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Cassandra Clare shares ‘Born to Endless Night’ snippets

TSFA-FB-CoverphotoFasten your seatbelts, Malec shippers, because Cassandra Clare has posted a few very special snippets from her upcoming Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy installment Born to Endless Night. In case you don’t know this is the ebook with the baby 🙂

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy snippet — Malec

You all have been especially awesome lately so … skipping ahead a bit in Tales From, the story Born to Endless Night, in which Magnus and Alec visit the Academy, find an abandoned warlock baby, some students get crushes on Magnus, and Alec makes some tough decisions.

“Vampires are gross and dead, werewolves are gross and hairy, and fairies are treacherous and would sleep with your mom,” said Julie. “Warlocks are the sexy Downworlders. Think about it. They all have daddy issues. And Magnus Bane is the sexiest of them all. He can be High Warlock of my pants.”
“Uh, Magnus has a boyfriend,” said Simon.
There was a frightening glint in Julie’s eye. “There some mountains you still want to climb, even though there are ‘No Trespassing’ signs up.”

Simon collapsed at his lunch table. “I just walked in on Alec and Magnus … you know.”
“What? Where? When? How? Did Magnus seem like an athletic yet tender lover?” Julie demanded.
“Julie!” said Beatriz.
“Thank you, Beatriz,” said Simon.
“Don’t say a word, Simon,” said Beatriz. “Not until I have acquired a pen and paper so I can write down everything you say. I’m sorry, Simon, but they are famous, and celebrities have to bear with this interest in their love lives. They’re like Brangelina.”
“They are not like Brangelina,” Simon said. “What would you even call that? Algnus? That sounds like a foot disease.”
“Obviously, you would call it Malec,” said Beatriz. “Are you stupid, Simon?”
“I will not be distracted!” said Julie. “Does Magnus have piercings? Of course he does, when would he miss an opportunity to shine?”

“I just thought…” Alec said. “Well, I guess I never expected anything like this to happen before we got married.”
“What?” said Magnus.
Alec just stared up at him. One long, strong archer’s hand was dangling into the baby’s crib, but Alec was intent on Magnus, his dark blue eyes darker than ever in the shadows, one look from Alec more important than a kiss from anyone else. Magnus saw he meant it.
“Alec,” he said. “My Alec. You have to know that’s impossible.”

Born to Endless Night was co-written by Cassie and Sarah Rees Brennan and will be released on October 20.

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17 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares ‘Born to Endless Night’ snippets



  3. YEY ^^!!! ❤

  4. Elizabeth // May 31, 2015 at 3:25 AM // Reply

    I died. Alec was just too cute! Cassy is using our ship name OMG!! MALEC 4ever

  5. Clace Herondale // May 31, 2015 at 4:19 AM // Reply

    Is this going to be published like The Bane Chronicles os as a book with all the stories?

    • Yes, it’ll be like TBC. Since the last installment will be published in November 2015 we have to wait until 2016 to have the stories together in one bound book.

  6. *squeal* That is absolutely adorable!! I can’t even right now…

  7. okay, but why does no one there have a celebrity crush on Alec?

  8. Caroline Herondale // May 31, 2015 at 10:00 AM // Reply


  9. Jasmine DuBois // May 31, 2015 at 2:00 PM // Reply

    I got lost after Alec said before we get married! Thank Cassie for fulfilling every Malec shippers dream! Team MALEC forever! ❤

  10. GAH!! SO MUCH WANT!! Why do I torture myself by waiting until all those stories are in one book like TBC……

  11. tmimagnusjace // June 5, 2015 at 10:18 AM // Reply


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