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TMI TV Dream Cast: Our Picks for Clary Fray

With production on The Mortal Instruments television show set to get underway this year, that also means that we’ll be meeting the cast that will be portraying the characters of Cassandra Clare’s series on the small screen.

While a hot topic surrounding the show has been casting – most specifically regarding the cast of the movie – it’s almost guaranteed that different actors will be cast in the small screen adaptation. But I’ve seen weirder things so you never know. But I wouldn’t hold out hope for the film’s cast to reprise their roles on the small screen. Television and movies are two different mediums. The same characters can appear on both avenues, just look at DC Comics on TV and in the movies; they are separate universes that share similar characters that are not linked to each other.

So as we wait to learn the identities of the actors who will be portraying our favorite characters on television, we thought we’d start dream casting beginning with our story’s protagonist, Miss Clary Fray.

Here are our top three actresses we’d love to see portray our heroine:

1. Molly Quinn


Back when The Mortal Instruments had been optioned as a film and we waited years for any progress, my choice for Clary was Molly Quinn. And I wasn’t alone. When the only thing fans had to go off of were fan-created videos using actors that they envisioned as the characters, Molly was almost always Clary. Not only does she have the look: a cute redhead who is, shocker, actually around the age of the character, but she’s a great actress to boot. If you haven’t seen Molly in action I highly suggest watching Castle. She slays it. While it’s important for the actress to have the look, it’s even more important that they understand the character and are able to portray that character on screen in a convincing way. In a way that doesn’t feel like we’re watching a television show but like Clary has stepped out of the pages of the book and into the real world. Plus, not only is she a fan of the books, but she even voiced the audiobooks for City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls!

2. Jane Levy


When we’re thinking possible Clary Frays, you immediately picture a redhead. While Lily Collins was amazing as Clary in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, some fans were hoping for an actress with some nice red locks that are a trademark of the character. That’s only one of the reasons why Suburgatory‘s Jane Levy would make an excellent Clary. Like Molly, she’s got the red hair and looks the appropriate age to play a character that — though might be aged up in the show — shouldn’t be older than 17 or so. She’s also a superb actress that has experience ranging from television to movies and from comedy to horror (she was the lead in the Evil Dead remake). With Suburgatory resting in the television graveyard (R.I.P.), I don’t see why Jane wouldn’t be available for the role should it come her way.

3. Skyler Samuels


Skyler Samuels has some previous experience working on a television show adapted from a Young Adult book with ABC Family’s The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Unfortunately Nine Lives didn’t make it on the network (much to my disdain still), but Samuels is one of those actresses that is buzzing with talent and looking for that breakout role and the success that comes with it. Like Molly and Jane, she’s got the looks — the hair (nearly) and the age-appropriate look. Not only is Skyler charismatic but she’s got great emotional range that an actress portraying Clary needs to possess. And clearly she looks better in black.

Head over to Fangirlish to see their hopefuls for the role of Jace.

Who would you like to see cast as Clary in The Mortal Instruments television show?

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94 Comments on TMI TV Dream Cast: Our Picks for Clary Fray

  1. Molly Quinn is the best of these actresses!

  2. I think molly Quinn looks a lot like what I pictured clary looking like. 🙂

  3. I wonder who will play Magnus, though part of me hopes that Gao will reprise.

  4. Molly Quinn

  5. I like Skylar Samuels the best. Despite the fact that she’s not a redhead (which hopefully, if they cast her, she can dye it) I think she gives the best look to Clary.

  6. Skyler is amazing. She is a perfect Clary for me.

  7. Molly Quinn!!

  8. Molly Quinn. As much as I would like Lilly Collins to be Clary, I think Molly would be a good substitute. :3

  9. I agree with Tatiana Grimm. Since Lilly Collins is not reprising the role for TV. Molly Quinn would be a good choice.

  10. Definitely Skylar Samuels. She looks the part and would be fabulous as Clary!!!

  11. I love all three! but if i really have to choose i’d go with jane levy.

  12. I like Skyler. She looks like how I always pictured Clary. I’d be cool with Jane though, and I could maybe accept Molly

  13. i think that Molly or Jane would be a perfect substitute since Lilly Collins is not reprising the role for TV. I loved Lilly to play the role of Clary Fray but Molly or Jane would do as well i guess

  14. Im going for either Molly Quinn or Skyler Samuels. I think they would both be perfect for the role

  15. I’m not going to answer this at all or any questions on who should replace the actors from the movie because just like with the movie, when the choice we think fits best isn’t picked there’s those out there who get rude and mean about it. So I choose to be Switzerland. All I want to see is how they’ll start this, will they pick up from City of Ashes or restart with City of Bones (the latter would be the best choice in my opinion especially if they have different actors), and what tv network they’ll show it on because I may not get to watch it until it’s on Netflix after the season is over of it’s on something I don’t have such as HBO or Starz. So yep, I’m Switzerland.

    • In reply to seralynsmom, 2/19/15, 12:12 PM. I agree with you wholeheartedly. It is best to wait and see who the final casting choices will be. God, I hope they choose a the perfect guy to place Jace. I am also praying that a network like CW will be the one that broadcasts it. I do not subscribe to premium channels such as HBO, Show Time, Starz, etc. I hope they choose a network that is available to everyone, no matter what country they live in. I, also, hope they start at the beginning, The City of Bones. As the story presented on TV will be more fully fleshed out, It would be silly to jump a book, just because the first book was presented in a movie format. I am really looking forward to this series!!!

      • I agree that I hope they start with book 1 and take it from there. And I also agree that the CW would be an excellent network for the show to be broadcast on. It fits right in.

    • TMI_needsthemovie // February 19, 2015 at 11:54 PM // Reply

      They already said they were going to restart it all because so things from the movie had to be fixed like clary ending up with the cup valentine was supposed to end up with it.

  16. Either Molly Quinn or Georgia Henley from “Chronicles of Narnia”

  17. I’d really like skyler because she’s got Clary fray look despite her hair

  18. Ori Herondale // February 19, 2015 at 12:33 PM // Reply

    skyler Samuels o Molly Quinn. Cualquiera de las dos seria perfecta como actora para TMI!

  19. Abby Jackson // February 19, 2015 at 1:06 PM // Reply

    I get why they would want to change them but what’s the real point??? We have already gotten attached to the movie actors (well me and my friends have at least) so why would you change them?? I love the movie actors (especially Jamie) and it would be a huge shame to see them go but if I have to choose one of them I would choose Skyler.

    • Because, unfortunately, some of them have other projects going on that may not let them add this to their things to film list. Others may just not want to do tv, and there’s still more reasons that I can’t really remember right now, but suffice to say they may not be able to do it. It’s unfortunate but it happens all the time.

  20. I wouldn´t want for any of them to be cast as Clary (except maybe Skyler). I´d like to see someone unknown for the role if Lily doesn´t reprise the role. I think she was a perfect Clary. And Robert Sheehan was a perfect Simon. The other actors, well you can debate about that, but I think they were pretty good choices. Kevin was a bit too old for Alec, but he portrayed him well.

  21. none. WTH no. I do not see Clary in any of those girls

    • TMI_needsthemovie // February 19, 2015 at 11:56 PM // Reply

      Thank you someone agrees I just don’t see clary at all maybe Molly if she dyed her hair a darker brighter red

      • I really dont care is the read head is brighter or darker liek in the movies. I actually preffer darker like Lily Collins had. But tbh neitehr of these girl looks like a propper Clary.

    • I agree! I mean I can’t see Clary at all in any of those girls. I really do like Lily as Clary because she was Clary.

  22. wait so what channel will it come on

  23. None of these girls are how I pictured clary!!! Molly and skyler are not red heads. Their more blonde. And Jame resembles nothing of what clary would look like. These three are terrible choices?!

    • Clearly you’ve never really seen Molly she is a natural red head and she has naturally curly hair which they’ve mostly straightend on Castle

  24. I actually wouldn’t want any of them to be Clary. I really do like Jane Levy, but I’ve always pictured her as Cordelia. When it really comes down to it I don’t see anyone as Clary (not even Lily Collins who I adore), which is strange because I actors for all the other characters.

  25. I think Skyler because she looks more like how Cassandra Clare described Clary in the books.

  26. I actually got to talk to Molly C. Quinn on Twitter back when they were first casting and she is a big fan and she really wanted the part. Unfortunately they never auditioned for Clary’s role they just gave it to Lily so she never even got to try.

  27. All of them just don’t feel right to me like they’re either not right age wise or looks wise so I’m not sure about these picks…to be honest I’m still trying to come up with my picks esp with Clary

  28. Jordan Shelton // February 19, 2015 at 8:24 PM // Reply

    Definitely either Molly Quinn or Jane Levy!💕➰

  29. TheMoniMonster // February 20, 2015 at 7:11 AM // Reply

    Molly Quinn!

  30. But Lily Collins IS CLARY! 😦 Whenever I think of Clary, I automatically think of Lily. She has it all. Why are you taking her away from us? Nevertheless, guess Molly Quinn will be the best substitute. But honestly, you will never find someone better fitting for the role as Lily.

  31. I think Skyler is amazing for the part of Clary. I realy love Lily Collins but this part wasn’t perfect for her. I think Skyler look a lot younger but also looks strong!

  32. Lily Collins will forever be Clary but sadly since she is not going to come back :’-( ,I would pick Molly Quinn.

  33. I don’t think any of them would suit the role of Clary Fray

  34. Destiny Coplen // February 21, 2015 at 3:23 PM // Reply

    I want Lily Colins to do it… but… out of these 3 I would have to say Skylar would be the best if she dyed her hair red :/

  35. This will be a complete failure.

  36. Producers Stupid! choose younger actors! the characters are teenagers! And this girls look very adult! And do not forget make the series as possible equal to the book! Including dialogues!

  37. Skylar would be best. She’s more mesmerizing.

  38. Please let Lily Collins be Clary!

  39. KatnissGrangerMorgernstern // February 25, 2015 at 3:25 AM // Reply

    KEEP LILY, JAMIE, KEVIN AND ROBBERT AND THE CAST. x10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  40. mortalinstrumentslover // February 25, 2015 at 3:47 PM // Reply

    molly quinn seems the best option

    • J*-ER-RN-junky! // April 1, 2015 at 3:20 AM // Reply

      Before I even saw this forum and these proposed choices I was already thinking Molly Quinn would be perfect a perfect actress since seeing her acting in Castle. I hope she is in the running for the role of Clary.

  41. I think that everyone should be the same especially the actor that plays jace but the I think that Jane Levy should be clary if her hair was longer like a lot longer but the reason why I like her is the fire like red hair.

  42. Skylar Samuels, please dye her hair red

  43. Molly Quinn, i cant imagine the others as Clary (Sorry if my english is bad :D)

  44. I found that the character suits lily collins the best! I would not like it if they change the cast at all!

  45. Molly Quinn! I’d also like Annalise Basso as Clary. 16, redhead, green eyes, perfect! Check her out! 😉

  46. Honestly not any of them look like clary

  47. Skyler Samuels for Clary and Alex Pettyfer for Jace. (If it can’t be the same from the movie. Would rather have Jamie Bower for Jace)

  48. NickyHaunter // March 4, 2015 at 1:22 PM // Reply

    I think Molly Queen is great, but a really hope that Godfrey Gao will be playing our dear Magnus!!! It wont be the same if he doesnt play him…

  49. Stella Smith // March 10, 2015 at 7:52 PM // Reply

    lily collins

  50. cherrybee147 // March 16, 2015 at 11:38 AM // Reply

    I think Molly Quinn should be better for act Clary than Lily 🙂 She is really cute a I can imagine her better. I hope she will play Clary Fray. She will be really adorable Clary! :3

  51. I really hope that they ceep the old casting, when I think about Clary,Jace,Simon etc. I think of the old casting from The Mortal City of Bones.(please please try to hold the old casting)

  52. jane levy would be my first pick. but if it couldnt be her for some reason i would go with molly quinn.

  53. love love love Jane Levy for Clary omg I want them to get her so bad, either her or Molly

  54. Lizzy Fandomlover // April 1, 2015 at 5:18 PM // Reply

    I like Jane Levey the best out of these, but I also want Holland Rhodand to play her a little bit😉

  55. I still don’t like any of these actresses for Clary..

  56. I think Skyler looks very much like how I pictured Clary while reading, so I think she will look alike with some hair dye.

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  58. Jane Levy for me… honestly she looks more like clary than other two girls.

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  60. Reblogged this on So Many books, so little time and commented:
    Any one of these actresses would be Amazing!!!

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  62. Valerie Hill // April 24, 2015 at 6:31 PM // Reply

    Molly Quinn

  63. I couldn’t have stated it better myself

  64. Would be okay with the first two but so not the third!

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  80. lucydecember // June 11, 2015 at 4:50 AM // Reply

    She looks like Clary. She is perfect

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