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Magnus sends kisses and Valentine serenades the fans

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Last week Harry Shum Jr. and Alan Van Sprang were cast as Magnus Bane and Valentine Morgenstern respectively and today the Shadowhunters Facebook page shared videos where Harry and Alan thank the fans for their support.
Have a look at our Magnus (who sports fabulous hair):

And here is our Valentine who also serenaded the fans:

I cannot wait to see Maxim’s video and pictures of the whole cast once they are all together in Toronto!

Shadowhunters will start filming next Monday and it will air on ABC Family early next year.

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12 Comments on Magnus sends kisses and Valentine serenades the fans

  1. Harry is gorgeous, and Alan is hilarious. I love how we’re so involved with this!

  2. I’m really sad about the fact that valentine dies. ALAN IS FABULOUS!👌😙😙

  3. I totally agree that Harry has fabulous hair. And Alan is awesome.

  4. OMG I am so in love with Harry! I haven’t seen him on Glee and before his casting news, Godfrey was my Magnus Bane and I was hoping and hoping for a decent actor to get the role of my lovely Magnus and finally my wish was granted. He seems absolutely adorable and since Cassie pictured him as Magnus too, I’m sure he will be a wonderful glittery High Warlock.

    And ValentEEN. LOL. Tell him someone that its Valentine. Cute haha

  5. Ahhh k I’m excited. Also Valenteen though, ahaha

  6. Weird hearing Alan with his normal canadian accent after having only seen him on Reign with a fantastic english accent….

  7. hazelwoodbane // May 20, 2015 at 6:39 AM // Reply

    yesss! that’s the Magnus we’ve been waiting for. you can feel the excitement in his voice and wow, just great!! i can almost hear Magnus in his voice. love you harry! mwuuaah!

  8. I think it sounds classier as Valenteen (still spelled Valentine) He’s actually pronouncing it how most European’s do (eg Italians) and considering where Idris is how he says it makes more sense then the English Valentine. Also think how you say the female version Valentina 😉 makes sense.

    • As a German I also say Valenteen but only when it’s written without the e. Since the pronunciation has been ‘Valen-tie-n’ for many, many years now, it’s weird to hear it differently. We either get used to ‘Valenteen’ or someone tells Alan of the ‘correct’ pronunciation. 😉

  9. I said it once and I’ll say it again: harry is absolutely the perfect magnus!!!!!!! I wasn’t completely convinced about Alan, but this video is definitely swaying me. 😊And magnus’s hair!!!😍

  10. omg Harry is SOOOO awesome I love his enthusiasm! (Send more kisses Harry! ❤ )I think he'll be a great Magnus! Also Alan as Valentine and his sass wow oh wow! BRING ON SHADOWHUNTERS!!!

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