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Let’s Play Good Cop, Bad Cop with the New ‘Shadowhunters’ Script Leaks

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The Shadowhunters fandom is in a really good place right now. Just last week we learned that Dominic Sherwood will be playing Jace in Shadowhunters, and it sounds like we’ll be getting our Clary this coming week, perhaps even as soon as Monday.

But if you’ve checked out our Twitter profile recently, you’ve noticed we shared a link from our friends at Idris BR (go read their thoughts) discussing their thoughts on the new script that they got a hold of. We’ve read the same script leaks and have some similar not-so-pleasant thoughts and a couple pleasant thoughts (because we’re trying to be optimistic here) about what direction they might be taking this show and how they could adapt it for the better.

The Good: Isabelle and Alec share a nice moment

With that said, there’s a really nice moment between Izzy and Alec where they sort of indirectly discuss his feelings about his sexuality. It’s a nice sibling moment that we hope is the first of many to come for these two as Alec and Isabelle’s relationship is crucial in this series. I cannot urge those in charge to embrace it and not erase it.

That’s one of the great things about television is that there’s ample time to explore more relationships and characters in a 13-hour to 22-hour season in relation to a 2-hour movie. There’s a lot context and a lot of exploration.

The Bad: Isabelle is not a sex toy who doesn’t care about her duty

While we can certainly appreciate how beautiful Isabelle Lightwood is, one of the things that really irked me about her characterization in this script is that all she seems to care about is sleeping around. Yes, Isabelle is sexy — and she knows she’s sexy — but she uses that as a weapon in itself. She’s not someone who is distracted by her relationships with Downworlders and seems to only care about that.

The script also makes mention that Isabelle doesn’t care so much about her Shadowhunter duties. When on patrol, it seems as if Isabelle is disappearing with any Downworlder she can find, and she doesn’t care. This scene was a poor depiction of the strong Isabelle character we’ve grown to love in this series. She’s over sexualized in a way that just screams to me: We need a sexy girl to walk around in this show like that’s her only purpose. It’s not. And I don’t want Isabelle’s characterization sacrificed because they want to sex-up the show.

The Good: Luke and Jocelyn’s relationship is mentioned

One of the things that was severely lacking in the movie was the relationship between Luke and Jocelyn. Basically, there wasn’t nearly enough. That’s why when I heard that they were going to be making Shadowhunters, I got so excited that we’d get ample time to explore this important adult relationship that appeared to get lost in the shuffle during the film. Luke’s police captain encourages Luke to go for it with Jocelyn, basically hinting that they’re already practically married as it is. Please, don’t let this storyline get lost in the shuffle.

The Bad: Luke is a detective

I’m sorry, but how is that going to work? Luke is a werewolf. Does he somehow manage to pull the daytime shift whenever there’s a full moon? This whole thing seems problematic. In the scene, Luke and his captain are looking into another “demonic killing” that’s been sweeping the city, which clearly seems to be related to vampires. Like, I sort of get where they’re trying to go with this — the whole, keep a central character involved via involvement in the police force (it’s prevalent in a ton of shows) — but with Luke’s condition it just doesn’t make sense.

The Bad: Valentine doing his demon bidding in Chernobyl 

In what appears to be the first appearance of Valentine, we find him in Chernobyl doing some experimentations with demons and human blood. There’s mention of a Ravener demon, which we’re all familiar with. But it’s just that Valentine hiding in Chernobyl to do his demon experimentations makes no sense. That’s the first place people would look for suspicious and dangerous activity. At least try to go somewhere less noticeable. It’s small, I know, but it made our “bad” list.

Shadowhunters icon

We don’t want to mess with the great energy of the fandom right now, but we want to keep you informed on everything happening with this show. As fellow fans, we want the best adaptation possible with this television show. We want to ensure that the characters we love are respected in their portrayals on paper and that the essence of the story remains intact.

But the good news is that in Hollywood scripts are always changing. There’s always things that are going to be changed up to the last second. And production on Shadowhunters isn’t set to begin until June, so we’d say there’s still plenty of time to voice our opinion and hope that the folks at ABC Family and Ed Decter are listening. I know they want to put out the best product possible and please the fans. So I hope that, if they’re reading this, that they’ll listen to our opinions on how to keep the show as faithful as it possibly can be with a television adaptation.

Note: All hateful and passive aggressive comments will be deleted.

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46 Comments on Let’s Play Good Cop, Bad Cop with the New ‘Shadowhunters’ Script Leaks

  1. Oh I hope we find out whos Clary soon. Also worried for who they’ll cast as Magnus.

    • I really hope they bring back Godfrey Gao as Magnus. I think he is one of the few actors from the film that would work out in the tv series. And I think he’s gorgeous!

  2. I hope the change the part about Isabelle the most. The fact that she is such a strong independent heroine is one of the reasons why we love her so much. That would ruin her character.

    • I feel the same way, because she isn’t a sex symbol at all she is a strong woman who is devoted to her shadowhunter life

    • I’m hoping if they take this ‘sexy’ tack with Isabelle that they use it only as a platform to show character growth through the series. It sounds like they’re taking it too far, but maybe they want to start her out as a more vapid/shallow character so they can build her to something else. Kind of like they did with Cordelia in the first season of Buffy. (sorry nerd reference but the best analogy I could come up with).

    • Me as well. One of my favorite things about isabelle is the complexity of her, and her devotion to her siblings, including Jace. And having her leave during parole throws off so much that’s true about her, and changes her character so much.

  3. tmi parabatai // April 26, 2015 at 7:33 PM // Reply

    Don’t change isabelle!!! There are a million tv shows with loose girls….as stated isabelle uses sex as a weapon and her shadowhunter duties always come first! She is my favorite, please don’t trash her out

  4. In my opinion, the good here seems to overpower the bad 🙂

  5. teamedwardjace // April 26, 2015 at 7:44 PM // Reply

    I’m hoping that some of these negative changes are rubies or that they can redeem it but seriously the rune on an non-existent wound on Clary’s thigh when she’s unconscious (and thus consent isn’t possible )? wtf?

  6. I really don’t worry about Isabelle! You know with the tv shows is all about character development and i think that’s what they’re going to do. We’ll see her grow from this sexy-chick to this badass-kickass lady we know she is, so i’m optimistic.

  7. please dont change Izzy!! and i really hope that luke dosent end a detective , because it just simply wont work out and i reallly hope they dont change clary or jace ….

  8. Please do not screw up Izzy. She’s the only reason I am watching. Trash Clary instead.

  9. Definitely agree with you on Isabelle. What I love a lot about most of my books is how strong these female characters are they inspire me.

  10. The part about Luke being a detective reminds me of Dyson in the tv series Lost Girl. Dyson is a detective and a werewolf so I guess its not much different. With Luke being a detective it could tie into the bit I the books where Luke and his buddies are in the police station when Clary is injured. I know it doesn’t go with the books, but it couldn’t be too much of a bad thing.

    • SpikeIsBetterThanAngel // April 26, 2015 at 11:53 PM // Reply

      Yeah, and it would work with the (abandonded) police station they live in. Another show called Forever Knight had a Vampire detective who got his boss to let him work the night shift, kinda similar. But it sounds like these “scripts are fake too.

      • Herondale // April 27, 2015 at 1:59 AM //

        I agree. I don’t think its going to be that bad. And a lot of the stuff doesn’t seem true at all.

    • I hope that’s not true too! While I though yay police station, the part that worries me is how they want to involve the mundane world more, as if the Shadowhunters aren’t doing their job to hide Downworld activities. We previously got that – Clary and Simon are watching a tv report of a demon serial killer- or some weird weird stuff. And we don’t want to see the mundane world much, we’re in the fantasy with the Shadowhunters. And we don’t want them trying to put a bit of detective show in here, with police following behind shadowhunter’s sneaky work and so on.

  11. I’m not going to pay attention to a bit of this. We all know the danger of leaked scripts. They wind up being completely false and unreliable. I’ll believe this stuff when I see it on the show. McG is well known for keeping his scripts to himself and hardly ever having a potential leak, so here’s my question, just who supposedly leaked this? I’ll believe it when I see it. Just like all but like one thing in the last article about rumors surrounding the show turned out to be lies. The only thing truthful in that one was the aging up of the characters. Just saying.

    • SpikeIsBetterThanAngel // April 26, 2015 at 11:51 PM // Reply

      Good point, remember everyone got freaked out about the Jace creeper moment. That turned out to be fake too. I think there are people who basically think it would be funny to troll others about “leaked scripts”.

    • The scripts aren’t fake. You can actually go buy them and read for yourself. The actors that want to audition do that. That’s how Hollywood works.

    • I read it mentioned that they were perhaps like the audition scripts- because they need something for potential cast to audition with. If that’s true it doesn’t mean they’re real at all. I think they would maybe try to emphasise characteristics in the audition scripts to test what actors can do.

  12. Beatrice Fray Potassium Potter // April 26, 2015 at 11:38 PM // Reply

    Where can I find the TMI script???

  13. SpikeIsBetterThanAngel // April 26, 2015 at 11:48 PM // Reply

    Honestly I think the Isabelle thing is what needs the most changing. I actually wouldn’t mind the Luke being a detective thing though. A show called Forever Knight featured a Vampire detective and he convinced his boss to let him work the night shift because of a “skin condition” wo it can work. But at the same time I have always thought of Luke as a bookstore owner, not that he couldn’t be both though. Isabelle, I hope that, that script leek is fake because no.

  14. me-sjoukje // April 27, 2015 at 1:42 AM // Reply

    I’m just going to post what I posted on my tumblr:
    Clary: Beter than before
    Jace: Beter than before
    Simon: Not a fan of him dating Maureen, since it makes him an asshole in my book for being with one girl but dating the other.
    Isabelle: RED ALERT! This is just so wrong. Someone needs to change this ASAP!
    Alec: Episode 1: He is gay, glad we all know. Why not wait a little while. I’m also not the biggest fan of Alec already knowning Magnus, having some kind of relationship. I want to see that awkwardness when someone finally likes Alec and they fall in love.
    Like seriously, way to ruin the start of something great. PLEASE FIX THIS!
    Valentine: Well he’s valentine, but why it had to be a horrible historic place, god known

    I didn’t expect the series to stay true to the books, but it getting hard to find similarities apart from the names and the mortal cup search.

  15. i think we shouldnt worry, this is just another fake script, like the previous ones about Clary’s rune in her thigh…etc, its just people wanting to mess with us (knowing how speculative we are in this fandom)…i dont think the producers would reveal the real one (minus on internet…) so…I dont believe any of them.
    Right now,all i want to know its who’s going to be Clary (and the rest of the characters) I’m crossing fingers for a cast as good as the one of Jace for the rest of the characters.

  16. Maybe the part about Isabelle will be downplayed once it hits the screen. I’m not as upset about this one because it is just an exaggeration of the character that we love. I hope they reel it in, but it’s not awful.

    That said, the thing about Luke being a detective really bothers me, a lot. It’s a complete deviation from his character. Luke owned a bookstore and stayed below the radar for a reason. This is a completely unnecessary change that completely changes a character.

  17. *Sigh* I love the Internet but boy do I wish we didn’t have access to so much information (and misinformation) before a new show even starts production. I would be happy with just knowing who the cast and crew are. I don’t want to know what may or may not be in the script until I see the finished product. They’re not gonna change the script based on whether we like or don’t like it, anyway.

  18. Well simon did get turned into a rat cause isabelle was too drunk. I know simon choose to drink it but still isabelle was drunk when she was suppose to be on a mision. I think her character matures as the books progress and yeah we love the isabelle that loves simon and who is strong but there’s not a lot explain about her character on the first book just that she is a good and brave shadowhunter. Maybe we’ll get to meet isabelle before all the wars and see her maturity progress as the t.v series continues. I’m exited!

  19. Hoping so much they don’t screw up Izzy’s character. She is my favorite after Tessa and the only reason I’m even slightly looking forward to this TV show.

  20. I hope they don’t mess up Izzy, she is supposed to be more of a leader, not just some sexy character. Where did they get the idea of a detective for Luke?Maybe they are planning to remap part of the books in this TV show, but hopefully it is done well. The character that I am the most worried about is Magnus, they are probably going to over do his personality, or hit below the bar

  21. As a girl and a fangirl,I am Very dissapointed about Isabelle.

  22. Chernobyl? Really? You’re kidding me 😀

  23. The Good: The TV producers have AGAIN proven that the scripts are just a work-in-progress, that they are open to constructive criticism and will happily make changes.

    I understand why most people are annoyed about Isabelle. But this is just episode 1 of a 12 episode season. Her character with grow and change over the season. My bet is that she will start out distracted and uncommitted. But that sort of behavior will lead to something bad happening mid-season (like a character dying on her watch). So then she realizes she needs to change and becomes the focused warrior from the books. The same goes for Isabelle sleeping around. We know that she’s headed for a complicated relationship with Simon. She may very well spend the first few episodes sleeping around, but she will quickly realize her attraction to Simon and change.

    Making Luke a detective seems like a practical decision. It’s a simple way to keep him involved in the weekly plots. Otherwise he might totally drop out from the story for weeks at a time. Luke is a beloved character. I think most fans would prefer to see him every week – even as a detective – because it will give him lots of chances to interact with Clary and develop their surrogate father-daughter relationship. Personally, I think it will be super easy for the producers to hand-wave Luke being a werewolf by saying he takes a few days sick leave each month.

    As for the Chernobyl reference. How often is the name “Chernobyl” likely to be mentioned? Maybe a few times and that’s it. It sounds like a minor detail to me, like they needed an easy way to reference “the place Valentine is doing his experiments on demon and human blood” and just picked something that something that sounded suitably creepy. It’s not like the whole season will take place in Chernobyl. At worst, maybe there’ll be an episode later in the season where the Shadowhunters go to Chernobyl to investigate Valentine’s experiments and the radioactivity in the air makes their visit extra eerie, dangerous and suspenseful. Let’s face it, if Valentine’s goal was to remain totally inconspicuous all the time, he would stay permanently in really safe, really boring locations and never take any risks. That doesn’t sound like particularly good TV. If it bothers you that much, you can just sneeze every time someone says Chernobyl and pretend Valentine is doing his experiments in some other, less suspicious Eastern European location.

    • I agree about Isabelle–it’s likely that they’ll develop her character over the course of the show–and I think people are making too big a fuss about Luke being a detective and Valentine in Chernobyl. I think Luke would make a great detective–protecting the innocent and fighting crime with his brain is totally in his character, actually better than being a werewolf warlord. And I think Valentine performing his experiments in Chernobyl is actually pretty good: throughout the series, Valentine has always been associated with creepy, abandoned places, and this has the potential for wonderfully eerie scenes.

  24. I really hope they do a better job than that with Isabelle. She’s beautiful and sensual but she’s also tough, loyal and whip smart.

  25. I do hope that they do change Izzy around a bit. She’s one of the best shadowhunters of her age. While, yes, she does like to flirt and mess around, I do think think that she is serious about demon hunting. But I’ll try not to jump to conclusions until the show airs.

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