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Constantin Film exec praises ‘Mortal Instruments’ showrunner Ed Decter

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Following news at Mipcom that The Mortal Instruments would be revived on the small screen, Constantin Film gave the official word on Monday.

“We are thrilled to give this epic tale of good versus evil a brand new dimension,” Constantin Film Chairman Martin Moszkowicz said in a press release.

Things are looking up for the small screen adaptation with Ed Decter tapped to serve as showrunner for the series.

Constantin Film co-president Robert Kulzer praised Decter, whose credits include “There’s Something About Mary,” “Unforgettable,” “The Client List” and “In Plain Sight,” for his “passion and love” for the series, in this Deadline article.

“Ed Decter brings a tremendous track record to the table,” said Robert Kulzer. “As a showrunner we wanted someone who shares our passion and love for these characters and stories, and Ed has a remarkable ability to form narratives.”

The Mortal Instruments show is slated for 2015.

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8 Comments on Constantin Film exec praises ‘Mortal Instruments’ showrunner Ed Decter

  1. I think I’m feeling more secure and happy about all of this now.

    And anyway, it’s always nice to hear about Constantin’s enthusiasm for the series, and such a thing makes me excited, actually.

    Here’s hoping that we get some news soon, and that the show starts airing sooner rather than later and in the best way possible:D

  2. Here’s my problem:
    It says he has an ability to form narratives, but that is not what book to movie (or TV) adaptations need. They already have a story, and the director/show runner needs to find a way to capture it’s atmosphere and translate that story onto the big screen. That’s the problem with movies like Percy Jackson and the first Mortal Instrumnets; they significantly changed the story line and feel of the books. So I’m hoping that ed decter gets this, and uses the criticisms from the movie to help guide him in the TV show. Don’t pull another Percy Jackson, where they though dying Anabeth’s hair could make us feel better about the fact that the villain (Kronos) shows up two books early!! Catching Fire (and others classics, like Harry Potter) set the bar high on adaptations, so we know it can be done well. Also it’s a TV series, so they have plenty of episodes for development and won’t have to leave as much out.

    • Ki, I don’t think they are going to change the story lines from the books. I think the story will play out the way it did in the books. What I think they mean when they say he has an ability to form narratives is that he will be able to add things or change certain scenes in order to form season long arcs. Because if they do plan on making a book a season then he will need to add different narratives and incorporate things in an unique way to allow each season to be fast-paced and thrilling to watch. If you think they are going to copy scene for scene and word for word from the books then I think you are kidding yourself. And let’s be honest, some things in the books will be hard to translate to screen so they need to give a showrunner some creative freedom to find a way to translate things from page to screen. But like I said the general theme and story line from the books will be followed. It just might have slightly different routes on getting there.

  3. I’m happy about this, but I’m also hesitant to get too excited. With the movie, I got my hopes way high for how it would turn out, and I was really disappointed, so I’m trying not to do that again. I really hope it does turn out well though.
    *crosses fingers*
    I think with a tv show, they’ll be able to cover more. And they’ll be able to properly space things out. (Like maybe the whole incest thing won’t get spoiled too soon).
    I wonder what network will pick it up. I hope its not an only online thing, because then some people might not be able to see it, and I feel like every fan should be able to take part in it.
    I’m also hoping that it doesn’t end up like the Vampire Diaries, where the show ended up ruining the books.
    All in all, I think this is a great opportunity. I’m just skeptical because I don’t want to be disappointed again, but hopefully that won’t happen.
    I would love to see the show be fantastic!

  4. Honestly, I think they should stick with making it into a movie!! (With the same cast members).. I LOVE City of Bones and if they’re concerned by leaving out details then split the movie up! The Lord of the Ring movies are all 3 hours long and they have Twilights Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2, Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 and 2 along with some other movies(like the upcoming Divergents Allegiant) and I just think they should take a chance and make City of Ashes a Movie! Ugh I’m so upset, I was really looking forward to the second movie after they cut me off on the first one and tv series take forever and who knows if the cast will even stay the same, changing cast members is a big no for me, there’s 6 books and I just don’t see it working out, I’m sure they’ll change things as they go. It’s not too late to make the movie!!!!

    • I could not agree more with this statement, honest to god I want them to make city of ashes so badly, and to keep the original cast because I loved them all!!!! could someone just tell me why they cant use the prequel money and the TV shows money to make the sequel because I don’t see why they cant?!?! I loved city of bones and its one of the best movies I’ve seen. yes it wasn’t as good as it could have been but they can fix it by making a second movie. they cant just make a first movie and not expect to make the second one otherwise they are going to loss a lot of fans with the TV show, especially since they have changed the cast!

  5. The tv series absolutely ruins the series. I refuse to watch the dramatized garbage that this awful film company has made out of a series of wonderful books. The plot is all wrong, the characters don’t match any of their descriptions physically or mentally and it has been made to be an awful teenage show rather than the heart wrenching drama the books were. I believe the show should be discontinued at once and a movie should be made with the same characters as the first and maybe this time the film company can actually base it off the books. Disgraceful.

    • couldn’t agree more with your statement. The plot lines are terrible, I’ve seen better graphic content in spongebob, and the actors from the show are no where near as good as the movie’s actors. they should use the money from the tv show to make a sequel, with the original cast, but a better director!!!!

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