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‘Mortal Instruments’ television series to run one-hour episodes

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When it comes to The Mortal Instruments television series, there’s no such thing as too much news. And the news keeps on coming.

After official word on Monday that The Mortal Instruments would indeed be revived on the small screen, new information about the show has been revealed.

According to Deadline, episodes of the show will run one hour long and start from the beginning with City of Bones and later expanding to the rest of the series.

Initially there was concern where the show would pick up — would it start from the beginning or pick up after The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film? Starting from the beginning makes the most sense as the TV series is a completely separate entity from the film, and it will help with the world building that takes place right from the start of the first book.

Also, Unique Features’ Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, who served as executive producers on the film, will executive produce the television series.

Production on The Mortal Instruments television show is set to get underway in 2015.

Stay tuned for all of the latest updates along the way.

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37 Comments on ‘Mortal Instruments’ television series to run one-hour episodes

  1. I think starting from the beginning is a great thing. This way if the film cast cannot do the show we can see how the other cast portrays them from the beginning. I do know Kevin Zegers is on a show on Fox, so that may be one cast member not able to do this one if his present show is doing well.

    • mortalinstrumentslover // October 26, 2014 at 4:22 AM // Reply

      yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! So looking foward to the tv show just keep Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Herondale he was perfect for the role!!!!!

  2. This is exciting news. Part of me wondered if maybe they’d go the Game of Thrones route–with longer episodes but fewer of them–but I think this is the best decision all around, so I’m excited for it.

    And of course no one wanted them to be just half-hour episodes, even though I personally love that in anime. Hahaha.

    It’s also nice to hear for sure that the series will start with CoB. Yep:)

  3. yes yes yes yes!!!! the only thing im worried about now is if their gonna keep the original cast or not and im praying they do!!!!

    • I really hope they keep the original cast as well. They did a great job. It stinks that Kevin is on a different show at the moment though 😦

  4. I hope that I am able to get the show where I live because I’ll be really annoyed if I can’t watch the show.

  5. Rosie Blackthorn // October 24, 2014 at 8:05 AM // Reply

    But will it be on Netflix?

  6. I think I’m in the minority here when I say I don’t actually want them to keep the cast. Yes, they were all okay, but I think that Robbie Sheehan as Simon, Aidan Turner as Luke, and Jemima West as Isabelle were really their characters for me. Also, with the TV show spanning probably a few more years than the movies would, I think that the original cast might be a little too old to play the characters. For example, Kevin Zegers is already 30 and he’ll be playing Alec, who is 18, for a few years. So, by the time the TV show is done, he could be closer to 40, which doesn’t really make sense to me when they could pick a younger cast. I don’t mean this to sound like I didn’t like the cast, because I did, but it just seems to make more sense that way.

    • I agree with you all the way about a new cast, a fresh start is what the show needs. Hopefully with so many of us that love the series, will give the show a chance, Even if the original cast doesn’t come back.

  7. So they’re starting with City of Bones…. I was kind of hoping that the show would start after the events of City of Bones left off. My reasoning is because of the cast. If they started with City of Ashes, I thought the cast would be the same. But now that they’re beginning with City of Bones again then that means the cast will be different. Ugh. I mean I’m happy that Constantin is continuing The Mortal Instruments series but I got soooooo use to the actors. I don’t care what anyone says about them, they were perfect. ALL OF THEM. I just hope some of the actors can comes back for the show. I really hope they have time.

  8. This is a PHENOMENAL idea. I really hope it works out better than the movie!

  9. Why does Kevin have to be on Gracepoint, I have no problem with it since he is amazing as Owen. I thought he was did well for Alec.

  10. Will the same executive producers give the TV show enough of a fresh approach? I guess the director was the main force behind the film, and the producers were sort of under his thumb, so now they may be more free to give it a different, more loyal adaption.

  11. Hey everyone, I already posted about this and still think it’s wonderful to get this opportunity to see the world come to life once again! I was just wondering though, is there a good site that has replicas of the weapons and such for us to purchase?

  12. Michael Wells // October 26, 2014 at 12:53 PM // Reply

    I liked the original cast. However, there is the issue of age. These characters in the books are still in their teens, and the actors portraying them are in their late twenties, even approaching thirty. Too great an age difference can cause a character to lose credibility.

  13. If Lily Collins couldn’t play Clary, I’d love to audition for the role:)

  14. i was thinking the show would be in one hour long episodes because when the news first broke they were calling it a high-end drama. I can’t think of any half an hour drama’s (only sitcoms).

  15. I really hope they come back to Toronto (where they filmed the movie) to film the TV show. It would make sense that they would do that. At least their are no big scenes in the book in prominent locations in New York (like a big battle with demons in Times Square).

  16. I want a mostly new cast. I wouldn’t mind seeing maybe one or two people back, but for the most part it should be new. I’m of the opinion that the casting was one of the biggest things that hurt the film. Since we are doing a TV show I think they should go with younger actors because if we are lucky this series will carry us all the way through the story, start to finish.

  17. purpleshadowhunter // October 28, 2014 at 11:31 PM // Reply

    Glad they are starting over but if they didn’t listen to the fans and changed what they so badly messed up,then if won’t last long.

  18. For the love of Raziel please just CHANGE THE CAST
    I don’t want my favorite characters to look like a bunch of 30 year olds I want them as they are in the books by the Angel -.-” I like Kevin but definitely not for Alec – I mean who the F-word wrote that BlueEyes has hair like what he had in the movie he looked like a penguin gosh

  19. So, they are starting from scratch which most likely means they will recast all the roles. I am now past the phase where I wanted the film cast to play in the new series, I am just very excited about the show, let’s see what Constantin makes out of it. If they do it right, it maz be even better than the movie.

  20. Well I’m not actually bothered as long as they keep Jamie lily and Johnathon ( Jace, clary and Valentine) because they added the edge it needed, but it might be awkward because Jamie and lily are no longer an item. If someone else eg alex pettyfer played Jace it wouldn’t have that edge

  21. I think the series should have a similar feel to the show “Dark Angel” with Jessica alba. Dark, action packed, love twists. Obviously we know what’s going to happen, but if they showed more demon fighting, I wouldn’t complain. ( And if we saw more of isabelle’s cooking lol). Humor and action, my favorite.

  22. I’m not as concerned with the casting of the TV show as some people are. Don’t get me wrong I LOVED who they cast for the movie, but the small screen and the fact they’re starting over complicates keeping the original cast. What scares me the most is the HUGE potential to completely F**k it all up. There was another great book series I loved (the Sword of Truth series) that was filmed as a TV show called Legend of the Seeker . During the first few episodes I was really happy and was getting super excited because I’d read all of the books multiple times. But then they started to completely mess up the books timeline. I mean they FUBARed it. It was like the Hollywood producers or whoever was in charge took all the books story lines and decided to shuffle them like a deck of cards. Once they did that I not only lost interest in the TV show, I was disgusted enough and told all my friends and family to quit watching it and to just stick to the books. It was truly unfortunate, because it really had the potential to be as great or even grater than the TV shows Xina Warrior Princess and Hercules were during their hay-day. They’d gotten a great cast & director. Other than the messed up story timelines they even had great writers. If and I mean IF they do The Mortal Instruments as a TV show some one NEEDS to keep them as true to the books as possible. I’m not naive I realize they’ll have to make some changes to fit within ‘Hollywood’s’ TV show formats. Hopefully Cassandra Clare will be able to become a producer or get a position with enough “pull” to keep them on point. All the best movies that came from a book had the author’s input (i.e. Harry Potter)

    • Good, someone shares my feelings. To be honest when I found out Cassie signed production over to Constantin in total, I knew the movie would never follow the book. I was livid to say the least. Rowling valued her life’s work too much to allow something like that to happen. Cassie may or may not have known the outcome, but in my honest opinion she signed over her soul. If it were me, I wouldn’t choose actors who hadn’t read the book (not saying Lily or Jamie or anyone didnt), and I would have filler scenes deleted when necessary. Not entire chapters’ worth of the story. I would be on set for every detail. Our Cassandra Clare is up and coming, so I’ll have mercy…but if they screw up, I’ll stick to the books. You can’t be careless with this sort of thing just starting out!

      • so glad you guys agre.. i was so pissed at the movie when it came out- the plot was screwed up and the minor secondary characters had no personality. like you said it has great potential if they stick to the book

  23. What about the Infernal Devices? If this doesn’t go over well, we’ll never see the true beginning. I think they should keep Jace, Cleary and Simon the original actors as well. Can’t wait to see what they do to bring the series that inspired me to write to life!

  24. Lelelelelelelelel // January 24, 2015 at 12:23 PM // Reply

    So when is it exactly going to com out? Also does anyone know what channel it’s on? :S

  25. IT HAD BETTER START AT THE BEGINNING! they wont be able to make a good tv show unless they fix all the times they messed up the plot and gave the secondary characters no personality.

  26. I really enjoyed the books. The movie on the other hand left a lot of details out that to me needed to be in the movie. Im also with a few others that there needs to be a new cast. After reading the books I had a picture of each character in my head. After seeing the movie they just didn’t fit the bill. I’m looking foward to the TV series and a fresh start. If done right this would be a great new show on the CW along with Supernatural and Constantine. Then they need to redo the movies in a series such as twilight And harry Potter with younger actors that can grow with the parts. I hope this hits the screen soon looking forward to seeing the details that made the books a hit.

  27. Henci4nime // March 12, 2015 at 9:10 PM // Reply

    Anyone know when it actually starts airing? I can’t seem to find it. Or is the date not released yet?

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