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Cover reveal: Entertainment Weekly shares next two covers of ‘Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy’

The release of the third installment of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, The Whitechapel Fiend, is less than a week away and Entertainment Weekly has revealed next week’s cover as well as the cover of Nothing but Shadows.

We also got the official descriptions for each story:

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There are two guest teachers this week, and—just Simon’s luck—they’re both Herondales. When Jace teaches a class at the Academy, warlock Tessa visits to share the true story of the Jack the Ripper murders.

Simon is not the first student to feel out of place at The Shadowhunter Academy—half-warlock and total bookworm James Herondale certainly didn’t quite fit in with the other students. Simon learns about James’ time at the Academy and discovers what it means to find a place you belong in this prelude to The Last Hours.

Cassandra Clare also announced that Luke Pasqualino will narrate the audio book for The Whitechapel Fiend:

“Hot brown-haired guys read to you”: Luke Pasqualino—from E4’s Skins, Showtime’s The Borgias and BBC’s The Musketeers—reads THE WHITECHAPEL FIEND from Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy!

His English accent matches up well with the story’s setting in London, where we see Jem, Will and Tessa a few years after Infernal Devices.

The Whitechapel Fiend will be released on April 21 and Nothing but Shadows will be available on May 19.

I cannot wait to read these installments and I am excited to see the next covers. I love that they included Simon’s Made in Brooklyn T-Shirt!

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3 Comments on Cover reveal: Entertainment Weekly shares next two covers of ‘Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy’

  1. Yes!!! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Awesome! I’m loving these little e-books!

  3. I am so excited to read about Jace teaching a class! That has got to be fun to read. Also I am so excited to read a little more about Will and Jem in Tessa’s story. And I love that they included Simon’s made in Brooklyn t-shirt. And I can’t believe that James, son of Will who loved nothing more than to fight, was a bookworm! (just like me) !!! These books can’t come soon enough.

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