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‘Shadowhunters’ Day 4 Photos: Clary and Simon, Clary/Jace/Simon, the Lightwoods + Malec!


Welcome to Day 4 of filming on Shadowhunters! Here are all of the photos from Thursday!

Showrunner Ed Decter shared this photo of Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Simon (Alberto Rosende) on set during filming on Thursday. How cute are they?! And if you look closely you’ll see that Simon is wearing a “Made In Brooklyn” t-shirt. Perfection.

And here’s what McG promised…our first look at Magnus and Alec!

Followed by a shot of the holy trinity of Clary, Jace and Simon!

Here is a photo of Clary and Simon at Java Jones, along with a video of Katherine McNamara and Alberto Rosende singing a duet!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the tweet is no longer available but our friends from Idris Brasil managed to save the video:

Ed later tweeted a short video of the PanDEMONium sign and a first picture of the Lightwood siblings.

Early on Friday, McG took to Twitter to share a photo of Dominic and Katherine standing in front of Pandemonium.

(I love Dom’s Jace look!)

Maxim Roy also shared this behind-the-scenes photo of a scene being filmed between Katherine and Alberto.

Decter shared a look at the Lightwood siblings.

Beware of PanDEMONium!

McG gave us a look at Jace on the prowl in Pandemonium.

There are 7 days remaining of filming on the pilot episode. The show will film through October in Toronto.

Shadowhunters will premiere in early 2016 on ABC Family.

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40 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’ Day 4 Photos: Clary and Simon, Clary/Jace/Simon, the Lightwoods + Malec!

  1. Ohh that shirt *-* I’m so happy with Alberto, he’s the perfect Simon really, he’s the best from the cast so far imo

  2. I need OUR JACE! Cmon I need a photoo

  3. Reblogged this on Just Amy and commented:
    Totally what I see when reading the books.

  4. Aww adorable! Costume’s are wonderful! Glasses guys, those glasses!

  5. Love Malec but… where the BLUE eyes at?????

  6. BLUE EYES AND GLITTER??? Where are you??

    • hazelwoodbane // May 28, 2015 at 10:42 PM // Reply

      that’s also my first thought upon seeing our beloved pair. Im happy with the casting and all but no, I cant withstand alec without blue eyes and magnus w/o glitters!! tho they look very adorable together! oh McG please do something about these minor details (tho for me its not, no).

  7. Am I the only one who loves the cast but isn’t a huge fan of most of the guys having facial hair? I know that’s a personal preference thing but in my opinion it sort of ages the characters and I guess it’s just not how I pictured them. Other than that, though, I think it all looks great!

    • Utterly agree! You’re so not alone. It’s just something that bugs me that can so easily be fixed! I’m glad Alec is looking clean shaven, but Simon and Jace….. little concerned.

    • I feel exactly the same way 😦 I hoped Jace would look younger (I know he was aged up for the TV series but still) and that would be so easy to approach just by shaving and letting his hair grow longer, with some curls at the ends and a little blonder… JUST LIKE AN ANGEL ❤️ But oh, well…

    • Agreed. I mean, the guys are in their teens. I am about 87% sure that they wouldn’t have facial hair.

  8. It’s not very much like Alec without the blue eyes. Happy with Simon though.

  9. Wouldn’t Isabelle have a skirt long enough to hide a thigh sheath- and in general covering runes…!

  10. The only thing I am unhappy with so far is Isabelle’s outfit.

    • Me too! I really love everything else and I can overlook most of the minor details that are missing in these photos…But Izzy’s dress! How can she hide her runes and whip in that?

  11. But what about Izzy’s ruby pendant?! ._.

  12. I really don’t understand why some people care so much about Alec’s eye color. Yes, Magnus loves brown hair and blue eyes but it’s in the book. Maybe it won’t be said in the TV show or maybe Magnus will say that he loves the combinaison that match with Matthew Daddario’s features. It’s not as if Alec’s blue eyes were very important for the story, honestly…And wearing contact lenses is generally terrible for the acting. Anyway, Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum look good together, so I’m happy 😉

    • as am I Flora~
      very happy and content, everyone looks amazing cant wait to see this masterpiece come to life.

    • same same same, no one can be happy about anything, like can we wait for the first episode to air before we get so judgmental

    • I guess its because the blue eyes link back to the Herondale’s which in the grand scheme of things could be important so I can kinda understand why everyone’s freaking out a little bit

    • Lady of the Rings // June 4, 2015 at 9:11 AM // Reply

      Actually, Alec’s blue eyes were important to the story, and the plot. Because of Cecily and Gabriel’s relationship the Lightwoods’ ended up with blue eyes over time. So the color of Alec’s eyes is important because it links back to The Infernal Devices. Along with a bunch of other things. I’m not extremely upset about his eye color, though Magnus needs more glitter and his make up is bothering me. The three things that bother me the most are; 1) the age, why’d they bump it up to 18? and 2) where did they get the notion that Luke is cop or at least works in the police station? I realize they’re trying to make his character more essential to the plot and make his personality more inquisitive and all, but still, and 3) Izzy’s outfit, wasn’t it described as kind long and flowy to cover the runes and hide her whip, and where’s the ruby pendant she got from her ancestor Cecily who got it from Will who got it from Magnus who probably got it from Camille. Because that necklace is extremely important to the plot.

      And plus, isn’t 18 the age where you can join the Clave and take part in all that because if I remember correctly, not saying that I do, that was one of the major problems.

      One question though, if all of their ages are bumped up, does that include Max (poor baby) if the series lasts that long.

      Sorry, that was a lot longer than I intended

  13. Aww Climon is so adorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️➰

  14. I CAN’T FIND JACE! WHERE’S HE? Guys, I don’t see Jace in Dom. I’m sorry to say this. I can’t visualize him…

  15. I am beyond thrilled about the cast and their outfit and appearance!
    applause for cassie and McGe and everyone C:!
    everyday I look forward seeing updates ^-^

  16. Where are Jace’s golden eyes. I hope this is not a repeat of the movie!

  17. They all look amazing, not sure why some people keep picking apart all the little things. I love Dom’s eye color just the way it is same with Matthew. Not everyone has to look exactly like their book description. The plot, the acting, and the chemistry between the cast matter more than eye color and clothes. MCG is doing a great job, the cast looks great, better than the movie one to me, and I can’t wait to see the show next year.

      I can’t even put into words how frustrating the fandom is being right now. They pester the cast and production staff for sneak peeks and photos, then have the audacity to complain about eyes and hair and clothes and jewellery. It’s a television adaption – it will be different. I think Dom makes a fabulous Jace and Matthew is gorgeous and NEW MALEC IS ALREADY STEALING MY HEART so can we all just please PLEASE get over ourselves. Pick your battles, people.

  18. What a bummed out day. The one time I enter discussion with my favorite book author, she blocks me on twitter. Maybe I shouldn’t have called Hodge a dingus, XD

  19. I see what Issy’s doing now- outfit looks straight from Taylor Swift’s bad blood!

  20. What’s up with Izzy’s dress? Isn’t suppose to be long with sleeves to hide runes and her wip? The one we have here does not look all that practical for hunting a demon. I thought the movie’s version of the dress was great and could totally see Izzy wearing it but this outfit not so much.

  21. Literally dying….I LOVE all the social media interaction they’re doing with the fandom – SOOO MUCH EXCITES!!!!

  22. Izzy’s outfit looks trashy 😦 so disappointed.

  23. how is she suppose to hide her marks and whip in this dress

  24. I’m afraid to say I’m not loving the tv show adaptation as much as I hoped. I know things are supposed to differ but a lot of these characters looks resemble their personalities in the books, and the plot has some to do with their appearances. The small things will affect the overall show, so I hope the acting over powers the disappointment in the casting.

  25. Cautiously optimistic about series. Please don’t make Isabelle trashy. The book describes her as fierce and a great fighter who uses her femininity That doesn’t mean she’s a slut. She’s a positive role model for girls. Also, I’m with the other comments on no facial hair for the boys, especially Jace. It doesn’t seem like his super neat characteristic.

  26. Tobias Winchester Morgenstern // May 31, 2015 at 10:18 PM // Reply

    Oh God, I literally cannot wait another second longer. 😀

  27. I love this cast, I really do! AND I LOVE THE CHEMISTRY OF FRIENDSIP WITH SIMON AND CLARY ARGGHHH THOSE TWO!!!! (I managed to see the tweet vid before it was deleted, they were awesome!)

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