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Cassandra Clare talks new ‘The Mortal Instruments’ covers

Yesterday the social media pages of Shadowhunters TV revealed the repackaged covers of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments and today Cassie has taken to tumblr to talk about the new covers. Since we’ve already shared the book covers, we’ve only included the spine art which looks incredible!

I love these [covers] — I have great fondness for the old covers, but it was time for a change, and these feel fresh and new to me, cleanly designed, and with each character seeming frozen in a moment of story.

City of Bones: Jace

City of Ashes: Clary

City of Glass: Simon

City of Fallen Angels: Isabelle

City of Lost Souls: Alec

City of Heavenly Fire: Sebastian/Jonathan

At the bottom you can see the spine art — it stretches across the spines of all the books; each has a piece, and when they are placed together, you can see the whole picture.

Any Shadowhunters going to BookCon NYC this year? If so, stop by the S&S booth #2620 @11:00 each day to get your limited-edition poster featuring the new spine art from the TMI repackages coming September 1st!

Cliff Nielsen and Russell Gordon did great jobs, kudos to them!

Stay tuned for the new The Infernal Devices covers which will be revealed later today!

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12 Comments on Cassandra Clare talks new ‘The Mortal Instruments’ covers

  1. The covers are amazing, but I liked the older covers better, they portrayed the characters better.

  2. Yes so getting this at BookCon.

  3. i want to soo bad awsome book covers

  4. I don´t really get why Jace is on the cover of the first book. I mean, Clary is the main character, especially in the first book as that one is only written from her POV. For me it would make more sense if she was on the first book…
    The covers look cool though^^

    • Well Cassie said tat is because Jace was in the original cover of the first book so she wanted it to keep it the same..

  5. Just a money grab to sell more books

  6. Shadows3490 // May 13, 2015 at 2:03 PM // Reply

    THE SPINES ARE GORGEOUS *weeps because I live in the UK*

  7. I liked the old City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire covers better, but i really like the first four new ones. I miss the old Infernal Devices covers too. I found them beautiful

  8. I love the new covers and even though I already have the old ones I’m going to purchase the new ones, same with tid. I usually don’t do that but the shadowhunter series are one of my fav so and the covers are just too pretty to not buy them.

  9. Okay but I dontnderstand why Sébastian is part of the spine art? They’re fighting AGAINST him, why is he fighting with em?

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