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Exclusive: ‘Shadowhunter Academy’ Narrator Devon Bostick Talks ‘Nerve-Wracking’ Audiobook Experience and Simon Lewis


Welcome to the Shadowhunter fandom, Devon Bostick. You’re certainly not a mundane anymore.

We’ve got an exclusive interview with that audiobook narrator of Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy (and star of the epic CW show The 100), Devon Bostick, as he talks about his “nerve-wracking” experience voicing an audiobook for the first time, how he relates to Simon and how he’d have liked to portray Simon in the film.

Hey, Devon. In case you didn’t know The Mortal Instruments is headed to the small screen and the role of Simon Lewis is up for grabs. Just thought we’d let you know. Let’s just get one thing straight: I don’t think I could handle Jasper dying on The 100, but you’d make an excellent Simon Lewis.

Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy is now available on audiobook and eBook format.

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6 Comments on Exclusive: ‘Shadowhunter Academy’ Narrator Devon Bostick Talks ‘Nerve-Wracking’ Audiobook Experience and Simon Lewis

  1. He would also make a good James Carstairs!

  2. I also agree,Devon would make a neat Simon Lewis. But no way could he ever play James (Gem) Carstairs. The character, as described in The Infernal Devices, is Chinese and is a really, really beautiful character soulwise, as well as, physically.

    • He sounds EXACTLY like Simon and looks like him and acts like him….He just is him….They should have hired him for the movie and he should be Simon in the TV Series most definitely…I love Robert Sheehan I do but Devon is… exactly like Simon

  3. I like Devon’s voice and his attitude. Robert Sheehan was spot on as Simon in the movie, but I think Devon could do the character on TV. I read the Wikipedia page for The 100. What a downer plot! He needs to do himself a favor and switch to something more positive. 🙂

  4. By the way, I just read the ebook version of Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy. The story was awesome, but Simon & Schuster used 10 of the 51 pages for advertising. Thumbs down on that. 😦

  5. I love Devon so much! I love his role as Jasper in The 100 and I think he would be amazing as Simon. I honestly hated Simon when I was reading the first two books but after the other books I started understanding more about him and grew to love him. I love Robert Sheehan, too. But it wuld be awesome to have Devon as Simon!

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