they were back in the day because of the ‘modern male’ being so ‘macho'”. Like, they don’t talk about their feelings or whatever, whereas Will and Jem could.

        Oh, Cap and Peggy all the way. Romanoff and Rogers have the best bromance…I don’t want them to end up together! I love them as friends. Romanoff and Hawkeye have to be together! Her arrow necklace in Winter Soldier was basically my favourite part of the whole movie!

        I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU! I HAVE ALWAYS WNATED TO GO TO COMIC-CON!!! Are you cosplaying? It’ll be awesome even if you don’t! We don’t get massive conventions like the US, but we have SupaNova, which is a pop culture thing, and Oz-Con which is the Aussie Comic-Con, but they don’t get to the same levels of awesome as the American ones do. Probably because we’re so far away haha

      • Jen Herondale // July 29, 2014 at 7:53 PM //

        Part of my issue is that I’ll be really excited to start a project, but then once I’m working on it I HATE it and just want to start one of my other, more-interesting-seeming ideas… That leads to a lot of procrastination. I’m probably exaggerating, though. I do get all my work done, and, all things considered, in a relatively timely fashion 😉

        I really liked the new characters for TDA. I’m the same way, though, more exicted for TLH. (SPOILERS for CoHF ahead, although I’d bet anyone reading this already read it…) I was OKAY with the ending, but I felt like… I don’t know. I was upset at how PERFECT everything turned out. Like, the only MAJOR sacrifice, the only MAJORLY upsetting thing was Simon forgetting everything. And then they have him start to remember. And have him turn into a Shadowhunter. I mean, they were pretty much in Hell making a deal with the Devil, and THAT’S how it turns out? It just seemed a little… perfect for me. I can see how other people would like the end, but I guess I just felt like, as I’ve talked about before, to show how truly difficult their task was, there should’ve been more of a sadness to the end. Like Harry Potter, which did this perfectly. It shows how insanely difficult defeating Voldemort was by having a HUGE war with casualties of people you LOVE and having the end be both happy and sad. Supposedly, Sebastian was the greatest threat the universe has ever faced. That’s what it felt like. But the end didn’t SHOW that. Not really. On a different note, I was almost in tears when Sebastian died. No, I’m not one of the psychotic Sebastian fangirls who loves him just ’cause he’s attractive and stuff, despite being evil. I was almost in tears because of how well that was handled. Showing Clary with that vision of him as her REAL brother as he should have been, and having his death scene where you see him as he would have been… Now THAT was painful.

        The cast of Agents of SHIELD was at SDCC. I didn’t get to see the panel (too long of a line, wasn’t patient enough) but at some point they were out on the floor signing autographs for a select group of people who got tickets that morning (which I didn’t ’cause I didn’t even know this event was going on!!!). I saw them from far away, but… 😦 I wish I had been one of the people who got to go up and get pictures and autographs… 😦 And yes, the season finale WAS INCREDIBLE. I love Fitzsimmons so I was so sad during their scenes…
        I’m so jealous of my friends who get to fly all over the world… It must be amazing.

        Thanks, I’m glad I used that term right. So the term, “No worries,” is fairly commonly associated with you guys, too. Is that accurate? I mean, I get that that’s something I’ve heard people over here say and stuff, too, of course. But I guess I’m asking: Is that used as commonly as everyone thinks? Or is that something people avoid BECAUSE it’s so widely associated with your slang? Or what? (Again, thanks so much for all the help!!!)

        Let me know if you end up signing up for HiH 🙂 I don’t really go on, like I think I mentioned, but in case I ever do. Also, if you’re a Once Upon a Time fan, there’s also Storybrooke Live by the same people. It’s really cool, too.

        Haha, I love taking school assignments and making them fandom-related. We had to write a fiction narrative for English once, and I got away with basically writing a (G-rated) fanfiction for it. My friends were quite impressed… 😉
        As I may have mentioned, I used the artist Viria’s piece “whole world in a mirror” as the inspiration for the George poem. My friends practically started crying when I read it to them. One of my friends had only just finished the HP series, so I called her as soon as I finished the poem and read it to her. When I finished, she said, “I HATE you!!!” and hung up on me. Then I felt bad, ’cause I think she was crying…
        The emotions, the FEELS we get from our fandoms…
        Sometimes I wonder if life would be easier if I wasn’t a nerd, if I wasn’t so emotionally invested in these fictions… :-/
        Ehh, it’s fun being a fangirl 🙂

        Man, Jem would be the GREATEST guy to have as a friend. And no, I have not seen the comic. Where could I look at it?

        Yeah, I get that. I guess “manliness” could be a reason Alec and Jace are not as close. Or maybe it’s just that their bond is DIFFERENT in some way… -shrugs-

        OH my gosh, yeah, I LOVED how she had the arrow necklace!!! And I agree, I don’t like the Romanoff/Rogers ship all that much…

        I WANTED to cosplay!!! I ran out of time, though… I was gonna be genderbent Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon (the first one, ’cause that costume is easier and I’m kinda knew at… well, at sewing and just about everything else that goes into cosplay). I’m still gonna make that costume this year, probably for a different con or like Halloween or something 🙂
        I did end up making two nerdy skirts though, in order to practice some sewing skills 🙂 I made a Marvel skirt and a Star Wars skirt from super cool fabrics I found 🙂
        Have you been to those cons? If so, what are they like?
        Also, if you’re into cosplay, check out the website
        Those are mostly WonderCon pics, but Comic-Con should be up soon.
        And the user RipCurl808 on YouTube is currently uploading all the contestants from the Masquerade costume contest in a playlist called I think something like SDCC 2014 Masquerade. We went to it and it was SO much fun. The costumes were incredible. And it’s epic how they don’t just go out there and show off their costumes, they usually do like a skit or something. Number 23, “When Fan Worlds Collide” was one of the greatest. Also, I don’t know if it’s up yet and I’m not sure what number it is, but there’s one titled “Be a Fan” that was one of the most amazing things. Like ever. Haha 🙂
        You should check ’em out!!!

      • I think I need to try my hand at some short fiction. I’ve been writing short non-fiction pieces, memoir-esque and I think I’m losing my ability to invent worlds. I think I’m saving all of my invention for the novel I wanna write one day, but I need to practise so i can do it justice. You know, when I have the time to write the damn thing.

        I do that too, though, leave old ideas for new, exciting ones. I really have to work on that haha!

        I totally agree with you about the end. I loved it while I was reading it, but it was tied up way too neatly. But the Sebastian thing? Genius! I loved that we got to see the brother Clary could have had for a few moments. Way to mess with your readers, Clare! I mean, we lost some people, but the only one that really “mattered” was Jordan. Well, to me. And then it turns out that Maia was going to dump him anywyay. That annoyed me a little, because I really wanted Jordan to be OK.

        OMG I AM SO JEALOUS YOU WENT TO SDCC. I so wanted to go! But being Aussie that would have been a massive undertaking. Money wise and everything. The cast of Reign was there too! I mean….awesome! Man, the FitzSimmons story was brutal. I teared up and oh, God. Poor things. They are adorable though. Can’t wait for season 2!
        I’ll get to SDCC one day. Kind of a dream come true, it would be.

        Oh, yeah. We say “No worries” all the time. Me especially. We also say “too easy”. Like, if someone asks us to do something, we’ll say “too easy” instead of “sure”, or “yes”. A few comedians have picked up on that one. It is pretty overused here, but we don’t realise it. I had a man from France call me out on it at work one day and I was shocked at how many times I say “no worries” per day. It’s quite ridiculous.

        Storybrooke Live?! Really?! OMG! Yes, huge OUaT fan. And, of course, CaptainSwan shipper 🙂
        I think I’ll join HiH after this semester. Uni goes back next week and I will have no spare time. Lame -_-

        That is brilliant! I mean, the writing a fandom poem, not making your friend cry. Although, that’s fairly incredible. Not many writers can make people cry. Only three have made me cry so far. And I have read a LOT of books haha.
        Like would definitely be simpler without fandoms, but where’s the fun in that? I love my fandoms! Except, well, I don’t really do Tumblr. I posted something Sherlock related on there once and I got so much negativity for my opinion that I just shy away now. I mean, everyone has their opinions right? That extends to fandoms too, surely.

        Oh, I’ll link you. The comic is GORGEOUS. Just beware…SO MANY FEELS:

        Alec and Jace…mystery wrapped in an enigma. They’re relationship is pretty cool though. Just not as intense as Jem and Will’s.

        With the Romanoff/Rogers thing, I just like that they are such firm friends. We don’t need anymore friends-turned-lovers in our movies. Girls and guys can just be friends, and I like when movies reflect that 🙂

        OMG that Marvel skirt sounds awesome. I wish I could sew but that was one of the things I didn’t get from my mother. Being able to sew would be incredible.
        Nah never been to the Aussies cons, but one day! Maybe next year, when I’m taking a break from uni. Lots of work and spare time = time for Cons!

        RipCurl808…I will be looking that channel up as soon as I’m done typing. I love the effort some people put into their cosplays. It’s amazing! I have a friend who cosplays the 11th doctor and he does the accent and everything. Very cool.
        Skits too? Damn…I so need to go to SDCC!!!

      • Jen Herondale // September 14, 2014 at 9:07 PM //

        I get kinda like that, too, of “I wanna save the effort or this idea for an actual possible book.” But then I never end up writing any shorts… Haha! I am working on a fanfic-type-thing right now of characters inspired by my friends and me attending Hogwarts. It’s a LOT of fun. And that is the WORST (not having time to write). Eventually, this ends up happening to me: My friends will text me, “Hey you wanna do something?” I’ll reply with, “Sorry, can’t, I’m doing some stuff with family.” … and in reality I’m sitting at home writing. Yup. The tiny bit of free time I actually have I end up filling with writing, which means I have no social life. Hahaha 🙂

        The Sebastian thing really was genius. The Simon thing… not so much. I LOVED having him as part of the immortal squad with Magnus. That could’ve been SUPER painful AND super epic in later books or shorts and stuff…
        Also, I totally knew Jordan was going to die, going into this. He was a beloved character introduced late in the series, just main enough to be “important” but not MAIN enough to be IMPORTANT. You know? I just knew. And sure enough, really early on, he kicked it. And I was annoyed by her wanting to dump him, too. I felt like that made his death simultaneously more AND less painful… -shrugs-

        Season 2 of S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to be so great… I’m waiting not-so-patiently for that. GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO FITZ!!!
        And yeah, if you save a crap ton of money, someday you’ll be able to go to SDCC! You gotta. It’s really great. And personally, I think when things take more effort to save up for or to work toward, they mean more in the end. 🙂

        That’s great! Thanks so much for all the slang-help again. The dialect is hard to grasp when you don’t know anything about it! Haha, obviously…
        A kid that goes to my school is Australian!!! I finally met an Aussie! But I don’t have any classes with him and I don’t know how to start a conversation with him when I see him in the halls or anything… I mean, it would be SO weird and stalker-ish if I just came up to him and said, “Hey, could you tell me about Australia?” 😦 Whatever, though. I think I’m good anyway, since I got your help!!! (Thanks again, I really can’t thank you enough, haha!)

        I hate when school gets in the way of fangirling… It’s a full-time job, after all! I’m SOMEWHAT of a CaptainSwan shipper… At this point, I have mixed feelings. For a while, Swanfire was my OUaT OTP… and then… you know… I ship CaptainSwan, but I don’t want them to END UP together… That could totally change though. We’ll see once season 4 starts 🙂 OH but OutlawQueen… Now THAT is a ship I ship. Like it became my new OUaT OTP as soon as it came about. I just love it! And with the season 3 finale… I was SO pissed off. I kept muttering, “STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP!!!” and my brother was totally laughing at me.
        I don’t really go on Storybrooke Live anymore, because I just started school again, too, and I’m taking some heavier classes this year. Whenever I get free time, I tend to read or watch fandom stuff, write, or play video games. Don’t spend as much time on YouTube, Tumblr, HiH, or any of those as I would like to… 😦

        Haha, thanks! It was quite cool getting to write fandom stuff for school. And yeah, it was pretty cool to insight such an emotional response in someone through my writing. Especially poetry, which is NOT my thing AT ALL.
        One of my friends was texting me once, saying, “Why did you have to get me so obsessive about these fandoms!? I was so much happier as a normal person who just held SOME interest in these things…” and I said something like, “Sure, it’s upsetting a lot of the time… but don’t the happy moments make up for all the pain? Like when your OTP kisses for the first time or when your favorite character says something adorable? Or when people FINALLY get a happy ending? Doesn’t it make up for all the tears?” What I said was WAY more eloquent and pretty-sounding than that (and a lot longer with more examples), but I can’t remember it all now. It was epic though.
        Hahaha, but she just responded with “No.”
        I don’t do Tumblr either, as in I don’t have an account or post things. I’ll just check the cool stuff out. I don’t go on for pretty much the same reason. I mean, I’m not shy about sharing my opinion, even if I know without a doubt that I’ll get a negative response. But still. I know that I disagree with a lot of people on there, and I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I know I’ll just end up pissed at all of ’em.
        As for the opinion thing, it certainly extends to fandoms. My opinion on the opinion topic: Everyone should be allowed to share their thoughts, even if they disagree with others. There’s nothing wrong with a debate, even an intense debate, but being mean to someone because they disagree with you is NOT okay.

        OH MY GODS THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much for sending that to me, I just emailed the link to all my friends who read the books. I’m practically in tears right now from those feels… I can’t even… OH, GODS, WILL!!! -sniff sniff- Also, I was laughing through my complete and utter sadness when Will said there was no way Jace was more attractive than him… and when he said he was glad Magnus was happy, even if it was with a Lightwood. OH, and it was so SO weird seeing Simon with a RUNE drawn on his arm… Never would have predicted that during the series… And honestly, like I mentioned above, not sure how much I like that. I loved when he was part of the immortal group 😦

        I agree with you about Romanoff/Rogers. I love when movies show girls and guys just as friends. As someone who had lots of REALLY close guy friends through the years (and had to deal with lots of snarky comments from others), I like to see that.

        Yeah, I thought I couldn’t sew either, until I tried it! You can totally learn, if you put in the effort!!! 😉
        You gotta go to some of the cons!!! Cons are SO much fun. It’s like you’re spending a few days with thousands of your closest friends who you’ve never met before. Really, a super cool experience. You’ll stand in line behind someone and end up chatting with them the whole time as though you’ve known each other for years. Fandoms bring people together!!! 🙂
        Misery loves company, after all… 😉

        Tell me what you thought of the masquerade videos!!! I was just thinking about those today… I was listening to I’ll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan and started singing “Be A Fan” instead, hahaha!!!
        That’s so cool!!! I love when people go all the way with their cosplays and totally get into the character and stuff, too. I plan to be like that when I eventually get into cosplay… It’s just SO expensive!!! 😦

        I’m feeling talkative today, if you didn’t notice from my extra long responses… Again, sorry it always takes me so long to reply!

      • Fanfic is totally writing practise! I used to have a huge one (like 80,000+ words) that I lost when my old laptop broke. I was going to change the names and turn it into something possibly publishable.
        If you have limited time, I totally get blowing off social stuff. I do it a bit. I get exhausted in social situations. I need a few hours just to myself each day and sometimes it’s just not possible.

        I think Clare thought having Simon outlive Clary was too painful. Plus, this way they might be able to be parabatai. Really looking forward to the short stories. They aren’t all going to be about Simon. I actually think we’ll see some of the TID crowd.
        I just felt so sorry for Jordan. He really loved Maia. BUT at least he died thinking she still loved him.
        (Maia annoyed me when she explained to Bat or whoever it was that Jordan was “seeking forgiveness” more than wanting a relationship. I mean, why didn’t she just say something to Jordan?? He probably would’ve toned it down. She’s a bit of a bitch).

        OH THE FITZ FEELS! Poor guy. And he loves Simmons so much 😦 He has to be OK, he just has to be.
        When I have a proper job, that may be one of the first things I save for. At the moment, just saving for the week to week thing of, you know, buying stuff.

        No worries about the help. Our lingo (language) can be hard to master. OMG, just start talking to him. 🙂 Just don’t ask him how many kangaroos he has in his backyard. They don’t run rampant over here! Not unless he was from out bush somewhere. It’d be cool to have some actual conversations with an Aussie though. Just ask him how he’s liking the States or something. And you can hear how ridiculous our accent is. Especially if he’s from Queensland haha.

        I so hope CaptainSwan end up together! Hook needs some happiness. And if Emma’s that for him, then bring it on. He’s my favourite. And oh God, when Marion came back? I’m convinced Regina’s going to turn evil again. It’s Daniel all over again.
        Oh, yeah, Storybrooke Live! I need to catch up on my fandom social media.

        I convinced one friend the join one of my fandoms, but I think he did it to impress me. Like, every time he reads something or watches something it’s like he needs my approval or something and it pisses me off. Why can’t he enjoy Sherlock because it’s awesome and not because I like it? It just…arrrggghh I can’t even explain it right.
        Tumblr is so elitist I just give up on it.

        Ohh it was so beautiful. Those three…they are my ultimate OTP. You can’t just have Will and Tessa or Will and Jem or Jem and Tessa, because they all belong together. Have you read “After the Bridge” yet? OMG Jessa!
        (Simon with runes….I could totally live with that. Only…do we think he needs glasses again now?)

        I had so many dude friends in high school and I got some dirty looks. Outside of school, I actually have more girl friends now. Not sure how that happened exactly but it’s cool 🙂 I love that Romanoff and Rogers kissed to escape attention. Because that’s as much action as those two need. If they hook up, I’ll be so disappointed.

        Next year I’ll be back in Brisbane and I might check out some Cons. A friend of mine does an amazing Eleventh Doctor cosplay. It’d be cool to see him in action. And yeah! I need more fandom friends haha.

        Those videos were awesome 🙂 And that is simply brilliant! Have you heard Arthur Darvill (Rory)’s version of Let It Go? It is so funny! Plus, I didn’t know that he could sing!
        I have a cosplay picked out for when I start going to cons. Just need to find all the stuff. (River in that black dress and the red pumps? My favourite!)

        Extra talkative is good, and don’t apologise! Life just happens 🙂


  6. Wait… It says that Christopher is the son of Cecily and Charles. That isn’t right… She married Gabriel.

    Other than that I love it! I’m freaking out! I can’t wait another 3 years for this!!

    • I think it doesn’t mean that it’s Cecily’s and Charles’ son, I think it meant that he gets along better with Cecily and also with Charles’ son

    • Lydia Herondale // February 23, 2014 at 6:30 PM // Reply

      Yeah I think they meant Gabriel.. I was like.. Charles is Henry and Charlotte’s son…

  7. Looks great! I like the way Clare is expanding her repertoire of characters–it’s not just the Impulsive Heroine, the Hero With a Dark Past, the Unrequited Love, etc. anymore. Each new “family” of characters is more interesting than the last, and this looks really fun!

  8. KikiLOVESJace // February 23, 2014 at 6:04 PM // Reply

    I officially have a crush on cutie Christopher! ❤

  9. OMG OMG OMG BY THE ANGEL! This is so amazing! I love how even after what happened in TID the Herondales, and the Fairchilds, and the Carstairs still somehow meet each other/are related!

  10. OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!!! We finally get more information of them!!! Lucie looks pretty and James ❤ ❤ ❤ And wow they look amazing

  11. God. More Males to fall for. Goddammit Cassie.

    • Jen Herondale // February 23, 2014 at 7:41 PM // Reply

      No kidding. THIS AUTHOR (like so many others) IS RUINING MY LIFE WITH HER INCREDIBLY PERFECT BOYS!!! I almost wish there would be one series where I don’t fall in love with any more fictional people. Almost.

  12. I can’t stop smiling!!! My family thinks I’m crazy!!! Haha!!!

  13. So excited!!!! I’m always ready for more Cassie Clare books!!!

  14. teamedwardjace // February 23, 2014 at 8:25 PM // Reply

    Awesome can’t wait!


  16. Brianna Callanan // February 23, 2014 at 9:41 PM // Reply

    😀 😀 😀

  17. Rachel Whitelaw // February 23, 2014 at 10:21 PM // Reply

    Oh, by the Angel, I am in love with Matthew Fairchild!

  18. I’m so very excited for TLH, I get the feeling that Will and Lucie are going to butt heads a lot!

  19. AHHHHHHHHHH so exited

  20. Its funny how there’s not one black character

  21. Mary Lightwood // February 24, 2014 at 6:34 AM // Reply

    I just hope James will forget about Grace and really fall in love with Cordelia and not only marrying her just because. PLEASE, I`LL NEED A HAPPY ENDING AFTER CoHF

  22. Rowena Drake // February 24, 2014 at 8:18 AM // Reply

    Poor Cordelia- she’s in love with someone who’s never gonna look at her, tan=king into account his crush on Gracie.

  23. *sigh* I’m so happy but I have to wait 3 years

  24. Kate Schreiber // February 24, 2014 at 3:35 PM // Reply

    Holy cow that is a lot of characters and webs to keep track of

  25. wow that is intense. this series seems like it is going to be filled with so much drama- I LOVE IT ❤ so excited I read through this like three times already holy crap. One question I had though was- since Cassie gave us the carstairs/herondale/lightwood family tree in CP2 then don't we already know everything that's going to happen at the end of the series? like, we know who ends up with who etc.
    Anyways, I'm obviously still going to read the books no matter what, and I'm actually more excited about TLH right now rather than TDA! NEED MORE SNIPPETS.

  26. I’m really excited to get to know them all, especially Christopher!
    Thanks for your great work TMIT Source =)

  27. Anna has black hair and green eyes- just like I wanted her to be.

  28. son of a bitch now i gotta look at the damn Family tree line in my Clockwork Princess jacket! so damn confusing!

  29. I think I am going to like the series better than TDA!

  30. Jesse is pretty cute In a weird way!
    I wonder what his story is about with lucie;)

  31. So did Tatiania Blackthorn have twins?

    • No. Grace isn’t Tatiana’s biological daughter. Grace Blackthorn is actually Grace Cartwright. Also Jesse was born in 1879, while Grace was born in 1886.

  32. It sounds like their is a rift between Henry Bramwell and his son Charles Fairchild, because Henry spends more time with Christopher Lightwood.

  33. Is it just me or does James Herondale look like a mixture of Will and Jace?

    • Well, James inherited his black hair from his father and his gold eyes from his maternal grandfather (who was a demon). And Jace inherited his blonde hair from his parents (Stephen and Celine) and his gold eyes from Ithuriel. They also resemble each other because they are related.

      • Thanks that makes wayyyy more sense.
        Two more years until they come out 😦 why cant it be like 2 days or weeks⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉

  34. Amelia Herondale // March 9, 2014 at 1:21 PM // Reply

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ingrid Pontes // March 19, 2014 at 11:34 PM // Reply


  36. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Many thanks, However I am experiencing issues with your
    RSS. I don’t know the reason why I am unable to join it.

    Is there anybody having identical RSS problems? Anyone who knows the solution can you kindly respond?

  37. Jaiye Blackheron // February 22, 2019 at 9:38 AM // Reply

    OMG!!! Christopher is my favorite character! He’s so adorable and he can’t think like all the others. GO CHRIS!!!

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