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TMI TV Tuesday: Addressing the Casting Situation

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On Tuesdays and Thursdays, TMI Source and Fangirlish are bringing you TMI TV Tuesdays and Thursdays, where we discuss different aspects regarding the upcoming television adaptation of The Mortal Instruments.

When news about The Mortal Instruments making its way to the small screen first broke, the immediate reaction for a bulk of the fandom was: “What about the original cast?” “Will there be a new cast?” “But I want the original cast!”

It was a natural and expected reaction from a passionate fandom that went through a long and strenuous journey with Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, Jemima West, etc. with the film adaptation of City of Bones. The cast became like family as they showered the fans with love and thanks and put their everything into bringing Cassandra Clare’s beloved characters to life.

But that was the movie adaptation.

Now that The Mortal Instruments is making a transition to television, it’s all but guaranteed that there will be a new cast portraying these beloved characters. New faces and new takes on the characters we’ve seen brought to life through words and through the big screen. It’s just the nature of entertainment.

All this is is a new version of the story we’ve all fallen in love with. Whatever is done on the small screen will not take away from what we saw on the big screen and read in the books, just like the film adaptation took nothing away from the original source material.

Here’s the thing, nobody can replace the movie cast. And nobody’s asking them to. Nothing can take away what Lily, Jamie, Robbie, Kevin and Jemima did with their performances and their love and kindness for the fans and the characters. All I’m asking is that you to keep an open mind.

When casting eventually begins for The Mortal Instruments TV show, don’t hate it. Don’t hate the actors. Embrace it and embrace them. Because those actors — whose identities we don’t know yet — are going to be our new family. People have more than one family, and this is just another one we’ll soon add to our list.

Other fandoms should be so lucky to get not one not two but three different and unique takes on the story they love.

Angelic Power Rune

Head over to FANGIRLISH on Thursday to read their thoughts about the casting situation with The Mortal Instruments TV show, and check back here Tuesdays for TMI TV TUESDAYS.

What are your thoughts? Are you open to the idea of a new cast given the likelihood the original film cast won’t return?

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64 Comments on TMI TV Tuesday: Addressing the Casting Situation

  1. Donna Richard // December 2, 2014 at 10:18 AM // Reply

    We will just be appreciative that we will be getting more TMI!

  2. teamedwardjace // December 2, 2014 at 10:22 AM // Reply

    as long as they pick great actors(even if it features some reprising their roles form the movie) that can effectively portray the parts(that’s faithful) and look (or be made) to look the parts, (and don’t look too old) I’m sure it will be good .

  3. Elissa Robison // December 2, 2014 at 11:01 AM // Reply

    I’ll try to be open but honestly I’m pretty disappointed and that’s probably not going to change.I watched the movie first so when I read the books Lily was my Clary,she’s who I thought of,that’s what it was like with all the cast for me.But Who knows I guess they could suprise us.

    • I get what you mean although I read the books first. With The Hunger Games I saw the first trailer when I first started reading the series so Jen was always my Katniss. I’d be disappointed if they had re-cast.

  4. I still don’t know what to think of it, i would like a new cast/family because it is a new project. But to me they fitted in perfectly and Kevin and Godfrey became my Malec etc. I love this cast and thankyou for this post because you’re more than right. We’ve to embrace the luck we get, we can redo this, we can try it again, this is our second chance to make TMI the best out of everything. I’m open to anything as long as it’s great and not another flop. (I still don’t think CoB was a flop but you know what I mean…)

  5. I can’t wait for new cast members. I already knew we was going to get new actors for the TV series. That is how many movie to TV adaptation happens. I’m just happy we are getting a TV series because I was saying before the movie came out, this series should of became a TV series from the beginning. I’m more worried which network picks it up. Our best bet would be CW.

    • I agree. I think this seems like good CW fodder. I’d also like to see it picked up by an online medium like Amazon or Netflix if that means that the show will be more accessible globally. I think the success of the show will be built from fan support and not necessarily mainstream tv viewers. I worry that if a popular network picks it up, that they’ll ax it too quickly if it’s not wildly popular. This is the kind of show that will have a fiercely loyal fan base but that fan base will only be large enough if it’s globally accessible.

  6. I loved the cast in the film and I’m sure I’ll love this one as well, because it’s a completely new adaptation. Think of it – there are several adaptations of Narnia, Mery Poppins, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, etc. And all of the listed began their life from books which are practically immortal today (yes, including James Bond). We’re gonna be fine. More than fine, actually. We’re gonna be legendary.

  7. I’m just happy they didn’t abandon bringing the stories to life after one movie. I loved the movie and I’m disappointed they halted the movie making but I’m thrilled I’ll still get to see my favorite characters on my TV screen.

  8. I can’t bielieve! I Love so much that cast and i can’t image a new Clary, new Jace it must be Lili and Jamie! This idea of transition to television is so great but new cast is so bad! I hope it will be a Jamie Campbell Bower beacose i love him so much !!!!!

    • it’s going to be different. I mean, there’s a slight change it won’t change, but it probably will. I will also miss them, but there’s nothing we can do! many people were scheptical about the movie as well (like how Jaime in the very beginning got a lot of hate from the fandom because they wanted Alex before we found out that it was Jaime). Hopefully you can learn to love the new cast just as much in the show, and still love the movie and the old cast separately 🙂

  9. I’m excited for the adaption and eager to see who is going to portray who.

  10. The cast is getting a horrible horrible deal in this. U can sugar coat it all you want. But those actors (apart from valentine that dude was fucking awful) put there heart and souls into these characters. They are going to be replaced because the popular version will over shadow the flop of movie any day. That is assuming that the tv series will be good. As a complete obsessed fan of these books It is appauling how little cassandra clare and constantine film consider the fans and the original cast. I fully believe that the movie adaptaion failed because 1 constantine fucked with the story line not that clare did anything anything to prevent it) 2 cassandra clare is all about money does not care about the on screen version because she simply uses the exuse sold the rights, not in the movie buisness i’m a writer They totaly failed to live up to the beauty of these books and everyone is paying the price. Lovely how you treat the “family” other fandoms should be so lucky!!!

    • Have you considered the fact that the actors were probably asked to play their roles and that – most likely, since they’re all actors who usually work in films – they couldn’t afford to do a TV show which takes constant filming for at least a few months without any other arrangements in the meantime? Because I think that everyone knew that changing the cast would be an unpopular decision and they did what they could to get them to play their roles, but they couldn’t; filming a TV show takes time and dedication that many actors who normally work in movies can’t afford.
      And by the way, if you’re really a writer, you should try paying more attention to your writing style or at least the punctuation. It’s apalling.

      • I never claimed to be a writer I was talking in reference to Cassandra Clare. I don’t remember insulting anyone other than the filming company and the author for there decisions. so talking down to me by being the grammar police is not really necessary. I shared my opinions its allowed. Don’t like it suck it up and move on

  11. I for one can’t wait for a new cast, I was okay with the cast until I saw the movie. There was a lack of chemistry between them, their performances were very weak. The only person who I still think should get a second chance is Robert Sheehan, he is Simon Lewis to me. But I can’t wait to see if the show get’s pick by a network, chancing are it MTV or CW, they could go another route like Hulu or Netflix.

    • I felt the lack of chemistry had more to do with a poorly written script. I liked the actors. Loved Clary, Luke, Jocelyn, and Simon. I thought the action sequences were great, but they didn’t develop or keep the dialogue from the books that made the characters come alive. The Shadowhunters seemed very one dimensional in the film.

  12. I’ve already voiced my opinion on this so I’m just going to give some news that I don’t know if you guys have seen yet. Goodreads had its top books of 2014 awards and City of Heavenly Fire won by 53+ thousand votes for young adult fantasy and The Iron Trial came in third in the middle school grade books behind Rick Riordans latest heroes of Olympus book and the latest diary of a whimpy kid book. 🙂

    • That’s great news – thank you for passing it along. There would have been some pretty stiff competition in both of those areas. Hopefully, at some point the marketing folks will realize that TMI and TID aren’t limited to young adult audiences 🙂

  13. No hate from here, I couldn’t stand the movie cast (or the movie) fingers crossed they get it right this time.

  14. I was beyond disappointed with the movie cast (with the exception of Robert Sheehan) and am more than happy with the new actors.

  15. I love the idea that we’ll get more TMI on our screens but I find it hard to accept that there may be a new cast. I love the original cast, they embraced the characters and I have gotten so use of them. Whenever I read the books, I always picture them as the characters. I guess I just have to deal. I’m just happy that the movie won’t be the last time I’ll see my characters again. It’s all about the story.

  16. I can not believe in it :(…. It’s impossible for me to Jamie was not Jace and Clary was not Lili… Is this a final decision?

  17. I want Lily Collins to return as Clary

  18. It will suck without the original cast especially jcb

  19. Don’t change TMI cast.
    We want lily ad clary and jamie as jace, please😭

  20. Don’t change cast, please! I love Lily and other, they’re great actors.
    They’re amazing, don’t change it!

  21. Do you all not understand the age of the actors/actresses? Some will be in their late 20’s, early 30’s. I understand the decision. And these actors are movie actors, not TV.

  22. Why?
    I really love MAGNUS by GODFREY, SIMON by ROBERT, CLARY by LILY and JACE by JAMIE-I love Jace-Jamie so, so, so much. Please don’t change the entire cast. Please, think again! This idea of transition to television is so great, but…we love former family. If you must do it-change Alec, Valentine(he must have got white hair)maybe Izzy, but no Jace, Magnus, Simon and Clary(they are amazing and perfect)

  23. OMG DON’T CHANGE THE CAST!!!! I fell in love with these actors/actresses because they brought the characters to life and are PERFECT for the characters!! I fhtere will be a new cast I’m totally not interested anymore……screw this I’ll still have my books and City of Bones movie 😥

  24. magnus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HAS TO BE GODFREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Please don’t change the cast. Our cast is the best! Please

  26. So excited for the Recast! I got into the Mortal Instruments when I first saw the trailer it intrigued me. I immediately started reading the all the books before the movie came out! The Clary I imagined was just like Lilly, Simon and Mangus was the same but for Jace and Alec , Izzy they were totally different! Lilly Collins and Robbert Sheehan, Godfrey Gao, were the only actors that really looked like the character and acted like them as well in my opinion. I hated the movie it ruined Cassie’s work, happy for this because now they got time to work on characters they skipped in the movie aka Raphael so rejoice guys! Most fadoms don’t get another chance to make it right (The Vampire Academy movie)

  27. I’m more than happy TMI is getting a tv show, I think a show can bring more time to the story we love instead of cramming it all to 90 min movie. BUT, I don’t want a new cast. the casting for the movie was nearly perfect, which is rare from a book to screen transfer and I guess I will be okay with some of the characters being re-cast but there are a few majors spots that I don’t think I will be happy with changing.
    Jamie for example, he IS Jace, its like the part was written for him, no one else can do this role justice in my mind.
    And Kevin as Alec, he is so damn perfect in this role, it would be so hard to find someone who can fill in his shoes.
    As much as I love the other cast members and I really really do, I might survive the change, in hopes that they pick good actors but I can’t live with the other 2 changes, I just can’t 😦

  28. sparklywarlock // December 4, 2014 at 9:53 AM // Reply


  29. midnightrose // December 4, 2014 at 10:38 AM // Reply

    more than likely the people who want the old cast to continue their roles will change their minds, when we see who’s cast in the TV series (especially if they are really great)

  30. I’m glad they (obviously) don’t keep the cast. I liked the movie cast, but I didn’t love it. I’ve always been against JCB portraying Jace. Godfrey was kind of the perfect Magnus and Robbie was great. He was the perfect Simon and I’d love to keep him in the cast, but I’d also be okay if they completely change it.
    They have to start all over again.. with everything.. otherwise people might think the TV series will be as bad as the movie. They’ll compare every little thing to the movie if they keep the cast and I think the producers want to avoid that..
    So I don’t mind if they change the cast. I’m really really excited for the upcoming news. I feel like back in 2012 when everything started and they were publishing the cast news and filming CoB.
    Soooo… I can’t wait! Too excited.

  31. I am really really really excited to see TMI going on television…..I always thought that’s how it should have been in the first place. I feel like they can do so much more with the story on televison. I hope they recast, with the exception of Clary, Simon and Jocylen. Their characters were cast right, but everyone else can be changed and it would break my heart at all. I just hope they can get it right, all away around this time. I was so disappointed with the movie, the way they butchered the story was just awful.

  32. I gt np with a recast but only 3 ppl have to stay : Lena Heady, Godfrey Gao and Aiden Turner

  33. Don’t change cast, please! I love Lily and Jamie, they’re great actors.
    They’re amazing, don’t change it!

  34. Bueno almenos yo no creo tener problema en el cambio de personages, mientras se apeguen a la historia estara bien

  35. I would love to have all the original cast back for the TV series. I think what killed the COB movie was the poorly written screenplay. It strayed way too far from the original book. You can’t blame the actors for that. They all did a wonderful job portraying their characters. After checking out IMDB, Jamie has nothing listed that he could be working on, so he should be available 🙂 I just loved him as Jace, and Lily’s last movie is in post production and nothing else is listed so she could also possibly be available….I guess we will all just have to wait and see. Plus I am going to try and keep an open mind. I’ll watch a few episodes and then if I decide I don’t like it, I just won’t watch it.

  36. midnightrose434 // December 5, 2014 at 10:16 AM // Reply

    It’s definitely interesting to me how much love JCB is getting now when he got a lot of shade thrown his way when he was first announced as Jace.

  37. I do really want all the original cast members back. But, if the producers offer them the roles, and they all say no, I’d be okay with that (that’s one of the reasons why I hate when people say Alex Pettyfer should’ve played Jace).

    • Alex Pettyfer playing JACE? why that seems…interesting. Why wouldn’t you like that? He MIGHT pull it off; you just never know with actors I believe ._.

    • Oh yeah I heard about that, Pettyfer was offered the role but declined. Oh well, I liked Jace tho it hardly seems likely they’ll keep the original cast, it rarely happens. Which is a shame, but I want the series to be out already, I can hardly wait!

  38. Jamie is Jace *_____* Dont change Jace Please.

  39. Well, most of you seem unhappy that the cast won\t be the same for the movie. This is a totally contradicting reaction to what I read in the reviews for the movie. Many people hated the casting, especially the actors/actresses casted for Clary, Jace, Magnus and Valentine.

    Personally, I feel Lily Collins wasn’t too bad but Jace could’ve been potrayed more as his arrogant self in the book. for me, Jamie was too bland. The actor for Valentine was a disaster,

    So yeah, overall, I’m looking forward to the new cast, I hope they are good, and this time I hope they make a good job out of the series because the movie wasn’t really what I expected.

    I’ve read only the first book in the series and I’m a fan, can’t WAIT for the TV series! O.O God save me.

    And I hope someone makes a movie/TV series based on “The Infernal Devices” Trilogy too; so in love with Will Herondale ❤

  40. The cast of the movie did a great job with the script they had been given. Jamie Campbell Bower will always be Jace in my head, Robert will still be Simon and sadly the perfect malec will never happen (sob). I would happily see jace, simon, alec, magnus, luke, jocelyn, and clary remain as the casting for the tv franchise. But reality as others have said will be that the cast are either all working on other projects – JCB is going to bring out an album next year and working on stuff he can’t talk about yet, Zeigers is in the Gracepoint series and has upcoming projects for next year, Robert has tons of stuff lined up already and rightly so he’s amazing. (He was my fav in misfits and i’ve been watching him ever since). I will remain committed to seeing what they do with the series as the writing is key and depending on if they get the re-casting, writing and production wheels all in sync. That was the downfall of the film. The guys in the film especially in the action sequences and stunts worked their butts off but there was nothing that they could do about the fact that the writers of the screenplay had mangled the plot lines, motivations and ultimately favourite scenes of the fandom. Valentine was so wrong. Casting wise i had no objection to Mr Myers as he does a great baddie as we see in his other work but he had nothing to weave into him. The film got rid of the fact that everyone thought he was dead and no one was surprised to see him or his followers. The decision to manipulate Jace came as a suggestion from Hodge and not part of the albeit evil but genius master-plan of valentine’s creation. Jared Harris who i thought was far short of the great performance he did in Sherlock Holmes but Hodge had almost no space in the film and for the most part hid. Valentine ALWAYS planned to use Jace and wanted to get him back but the film totally messed with all that and all the really important stuff we get out of the Renwick’s chapter of the book. The dark hair and braids also were also completely wrong for him. The set design, wardrobe and props were great in the film and i hope they get to use some of them for the series. I wonder if they will keep out as much of the ‘magic’ stuff like the demon bikes, Simon as a rat, the seraph blades lighting up and the blue sparks we should have seen around anything Magnus? Also will we get Church and a chairman meow? O.o

  41. Don’t change any of the characters from the movie for the series because the actors fit those roles perfectly and Jonothan Rhys Meyers was perfect as Valentine Morgenstern it would be a dissapointment to everyone who love those characters and also don’t change jamie campbell bower as the role of jace. all of theses actors for The Mortal Instruments were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. The original cast would be best n in my opinion the movies should keep going too. tv series are never guaranteed to make it people need to have faith n the movies

  43. This was an awesome and very optimistic post 🙂 I love the original cast, but I am just excited to go through the process of finding out the new cast all over again. I love that part of adaptations, so much fun!

  44. I liked the cast from the movie, but I agree that as long as they choose well, I will be fine with a new cast.

  45. NickyHaunter // January 13, 2015 at 1:16 PM // Reply

    I love Jamie, and I confess that for me it will be barely posible to replace him. AND I WAN’T ROBBIE IN THE TV SHOW. Nobody can play Simon like him 😥

  46. I think it’s pretty clear that the original cast won’t be returning, which makes me angry and also excited. Lily is Clary. Jamie is Jace. I’m not keen on Robert or Jemima playing Simon and Isabelle, though. Kevin is Alec. Godfrey is Magnus. But then, introducing a new cast will give this fanbase a new family, new actors/actresses to love! I agree with those who want the original cast to return, but I am very eager to find out who will be playing our favourite characters!

  47. Lesley Martinez // February 16, 2015 at 5:22 PM // Reply

    Jamie Campbell Bower is Jace and 4ever will be Jace Wayland, Lightwood, Morgenstern, Herondale I will always think this no matter what.

  48. Honestly I was fine with the entire cast. Except for Lilly Collins. The hair color just chagrined me throughout the entire movie, it may be a small thing but it annoys me.

    If anything, keep Godfrey and Kevin. They’ve already been burned into my mind as Malec.

  49. I have a strong fear that it will not go well. With years of disappointment with screen adaptations of books (Twilight, TMI, etc… and only with HP and HG doing well), I am afraid of what this will come out to be especially since its going to be on ABC FAmily (?) which I have nothing against, I LOVVVEE the Fosters (JONNOR all the way) its just that it seems that a different set of people watch ABC family (mostly) maybe something like MTV or CW will be a better fit…but mostly I am afraid it will fail and I will get my hopes up for nothing…

    I’m really questioning the whole, Simon is an accountant student (wtf.??) And What if they do change it up….MALEC SIZZY are the main thing for me when it comes to shippings….and every single moment COUNTS!

    But I also hope they offer view into other thingss….like Simon’s visit to Hotel Dumort… when he got attacked..AND I HOPE RAPHAEL IS IN THIS ONE!! OR the One of the first SIZZY connection after Max’s death! I want all that…I’m just hoping it doesnt suck (I would still watch it if it does…for the loyalty to Cassandra) and can make it past season 1

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