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Happy release day to ‘Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy’

Last May we had to say goodbye to the gang from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments but some of them are back now because it’s the release day of Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy!

The first of ten ebooks centered around Simon was written by Cassie and Sarah Rees Brennan and it focuses on Simon’s training at Shadowhunter Academy in Idris with a special guest appearance by one Isabelle Lightwood.

Here’s the official description:

After living as a mundane and a vampire, Simon never thought he would become a Shadowhunter, but today he begins his training at Shadowhunter Academy. Simon Lewis has been many things. A mundane. A vampire. A hero. But Simon can’t remember any of that. His memories of adventures with Clary, Isabelle, and the rest of the New York Shadowhunters were erased by a demon, and now Simon is eager to reclaim that part of himself. But will he ever get back the parts of himself that he lost? Does he even want to?

One day before its release, Cassie shared a final snippet on her tumblr:

“Oh,” Jace said carelessly, as if he hadn’t been waiting out here for the express purpose of seeing Simon off. He looked up, golden gaze casual, then looked away. “You.”

Being too cool for school was Jace’s thing. Simon supposed he must have understood and been fond of it, once.

“Hey, I figured I wasn’t going to get the chance to ask this again. You and me,” Simon said. “We’re pretty tight, aren’t we?”

Jace looked at him for a moment, face very still, and then bounded to his feet and said: “Absolutely. We’re like this.” He crossed two of his fingers together. “Actually, we’re more like this.” He tried to cross them again. “We had a little bit of initial tension, as you may later recall, but that was all cleared up when you came to me and confessed that you were struggling with your feelings of intense jealousy over my—these were your words—stunning good looks and irresistible charm.”

“Did I,” said Simon.

Jace clapped him on the shoulder. “Yeah, buddy. I remember it clearly.”

“Okay, whatever. The thing is … Alec’s always really quiet around me,” Simon said. “Is he just shy, or did I tick him off and I don’t remember it? I wouldn’t like to go away without trying to make things right.”

Jace’s expression took on that peculiar stillness again. “I’m glad you asked me that,” he said finally. “There is something more going on. The girls didn’t want me to tell you, but the truth is—”


Thanks to the time difference between the States and Europe, I’ve already read Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy and I urge you to have tissues ready.

Happy reading, Shadowhunters!

The next ebook – The Lost Herondale – will be released on March 17!

You don’t actually need an iPad, Kindle or Nook to read Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy. If you have an Amazon account, you can download the free Kindle Reading Apps for smartphones, computers or tablets.

Amazon US/Amazon UK/Amazon Germany/Amazon Canada/Amazon France/Amazon Spain/Amazon Italy/Amazon Australia/Amazon Brasil/Amazon India/Amazon Japan/Amazon China

When all the ebooks are published, the book will be released in print format (just like the Bane Chronicles).

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4 Comments on Happy release day to ‘Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy’

  1. But Amazon told me that the first one isn’t coming out til next week! Is this just an Aussie thing?

  2. mortalinstrumentslover // February 18, 2015 at 11:41 AM // Reply

    i need to read them!!!!!!!!!!|B

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