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TMI TV: What the TV Show Can Learn From the Movie


While The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones failed to prove a success both in the box office and as a faithful adaptation, there is a lot that Constantin and showrunner Ed Decter (and whichever network picks up the show) can learn from the film, both what to do and what not to do.

There’s a reason why it’s important to pay attention to history. So you’re not doomed to repeat it. Case in point for the forthcoming Mortal Instruments television show that seeks to succeed where the film failed. To make it easy on the folks in charge we’ve compiled a list of things that the movie did wrong (and that we want to see done right in the television show) and things that the movie did right (that we hope they don’t change in the show).

10 Things the Movie Did Wrong (That We Want to See Done Right in the TV Show)

Angelic Power Rune

1. Valentine

The Valentine portrayed in the movie was not the Valentine we all fell in love with. Now we have a new chance to remake Valentine as that suave, suit-wearing, smooth-talking psychopath that we all fell in love with in the books. In the movie he was psychotic in an uncontrolled manner. But that’s that the Valentine we know. The Valentine we know is always in control even when it may seem like he’s not. Plus, do I even need to mention the ridiculous clothes? Or that hair?! How could we expect these Shadowhunters to fear him if we couldn’t? Hopefully we can get the chance to glimpse the real Valentine: someone who exudes charisma and wisdom.

2. Isabelle and Alec’s Relationship

If you hadn’t read the books chances were you came away from the film not even knowing Isabelle and Alec were brother and sister. It was buried by less important things and mentioned only when it was convenient making it seem like it was more of a name-drop than an actual important part of the story, which it is. You can use the whole, “There wasn’t enough time to flesh it out” excuse, but fans and myself are having none of it. Get it right this time.

3. Magnus

I think we can all agree that Godrfrey Gao is a beautiful man and we applaud the accurate racial casting, but the film also managed to destroy his character. Look no further than the no pants thing. Magnus is a respectable character with dignity and smarts. And he was degraded for a moment of cheesy humor. Please, for the love of all that is holy, get Magnus’ character right.

4. Raphael

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the film was the absence of Raphael. Perhaps they thought we wouldn’t miss him. They couldn’t have been more wrong. So fix it. Put him back. (Side note: Make sure he’s cast racially accurate).

5. Jace and Alec’s Relationship

While we’re thankful that it was made clear that Alec had romantic feelings for Jace, their relationship wasn’t well-portrayed on screen. The fact that they are parabatai — the first parabatai we see — was absent and one of the things that was mostly severely missed. Not only are parabatais an essential part of the Shadowhunter world, but for Jace and Alec they establish that bond which makes their friendship crucial. It’s not something that can be thrown away. Please honor that this time around.

6. The Shadowhunter World

First off you should know that the Shadowhunter world is a world that we hold dear to us and it’s one that is intricately thought out. It’s literally given to you on a silver platter (Ed Decter and writers take note). The foundation of the Shadowhunter world is that it is a culture about angels. These Shadowhunters are part angel and everything about angels was taken out of the film. It’s the aesthetic of angels that drew people to the books. You might as well just make them like CIA spies fighting evil. No, seriously for the love of Angel Raziel don’t. It would be atrocious. But you need to understand that you need to use the magic that’s there before you start adding stuff that doesn’t make any sense. We know there will be changes but we hope for changes that respect the source material.

7. The Ending

This is still sore subject with me. One of the biggest problems of the film was that Clary ended up with the Mortal Cup at the end. Huge mistake. There’s a reason that Clary was supposed to lose the Cup. Clary needs to fall before she can rise, to lose before she can win, to keep fighting even when hope seems lost. It’s a part of her journey to becoming the hero of our story. And going back to Valentine, we need a villain that will be a real threat. He needs to be able to do things that strike fear into the hearts of the protagonists and the audience. This may be a fantasy to us, but the stakes need to feel real to both the characters and us.

8. The Lightwood Family Being Absent

Fans are still angry about this, to be honest. While the Lightwood parents and Alec and Isabelle’s brother Max weren’t in the first book they were still mentioned. There was no mention of them at all in the movie. While all mention of them was omitted due to the characters being aged up to where you don’t have parents, it still took away all context from the characters. Jace isn’t Jace without his complicated relationship with the Lightwoods. Plus, how do Jace, Alec and Isabelle even know each other? How do we know who a character is if we don’t know who they love?

9. Humorous Jace

The first thing you should know about The Mortal Instruments is that they are famously funny. They are quoted everywhere and dialogue in the film was serviceable at best. This story needs humor. Bring back the humor please. Movie Jace lacked the humor that made him the character we all love. He was much too serious. Don’t get me wrong, he has his moments, but Jace isn’t serious. He’s sarcastic – not mean and ugly but ironic, funny and smart. Without that, the romance between Jace and Clary falls flat and dead.

10. Why Did Valentine Want the Mortal Cup?

If I hadn’t read the books I still wouldn’t know the answer to this question. In the movie we never found out what made the Mortal Cup such a big deal, what it did and why anyone should care if he had it. We never even found out why Hodge betrayed the group. Even pirate Valentine found it hilarious as he made it clear he had nothing to offer Hodge. Did Valentine and Hodge even know why they were doing what they were doing? Can we flesh their characters out and give them some discernible motive? Need some help? Turn to the books. You can use them to help you, ya know?

7 Things the Movie Did Right (That We Hope They Don’t Change)

Angelic Power Rune

1. The Story Was About Clary

When push comes to shove this is a story about Clary Fray. She’s our protagonist and the story revolves around her. We need to see this world through her eyes and her journey. The movie remained focused on that. We don’t want to lose that because she is the most important character in this story. Side Note: Here’s to hoping the rumor about Simon already having a girlfriend is false because that would take so much away from Clary.

2. The Institute

The Institute from the film was everything we could’ve asked for. When you see that shot of the big, gorgeous church that the Lightwoods and family call home — and Shadowhunters seek refuge to — you are instantly transported into the books and into this world were half angels do exist. For a television show it would be easy to keep the establishing shot of a church and then add stone interiors full of angel and religious iconography. We really hope they do.

3. Clary and Simon’s Relationship Was Important

Clary and Simon’s friendship is an integral part to the story and to Clary’s character. They rely on each other; they love each other; they’re family. The scene that fans love most with them is when Clary runs into Simon’s arms or when Simon told her that he loves her. That connection between them is so important. Please don’t lose that.

4. The Casting

In Hollywood it’s easy to whitewash projects, in fact it happens all too often. But one of the important things that the film did was maintain racial accuracy with Magnus. With other diverse characters like Maia and Raphael also a part of the story we’re hoping they maintain that accuracy. There were some truly fantastic actors that played Clary, Simon and Jocelyn. We’re hoping that the television show delivers an awesome cast that can bring all of these characters to life in a different medium than previously seen in the movie.

5. The Design of the Magical Objects

The prop department knew what they were doing. Not only are the magical objects important themselves but so is their design. The steles looked just like we’d imagined steles looking, which was not like wands or pens. The Mortal Cup looked like we’d envisioned it. Here’s to hoping we get to see more cool stuff like that!

6. Alec’s Sexuality

The most important thing to fans is that the characters remain true to themselves. One of the things that had us worried heading into the movie was whether they’d maintain Alec’s sexuality. And they did. It was such an important thing to acknowledge that he was gay but also to not define him by that and only that. The film and Kevin Zegers did an amazing job with that. The TV show really needs to learn from this and execute it the same.

7. New York City

I think we can all agree that if The Mortal Instruments were to happen anywhere but New York City that it just wouldn’t be The Mortal Instruments. New York City is in itself a character and an important one at that. If you take it away then everything changes, and the fandom will get pissed. I don’t know why they’d change the location of the series, but in Hollywood you never know what they’ll change. I don’t want to believe that they’ll move the show from NYC, but if they do they’ll have to deal with the wrath of the entire fandom.

There’s a lot to be learned from the movie — both good and bad. We hope that the television show is able to take both the good and the bad and bring us a faithful adaptation that will satisfy fans.

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36 Comments on TMI TV: What the TV Show Can Learn From the Movie

  1. I agree with everything on this page right down to the dot. Btw the Angel, I hope they can do every episode like everything that happens in one chapter. That would be awesome! 🙂

  2. Church. The movie desperately needed Church.

  3. Ah, but rumours for the tvshow so far tell me that they didn’t pay attention at all. Some are ridicilious. Don’t forget the part where simon wasn’t turned into a rat and he didn’t need his glasses in the movie already. And the spoiler that they are related before they know themselves. That was a huge blunder for me. The rest is mentioned above.

  4. In the movie I didn’t like the fact that Jace says at the end that he didn’t” believe it in his heart” that they were brother and sister. In the books we had to wait until Book 3 to find whether or not they were!! Also I am one those that liked Jamie as Jace he was exactly how I imagined him to be but not so with Hodge I imagined him a lot older which is not the actors fault of course.

  5. One of the biggest parts to me wrong was the fact that the demons were not ever allowed in the institute and yet the movie showed Valentine and his demons take over it. I also agree that Valentine character was all wrong. I like Jonathan Reyes Myers if only they would have made him silver/blonde and bigger and dressed better. Jamie nailed the Jace character but the writers should have put in more of his fun smart mouth personality. They cut out one of the great parts on the subway. I am however looking forward to seeing the tv show. So here is to hoping they get this right.

  6. No portal in the New York institute! And no demons, the sanctuary was important. And Taki’s should be in there. As well as Church. The little details combined with the larger ones will make the series successful as they did the books. Here’s to hoping they dont botch it this time.

  7. i agree with everything above.. the institute and the shadowhunter weapons were amazing. to me, though, the biggest flaws were Alec and Isabelle. Not the actors, but the characters. Alec and Izzy both have complex and beautiful personalities which were all but completely absent in the movie. it seemed like Clary, jace, and simon’s personalities were given all the attention and the lightwoods were a bit neglected. my friend watched the movie without reading the book and she said that the only reason Alec was there was to be gay and Isabelle had no purpose at all. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! if she felt this way about the lightwoods, then i know others did too. Alec and Izzy are MAIN CHARACTERS and they need to be treated like it.

    • I agree.
      Of course Clary is the protagonist, but they shouldn´t forget that the story isn´t just about the Clace lovestory, but about the the shadowhunter history, culture, a brave and stubborn girl trying to save her mother and, most importantly, the characters.
      Clary and Simon´s unbeatable friendship, Alec´s protectiveness, Isabelle´s girly yet tough behaviour and her loyalty towards her brothers, Jace´s charm and sarcasm which is meant to hide his emotions, Simon´s pop-culture references and Magnus, who is more than just that flashy bisexual warlock.
      Also, the movie missed out a lot of the Jace-Alec-relationship. I mean, it wasn´t even mentioned that they were parabatai and that it means they have a very strong bond. When Alec almost died, Jace just seemed to defend himself and Clary; whereas in the book he was devastated at the prospect of losing Alec and he blamed himself (“mea maxima culpa”). In retrospect, I think it´s true that Alec was just portrayed as that gay guy being bitchy to Clary in the movie (in the book he even apologized to Clary in the end which is important for their character development too) and Izzy… well, we didn´t even learn much about her.

      What I mean to say: TMI isn´t only about the girl-next-door (Clary) falling in love with the charming badass. Don´t forget the dynamics between the characters, the relationships, the six main characters (Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, Alec, Magnus) growing stronger together and forming an unbeatable team.

  8. The movie was so messed up…. So much wrong there…
    I was happy with tje cast, expect for Jamie. Not because if how he acts but… I had a titalky different idea of howjace looks… More like alex pettifier for example


  9. One thing that really irritated me was the portals. They aren’t a natural occurrence they were created by Henry Branwell and Magnus Bane. Saying that they are natural just diminishes their importance in shadowhunter history.

  10. Beatrice Fray Potassium Potter // February 6, 2015 at 8:15 PM // Reply

    I think that Magnus, while ‘racially accurate,’ is not Magnus. I mean, the accent was TOTALLY off and he was WAY too serious. Really, Magnus is not Magnus without humour. As you said in the article, the rest of the movie also needs humour. Also, magnus wears pants, not whatever he was wearing during his party. HE WAS NOT SPARKLY OR GLAMOROUS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am obsessed with Magnus (not in that way!!! I ship Malec to hard to think of him in that way) 🙂

    I also agree with the mention of Valentine. He has blonde hair and is ALWAYS composed.

    I just hope that the TV series gets it right this time. And also, with a TV series, it can explore the relationships of Jace and the Lightwoods, Clary and Izzy.

    On a final note, at the end of the movie, when Jocelyn was in the hospital, wasn’t Catarina looking after her???? And Catarina wasn’t in the movie AT ALL. NOT EVEN MENTIONED!!! I’m just annoyed about it mainly because Catarina is one of my favourite characters (after Magnus, of course).

    Sorry. One last thing, they don’t mention ANYTHING about the Warlock’s marks and CHURCH AND CHAIRMAN MEOW MUST BE IN THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!

    • I also think they need to get Magnus right. He is a complex character; sarcastic and glamorous but also wise and a thousand other things. He’s not just a strange man who wears make-up. Magnus’ scene in the movie was way too short. And it was ridiculous that Magnus glamoured his warlock marks. I mean, why would he do that at his own downworlder party?

  11. By the Angel this is so true! I loved this article- it perfectly sums up everything I thought was wrong with the movie and everything I love about the books. I did like Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace tho- with a better (funnier) script- he could be perfect. Please make a TV series… and please please PLEASE do it right!

  12. the one other thing that aggravated me about the movie was that they totally ruined the whole are they really siblings thing. That was something that killed me. The show i really hope doesn’t include that from the movie.

  13. ***May contain spoilers if you have not read The Infernal Devices***
    Everything above and commented, I completely agree. No portal or demons in the Institute! Let’s not down grade Henry’s and Magnus’s brilliance of the portal’s creation for later reference should TMI be successful enough as a TV show for a possible TID. Church is a must as well as the fact of that the birthday party is for Chairman Meow ( 🙂 ) .
    And yes, 100,000 times YES! Thank you! I CANNOT express in words how important the parabatai bond is to me when I have one myself! I hope this is dearly noted to the TV show producers. Thank you again for putting it in the list 🙂 ❤

  14. Juliane Albright // February 8, 2015 at 12:47 AM // Reply

    The only thing I’m worried about is, that this is a very fast paced story, set in a very short amount of time. Six seasons would take six years, and the actors will age. Also, it would make the story seem dragged out, and way too long.

  15. Kelsea Hughes // February 8, 2015 at 5:55 AM // Reply

    they need to have Renwicks, because i felt disappointed that we didn’t get to see that old creepy hospital with all the forsaken. they missed a whole section of the book with Luke and Clary having that heart to heart conversation which makes us see there bond and understand the story about jocelyn and Valentine. the movie just made no sense and without reading the book it was hard for anyone to understand, i hope they put it in the show and show more of everyones bond.

    • ShadowsofTime // February 11, 2015 at 8:02 PM // Reply

      Technically that seen was in the movie. They just sort of used it as an excuse for Luke to mention that Clary might have had a brother. That in itself is perfectly fine, except the importance of them even mentioning it is completely destroyed by Hodge’s whole “If you lie and tell them…” scene.

  16. in the movie they didn’t add some of the most important and best quotes from the books, like ‘to love is to destroy’ and ‘declarations of love amuse me, especially when unrequited’. These DEFINETLY need to be in the tv show!!!

  17. True the movie had its flaws and its strong points but you missed one thing out of things wrong. The dialogue! There was some VERY important quotes missing😞 but hopefully the tv show will do better and add in my favourite quotes from the right people😃

  18. I hope they actulay choose actors that look like how we imagine Clary and Jace (unlike the movie).

    • ShadowsofTime // February 11, 2015 at 8:07 PM // Reply

      Can we say Alex Pettyfer as Jace? Even Ed Speelers or Alexander Ludwig (who they had actually considered casting, I might add) would’ve been a better choice!

      Don’t get me wrong, I like Jamie Cample Bower, as much as the next person, but he did not have that arrogance that makes Jace, well, Jace.

  19. The problem with the movie was: it was just a movie. They obviously would not be able to fit all of the important information from the books about downworld and the main characters into a two and half hour time frame, that’s why I hope with the TV show they do it detail for detail by the books with some minor changes, minor changes that will make it more epic like they can do some amazing things with their special effects, or even make sure the shadowhunter actors actually have some self-defense training to make it look even more realistic when they battle. They just missed too much and messed up too much. What they ruined the most though was definitely Valentine, he doesn’t look like a wannabe Jack Sparrow, he’s supposed to wear red velvet suits and look majestic and regal even though it’s blatantly obvious that he’s a psychopath. But they also destroyed the direction of the story line. The whole first book was leading up to the plot twist where the reader finds out that Jace and Clary are siblings, whereas in the movie the audience actually hears Hodge tell Valentine to lie to them and tell them they’re related, WE HAD TO WAIT UNTIL BOOK 3 TO FIND OUT AND THESE PEASANTS AREN’T LEFT WITH QUESTIONS AND HEARTBREAK FOR THESE CHARACTERS!! The big fight scene at the end though was a major disappointment, it wasn’t even supposed to take place at the institute it was supposed to happen at Renwick’s, and what happened with the Forsaken??? They didn’t even exist in the movie!!!! After reading all of the comments, I agree with every single one. The thing I hate about Hollywood is that when they develop a show from a book series, they never keep enough of it the same to make it amazing and all the fans of the books are disappointed and angry at the changes. They need to start listening to what people want, that way the views will soar and hopefully will pull in fans that haven’t even read the books, if they do it right they probably won’t even have to have read them (although it is probably a great idea). As for the aging, maybe they should take a lesson from the Game Of Thrones books and literally film one season after another instead of waiting until the first season has finished airing. They should however find some actors that resemble the character descriptions a whole lot more than the actors in the movie, I didn’t picture Lilly Collins as Clary, she’s way too beautiful, Clary is beautiful but her hair isn’t professionally curled it’s natural and more like Merida’s from Brave, and leaning more toward an orange rather than the dark colour she had in the movie. I also didn’t picture Jamie as Jace, sure he captured him well enough, but Jamie is too thin to be Jace, he’s all sharp angles and bones, he would make a really great Jonathon/Sebastian though.

    • I think all your comments are so spot on and I totally agree with everything you said.. You said it much better than I did. 🙂

  20. Some of these are ridiculous like Alec and isabelles relationship, I saw the movie first and I they made it clear that they were brother and sister. Lightwoods parents. They don’t really need much mention, since we nearly don’t see or hear about them. And nb. 10 you knew why valentine wanted the cup, and hodge we were told that he couldn’t go outside because of a curse.( we just need to know more about it, like why hodge got it and stuff.
    Just my thoughts.

  21. 1: casting of Valentine in the movie was amazing. Johnathan Rhys Meyers was perfect choice but thewhole pirate look was the absolute worst mistake in the movie. For the tv show (hoping they stay true to the source) I think Daniel Gillies (aka Elijah Mikaelson from The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals) would be an amazing recast for Valentine Morgenstern. Elijah’s personality (at least the way I see it) is probably the same as Valentine’s. Both characters portray a calm and collected demeanor but can turn into the most ferocious fighters in an instance should a situation arise.
    2: Raphael missing…the biggest no no. He is a core character in the series because let’s not forget he’s the reason Simon becomes a vampire and has his world turn upside down.
    3: I agree with the white washing parts as well. Don’t let that happen. Stay true to the races involved.
    4: the angels and their involvement in that world not being mention more in detail was another mistake that needs to corrected. And let’s not forget that there will always be those who might be “offended” at the mere mentions of angels or God…if you’re offended then take your happy ass somewhere else. I do hope that what ever network picks up the show won’t let those anti-religion fanatics ruin the show cuz it offends them. The fans base that will watch this show number in the millions…anti-religion peeps…maybe in the couple thousands…so please stay true to every aspect of the source material, including the religious aspect of it.
    5: this just my personal rant but I’m still not all too fond of The Mortal Instruments becoming a tv show. Honestly if this project was probably handed over to Peter Jackson things would’ve tur ed out soooooo much better. But that’s just me. I do hope this 2nd chance at the project succeeds cuz honestly we the fans have waited a long time to see this story come to life. Do right by us

  22. simona lewisa // February 10, 2015 at 9:33 AM // Reply

    SO RIGHT ABOUT JACE!! i have been complaining about him since i saw the movie for the first time and everybody disagreed with me.
    maybe jace´s dialogue was not that bad, it actually had many quites from the books, but the character was performed wrong. too serious. sometime it was hard for me to tell if he as actually telling a joke or being mean

  23. It’s naive to think they will do all this stuff that you want. Just like the film the series will be a very free interpretation, we should be glad if the main characters are there (or just their names with quite different personalities) and the word “shadowhunter” is mentioned. Look at the Vampire Diaries – don’t get me wrong, I love this show, but ONLY because I wasn’t a fan of the books, I did neither expect nor want the producers to follow the source material. A friend of mine who liked the novels a lot was devastated when she saw what the TV series was like.
    As for Valentine I agree that he wasn’t portrayed well but it’s generally much harder to find an intelligent, convincing, terrifying villain for a TV show than to find pretty and nice protagonists. I can’t think of anyone except maybe Benedict Cumberbatch who could play this role in all its complexity, whoever they can afford to cast would hardly meet your expectations.
    The budget won’t also be sufficient for a grand portrayal of the shadowhunter world, all those things like portals and beautiful intricate sets like we saw in the movie are very expensive. A TV show can only measure with movies in this department if it has as much money as Game of Thrones. And The Mortal Instruments doesn’t have that kind of budget, let’s just face it.
    As for the humour I like the way Jace joked in the film – mush less and meaner and colder than in the books, and in my opinion that’s the way he will be portrayed in the series, too, and not just he. I think the show will have to lose most of the humour in the books to be perceived by the viewers in the right way. The reason is simple: it’s very hard to combine a generally serious plot with such a large amount of sarcasm and humour on TV, these are two very different genres, I can’t think of any examples of TV shows that managed to master this delicate balance. Cassandra did it brilliantly in the books, I just don’t think the TV people can, and the easy way is just to leave out most of the humour, make it more serious in general. The alternative would be to turn the whole thing into a supernatural comedy and I doubt that’s what any of us want.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that we should try to be open and ready to big changes in the story lines and characters and much less grandeur in the props than we saw in the movie. Because that’s the reality, guys. Everything else is just wishful thinking.

    • I disagree with you. A serious plot line and sarcasm can be portrayed in a TV show. Why couldn´t it?
      A series like The Mortal Instruments shouldn´t be too serious. The humor and sarcasm is part of its charm. How would it look like if all we´d see was just drama and angst and death? That´d be just depressing, I don´t think I would watch that.
      Jace and Magnus and all the other characters are known for their sarcasm. Leaving that out would be like taking a part of their personality away. That was, at least for me, a problem at the movie-Jace. He really was too serious. For example at the scene after the Greenhouse scene when he says “How quickly you dismiss our love” – I knew, from the book, that this was meant as a sarcastic joke he made to cover his hurt feelings, but my mother (who hadn´t read the book) thought he was serious. Honestly, it came across like he meant it, which is just wrong. I know Jamie wanted to portray more of Jace´s dark, mysterious side, which is a good attempt and all, but I hope it will be different in the TV series.
      And as for other TV shows that manage to combine humor and seriousness and profoundness – there are a few. It just doesn´t work to leave one of them out if it isn´t a pure comedy that is. Vampire Diaries combines it, Supernatural does it, and it works out.
      In my opinion, a serious plot needs some humor to compensate the dangers and “apocalyptic mood” to say it overdramatically.

  24. Any news on the tv show yet? Are they shooting this year?

  25. This article was dead on. NYC is a must! Also get rid of the accents. Valentine and Jonathan had white blonde hair. Jace needs to be his humorous, sarcastic, dramatic, sweetheart self we love. I will not be upset to see the tv series totally recast. Well actually, I would like to keep Godfrey Gao as Magnus. * Before casting and writing scripts read the books* hint hint!

  26. It’s not fair to criticize the movie for failing to explore the relationships between secondary characters, omitting minor characters or failing to flesh out the mythic world. It was a 2 hour movie! The movie did lots of things wrong, but taking a long, complicated book and cutting it down to size (and budget!) was not one of them. The movie would have benefited greatly from more humor and it certainly needed to retain the book’s more distinctive, more strongly motivated villain but the rest of your criticisms are the inevitable result of time and budgetary constraints not poor creative choices. Essentially, you’re saying the movie was bad because it was a movie – I personally agree that the movie format was never ideal for TMI, but it’s still important to acknowledge the limitations of the medium instead of blaming the filmmakers.

    I also disagree that Simon having a girlfriend will detract from his relationship with Clary. Natalie is (without doubt) NOT going to go on regular Shadowhunter adventures with the rest of the gang and she has been described as “a bit possessive.” Her role seems to be the Mundane always left behind who gets jealous of how much time Simon spends with Clary and the emotionally intense relationship they share – that sort of subplot would only EMPHASIZE how important Clary is to Simon. Particularly if that jealousy lead to Simon and Natalie breaking up. Also, the TV show also needs to introduce new characters so that they can dispose of them at opportune moments to raise the stakes. Additionally, Simon’s character arc from the book needs to be stretched out to fill a whole season of 1hr episodes – that means giving him new material and probably starting his character in a different place so he has more room to grow over the course of the season. Giving him a girlfriend (and also making him an accounting student – how Mundane!) at the start does just that.

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