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Merry Christmas, Shadowhunters!

Simon and Clary by

Merry Christmas, Shadowhunters from your friends at TMI Source!

We hope that you got amazing (Shadowhunter-related) gifts and that you are now having a wonderful and peaceful time with everyone you love.

If you received any Shadowhunter-related gifts or if you do have a Christmas tree that looks like it could be straight from one of the Institutes, share your story or photos below in the comments or share them with us on Twitter!

Since the time before Christmas was really busy, we totally missed two snippets that Cassie posted on her tumblr (ops).

Let’s have a look and happy holidays:

“I don’t know,” Mark said, looking down at his own long pale fingers tangled in the little boy’s brown curls. “He just – Julian left, and Tavvy fell asleep on my lap.”

He sounded amazed, wondering.

“Of course he did,” Cristina said. “He’s your brother. He trusts you.”

“Nobody trusts a Hunter,” Mark said.

Lady Midnight snippet

Simon could barely believe any of his new memories, but the idea that Isabelle Lightwood had been his girlfriend seemed more unbelievable than the fact vampires were real and Simon had been one.

Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy snippet


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6 Comments on Merry Christmas, Shadowhunters!

  1. Got the TMI Books 🙂

  2. Caroline The ShadowHunter // December 25, 2014 at 2:40 PM // Reply

    go the TMI tarot cards !!! :3

  3. Gave the Tarot Cards to the friend who introduced me to the Shadowhunters. Have loved every single book. My friend totally deserved them!

  4. I got a set of the Shadowhunter Tarot and The Bane Chronicles!

  5. I got a TMI necklace and love it

  6. Phoebe Herondale // December 27, 2014 at 5:18 AM // Reply

    I got the TMI boxed set in hardcover!!

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