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What does ‘The Mortal Instruments’ mean to you?

imageThis is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. City of Heavenly Fire comes out in just 50 days. That’s less than just two months!

And like you we are so NOT ready. Ready for the inevitable death. Ready for the emotional trauma. Ready to say goodbye.

But we are ready to celebrate an incredible series that has touched all of our lives in one way or another.

So from now until May 6, we’d like to hear from you about what The Mortal Instruments means to you, and how has it affected you? And leading up to City of Heavenly Fire release, we’ll share your thoughts on the site.

What does The Mortal Instruments mean to you? Leave your response in the comments or email us your paragraph to using the subject TMI Memories.

And let the final countdown to City of Heavenly Fire begin!

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49 Comments on What does ‘The Mortal Instruments’ mean to you?

  1. I have never been so connected (and let’s be honest, obsessed) with a book series. Lately I get really depressed and this book has helped me get out of that and distract myself. It also caused me to start reading more which is now one of my favorite things to do. Let’s just say I love these books so much and I am obsessed with the universe it all takes place in.

  2. When I get sad or angry I read to help with that and the mortal instruments really got to me it’s like the best series ever it makes me happy.

  3. teamedwardjace // April 7, 2014 at 10:15 AM // Reply

    THis has become one of my favourite series. I am so passionate about it and it is a greatly written novel with a great narrative, plot development ,characters to both love and hate, great couples(clace) and an amazing mixture of genres and themes(fantasy, action , romance humor, horror, friendship, love family etc). Cassandra clare is such an incredible author and she one of those who has contributed to inspiring me to become a writer(besides an ECE). I am eagerly antipcating the release, but I am also disappointed that is’s ending, yet I look forward to Cassie’s other series including with Holly Black. I’m trepid and excited r for what lies ahed in city of heavenly fire(including some clace moments and clary and jace being badass, as well as simon, isabelle, malaec) and dreading the deaths of certain characters.

  4. Before the Mortal Instruments, my favorite book was Eragon. That’s a bit unimportant, but after reading The Mortal Insruments, I realized that I love this type of book. I love the paranormal, badass characters, and especially the romance. Whenever I have spare time, I re-read the series. I believe that City of Bones was the first YA novel I have read, but it definetely wasn’t the last. Now, almost all the books I read are YA. If I ever got to meet Cassandra Clare, I would thank her for being amazing and writing the best books ever.

  5. The Mortal Instruments means everything to me. It means I have best friends who remind me every day about spirit, bravery, intelligence, courage, and love. It means that I have made a home inside pages that I will carry in my heart forever. It means that my whole world was changed the moment I opened the first book, and only for the better. It means that once it ends, I’m not sure how I will bear the loss. But maybe I am. There’s no great secret, after all. I will endure what is unbearable, and I will bear it. That is all.

  6. penelopeastra // April 7, 2014 at 12:43 PM // Reply

    I just love the whole journey of the books. While waiting for the City of Heavenly Fire to come out I will re-read all the previous stories to be ready for the last instalment. I will be so sad when the saga is finally over and no more Jace and Clary. I take heart that that universe will still remain in other books which I’ll look forward to. Thank you so much Cassandra for giving us this wonderful series.

  7. I started reading The Mortal Instruments a lot later than most people did. I read them one after the other and I couldn’t put them down. I realized early on that I identified in at least one way with each of these characters. They aren’t just characters in a book. To me, they’re my family. I often find myself thinking about what they would do in everyday situations. They’ve helped me through a lot of tough times, propelled me forward by giving me the determination I need to get something done. Everything I hope to be is in the pages of these books. I’m sad that it’s coming to an end, but I know that Cassie closed out their story as it should be done. I don’t even know how to thank her for what she has given me through her writing.

  8. Israel Leon // April 7, 2014 at 1:56 PM // Reply

    The Mortal Instruments is a fantastic series as the rest of Cassandra’s books. I love Alec and Magnus’s relationship as they go through any problems like straight couples. Can’t wait to read COHF.

  9. I was always an avid reader before reading the series, but The Mortal Instruments opened my eyes to so much. For instance, being able to completely and utterly fall in love with a book series. I was a little late, the first three books had already been published when I started the series. I finished all three within a week. Never before had I cried/smiled/laughed so hard while reading. I’m not a “YA” anymore like I was when I first started the series but I will forever be in love with the books and the characters inside. I’m quite sad that the series is coming to an end but I don’t think any other could take it’s place as my favorite. Cassandra Clare is an extraordinary writer and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in the future! xoxo

  10. With this series of books I have learned to love to read again. I am excited and sad at the same time knowing the last book is finally coming soon. Cassandra thank you so much for allowing me to escape into your world when this one has not always been so good. I love the books so much that I have re-read them three times waiting for the City of Heavenly fire and also read the Inferno Devices 2 times. Also excited to know I will be able to read about more of the Herondale guys in the new series TLH. Again thank you for such great books.

  11. Julia Carp // April 7, 2014 at 3:22 PM // Reply

    The Mortal Instruments pulled me out of my dark state. It gave me a place to escape to, a safe haven. It got me started on reading. I used to say I hated reading and that I would never willingly pick up a book. But The Mortal Instruments changed that. I am probably going to cry when I buy it because I know this will be it, the last one. I will cry when my favorite characters die, or any characters for that matter. Cssandra Clare is my favorite. I love all the action, humor, romance. She tells a story of a girl that is faced with an obstacle, and that girl doesn’t back down. She learns to be brave, and she learns to be less selfish. And this series has helped me to not back down to anything that decides to face me. I’m really excited for this book, but also really sad that this will be the last of Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Simon, Alec, Magnus, everyone. Thank you Cassandra Clare, for a legendary series. Something to always remember, something to always escape to. ;*

  12. Bta I had such lower expectations of books before The Mortal Instruments!! I find it funny how I did not want to read this random book my mom found for me at a used bookstore called City of Bones. my mom finally made me read it and when I found out there were five more and another series my whole life was changed haha. I had always loved reading before but no book I had ever read compared to TMI. for a long time after I was afraid to start a new book and find it better than TMI, but then I found out I had nothing to worry about! Cassandra Clare is the best author in the world and her books are pure genius I love them!!! Mizpah! ❤

  13. Let’s face it, I read A LOT of books. But there was something about The Mortal Instruments series that inspired a certain kind of enthusiasm within me that no other series could. I’ve signed petitions for the movie sequel, and I took part in Jamie’s project. I have never done that for any other series!

    The characters are amazing, badass, and most importantly, they’re relatable. You find yourself laughing with them, crying with them, and cheering them on when they start kicking ass;)

    I love this series, and I love Cassie’s work. She’s one of my favorite authors:))

    I’m truly going to miss this series, but I’m looking forward to how this story ends, and other stories along the way:)

    Take a bow, Cassie. You’ve done a great job.

  14. I started to read this book simply because it was so popular online and in bookstores. City of Bones had the most unique writing style ever, which threw me of a bit, but I came to love it. Clare shows a lot of excellent themes in her books and other things: even if you were born of evil(downworlders) you can still be a good PERSON, acceptance, showing that even people known for their (shadow hunters) discrimination can still be accepting, and others that make a whole lot more sense than these. The characters each display great stories that we can relate to and flaws that we can see reflected in ourselves (Alec in particular for a lot of people). It is also awesome because it adds a new twist that you would recognize if you read the Bible (or other religious texts) closely: Nephilim. This makes the story new and refreshing and not just same-old fantasy.

  15. Phoebe Herondale // April 7, 2014 at 5:20 PM // Reply

    I have never EVER been more obsessed with something The Mortal Instruments has changed my life, it is my favourite book series. Now whenever I insult someone I call them a mundane, instead of saying omigod I say by the angel and whenever someone mentions the colour black I say “Better in black than the widows of our enemies since 1234”. I even skipped school to see the movie! I am constantly drawing runes all over the place, I even sign my name with an angelic rune in the middle. For me The Mortal Instruments isn’t just a book series, it’s a way of life. I have honestly never read one book series so fast (I finished them all in one week) or so many times. I love The Mortal Instruments and I’m going to cry so hard when it’s over, but then again it never will be because I will read it again and again and again.

  16. jimmy neutron // April 7, 2014 at 5:46 PM // Reply

    i have never fangirled over a book so much before, not even john green or the hunger games, or even divergent. i keep drawing runes all over my school papers, calling people mundanes, yelling fandom references, and saying by the angel. it is absolutely one of my favorite series, and i am sad to see it end, although i am also happy, so there won’t be a bunch of cliffhangers after every book. I love cassandra clare’s writing style, it’s hilarious, the way it’s so sarcastic, hilarious, it’s modern, she understands the way we talk and thing, so it’s easier to understand and process for us. it also makes us more interested in it. say as an example, a classic book. written in a different era, they talked talked in a different style, which we wouldn’t understand.

    the mortal instruments, i just love them. it has also changed the way i see the world, thinking if shadowhunters, demons, and downworlders are real, and i can’t see them because they’re glamoured.

  17. Jace Lightwood-Herondale // April 7, 2014 at 5:49 PM // Reply

    These books gave me a reason to wake up and be excited. They made me realize just how obsessed you can be with a series and that you never get tired of reading some books again and again and again… These characters feel like real people who are constantly making me laugh and reminding me to be brave. Cassandra Clare described her own books perfectly when she wrote that ” one must be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”

  18. WarlockBane // April 7, 2014 at 6:20 PM // Reply

    I read the Harry Potter books in middle and high school which is where I started to like YA books, /HOWEVER/ after years of finishing Deathly Hallows, TMI was my first introductory to fantastic YA novels. I remember, for years, it caught my eyes because of the title “City of Bones” but I never cared to pick it up. Finally, one night I had gone to the book store with my brother, let my curiosity get the best of me, and picked it up. I read the plot and I was hooked. So I picked that up as well as City of Ashes and had the store deliver City of Glass to my house since they didn’t have it. From that moment, I fell in love with all of the characters and have been attached to every one of them in some way or another, especially Jace, Magnus, and Clary. I will never forget the day I bought this series and will treasure it forever as well as TID and the others that are to come along in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. ❤

  19. What amazes me is how close I was to not reading this series. My friends ‘made’ me read City of Bones because we were going to see the movie. I was a little reluctant, but I said yes. Oh my god, am I now so glad that they told me to read it. I think I read the 5 TMI books in about 2 weeks, then the TID trilogy in another 2 weeks. I very quickly became extremely obsessed with the series.

    It hard to explain why I love TMI so much. I think it’s because of the great, realistic characters, who despite being supernatural in various ways, act remarkably human. And I also love the series’s ability to incorporate about 5 different genres at once, and manage to pull it off. I also love all the connections between characters (ie. the ancestry) and details provided by Cassie-it gives the whole series (TID included) a lot of background and more depth.

    Although I’m a little nervous, I am so excited about City of Heavenly Fire-I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival! 🙂

  20. I got into TMI when the movie was about to come out. I saw a trailer on my Twilight Breaking DawnPt.2 DVD, and I liked what I saw. I read the first book quickly, and the others followed. It quickly became an obsession, and it grew and grew (as much as my love for Jace *HOTTIE!*) and I even book talked the series to my class. All but 2 of my friends have read them thanks to me shoving it upon them, and it really helped me get through a tough period of time where I was going through some depression, and as long as I could read those books, they were somehow like a solution. I believe reading can do amazing things, and it did. Like in TDI (which I also fell in love with), it says, “words have the power to change us”, and I couldn’t agree more.


  21. TMI was actually a surprise read as my friends were raving about it but I didn’t want to read it but after a bit I finally gave in and was mad at myself for not listening the first time. I am so in love with these books because they are fantastic! The characters are sooooo well done (love Simon and Izzy esp!), the plot/storyline is so complex but not too complex and the writing is beyond amazing! These books are what I aspire to write as a becoming author. I love and cherish these books so much!

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  23. Tess, Tess, Tessa // April 7, 2014 at 8:10 PM // Reply

    There are no words to describe these books and what they mean to me. They are my other world, my favorite world. I love each of these characters as if they are real. I dream of living in this world, even though it is most definitely not going to happen. I love these books forever and always. Can’t believe TMI is almost over. **sobs** I cry even thinking about the end. I also cry internally every time I think of TID. I just love Cassie and her books too much for words. I’m just going to go cry in a corner now because there are zero words to describe my love for these books and the characters in them. Ok, so there is nothing more I can say without sounding like a psycho, except that the books changed my life for the better. Sometimes I pretend that I am Tessa, or Will, or Clary, any of them, really, and I think of what they would do. This helps me become a better person, and make better decisions. I hope these characters have changed others the way they have changed me, because if they have, the world will be a better place. Now, let’s all take a moment to preach these books and all they have given them. Thank you Cassie Clare for changing me! I love you so much, and the books and worlds you have created! xoxo, Tess!!!!

  24. Letting Go // April 7, 2014 at 8:39 PM // Reply

    Before I read this series I don’t think I ever really knew what a good book was. These books connected with me in a way that I have never felt before and I know that they are a key player in what made me who I am today. I don’t go through a day without thinking about what Jace or Clary or Magnus or Alec or Izzy (or whoever else you can think of) would do to help me through whatever hardships and challenges I am facing that day. It’s hard to look back on the past few months and think about what they would have been like without this series. That’s when I see that they would have been strangely empty. I love these books. I love these characters. I love this would that Cassandra Clare has created, but I know without a doubt that after I read City of Heavenly Fire, I need to let it go. It’s almost time and it scares me, but I need to focus on my life. Looking back on my life and seeing all of the time that I spent with this series is almost terrifying in a way. It is possible to love something and to care about something too much. While Cassie said “one must be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us,” I believe that I would say “one must be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to hurt us.” Cassie is an amazing writer and these books are the best I have ever read and, I’m convinced, that I ever will read, and they have changed me in so many ways, but not all of them have been good. You can’t live full, satisfying life in reality if you are almost completely in a world that doesn’t exist all the time. A world that you wish did exist. I have become cut off and quiet. I cannot be cut off and quiet though. That is not the person that people want me to be, so I can’t continue like this. All I am doing is hurting myself and my loved ones. After I read City of Heavenly Fire, I am only going to concentrate on one thing: letting go.

    • julbooklover // April 7, 2014 at 10:52 PM // Reply

      I totally understand you

    • I do too.
      JK Rowling wrote “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that”, and she is right. We find amazing stuff in books we love : power, strenght and friends – and so much more. But we can’t live in a world that doesn’t exist, even if we wish it would. There’s a real world out there that can be quite fun.
      What you wrote is really cool, first because it’s true and also because it takes intelligence and courage to know and do all that.
      It will not be easy, but it will be better in the end. And when you’ll look back at TMI (or any other book one might have a connexion with), it will be with tenderness, and you’ll be able to read it all over again without shutting you down.
      Good luck 🙂

    • Hey, just finished the last book and was wondering what you thought about it, and how’re you doing ! If you ever stop by again…

      • Letting Go // June 30, 2014 at 11:11 AM //

        Hi Stella,
        I appreciate your interest in my well being. I want you to know that I am doing much better. I did read CoHF and I thought that the book was a wonderful ending to a beautiful series. A lot has happened to me recently. I have a newborn sister, I just finished my Sophomore year of high school, I’ve been looking into getting a job, and all of these things have really slapped reality back into place for me. When I started reading TMI, like many teenagers, I was lost. I didn’t believe that life could have anything wonderful in store for me, and I didn’t understand the things that I already had and I didn’t know how to appreciate them, so I used TMI as a getaway. I also used it for other things though, like hope and happiness. I became too dependent on the well being of the characters and the story overall. I became too attached to the series and I believe that made me sick. Before I started reading CoHF though, I grew up. A lot. To my slight disappointment, but even greater relief, I didn’t feel as attached to CoHF when I read it. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the book, I did, but I was also able to recognize the gap between TMI and reality. It was a gap that I had to establish for myself and, in doing so, I managed to make myself healthy again.
        I smile more now. I feel the joy of real life and I recognize that it can be a beautiful place if you make it that way. I love TMI, but now it is a healthy love. I love that they are so beautifully written and that the world that they hold can help people in ways some may not understand.

    • Well, isn’t that great news ! Welcome to your baby sister and welcome back to you ! 😉
      I’m really happy that you found the right balance, which is actually called, as you said, healthy love.
      You reminded me a lot like a younger me – not that I’m super old, time goes by so fast though – and I’m glad to hear you managed to feel better that quickly.
      Oh and sorry if my sentences are weird sometimes, English is not my mother-tongue…
      Enjoy your summer !

      • Letting Go // July 1, 2014 at 10:36 AM //

        Thank you Stella. I hope you enjoy your summer as well!

        And your english is fine 😛

  25. I really love this series. The books have made me squeal, cry, and just be generally happy. Not many books have really stuck with me like the Mortal Instruments has. I was introduced to some of my favorite characters and just an entire world that I adore. Honestly, I’m really sad to see it go and I hope it’ll leave its mark on me always.

  26. julbooklover // April 7, 2014 at 10:51 PM // Reply

    This series has helped me through a lot of bad stuff. The starting of high school realizing that I have really bad anxiety and the only thing that has really helped is this series. It has saved me from cutting and a lot of emotional breakdowns. This series has become my life. I’m very sad that it is ending.

  27. Claire Herondale // April 7, 2014 at 11:15 PM // Reply

    This is quite hard for me to put into words but this series means the world to me. I discovered Cassie’s work by reading Clockwork Angel in 2011, then started TMI with CoA(no CoB in my library). Her writing is just amazing, and her characters are as real as the message that they give. The Shadowhunter world is my favorite place to be, it’s my comfort in a lot of ways, especially when life gets so stressful. TMI has taught me so much, especially about myself. Like with Magnus, his character, and the message he gives that you should always be yourself and never be ashamed of who you are(and also, be fabulous at all times) has given me self confidence, and more pride in who I am. Tbh, when I worry about things, I say to myself that I’m a Shadowhunter, and that I can get through whatever life throws at me, as it gives me courage and confidence to do things. I don’t care if these characters are fictional, they’re real to me(and I’m only 17 but they’re like my babies in a way lol). Don’t get me wrong I’ve cried MANY tears throughout the course of the TMI series but I don’t regret the ride I started from City of Ashes in 2011 until now. I’m SO sad to see this series end as well I just can’t believe it’s over.

  28. First off let me just say that it’s been a while since i came on here on this site to share my thoughts but i still look back for more updates. Anyway before I start i just want to say that i will call myself a late bloomer because its almost been a whole year since I started reading the mortal instruments series let alone emerse myself into this unknown world that I never knew about for the longest time. I think it was the first book series to grow an awareness of the term Young Adult fiction and how intense the response is to it and the intense following that it has. Anyway, this is one of those really rare one of a kind book series that just came out of nowhere and suddenly when you read them for the first time you can’t help but keep reading and wanting to know what happens next even if you’re afraid of some things that might happen. Well anyway months ago around the holidays I have written myself a personal love letter to the mortal instruments series. I’ll probably end up getting into more details but i think this illustrates my feelings for the series. I still need to finish the last two books and continue with “Clockwork angel” and get into the rest of the Infernal Devices eventually. And yes they are damn good.
    Dear “Mortal Instruments” my god this has been time for the past year and half. I cannot tell you how happy and thankful I am in getting to know you, because you became an unexpected surprise for me during a time when I was on the process of moving on from “Twilight” and looking for another story to love other than “Hunger Games” and there you were. You introduced me into a whole new world of fantasy and open up my eyes to even more amazing stories that are out there and took my fangirlingness to another level and made new friends online. A few weeks ago I wrote something in one of the post about my thoughts about TMI and what I have learned from here is what I wrote “If I ever had the chance to meet Casandra or write to her in a letter this is what i would say: when it comes to “The Mortal Instruments” I have a very special, personal connection to it because i love my supernatural and fantasy stuff and the fact that it takes place in New York so it strikes a chord with me there since I am a New Yorker myself. And the fact that its very multi layered in terms of themes. It’s not just another fantasy story with strange creatures or a little complicated love story between two characters but this is really a story about life, it’s about society because the Shadowhunter world is so diverse and there’s issues between them and Downworlders (they are supposed to hate each other.) it’s a little political in a way because of the clave, it’s also about justice and doing what is right, and then you have multiple coming of age stories between the young characters. It’s not just Clary’s story but it’s also Jace’s and Simon’s (I mean come on going from a normal human boy to a vampire is a massive turn around and transition) and also Isabelle and Alec go through their growing pains and self-discovery journey too. although with Alec he deals with something more profound that resonates with how a lot of young people like us struggle with especially with his sexual orientation and how hard it is for him to fit in because of that and even having his own family mostly his father disown him. Hell even Magnus has his own shit going on as well, god i love him. Even the love stories are layed out different instead of having just a one sided romance practically almost everyone has their own romantic thing going on including our beloved Malec, Sizzy heck even Luke and Jocelyn’s love story is cute and full of feels. Ok I think I’m getting carried away here. And last but not least you have the basic classic themes of family and friendship and good vs evil all of that. Ok I can go on forever with this but seriously that’s what I love about “The Mortal Instruments” and if this is how I feel about it imagine how I’m going to feel when I read infernal devices. I am aware that it has a bit of a love story going on and that it is very similar to mortal instruments but I know I am going to be in for a real treat.” Yes this is all true although I know that during the middle half of the year you went through a tough time and I won’t say what it is but I will let you know that no matter what happens from this point on I am here for you. I will continue to fight for your film franchise along with a million of your other fans who still have faith in you. To me you are not just another supernatural novel, your are more than the “next Twilight” or “Hunger Games”, you are more than just another young adult film, you are so much more than that. To me “Mortal Instruments” is a beautiful story about life, growing up, finding yourself and where you belong and not letting society label or define you, facing injustice and bringing justice to society and fighting for the people who are most dear to you and to continue fighting for what is right. I can go on forever but I think this sums it up and illustrates my love for this series and it’s twin “Infernal devices” the prequel series.

  29. Winchester // April 8, 2014 at 3:42 AM // Reply

    I was ten or eleven when I picked up the first book of the mortal instruments series, I didn’t read much prior to reading it but when I opened to the first page I found myself overwhelmed and surprised I hadn’t done this sooner. I cherished the smell of the pages, ran my fingers lovingly over the creases on the spine and cover, drank every word in satisfaction but still thirsty for more, more description, more knowledge, more adventure…more. Once I had finished the book in a few days I sat in silence contemplating my next move that was decided swiftly; get the second book. I flew through the books until I caught up and had to wait painfully with everyone else. It changed me to read such a magnificent series, I don’t just want to read anymore, I want to feel it, to be able to laugh at characters humorous dialogue and weep in despair when I lose a beloved character. I now have an opinion, an argument, I want to speak. I tell people of the characters glorious adventures as they watch me smile, my eyes wide with awe, I never get over the spectacular words pieced together to build such an intriguing and meaningful book. People underestimate the power of words but i and many others here have seen the pain, the happiness, the anger and the surprise caused by these overlooked letters. Now I jump at the chance to read another book and share the characters adventures, now when handed a novel it is instinct to smell the memories hidden in the pages. Old second-hand books smell better, they smell of coffee, tears, smiles and awe. An unwilling smile creeps upon my face when I possess a book, I run my fingers along the spine, caressing the cover as I inspect the blurb, every word a gift. I memorize passages and quotes in hope of forever remembering the love Ihave for books, The mortal instruments in particular for they were the books from which my love of all other books branched from. Thank you for your wonderful work, I smile at the very though of this series, your words leave me in awe forgetting how to use my own, ironically I am left somewhat speechless and this passage took some time to write for I was lost for words only letting certain words be apart of my praise of these books. Thank you, I will never forget any of my time spent reading.

  30. I was always lonely in school and never had anyone to talk to. My conversations that I had started weren’t the best, and people started putting me down because of that. I wasn’t completely sure that I wanted to be at school, and that I knew that people putting me down was all I was going to be here for. I started to watch television shows that other people liked, and thought that hopefully I can win confidence over myself—but then they put me down again, and I realised how much of a copycat I was.
    That’s when I saw a book in a bookstore called: Clockwork Angel. I was intrigued by the cover, and even more by the blurb of the book. I started reading it for about an hour, then deciding that I would buy it. So I did. After finishing it, I flipped it over to see three books… City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass. I smiled and then a few months later, bought Clockwork Prince and knew that social interaction was no longer going to be harder than I thought it was.
    By the time I started The Mortal Instruments, I grew to a character: Magnus. He was my favourite of all, aside from Jace and Simon. Magnus was just someone that I could relate to—he is dealing with problems, and struggles that he is trying to move forward with. That was exactly how I was feeling, and Magnus helped me throughout the way of these novels. But these novels aren’t just books; they are a journey of self-belief and hope for the characters that I found relatable. I knew that somehow Magnus and Simon and Jace were going to make me feel better about myself.
    When I had finished reading all of Cassandra Clare’s books, what did I do? Re-read them. Told my newly found friends to read them. Gave my teacher City of Bones to read to my year 7 class. I love these books with a passion. They make me walk through the day with a smile on my face. If one person reads these books, talks about them, recommends them, I get so amazed.
    And now The Mortal Instruments are ending, but we still have The Dark Artifices, The Last Hours and The Wicked Powers—also non-Shadowhunters The Magisterium series.
    I have spent such a quick amount of time (one week) reading these books, and have re-read all of them at least 5 times. I love the Shadowhunters. Cannot wait for City of Heavenly Fire.

  31. I was in the sixth grade when I started reading The Mortal Instruments series. Because I found the series interesting, I started reading books that had fallen angels and nephilims in it too. My friend and I even made an imaginary institute where all our favorite characters and us were in it. I started becoming “emotionally unstable” after reading the Clockwork Prince. I took violin classes in the summer because Jem played the violin, and during the summer after that, I went to China for a study tour and stayed there for two months because Jem was from China. When I wasn’t going to do much, I practiced how to draw the runes and familiarized myself with how they look like and what they do. Lastly, I couldn’t look at ducks and Bach the same way again.

  32. The Mortal Insrtuments means to me being able to overcome all the odds that are stacked against you even when everyone else keeps teeling you to give up. It means also that you should never leave something unfinished becasue you could just come back to haunt you. TMI means everything to me. It’s helped me through some really tough times. So thank you.

  33. the mortal instruments to me is simply happiness, on a bad day, on a good day just happiness and escapism to an awesome world,

  34. These books are literally my life. If I’m not reading the books or fanfiction of them, I’m replaying scenes in my head, thinking up my own fanfiction, hyperventilating over CoHF, oor thinking of what songs fit the characters. I don’t have many friends, to be honest, so it’s like they are my friends. When the books end, a little (okay, huge) piece of my heart will die.

  35. Malec Fangirl // April 9, 2014 at 7:25 AM // Reply

    These books . . . I’ve never been so obsessed with a series before. I think about them all the time. Whenever I think about them, I’m a hair away from thinking they’re real. The characters matter so much to me. Some days I wonder, ‘what keeps me hanging on?’ With all the heartache and pain these characters go through, some days I question. But then I reread just a segment of a book, and I’m hooked all over again. It’s not a book-reader relationship. I laughed, cried, gasped. I hung a Mortal Instruments calendar on my wall. I have all my friends hooked, too. I started these books a bit late, after City of Lost Souls was already out. But I feel that I’m a fan as much as the next one, despite when I started. Thank you, Cassandra Clare, for changing my life.

  36. I discovered TMI because of the movie and what a journey it has been. TMI is one of those book series who lets you escape reality and for a few days – per book – you can live in this magical world in the company of fictional friends, family and lovers.

    But what Cassandra Clare also did is make me feel good about myself; it’s hard to be gay in this world and find gay characters who can be action heroes and who are allowed to get a love story beside that of the main pairing. Alec Lightwood is a character I look up to, he isn’t perfect and that what makes him perfect.

    So thank you miss Clare for introducing me to this wonderful world.

  37. To me the Mortal Instruments simply means home.
    This series has been with me for such a long time, and while I’m really sad to be saying goodbye, I know I’m not really. Re-reading these books is a comfort; it’s returning to old friends; it is home.

  38. Alexandra R. // April 14, 2014 at 11:58 AM // Reply

    To me it is a way to connect to others you never meant before. By merging into the world of shadowhunters proves evil can be defeated no matter how hard you try and takes me away from my own. That you can be loved for who you are.

    The series is a world that is very well done, it makes you want to live in that world.
    should be made into a park like harry potter.
    I cannot wait for more things related to the series because they are a great joy.

  39. Madison Good // April 19, 2014 at 2:23 PM // Reply

    OK so Ive always liked reading but i could never stay entertained by a book till i read TMI also(TID, THG, TFIOS, divergent, ect) but Ive never felt like belonged any where Ive always felt out of place and reading makes me feel like i belong some were it lets me escape this reality Ive always dreaded and dreamed of escaping it helped me see maybe im not a weird as i think i am because there is thousands of other people who feel the same way i do and perhaps im not alone.

  40. Madison Good // April 19, 2014 at 2:32 PM // Reply

    i love this series because it shows not every thing has a happy ending there is a big evil in this world that needs to be fought and the battle is never ending and sometimes there is death and life is not perfect like a lot of other books want to portray

  41. I pay a visit everyday some web pages and sites to read posts, but this website presents quality based posts.

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