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McG Promises to Honor the Fans with ‘Shadowhunters’

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It’s only been three days since the announcement that McG will be serving as executive producer on Shadowhunters, as well as directing the premiere episode, and he’s been hard at work prepping for the show.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, McG reassured fans that he’ll “be involved in every element of every decision of every episode of everything that is the show,” and that he promises that the show will honor the fans of the books. “I take that very seriously.”

Here’s his full interview with, in which he discusses his involvement with the series, the passionate fan base, and the storyline.

EW: How did you first become involved with the Shadowhunters series?
McG: I was a fan of the books. I read the books and found them to be interesting stories. I liked Cassandra Clare’s voice, and I was engaged. I heard they were making a television show, and I’m friends with Karey Burke, who is the new head of ABC Family, and I trust her completely. She has a great aesthetic. She’s very sophisticated. And she’s doing exciting new things out there at that network along with [ABC Family President] Tom Ascheim. Those elements came together, and I thought I would take a look at the script. I read it and responded to it. And I’ve got a good idea of how I think I can honor the fans and really make an exciting show week in and week out.

Speaking of the fans, what’s it like jumping into a project that already has such a rabid fan base?
I think it’s exciting. My style is to be open and communicative and talk about what we can and can’t do with the realistic parameters of television. But I think everybody’s expectations of television is so high now with Game of Thrones, and there’s such excellence out there that we plan to recognize that and take it even higher. So I find it empowering and encouraging. I take it very seriously, and I’m doing a great deal of listening.

Will the story lines follow the books, and in what ways are you trying to separate this project from the movie, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones?
The mythology is very much in keeping with the book. I look at the television format for the fans to engage evermore deeply in the stories and the characters because you have more hours to parcel out the story itself. So I think that’s an exciting opportunity. If I’m honest, I find myself more and more excited about what’s going on in the TV space than most of what is going on in a theatrical space. I mean maybe four or five movies a year really change my life and there’s got to be 20 or 30 television shows that I think are absolutely extraordinary. I feel like most people feel that way.

What, if any, interaction have you had with Cassandra Clare?
Just limited interaction, but I plan to go and kiss the ring and do a great deal of listening and trying to plug in to her special brand of magic. I have a great deal of respect for artists who can capture the imagination of the global community. It’s really a special gift, and it’s its own brand of genius. I have maximum respect for her, so I can’t wait to sit with her and do a great deal of listening and incorporate that in my style and hopefully do her words a great deal of honor.

Anything else you want to add about the project?
We’re just trying to bring the cinematic experience to the television form one hour at a time, one week at a time. And we’re absolutely passionate about honoring the fans and delivering on the promise of the book series.

Production on Shadowhunters will begin next month in Toronto. ABC Family has set the series premiere of Shadowhunters for early 2016.

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12 Comments on McG Promises to Honor the Fans with ‘Shadowhunters’

  1. This makes me super happy. I’m so excited

  2. We can only hope i guess…

  3. A fan of the books. Perfect. So we have sbd who has read them.
    Cant wait fof more info bout the series

  4. does anyone know where in toronto?

  5. I am crying I am so happy. This is better than I dreamed about. Its just perfect, he said everything I needed to hear. Especially the part about reading the books! Before the show! And loving them! And loving Cassie! I’m just overwhelmed with happiness. That he respects Cassandra clate and the magic of the books and wants to work with the fans. If he stays true to what he said here, this show will be utterly fantastic.

  6. Oh my gaga! I love this series! (I Iam not much of a reader, but I fell in love and got hooked! My favorite is Jace wayland, theism so funny and sarcasm, love you Classandra Clare for making such a beautiful book.

  7. OMJ (Oh My Jace) I’m so happy. This is the best news I’ve heard about the TV show. So excited!!!!!!!!!!

  8. He’s so fan friendly, and gives awesome updates everyday about the project so I’m putting up all my hopes on him and this TV series!

  9. Damon Casale // April 16, 2015 at 11:47 PM // Reply

    Note that the script for the Mortal Cup that he’s using does say “written by Ed Decter” on it, according to the MTV article. I trust that McG *is* going to honor the fans, though.

  10. McG seems to be a very nice person, very passionate about this series and he’s being great with us fans. I love that he’s directing the show. BUT: am I wrong or he didn’t really answer the question about the characters’ story lines? The journalist asked if the story lines will follow the book and McG answered that “the mythology is very much in keeping with the book” and then he goes on talking about separating the tv-show from the movie. I really trust McG but the script still worries me a bit.

  11. “I was a fan of the books. I read the books and found them to be interesting stories. I liked Cassandra Clare’s voice, and I was engaged.” Magic sentences. Let’s hope that he can fulfill his intentions and still make a profit. That’s the bottom line figuratively and literally with media projects.

  12. Yay, I what I really want to see in the series is Simon as a rat, I don’t know about you guys but with the movie I was disappointed by the fact that Simon was not a rat, oh and the portal must look a lot better than in the movie

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