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‘Shadowhunters’ to start filming on May 25!

Shadowhunters banner
Exciting news, Shadowhunters! After finding our female lead in Kat McNamara, executive producer McG has just tweeted when Shadowhunters will start principal photography:

That’s less than 3 weeks. I’m so thrilled that everything is working out and that the fandom is getting a second chance to see our beloved book series on the small screen.

Filming will take place in Toronto.

Shadowhunters is scheduled to air early next year on ABC Family.

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11 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’ to start filming on May 25!

  1. hell yeah i’m so excited right now

  2. Chelsea George // May 8, 2015 at 8:11 AM // Reply

    All of this is lovely and everything? But when will we hear news about Alec and Magnus?

  3. When are we hearing about Magnus and Alec, they matter too!!!

  4. *Cough cough*……..Sebastian? o_o

  5. Omg I wonder who sebastian is going to be. Maybe Ben Barnes?

  6. I’m ecstatic! Silly question, McG’s tweet says that they’ll start photography on 25th, but does that mean promo shots or the series itself? I also can’t wait untill they cast Malec 😀

  7. Ahhh! It’s actually happening! This is so exciting!

  8. fandoms4life123 // May 8, 2015 at 11:45 AM // Reply

    Who is Alec ?? What is this? Best till last ?

  9. So they’ll probably tell us who Alec is next week, I’m excited

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