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Watch: The ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ book trailer is here!

COHF book trailer

The time has come to feast your eyes on the final book trailer in The Mortal Instruments series! By the Angel, can you believe it?

CBS’ The Insider aired the trailer tonight and now we have a video for all the Shadowhunters around the world. Sit back, draw a fearless rune and grab a pillow in case you need to muffle your screams:

What’s your favorite part of the trailer? Wasn’t Sophie Turner’s narration fantastic?! Sound off in the comments! And be sure to visit our new forum to discuss all things City of Heavenly Fire!

City of Heavenly Fire will be released in 10.5 days on May 27.

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42 Comments on Watch: The ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ book trailer is here!

  1. She doesn’t look like Clary

    • Oh dear lord. I’m Not ready for this. AT ALL I don’t even think I’m gonna get it the day it comes out. I am nott ready 🙂


    • I don’t believe it was blood, by the looks of it he left scorch marks on the wall, because he has heavenly fire within him, and in the trailer it showed sparks of fire between their hands when they tried to touch. Quite the interesting trailer, confusing though.

  3. Jessie's twin // May 17, 2014 at 12:31 AM // Reply

    I screamed omg as soon as it ended!
    I’m now officially a full fangirl for the shadowhunters
    That was excellent though I do agree she doesn’t look like the clary I imagine while reading (which still isn’t lily Collins, sorry) but if that’s the girl on the cover, then she looks much better in the trailer ( no offense)
    and it still hipped me up. SSOO excited now. though I think they should have had more Sebastian though im happy with all the clace

  4. BY THE ANGEL! that was so much clace, but I don’t really like the girl playing clary, it’s a book trailer though so there’s nothing to be done. that image were Jace is getting stabbed freaked me out, I wonder were they are because I’m pretty sure that isn’t the institute. I really CAN NOT WAIT for this book , it’s going to be amazing, and I’m not even sure I’m mentally prepared yet.

  5. didn’t really picture jace or clary like this but not bad… i can’t wait for cohf1

  6. teamedwardjace // May 17, 2014 at 1:14 AM // Reply

    That was awesome! Watched it twice!

  7. Mina Blak // May 17, 2014 at 1:48 AM // Reply

    Lolol Sebastian looks like an old man rolled in flour!
    This Clary and Jace look 100x better than Jamie and Lily.
    The Romeo & Juliet theme has been severely overused in pop-culture. Did I really need to hear it in this trailer too?!
    It would’ve also been nice if the trailer didn’t centre so much around Clace. Nevertheless, a nice little video. I can’t wait for my beloved CoHF to reach my hands!

  8. Amalia Morgenstern // May 17, 2014 at 2:04 AM // Reply

    OK, sooo, framed by Romeo&Juliette quote so we didn’t even get some more juicy CoHF dialogue or anything, then we have a dark haired and blue eyed Jace, though Clary’s hair was nice (better than CoLS trailer), and SEB?!?! Why ever didn’t they keep the epic looking Seb from CoLS trailer?? Oh dear, are you trying t make us hate him more? What’s with the weird red runes? And the whole focus of this trailer seems to be the struggle of Clace being together because of the heavenly fire burning, then they extinguish it, and then it’s gone and they can kiss? So I guess that gets cured, but nothing else revealed, really? Some awesome visuals of course, but I expected something perfect from this last book, for us loyal fans, but I suppose there are some shots for some great gifs and fan art! (I like how the shot from the CoLS trailer was used again reflecting in her eyes!)

  9. I’m not a big clary or jace fan, but this isn’t half as bad. But I would have liked to see the others so much more. I know Clace’s storyline is the main one, but to me, it’s also the least interesting one.

    • Amalia Morgenstern // May 17, 2014 at 2:22 AM // Reply

      But then remember how they showed the other characters in the CoFA trailer, and it was horrid, so sometimes I’d rather they were left out than that bad!

  10. OMG that’s sooooooo awesome although I do wish they would used different actors for Jace and Clary. Otherwise an amazing trailer

  11. Veronika Pochová // May 17, 2014 at 4:47 AM // Reply

    I don’t like people who are playing Clary and Jace. Lily and Jamie are better for me.
    This trailer is so confusing for me. I don’t know what are they doing for example with this sword. Are they soaking it in holly water?

    • Melanie Wright // May 17, 2014 at 12:06 PM // Reply

      maybe they’re forging a new sword? like one that will be able to destroy Sebastian? I hope Jace isn’t one of the 6 people who Cassie plans on killing off in COHF. I’m not going to lie, I’ll be really disappointed if he does die. I just think if Jace dies now, she could have just let the series end at the 3rd book and not let him come back at the end of COG. The only way I’ll be okay with Jace dying in COHF is if Clary dies too.

      • I agree with you one-hundred percent on all of this. If Jace or Clary dies at the end of this, and the happy ending we had in CoG is stolen from us, I’m going to be REALLY pissed off. Especially since Jace has died enough times all ready, and there really would have been no point to any of it anymore (like how Allegiance made all of Divergent seem pointless).

        The only other way (besides what you stated, as I agree with that, too) I’d be okay if one of them died (most likely Jace) would be if the one left behind had a child with them to remember them by.

        And since it looks like Jace and Clary are finally having sex in this book, she could actually become pregnant. And for some reason–perhaps in the tagline for TDA “the best Shadowhunter since Jace Wayland–I really think it’s going to go that way. Which will still tick me off, but them having a child together would at least lessen the blow a tiny bit.

      • Melanie Wright // May 17, 2014 at 10:52 PM //

        I agree with you Shanna! Allegiance pissed me off sooooooooo badly! But back to COHF, I was so devastated when Cassie posted the tagline for TDA “the best Shadowhunter since Jace Wayland.” Ever since then, I feel like she’s going to kill him. BUT there’s always a possibility that MAYBE Jace & Clary will decide to leave the shadowhunter world like Jocelyn tried to do with Clary?? Like maybe–since 6 people we know by name will die– they’ll have had it with being shadowhunters and just want to live out the rest of their time being normal. & maybe make an appearance or two in TDA? Just some theories. lmao Because I REALLY will be pissed if they die.

  12. claceforever // May 17, 2014 at 7:14 AM // Reply

    And fire will burn……
    OMG freaking out I need this book nowwww. I think I may have broke the replay button…oops

  13. please don’t hate on me for saying this but…
    I didn’t really like it. It seemed a bit cheesy, and the Clary and Jace weren’t as i imagined them, but thanks to whoever made this anyway, it was good but just not to my taste, if you get what i’m trying to say?? 🙂

  14. Ok so I think it wasnt the best trailer ever, BUT it did make me wonder about a lot of things that are going to happen in the book.. Also, I started freaking out when Jace got stabbed, I was like “REALLY HE’S DYING AGAIN?!” But then in the end he and Clary kissed which makes me things that he is alive again?…

  15. Sorry but, that was terrible. I didn’t like that trailer at all

  16. OMG!! Crying already 😭

  17. I feel like it gave too much away!! im sad now. BUT IT WAS STILL SOOOOOOOO AMAZING BC ITS COHF AND ASDFGHJKL AND I CANT WAIT


  19. I really don’t like this trailer, tbh. It’s focused way too much on Jace and Clary’s relationship. And, yes. I know they’re the main characters–and yes, they’re my OTP–but I feel like the last three books (CoHF, CoLS, and now CoHF, apparently) have only seemed to care about their unhealthy relationship. Because let’s be honest: even if they have ample reason to love each other as much as they do, Jocelyn has the right to be concerned as they’ve been making some craptastic decisions, and not caring about the others’ issues at all, lately.

    IDK. Maybe it’s just me. But I feel like after CoG (though I DO like the books after it), the series became too much of a shipping fanfic for Jace and Clary, and it lost the urban fantasy feeling–and other aspects to it–that I loved.

    I hate to compare it to Twilight (as I DO like Twilight and the hate for that series is ridiculous), but that’s sort of what it feels like it’s turned into to me. Especially with this trailer, which uses the exact same quote from Romeo and Juliet that New Moon did. And even moreso in that Jace and Clary have fallen into the “are they or aren’t they?” and “when will they finally have sex” thing even more than Edward and Bella did.

    I’m probably being too hard on this, and maybe I just need to see the trailer again, but I’m not blown away by this at all. It seems really cheesy and silly (though that probably has to do with the acting), and I’m really hoping the entire book isn’t like this. I miss the other themes in this series and the other relationships from it. Here’s hoping that the book delivers on that front… And that it doesn’t pull a Veronica Roth at the end.

    Oh, and I didn’t like all the Sebastian stuff in this, either. It seemed like a rehash of CoLS, with him controlling Jace again or something, which I REALLY hope doesn’t happen again. But via the snippets, it seems as though Clary might end up being controlled by her brother?

    And what was with the stabbing someone through the heart with the Angel blade again? Are they really going to reuse that plot point? And I guess Clary is Daenerys Targaryen now, since she can walk through fire and stuff… (let’s just hope that was a metaphorical thing).

    …I REALLY hope the book isn’t that much like this trailer, and that the trailer’s just used to mislead. And if it IS like this trailer, I hope the entire book isn’t just this. Otherwise, I’m already starting to feel disappointed, as I sort of have wished even before this that Cassandra Clare had just left TMI a trilogy…

    • Remember it’s only a trailer. I don’t think Cassie would write a trilogy more if it only appeared to be as the first. Remember it’s Cassie we are talking about. She probably have a twisted plot in the end of the story and the trailer is only to provoke us. And when the book is around 700 pages it’s hard not to imagine it wont contain more than just what the trailer shows.

    • I feel the same way, this trailer is ridiculous. It is just a trailer, and it doesn’t mean that this is how the book is going to solely focus on Jace and Clary. I still hold hope and trust that Cassie knows what she is doing. So bring on the cheesy craptastic book trailers!

  20. This trailer is especially bad, imo, since the ones like TCA and CoLS were so great. I really wish they would have gone more in that direction. The art style for TCA was especially amazing. -le sigh-…And I’m just waiting for more people to label this as the next Twilight, and hate on it even moreso, unfortunately. They pretty much asked for that to happen with this trailer’s similarities to it, tbh.

  21. I’m sorry, but Jace isn’t a brunette. Clary in this is more brunette than red-headed. I am awaiting the comparisons to Hunger Games and Divergent and Twilight. All those people will be terribly wrong. But I am very excited for the release. I pre-ordered the book, I have a countdown on my wall (10 days), and I read all the snippets and exclusives that are released on TMI Tuesdays.

  22. Why couldn’t they have casted someone as hot as this Jace in the movie?

  23. I hated it. It was too cheesy in my opinion, and Jace wasn’t blond and the chick didn’t look like Clary AND I AM NOT READY FOR IT TOO END MEHHH

  24. A BIG Fan // May 18, 2014 at 6:29 PM // Reply

    *goes watches again*
    I just want the book *sobs*
    I want my fictional characters alive *sobs harder*
    WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL *sobs even harder*

  25. I did not like the trailer at all. I didn’t like the looks at all of the actors, didn’t like the narration. Oh well. I can’t wait for the book even though I have waited so long I have forgotten a lot of the storylinel.

  26. Trailer was good, but where was all the other characters? In general I prefer their storylines to the Clace/Sebastian one

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  28. vampirelover // May 19, 2014 at 9:19 AM // Reply

    As much as I adore Cassie and love the Shadowhunter Chronicles books this trailer isn’t that great. It’s weird though, it looks way cheaper than the awesome City of Lost Souls book trailer. By the way, awhile ago I e-mailed Dirty Robber (the production company that made the COLS book trailer) and they told me they weren’t doing City of Heavenly Fire’s book trailer this time. It’s probably the answer to why this looks of such low quality.

    I’m still definitely excited about the book and the upcoming futre books in the Shadowhunter Chronicles series.

  29. I am so not looking toward to a book that is mainly centered around the most uninteresting couple. Also what a cheaply made trailer. Those graphics can be done on my HP. The images in my high school newspaper come out better than this.

    • Melanie Wright // May 22, 2014 at 10:12 AM // Reply

      No offense, but can I ask you why you’ve read the books up until this point if you find Jace & Clary’s coupling so uninteresting? I mean Clary is the main protagonist, so of course her relationship is going to be one of the major plots of the story.

  30. Clary is supposed to be so much shorter than Jace…? Also, that voice, is that supposed to be Clary? It nearly has a slight British accent and I hear her having a much softer voice when I read the books… But anyway, forget the trailer, I MUST READ COHF NOWWWWW! I could read this series forever and never get sick of the characters. I’ve read the first five so many times. I don’t want this to be over! I feel like I’m losing my best friends! Haha. Waah.

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