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Producer Don Carmody talks ‘Shadowhunters’ TV Show


How would you like to start your Tuesday with some Shadowhunters TV news?

While producer Don Carmody was disappointed with the failure of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, he gushed to reporters at the Canadian Screen Awards on Sunday about his hopes for the forthcoming television series, which will be titled Shadowhunters.

“The story is so broad and the novels are so dense that we’re actually now talking about doing it as a limited series for television,” he explained.

Carmody shed some light on how the books could be divvied up by season on the show, which would be a great way to delve into the plethora of story in each book and remain as faithful as possible to the story.

“The first book would be the first year and then assuming that goes well, the second book, the third book, the fourth… there are six books. So that’s what we’re looking at.”

But Cassandra Clare’s “Shadowhunter” stories don’t end with The Mortal Instruments. There’s also The Infernal Devices, which would end up benefitting should Shadowhunters end up a success, the forthcoming The Dark Artifices, The Last Hours and The Wicked Powers among short series like The Bane Chronicles and Tales from Shadowhunter Academy.

Carmody also touched on where he’d like the show to be filmed, which would be in Toronto like The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. That’s not confirmation that it will be filmed there, just that he’d like it to be. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Shadowhunters is set to begin production this year.

What are your thoughts on each season being one book in the series? Would you like the show to be filmed in Toronto like the movie was? Share your thoughts below!

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38 Comments on Producer Don Carmody talks ‘Shadowhunters’ TV Show

  1. Still no news on casting? If production is to start this year… =/

  2. mortalinstrumentslover // March 3, 2015 at 1:13 PM // Reply

    Looking forward to the t.v. show its going to be amazing!:D but i agree with Kate/Kili we have heard nothing of the cast news…

    • They probably don’t have everything ready. They still don’t know where there filming and they still don’t have a network, also its the beginning of the year we still have 10 months until the end of the year. And I don’t know about you but I would rather wait longer for the show to start production so they do everything right and not rushed.

      • Liddia Herondale // March 5, 2015 at 8:24 AM //

        I agree with you. I would rather it take a little longer and them get the casting, the scripts, the area, the network all right. The movies could have been ask big as Harry Potter, if not bigger, but they rushed and misjudged the audience they would be showing the movie to so it didnt go that way– I think the wait will hopefully be worth it and rather they take their time. Just like I am glad they are figuring for a limited series and not something that will go on forever in some random way even though the story of the books have been told. If they go with the other attatched series as well then if they do that right and take their time on that too, then okay, but take your time production team and please do it justice. We dont want it to be canceled yet again with no hope of ever seeing the characters come to full term. Especially since they will have to be competing with things like Marvel and DC on tv now.

  3. Katie Houston // March 3, 2015 at 1:21 PM // Reply

    I really hope they don’t ruin Alec’s and Isabelle’s personalities like they did in the movie…

  4. Denise Garcia // March 3, 2015 at 1:39 PM // Reply

    Depending on how many episodes the season will have, I think that each episode will undoubtedly be action packed.

    • The amount of episodes depend on what network picks it up. Obviously they will air a pilot but after that it’s down to the network. E.G If they’re going for The CW than there will be 22,

      • The CW also does shows with shorter seasons. For example, iZombie and The 100 only have 13 episodes per season.

  5. i would really love it if they would start filming it…. period, Even at a studio at this point. I love the books, loved the movie. I’m disappointed they didn’t make the second movie. I mean really this has a much, much better story line than twilight and I love twilight, read the books saw all the movies. I really cannot comprehend how it didn’t do better than the twilight franchise.

    • lol I would agree if they had kept the movie anything like the books. It had the potential, if it had been done right, to be a huge successful franchise. The reason it did so badly is because pretty much everything was wrong. Alec and Izzy’s entire personalities were wrong, very important plot points were left out, and don’t even get me started on Valentine. I’m sad that it couldn’t have gone on as a movie series too, especially since I loved most of the cast, but I think TV has a much greater chance of staying true to the story. Hopefully. I’m sure they’ll start casting soon, maybe be filming by summer? Idk lol! I can’t wait tho!! :))))

  6. I have a feeling these would work much better as a tv series than on the big screen

  7. I’m really excited I can’t wait 😀

  8. Caitlin Audet // March 3, 2015 at 4:06 PM // Reply

    I think the Toronto setting was great in the movie. But what’s more important to me is how close the show will stick to the books. I love this series and was very disappointed at how the movie turned out. But I do see a TV series being the better option there is more time to explore the world of shadowhunters and downworlders and it’s something to look forward to every week.

  9. Daylighter // March 3, 2015 at 4:43 PM // Reply

    It all comes down to the network that picks it up. Everything relies on that detail. Then we concern ourselves on if it gets picked up. I dont want to get my hopes up. But I am really excited about this!

  10. That’s good news! I’m really looking forward to six years the mortal instruments tv show 😀

  11. Katie Houston // March 3, 2015 at 6:02 PM // Reply

    I am supersupersuper anxious about the TV series because on one hand I love TMI with all my heart and a show would be absolutely fantastic but on the other hand i don’t think I could take it if the show turned out to be as bad as the movie

  12. It was great to finally hear some news about the show from a credible source, instead of speculation. Excited! 🙌

  13. It shouldn’t be called ‘Shadowhunters’. The books were not just about the shadowhunters. Its just disgusting that they are naming it just to grasp peoples attention. If i were CC i would not approve of the title.

    • Um…isn’t everything she has and will write in the future having anything do with the Showhunters/Downworld make up The Shadowhunter Chronicles, or something?

      • Crystal // March 4, 2015 at 2:10 PM //

        yes. lol. It’s called Shadowhunters instead of the Mortal Instruments because ALL her shadowhunter series put together are The Shadowhunter Chronicles. These people getting mad about the name are honestly pissing me off because this title actually makes so much more sense than The Mortal Instruments because it opens the door for the other series coming to TV as well. And if we are going to get into the other part of what you said (that the books aren’t ONLY about Shadowhunters), first of all they are mostly about shadowhunters, and second of all the Clave is so self centered and everything that of course the focus would be on them and not, like, downworlders or anything like that.

      • Crystal // March 4, 2015 at 2:11 PM //

        Also Cassie has said over and over and over that she has no say whatsoever in the tv show unless they choose to ask her

  14. I seriously can’t wait for this. I’m such a huge fan of the books, what I’m really hoping what will come out of this show is that it portrays The Mortal Instruments correctly and although I know it’s probably never going to happen I’m really hoping so of the actors from the movie will act in the show because they all portrayed the characters so well.

  15. YES TORONTO!!! I LIVE THERE AND NEVER KNEW ABOUT THE FILMIMING! It would be amazing for my fav to be in production here! 😝😛😚

  16. WarlockBane // March 3, 2015 at 7:36 PM // Reply

    By the Angel, yes! I was hoping that they would want to do one season per book if all things went well with the first season. This has made my day! Thank you!

  17. This sounds promising. The only concern I have is that the sixth season might not be enough to contain everything that happened in City of Heavenly Fire. Some of the books are longer than others and that one is the longest of all. Many studios want a set number of episodes per season and I am not sure if we could get extra episodes because the story goes on. The other possibility could be to simply have a seventh season, if the material will go far enough. Just saying…………..

  18. Michael I understand what u mean about cohf but I think that fox extended sleepy hollow’s second season by a couple episodes compared to the first season, could be what happens here with a sixth season.

  19. I just hope that everyone involved actually reads ALL of the books before they start production so that they don’t leave out anything important. Also it would be nice to have a younger cast who actually read the books and stay true to the personality of their characters… and another thing, they’d better not waste time with scenes like the one in the movie where Jace pulls out a heap of weapons outside Dorothea’s house because it was completely unnecessary, it’s been done and they could have used that time to explain Jace and Alec’s Parabatai relationship. Oh and for the record, Johann Sebastian Bach WAS NOT a shadowhunter!

  20. I think that having one book per season is a good idea. Lots of good tv shows last about 5-7 seasons long so that’ll be good. I think it’ll be okay if they film in Toronto.
    Basically I just want it to turn out a success with good actors and great filming.

  21. I can’t wait for the tv show. However I think they are making a mistake by not completing the movies, I only just found the books and the movie which goes to show that they either didn’t aim advertising at my age group and up or they didn’t advertise it well enough last time, I think if they did some research they would find it is becoming largely popular now.

    • I’m sorry but I think that, although the movie was good, it wasn’t the best they could do. And because it wasn’t the best they didn’t make enough money so they can’t continue. By doing the tv show it’ll open it up to a wider audience and we’ll be able to see a lot more happen with it because they are able to include everything. I think that might be becoming popular now because people are curious and want to know what the movies about, but I think they should just not worry about watching the movie because there is so may things they did wrong in the movie. I’m not having a go at you either. I’m just saying what I think.

  22. They start filming this year! Great, can’t wait for it. Cast is important, but I’m a bit nervous about the plot. I hope they will make a story more interesting, than it was in the movie. One more thing, if they make a new project, why they can’t change the beginning. The movie started with Clary, maybe it will be better to start a TV show with Jocelyn, Valentine and a fight between The Circle, The Clave and downworlders. Show how Jocelyn run away with a Mortal Cup and then come back to 16-years-old Clary. Just an idea…

  23. hi kate, when u mentioned about the advertising age martin m the ceo of costantin film said to the hollywood reporter awhile back that one of the things he thinks they did wrong with the marketing was leaning more toward the teen side of the fanbase and not acknowldging enough the many adults who love the series. most likely the tv series would fix that

    hi Lana, i love the idea u had to start the tv series with that scene ! The Circle is one of the most xciting elements of the story! would love to see it played out on the small screen.

  24. Raven Daniell Sky Ruhlander // March 4, 2015 at 3:36 PM // Reply

    are they chancing the character are they??

  25. it needs to be filmed in NYC, that is the whole vibe of the stories, I think its so important. Also, I would give up a limb for them to keep the same cast😍

  26. Anna Herondale // March 5, 2015 at 1:12 PM // Reply

    I’m so excited about this. With a whole season per book, they will be able to recreate the in-depth characters Cassie has created for us to love. The plot will get to be as highly developed. This is going to be amazing 🙂

  27. I’ve just found out on Tumblr that TMI show will begin filming in May 2015!

  28. Stella Smith // March 6, 2015 at 12:02 AM // Reply

    The cast from the movie should return! I enjoyed the movie so much, I read the entire set of books. I also think that they should have marketed the movie to a broader demographic as I am years from being a young adult

  29. i really cant picture Simon as an accountant

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