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TMI TV: More Rumors from the ‘Shadowhunters’ TV Show


Things seem to be picking up pretty quick with Shadowhunters, the television series based on The Mortal Instruments. Not only do we know which network it will air on (ABC Family), when it starts filming (May), where (Vancouver) and that they’re currently casting.

Not to mention, we have plenty of rumors floating around online to keep us occupied (and make us worried).

Here are some new rumors from the folks at Spoiler TV:

– Manga is referenced. (Specifically Dragon Ball)
– Characters are aged up by about 2-3 years.
– Clary is attending the Brooklyn Academy Of Art.
– The Institute is seen in the pilot.
– Simon’s band has different members. This includes Natalie Adams (Simon’s girlfriend) with a pomeranian named Yeti and bass player Gary.

Now, the only thing I have a problem with (and I think some fans will, too) is the part about Simon’s band and his supposed girlfriend Natalie.

What the hell happened to Eric, Kirk and Matt? Why does Simon have a girlfriend? Is this pomeranian a part of the band? WTH? (The only positive is that Simon has a band in this adaptation).

The thing that those writing and running this show need to understand is that there’s a huge difference between creative license and completely messing with what fans of the books love so much. You’re writing to the fans; you’re making this show for the fans. So why are you changing things that don’t need to be changed?

Until anything is confirmed, we’ll call them “rumors.” Here’s to hoping that “rumor” about Simon’s band and this Natalie girl are just rumors because it’s pretty bad.

Here’s to hoping that if these rumors are true that those running the show will listen to the fans, reexamine their decisions and perhaps read the books. I think a majority of the fandom is open to change. But change in the form of what is necessary when adapting a book series to a television series. Changes in pacing, changes in , etc. Not changes to the core group of characters that are the reason fans fell in love with the series.

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47 Comments on TMI TV: More Rumors from the ‘Shadowhunters’ TV Show

  1. Seriously this is getting ridiculous Simon does not have a girlfriend because he has a HUGE crush on Clary they shouldn’t mess with the characters. I love Eric, Kirk and Matt

  2. I don’t have any more information since I’m just a fan, of course, but I could understand the creation of this Natalie girlfriend for one reason…
    A lot of stories present a love triangle, especially nowadays, (quadrilateral even in our story’s case), and in all these stories I can think of, the second male character is single.
    Just like Simon is, in the books.
    What if the creators of the TV show wanted to break this scheme, and to have a love triangle (quadri, whatever) with the second character NOT single?
    Most of the time, these second characters aren’t in a relationship because they’re too in love with the main character, but what if Simon were in love with Clary, but trying to build his own life anyway while not being with her?
    I don’t know, maybe that’s not the reason at all and that’s just because they don’t care changing things for changing things, but even if I love things being faithful to the original stories, I wouldn’t mind this change… probably because I wouldn’t have minded what I just suggested being in the original story too!
    Just my opinion, of course! 🙂

    • You are a wise person. I AGREE

    • ShadowsofTime // March 14, 2015 at 5:55 PM // Reply

      That would actually make a LOT of sense. It would allow our Simon to develop at a completely different pace, in terms of his relationship with Clary.

    • Absolutly! I totaly agree with this 🙂 I immediatly thought They add this Nathaly to spice the relationship between Clary and Simon, like he wanted to make her jealous or try to. And seriously at this point all of this is only rumors and I’m not bothered at all with those changes anyway, for now. Plus, where the hell it is written that there won’t be Eric and the others? This is not because there are no news (or rumors) about them that there won’t be anything about them at all, isn’t it?
      I think that viscerals reactions are not good for this show, they could burn down the fandom! we need to think positively as far as they don’t announce that Jace is going to ride a mermaid 🙂
      Love from France 😉

      • Theresaherondale // March 15, 2015 at 2:18 PM //

        There was also some sort of reference in the middle of COB when Clary says something about not insulting his taste in women or something to that effect and he says they weren’t real, they were just for practice. And then she wante to know what he was waiting on, Isabelle? And that she would throw his heart all around and then he yelled at her I think his exact words were-and I’m not sure I have it perfect but close enough- “stupid, how could you be so stupid clary!? I was trying to make you jealous how can you not see that?! And you want to know what else my mom said about you? She said you’d break my heart.” I think is how it went. So maybe this ‘Natalie’ person is only a temperary “practice” to figure out how to make clary like him back and make clary jealous. Hopefully.

    • Did you forget about Isabelle and Maia? Anyway Simon is a nice person, not the type of guy that would try to make Clary jealous. If he did, he’d probably only do it as a last resort after Clary meets Jace… but maybe not even then. I sincerely hope that these are just rumours… They shouldn’t just take out actual characters and add in new ones. It will be like watching fan fiction :/

    • cacaseqpereira // March 17, 2015 at 2:16 PM // Reply

      I think you’re right. although I would rather have everything like in the books, I do understand why they do this. it has a point, and depending on how the story goes it might not change anything at all. Im a huge fan of game of thrones as well, and george r.r martin (the author) once said in an interview (because the fans were getting upset with all the changes and stuff) that it’s really different to write a book, where you have no limits, and put all that in series cause you’ve got limits with everything!! this natalie might not be in the books, but it might not change everything either.

    • I mean, I agree with what your saying about many shows doing a love triangle, but come on, TMI wouldn’t be what it is without the love Simon has for Clary (friendship and more than friendship), the directors/producers/writers cannot take that away from the fans! The movie got it right with showing Simon’s love for Clary, surely they wouldn’t take this away from us. I don’t agree with them changing the members of the ban either. The one thing the directors and writers need to realise is the film wasn’t a success because they didn’t stick to the books. So how do they expect Shadowhunters to do any better if they are again going to stray from them?

  3. me-sjoukje // March 14, 2015 at 9:28 AM // Reply

    The only reasons I can think of for creating Nathalie, if the rumours are true, would be if she would be a downworlder and later on she could be used as a spy for valentine or something like that. Or part of Luke’s pack. Maybe she’ll even die at some point to make it more of a drama show, since nobody dies till book 3.

  4. Denise Garcia // March 14, 2015 at 10:45 AM // Reply

    I think they should’ve just aged Maureen and make her Simon’s crazy, obsessed girlfriend. I think so because in the books she’s Simon’s#1 fan and has a little bit of major role when she kills Camille and kidnaps Simon

  5. Shadowhunter // March 14, 2015 at 10:47 AM // Reply

    If these rumors turn out to be true, then the movie is closer to the book than the tv show. The fans got all excited for a tv show because it would be closer to the book. We’re just getting our hearts broken because that’s not true.

    • Exactly!!! Thank you!!! If any of the rumors end up being true they’ll lose more fans because we were anticipating the tv show fixing what we saw wrong with the movie. I don’t want Clary older and going to an art school. I want them to start over with City of bones and do it right. Keep to the books!! If they do it right there’s plenty of material I all six books for anywhere between 6- even 12 seasons!!!! If they split the books in half at a good spot that is. The only good thing from this article I’ve seen is that it’ll be airing on abcfamily and that filming in may will probably mean it’ll be a summer show so it won’t be contending with all those fall shows and teens are out of school during the summer and more likely to watch it. Otherwise these rumors disappoint me. I’ll be truly upset if any of them turn out to be true, they don’t need to mess with something that’s already good.

      • One thing I think we all need to remember is that even though we would like the tv show to be an exact replicate of the books, that doing that is neither feasible or smart business. While the TV show is about honoring the books for the hard core fans it also has to bring in an outside audience to make a hit that will span many seasons. The only way they can do both is by having some creative license over the source material. ABC Family did not give this project the green light to only bring in TMI fans. They did it to bring in a wide audience. If they didn’t think the showrunners’ vision could reach that wide audience, they wouldn’t have agreed to fund it. I have no issue with them tinkering with the characters ages, back-stories, and potential arcs a bit to appeal to a wider audience. As long as they honor the books and don’t go off on some wild tangent that completely changes the main course and endgame the books set up, then who cares if they get there in a tad different way. All these rumors are over such trivial things that will have no impact on the outcome of the series. Fans need to chill a bit and just bask in the knowledge that our series will get to continue.

  6. I just want those Hollywood idiots to read, and I do mean literally READ and understand the books. Call me cray-cray but that would be a really good start I think! Is it really so much to ask for one fucking show to remain true to the already rich, intricate and beloved source material?!?

  7. i have a mixlr pdcast up about the shadowhunters TV show that i hope people listen to and give me feedback on. here’s the link

    • Damon Casale // March 14, 2015 at 1:52 PM // Reply

      Listened to your podcast. Interesting note about the casting being on showfax dot com, hadn’t seen that before. As far as suggesting Molly Quinn for Clary, I don’t know about that. She looks a little too all-American to me (although that’s just personal taste, I suppose).

      Describing Clary as a “carrot top” with freckles in the books makes her sound vaguely Irish. Sort of like what I found here on Pinterest. pinterest dot com slash pin slash 400257485608702042.

      She looks good with tattoos, even. 🙂

  8. teamedwardjace // March 14, 2015 at 11:25 AM // Reply

    These could be rumours….

  9. Damon Casale // March 14, 2015 at 11:31 AM // Reply

    If Clary is attending the “Brooklyn Academy of Art,” that seems to indicate that the series IS being set in New York after all, instead of Los Angeles. And that would be a very, very good thing.

    I’m iffy about Simon having a girlfriend named Natalie. I could see where they could be adapting Maureen and substituting Natalie instead, and doing what xxxluxuryhell suggested — making a love quadrilateral. I’m iffy about it because it could easily go wrong and put fans off, but *IF* they do it right, it should be fine. The big IF is if Simon originally has strong feelings for Clary, but ended up with Natalie for the time being, and that the Natalie relationship is on-again, off-again, with him going with Isabelle midway during season 1 and with things going Maureen-like in season 4.

    That would actually work.

    As far as Eric, Kirk and Matt, despite fan love for these, they don’t play that big of a role in the books. They could conceivably change these without too much of an effect on the story. Even better, they could have band members joining or leaving all through the six seasons. We could end up seeing any or all of the three of them at some point, anyway.

  10. Oh lord, oh lord. I truly hope these are just rumours particularly about simon and his band and this so-called girlfriend of his! Eeek! I open to change and all but jeesh at least stay a little true to the story.

  11. Ok so I am totally pissed that they brought in this Natalie girl to mess everything up. Like in my opinion, one of the main reasons why I love Simon is that he has that geeky personality and HE IS IN LOVE WITH CLARY!!!!!!!! Like duuuuuude…. don’t change what the fandom adores or you are sending out a personal invitation to a bunch of passed, angry Climom lovers.

  12. 1. ABC-Family as the network. On the one had I can see why they picked this network: ABCF has handled a lot of atypical relationships such as the teacher/student relationships on Pretty Little Liars, foster-sibling relationships (or so I’m led to believe by commercials. I haven’t actually watched those shows). This means it could be easier for them to use the “incest” plot line, if they choose to keep that. The network also has a lot of great cannon-LGBTQ relationships, which is wonderful. However, I’m worried the show won’t be able to capture some of the darker/gritter parts of the mythos. I just can’t picture a bunch of slimy, disgusting, demons on ABCF. ABC yes, but ABCF? Not so much. We’ll see how that goes.

    2. Characters aged up. I couldn’t really care less on this one. Yes, it could change the dynamic just a little, but I don’t think it will really change it that much. I started these books in high-school, and I’m now in college—the exact age change being discussed here—and there’s really not that much difference. There’s SOME, obviously, but it’s not like my whole “character” has shifted to something brand new. I figure it’s the same with our beloved characters. As for the concerns about the Parabati ritual I’ve heard mentioned, they can always change the age for that as well. Shift it to 21 or 25 maybe.

    3. Clary is an Art Student, Simon is an accounting student. Lets be honest here, art school is totally where Clary would’ve ended up had she not run into the shadow-world until a few years later, so no problems there. As for Simon being an accounting student, I’ve got more than enough friends being forced into degrees they hate by their parents, or who just picked something at random because they didn’t know what they wanted, or they didn’t think what they wanted was a viable option, to not be surprised by this one at all. I’d bet money on Simon not wanting to actually be an accountant, and he’s just doing it because of his mother or other outside factors. (There’s also a slim potential he’s doing it to be able to better manage his band.)

    4. Simon has a girlfriend. No big deal as far as I’m concerned. You can have a girlfriend and still pine for someone else. Obviously not a nice/healthy thing to do, but it happens often enough. And you can only spend so long pining for someone before you either become a stalker or decide to try and move on.

    5. The show is more modern (ipads, iphones, etc.) I think this is just a way to make the show more relatable to a modern audience. The Mortal Instruments is based in 2007. Yes, it’s only a little less than ten years difference, but a hell of a lot has happened in nearly ten years—especially technology wise. The first iPhones came out that year, for example, and, I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but when I see a show that’s supposed to be relatively modern and they’re using some old brick or a flip-phone or whatever it just feels really out of place. Basing the show in 2015 means it will be able for people to relate to it and the more people can relate to it the more likely they are to watch it, and the more likely they are to watch it the more likely this show will be a success which is what we all want.

    6. Simon’s band has new members. This is one I’m going to wait and see on. We don’t yet know that having new members=getting rid of the old members. They could just be additions to the line-up we already know, back-up players, or something else.

    7. Magnus and other characters not in the pilot. Well…yeah. How many shows have you watched where every character you loved was introduced in the pilot? Killian Jones, Charlie Bradbury, Commander Lexa, etc. were all later editions to shows, and we love all of them.

    Personally I’m super excited for the show. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t care if this show sticks to the books as long as it good. This show is nothing more than expensive fan-fiction, and as I adore fan-fiction I’m super excited to see what will happen.

  13. Natalie?… Okay. But I also have read rumors about Magnus. I can’t imagine this story without him. He is one of the most interesting heroes in the books. What about his relationships with Alec? I think the show will loose a lot of fans. If they want spend much money and then just close tv show they are on the right way. I hate this stupid changes.

  14. Is it weird that Im actually not that bothered about this?…

  15. I loved the books and I loved the movie. Am I the only one upset about no more movies and this tv show? I think the cast from the movie was fantastic. Sure, they may have needed a little more work, but overall, they were pretty good. I personally probably won’t be watching the show because I just can’t accept something that didn’t need changing.

  16. David Aveda // March 15, 2015 at 3:15 AM // Reply

    I swear Cassandra needs to take control of this shit for real…….Also why change anything they need to make a Minnie series based off the books if they gona do this then do it right fuck.

    • Cassie cannot take control because she sold the film and TV rights years ago. It is rare for the author to be directly involved after that. Sometimes they are asked for advice but that doesn’t mean that the advice will be followed.
      We can only hope for the best.

  17. Yanaba Warchol // March 15, 2015 at 6:07 AM // Reply

    I think they put Natalie as Simon’s girlfriend to break the love triangle Jace-Clary-Simon. On one hand it’s good for the show, because loooots of YA movies/tv shows have love triangles and it’s a little bit cliché. But on the other hand Simon’s crush on Clary is almost half of the first book. It’s really useless to change this. And omg, why the hell would they change the bands members!?

  18. I’m personally excited for the show. I’m open to changes, as long as it doesn’t change the central plot.

    1. The fact that the show is going to air on ABC Family makes me happy, because there are a lot of successful shows on that channel, like Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, and Vampire Diaries. That means if a trailer airs for Shadowhunters when an episode of PLL is being watched, a lot of people who’ve never read TMI will see it and will probably be interested in watching the pilot. And I saw someone else say in the comments that ABCF is good with LGBT relationships, interracial relationships, and foster-sibling relationships which would be good for Magnus and Alec, Maia and Jordan, and the whole Clary/Jace/Sebastian thing.

    2. I’m glad that they’re aging up the characters as well. Really, making them three years older shouldn’t change their personalities much. Making them older means that the demographic can relate to the characters more. Same thing for making the show more modern.

    3. As for Simon’s girlfriend… Well, as long as their relationship doesn’t last past the first seasons, I’ll be fine. How many times have we seen in TV shows that a character is in a relationship in the pilot, but ends up with someone completely different at the end of the first season? Chuck and Blair for example, in Gossip Girl? Or what about in PLL, when Hanna dated that guy in season one, but then crashed his car? I think something like that is going to happen here. I think Simon will break up with her halfway through the season because of his feelings for Clary or Isabelle or whatever, and then Natalie will just disappear.

    4. Just because someone doesn’t show up in the pilot doesn’t mean they won’t be in the show, guys. Magnus probably won’t be in the first episode, because we don’t meet him until about halfway through the book, unless the writers change things up somehow. And remember, it’s a TV show; the writers will probably make a lot more original characters than Natalie.

    5. I think it’s an important thing to tell you guys something I learned in my TV Media class: the writers aren’t making the show for us, guys. Their only objective is to make MONEY, and if they find out we’re unhappy about a change, they probably won’t change it because they’ll go with the option the demographic will most likely want to watch, so they can make more money.

  19. I’ve read the entire pilot episode script and have to say, they really did one hell of a job messing up characters and plot points. You guys HAVE to write to ABC family! Tweet at them, do everything you can!

    • Damon Casale // March 15, 2015 at 7:15 PM // Reply

      How did you manage to read the script, if I might ask? If you have a “source” that you can’t give away, I understand. If you’re in the LA area, though, I’d be interested to know that, since I am myself. 🙂

      And I’d like to more specifically target people at ABC Family who would be in charge of things from their end. We know from the casting call who the showrunner and producers are, but what about in the ABC Family end?

      • I’m an actress represented by the same people who rep Jamie Campbell Bower. I’ve been so obsessed with the series for a couple years now, so I had told my managers to send me the material as soon as they heard anything about it. I received it about two weeks ago, read it in like an hour and almost died with surprise at how much they changed.

      • Damon Casale // March 16, 2015 at 2:40 PM //

        I see. Well, I completely understand that while you have access to things like that, in your position you wouldn’t have any leverage to see changes made.

        I do think that we, as TMI fans, are currently a rather disorganized group. If we just start randomly peppering anyone and everyone at ABC and/or Constantin with messages, we likely won’t get very far. But if we can find some way to get organized, we would have more of a chance of effecting positive change.

        The one thing we DON’T have is any kind of consensus. Some people are okay with some changes, some aren’t, yada, yada, yada. So maybe we should focus on a majority position, e.g., please keep the characters’ personalities consistent with what’s in the book, and choose a specific target at ABC Family to focus our efforts on. And rather than simply flooding that person with tweets, Facebook posts, etc., maybe we should simply focus on opening up some line of communication between them and the fans. A Q&A session, a forum, or what-have-you.

        There’s already a petition to keep the movie cast, but since the fandom can’t really agree on even that, I think we should do something a little different. What about a petition, directed at a specific person at ABC Family (or Ed Decter at Constantin) asking for an open line of communication with fans?


      • I agree. The fandom has been so all-over-the-place since the movie. We have to band together now to get at the people who can change the TV show. An open line of communication would work wonders. I wonder if there is a way for the big sites (fangirlish,tmi source etc) to help us.

  20. I’m open to changes as long as one key element is true to the books: the character’s personalities. The biggest reason i love these books is each of the individual characters and their unique and strong character traits. In that sense, i wont mind if the producers screw with the plot or the ages or back story, i only care that we get the Clary, Jace, Alec, Magnus, Izzy, and Simon we love, instead of completely new characters with the same names. I feel that this happened a bit in the movie- i thought Clary and Jace were great, but the lightwoods… they had almost no personality, and were treated like insignificant parts of the story. Alec wasn’t insecure/shy and loyal/protective, and Isabelle didn’t have the whole sexy-bad-girl-with a-heart of-gold thing. they seemed kind of like flat lines. Basically that is my worst fear for the show.
    In conclusion, i wont mind changes around the characters as long as the characters themselves are strong. Simon can be an accounting student with a girlfriend and different band mates as long as he stays the geeky and loyal best friend with a sense of sarcastic humor that brings up the spirits of the the team, as long as he picks fights with Jace and refuses to leave Clary’s side. To me that is the most important part.

  21. Luis Zaragoza // March 17, 2015 at 8:00 AM // Reply

    K what is this they already messing up with everything stay on the books, yes it’s a love triangle but later Simons finds out they are not met for each other and he decides to break off with her. That when isabelle starts to get notice and they start getting closer to Escher other

  22. whats worrying me most about all this is the fact that cassandra clare isnt involved, and not knowing if they will being using the actual books and written content in them as guidelines, will we get all the amazing dialogue from our characters? all the comedic remarks that we read in the books between Clace or Simon and Jace, the declarations of love and heartfelt sayings and quotes! ‘To love is to destroy and to be loved is to be destroyed’ ‘i will love you untill i die and if there is a life after that i will love you then’ all these small things that made us fall in love with the characters themselves, these sayings and quotes that make these characters who they are…….in TVshows theres alot more chance to change all aspects of the books than there is in making a movie because a movie has only a limited amount of time so they have to try and keep it exact plus they also had cassandra involved, in TV shows they have season an seasons to add things, change things, twist things, things that can ultimately change the story as a whole:S

  23. I want Lily Collins stay as Clary!!!

  24. Simon having a girlfriend is MUCH BETTER for the TV show. Remember that the TV show needs to fill much more time than the book. If Simon was pining after Clary week after week after week after week after week after week without ever changing or developing or doing anything, it would get pretty old pretty fast. It’s fine in the book because it’s essentially just a few days of Simon’s life – but the TV will probably stretch out the timeline so events take place over 6 months. Giving Simon a girlfriend means that he can have SOMETHING TO DO while he’s pining for Clary. It gives him more of a character arc – presumably over the course of the first season Simon’s relationship will be a recurring subplot: first they seem happy but then they start to fight and then they break-up and then they get back together and then they break up for real. All that is much more interesting that watching Simon do nothing except passively pine after Clary.

  25. Reblogged this on Tessa Gray's Books and commented:
    Ed ecco a voi una delle notizie più agognate di sempre… News sulla serie TV ispirata a TMI. I Fandom sono in fermento cosa ne sarà dei libri della clare ???? Ma quello che tutti si chiedono è chi saranno i nuovi interpreti ?????
    Solo il tempo, risponderà a tutte le nostre domande, ora non ci resta che aspettare e sperare per il meglio.

  26. I completely agree. Why would they give Simon a girlfriend? He is supposed to be in love with Clary and saving himself for her. And then he develops a crush on Isabelle. Why would they just add in a girl and give her this dumb character trait that she has a dog named Yeti, like that is just plain dumb. I don’t know how else to put it. I really hope these rumors are false!!!

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