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‘Shadowhunters’: Clary Casting Announcement Coming Tuesday! *UPDATE*

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Get ready, Shadowhunters, because Clary Fray is coming your way!

The Shadowhunters Twitter revealed that the casting announcement for Clary will be revealed on Tuesday.

Earlier on Monday, executive producer McG teased the Clary casting (and possibly Jocelyn, as well) on Twitter, including a couple of photo clues.

Who are your guesses as to who Clary is? Be sure to use the #WhoIsClary hashtag on Twitter!


Unfortunately we will have to wait a little longer until we will find out who is going to be our Clary:


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29 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’: Clary Casting Announcement Coming Tuesday! *UPDATE*

  1. WarlockBane // May 4, 2015 at 9:13 PM // Reply

    I’m so excited!!! ❤ 😀

  2. Awesome!!! We will find out who is Clary!!!


  4. my guess: jennifer morrison

    • Kasaandra // May 5, 2015 at 12:46 AM // Reply

      I doubt it’s her. 1. She is already a main character in once upon a time I doubt she’ll have time for both and 2. Idk I think she looks a little too old to be playing an 18 year old. That’s just my opinion

  5. Magnus Bane // May 5, 2015 at 12:06 AM // Reply


  6. herondale // May 5, 2015 at 12:23 AM // Reply

    Molly Quinn actually said on twitter that she was not cast since she was busy. I hope this actress is good! SO EXCITED!

  7. My guess is Katherine McNamara because I cropped the picture of her headshot so it was the same size and they looked the same just the one McG tweeted had more of a red tint to it.

  8. Looks like Britt Robertson to me.

  9. me-sjoukje // May 5, 2015 at 1:15 AM // Reply

    I do think they could have announced that yesterday was not the day for the cast announcement sooner. Lots of European people I know stayed up for nothing basically, which is a tad rude. Posting teasers usually means the cast announcement is coming that day and this time it didn’t. I hope they won’t do this again.

  10. Bookilicious Reads // May 5, 2015 at 1:21 AM // Reply

    The funny thing is the picture on top is for sure Katherine McNamara, I agree with Adam. But the bottom picture does look like Britt Robertson. I just hope they picked Kat cause she looks more like Clary to me than Britt.

    • I think 90% of the fandom is rooting for Kat, so if the idea was to get us to be open-minded about the possibel to candidates.It backfired massively. Since now if it’s any other actress most people will be disappointed. Though it this was to see who the fandom would root for, Kat is the winner. Some think the second picture is suppose to be Jocelyn though. So we’ll see.

  11. My guesses are Katherine Mcnamara or Kimberly Whalen and Cassidy Freeman as Jocelyn

  12. My guesses are Katherine Mcnamara and Sophie Turner😊😊sooo excited!

  13. That’s almost definitely Katherine at the top, looks exactly like her headshot.

  14. Is it me or the twitter from ShadowhuntersTV announcing Clary for today was removed?

  15. There are two potencial actress for Clary:
    Katherine McNamara and Ellie Gall.

  16. When today are they announcing Clary? I am rooting for Kat.

  17. NOO I was looking forward to it today

  18. I don’t care who it is as long as they have red hair and look the correct age!

    • Why is everyone so obsessed with how the actors/actresses look?

      • Because its an important part of the character in my opinion. Clary’s red hair and Jace’s blonde hair are anyways.

      • Also the age thing is important. Like in the movie I loved the actors that played Isabelle and Alec but they looked way to old for the parts. Alec is supposed to be 18-19. The actor look in his mid 30s.. I like the actors they’ve chosen for all the characters so far, I just hope the actress for Clary has red hair to match the character.

  19. Molly Quinn, because she narrated TMI…

  20. According to Twitter, it’s going to be revealed in twenty minutes…

  21. It’s Katherine Mcnamara!!!

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