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Cassandra Clare on tour


Cassandra Clare is a busy woman this year. After her City of Heavenly Fire tours in the States and the British Isles in May and June, she is going to visit Brasil and tour Europe with Holly Black to introduce The Iron Trial.

Confirmed places:

Sao Paulo (August 23/24, 3:30 pm): You can RSVP here or here.

Rio de Janeiro (August 25, 6 pm): RSVP here.

Amsterdam/the Netherlands (with Holly Black):

After my interview with Cassie, she told me that she’ll also come to Spain, Portugal and Germany.

If you know any other confirmed places, please leave a comment with a link.




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18 Comments on Cassandra Clare on tour

  1. Reblogged this on Avid Reader and commented:
    For all my Brazilian and European followers, guess whose coming to a town near you???

  2. When will she come to californiaaa

  3. Okay, I love Cassie, but there’s one thing troubling me. Cassie can go all over the US, UK, Europe and South America, but she can’t come to Canada?

    • I think Cassie was in Canada in 2013.

      • She was, but for Toronto it was held at York Dale which had a fire the previous day so the capacity of people they allowed in were minute. And I was there, I lined up then they cut the line to the person right infront of me, so I got out, found out they were allowing people to line up again, then it got cut a few people in front of me….yeah ahaha. Cassie later apologized that she couldn’t meet all her fans, she really wanted to sign all the books and meet all of us but the store had strict rules. If she had known we’d go home without seeing her, she said she wouldn’t have done it.
        lol so I’m still waiting in Canada to meet her 😛 but that same day I still randomly met the guy who wrote the book of awesome. 😀

    • YES THANK YOU! I understand that she was here in Toronto for TMI: City of Bones but still. She was in New york and we were only an hour away by plane. I was never able to see her then because of family/financial complications but I really ALL I want is her to come to Canada, just one more time because she is my favorite person (obviously) and I just need to meet her in person. I really wish she’d come back.

  4. Will she be visiting Australia?

  5. joysofbookworms // July 8, 2014 at 11:04 PM // Reply

    *pouts* why do the brilliant authors never come to Australia??? 😦

    • But she was in Australia (and NZ) in May 2011 for the CoFA release.
      She did signings in Sydney and Melbourne.
      Having said that, it would be nice if she came back. 🙂

      • joysofbookworms // July 9, 2014 at 12:51 AM //

        Unfortunately, I only started reading her books late last year, so I missed out on that :(. It would be awesome if she came back for TDA!

      • Mersina // July 9, 2014 at 1:45 AM //

        I really hope she does come for TDA! I only started reading the series around about July last year so I wasn’t aware of it in 2011 😦

  6. I know so many tmi fans here in Montreal, I’ve received so many mails concerning TMI mostly in the hope of finally getting a book signed. Seriously, Canada needs to meet Cassandra Clare!!!

  7. daria donnelly // July 9, 2014 at 1:08 AM // Reply

    What about Australia???

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  9. Anyone hear anything new about City of Ashes recently? Sorry that I’m putting this in such a weird section, but the wait is truly starting to kill me and I didn’t know where else to post this. Has there been any snippet of news at all? I thought they were supposed to begin filming this year…

    • I know exactly how you feel I mean I get it that they want to take their time to do it wait but honest to god I think at this point we are tired its starting to get very tiring waiting around and not wondering about what the hell is going on even a small piece of information or some kind of update would be very nice so that it can start building up the anticipation do you know what I mean I think the studios or whoever is in charge of this needs to get their shit together and have something going. Enough is enough its either we hear some news sooner or later or not heck even vampire academy is going forward with their sequel and yet their box office results was worse than city of bones. I mean seriously enough of this laziness already its getting tiring and worn out. Sorry for going on like this but I’ve been meaning to say this for such a long ass time. Oh and the marketing team needs to take lessons from dare I say it the hunger games especially with how they are working with mockingjay throwing us in for a loop and building up stuff to keep audiences wanting more rather than just move on and that’s it. Do you know what I mean

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