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‘Shadowhunters’ Photos from Day 3 of Filming

Welcome to Day 3 of filming on Shadowhunters!

As filming continues on the ABC Family series, the cast are continuing to tease us with photos and tweets from the set.

Stay tuned to this post as it will be updated throughout the day.

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30 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’ Photos from Day 3 of Filming

  1. These little Magnus teases are amazing!! And the Fray’s are red and red hot 😛

  2. cacaseqpereira // May 27, 2015 at 5:23 PM // Reply

    looove it! im so happy about this, so so so happy

  3. Daylighter // May 27, 2015 at 5:46 PM // Reply

    I am usually not one of those people who get bent out of shape about the colour of the actors hair or eye colour. But it really bothers me that Clary an Jocelyn have two different shades of red. Otherwise I love everything else I’m seeing but I feel like that was kind of a big deal. Was Clary not supposed to look just like a young Jocelyn?

    • Pepsi-Tigress // May 27, 2015 at 6:02 PM // Reply

      Jocelyn is four shades darker than Clary as said in the book.

    • I agree with you. Clary looks nothing like Jocelyn, and the difference of hair color makes it worse.

    • ShadowsofTime // May 27, 2015 at 11:04 PM // Reply

      Kind of an iffy topic isn’t it? As long as their hair looks [I/similar/] I’ll be happy. I’m not too picky about whether it is exactly the same or four shades off. My only requirement is ‘similar.’

    • To reiterate what others have said, the very beginning of book one makes a point in pointing out that Jocelyn’s hair was darker than Clary’s, saying something along the lines of Clary’s hair being carroty where Jocelyn’s is more fiery red.

      They’ve actually followed the book spot on with the hair colors.

      • That’s true, although I imagined fiery red as something more reddish but not darker… I don’t know if I’m clear… Jocelyn’s hair seems unnatural just like the movie. I’m not complaining, just making an observation. I had a different concept of fiery red… Like very red flames or something.. While I imagined Clary’s hair just how they dyed it, like soft flames or carrots.

  4. WOAH woah woah!! Teaser overload!! Especially Pandemonium, sheesh. So, so…. Magnus is at the club it would appear (unless they’re already filming the party- doubt it), and iIsabelle is really funky dressed, wig and lots of skin- which clearly shows what they’re doing with the runes….. now….. they’re not black, they’re not all over her skin, they’re pretty big and like scar-coloured…. maybe they weren’t finishes yet but I’m a little disappointed by the runes like that. We have the snake bracelet too, but just a bracelet, not wrapped around whip, unless it will transform exactly like the movie one. Clary’s top is awesome! And Magnus… yeah yeah baby!

    • Well I don’t know what is going on with the runes, but the runes once faded were supposed to look like faint scars. This is pre editing mind you, I’m sure there will be stuff done then.

      I didn’t expect them to keep the outfits the same as the books. I think it looks good.

      • Yes, you’re right, and if I’m not mistaken, some faded and some others were visible black. I did never quite understand that completely tho haha. I didn’t know how to visualize the runes before the movie, it was a little confusing to me

    • Well the permanent and fresh ones should look like tattoos that’s what Clary first thought. As faded ones those are great but angelic power for example would be a permanent black one.

  5. Can fans follow this behind the scenes snapchat account of Harry’s?

  6. Not really happy with Isabelle’s outfit. Too revealing, when in the books she was very covered up. I’m hoping the runes look more black than that too. And the wig is a bit much.

  7. Dear McG,
    No offense but Isabelle is NOT a s—. You should reconsider that outfit.
    The movie one was great. And the runes! *cringes* I can’t handle this

    • The movie was great?? What??? The ONLY thing the movie did well was the runes and weapons. So far the show seems to be coming together a lot better than the movie- much more true to the characters even if Izzy’s outfit isnt right.

      • Re-read. I said the movie’s ISABELLE was great.

      • And besides the movie was beautiful . It was quite different from the book but still it transmitted something nice to me. And ugh, this girl as Isabelle? Where is her feminine yet sober style? Her pale skin? They seem to be kidding me with that cheap cabaret waitress look.

  8. It looks so exciting! I like the whole darker look of the set but the only think I’m not liking is Isabelle’s lack of runes.

  9. Guys, they are nice enough to give us bits and pieces of what they are doing. Why are you picking every little thing apart? You don’t even know what is doing on exactly, or what is going to be done in editing as far as the runes go. Besides, the runes when faded were said to look like faint scars.

    ALSO to everyone complaining about Isabelle not being a sl**, well I’m not saying she was, but in almost ever instance other than the club scene, Isabelle was said to dress provocatively.

    Do you know how many shows are as generous with images while filming as they are being with us? Not many. Please stop picking everything apart and realize that you are seeing a piece of a puzzle that you can’t fully imagine without the rest. Or else we are going to stop getting anything from them!

  10. Warren McAndrew // May 28, 2015 at 2:11 PM // Reply

    I’m sorry but I have to agree with Amber on this, the crew/cast are being super generous letting us fans be brought on this journey with them? Not a lot of people would show what goes on behind set? And be thankful that there actually doing a TV show, the movie was amazing in it’s own way but it also had it’s flaws? Give the television show a chance! Look at Buffy? That was a movie and it flopped and then they brought out a tv show and it became a pretty big hit! I get some of you are upset because there are details that aren’t exact?! Suck it up! Look at TVD! They changed that book series completely with plot and characters! It’s early days guys, take a chill pill and wait! Personally I’m super excited about it! It’s going to be awesome I think! Cassie approves so far? So do I! We need to come together as a fandom and support it not nit pick at silly things! Like I said it’s early days…

  11. I agree with Amber and Warren.

  12. I like Isabelle’s dress….Ppl calling her a slut…grow up !

  13. Not liking Izzy’s new look. The runes aren’t hidden (the demon was attracted to her because she wore a dress that wasn’t slutty like pretty much all of the other girls at the club. (Izzy’s not slutty. She’s beautiful and she knows it, but she’s not a slut. That was one of my favorite things about her) AND you can clearly see the runes, This demon must be an idiot)The absence of the ruby pendant isn’t helping matters. On a positive note- MALEC PICTURES BY THE ANGEL THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL

  14. I agree with Maddy … on the Isabelle disguise (which isn’t really a disguise at all) unless she’s going to be wearing something over the top of what we’re seeing in the photo! … First thing I noticed in all the pictures (even prior to filming) was how ‘right’ the casting is!! Clary is exactly how I pictured her in my mind!! … Jocelyn even looks like she could be her mother 🙂

    Pity about Alec/Luke not having the blue eyes defining characteristics … but all other things considered – as long as they stick to the characters ‘in character’ and story lines I’ll be VERY happy!! 😀

  15. WOAH!!! Day 3 had a lot!!!! I LOOOVE Magnus! Love Love LOVE HIM!!! Also dayum girl Emeraude!!! Looking lovely and ready to kill some demons!!!

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