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A Statement from TMI Source and Fangirlish About Current Events in the TMI Fandom

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The events that have occurred over the past few days in The Mortal Instruments fandom are some of the hardest things that we have ever had to witness. It has been very hard and disturbing to watch.

We have remained silent because we could not think of what to do that would not make things worse.

It is true that we have been openly critical of the scripts for the Shadowhunters TV show and have even posted open letters to the show creators. This was a very controversial move in fandom, and we understand that there are many who feel that we should have kept our negativity to ourselves. We respect that opinion but believe that posting our opinions about what we had read was valuable to the fandom. After all, we are not the only fansites with scripts and sides, and we felt that this way fans who were interested would be able to access a variety of opinions.

We also believed we owed the fans honesty. We have never lied to this fandom. We have never said we read a script we did not read, and giving opinions on script drafts is not, as we have seen people suggest, “lying.” It is just giving opinions on early script drafts. There is no such thing as a final draft in television, changes will be made up until the last day of shooting, so there is no other way to be able to give opinions. Drafts are all that exist.

We have not ever or will never condone hate and violence. We did at one point link to a tumblr post about ourselves that was full of hate — we then realized it was a reblog, and apologized to the girl whose tumblr we referenced. We mended fences with her, and sincerely meant nothing against her – rather the hate in the post. And as we have said to the owner of that tumblr, we are sorry. We did not threaten her and if any of our followers did, we do not condone that. Unfortunately, due to the events of the past few days – we have blocked several people.  That is not “bullying.” It is keeping ourselves safe. Sending threats and violence over twitter is not okay and we will not interact with that.

The entire fight that is currently happening seems to stem from one tumblr belonging to one person. We have read her posts about us. They are libel. There are no links, no screenshots, and no messages in existence that show us threatening anyone. We also cannot, as this person has suggested, pass along all of our criticism of the TV show scripts to the show runner personally, because we do not have his personal information. The suggestion that we could is ridiculous. It also undercuts our desire to be honest with fans, public and straightforward.

We have never had any intention of harming the fandom, or of harming the television show. Indeed, we retain a good relationship with the show’s staff on social media. We do not think criticism of media is destructive or hurtful. We think it is a necessary part of interacting with media, period. It is also what we consider responsible. When we saw what seemed to us to be sexual assault by a beloved character in a draft, we felt that to not call it out would not be responsible. And we know that it is partly because we did that it has been removed.

What saddens us the most is that demands by a small portion of the fandom that Cassandra Clare punish us publicly (despite the fact that when she interacts with fansites about issues, she has always done so privately) or shun us in public for things we did not do have driven her off of twitter. We hope that she will someday return, and that this debacle will not cost us the fanart, sneak peeks, and answers to questions that we once had. No television show — and that’s all this is about — is worth that.

We are happy to mend fences with anyone who feels hurt by us. That was never our intention. We really hope that this fandom can come together and move forward. We have all worked too hard and too long and supported this fandom, and we all deserve better.

We will continue to report on what we know, and to give opinions on what we see. We understand that there will always be people who disagree. We hope they will lift their voices up, rather than trying to silence ours.

This is the last time we will comment on this situation.

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33 Comments on A Statement from TMI Source and Fangirlish About Current Events in the TMI Fandom

  1. This sounds bad…. I have no clue what happened but it suck that those issues drove off Cassie from twitter…..

  2. Candlequeen // May 31, 2015 at 6:20 PM // Reply

    So like I had no idea there was a fight going on in the fandom but y’all seem really sincere in this so I really hope that things work out and can get back to normal 🙂

    I’m just here waiting for new Alec or malec pictures to come out cause Alec is bae (heart eye emoji)

  3. I think it is very sad, that TMI Source actually has to write something like this. I love this page, and I am so thankful for every bit of information I get, because I might not ever see this show in my country. I sometimes don’t agree with the opinion here, but this is no reason for me to leave a hatefull comment right away. Sad that people use the anonymity of the internet to do so …

  4. I think that all this got way out of proportion and making Cassie leave twitter because of it it’s beyond sad….I have always trusted your post and I even talk about you in my TMI fb page because you are one of the only sources I trust as truthfull….even though when you posted your opinion regarding the script you had, I took it as a RUMOR, not bc it was rumor itself, but bc it was something that could be deleted since scripts are always change along the run…I need to point out that some people do not know that, so they took it as a fact of something that it was going to happen, they never thought it could be change and that’s why they started the attack…there are fans who are more sensitive to certain kind of news and do not check the background of the new it self, in this case you later clarified that you had read it a draft script and even Cassie said that the script had given to you a month or so ago….so in order to avoid all this drama all over again, maybe you should clarify the source of the info, and how long has it being since you got the info…or even explain that since it was an old script it might have change, just to calm down the extreme fans and avoid all this madness

    Like you said the worst part of this is Cassie being hurt by fans who sadly are nothing more than hatters, because I’m not a shipper, is not like I’m on one side or the other bc I like more TMI source or the person involved in this matter, I see everything objectively and make my ouwn decisions…and all this started with an insult made to fangirlish who because in some kind of wrath from “the person” resulting in an attack from fans to fans and from fans to Cassie…I will never support any kind of disrepect towards anyone, and I think you and Fangirlish handle this very well….In life we have to deal with all kind of people and this case was not different, sadly it hurt the person who created this amazing world we love so much….

    I hope “the person” and every person who is so full of hate just bc they can’t win an argument, realize of their wrongs and mend it with Cassie and the rest of the fandom, we are having a huge second chance with this books, now on tv and I refuse to let hatters ruin this for me or for anybody else…is not fair!

    So all I’m trying to say in here is that it sadness me everything that happen and how it happen because if you think about it it doesn’t make any sense….the problem with social media some times is that we write something but the other people can read it with a different tone we wrote it, like an insult, like a fact, like an attack, this is why I always try to explain my point as best as I can…hope you guys recover from all this, I agree with you that attacks should be not allowed and you made the right call blocking people who were attacking you.

    I say goodbye from far far away, this fan in uruguay, so far away from you physically but who shares your love for this awesome saga….hugs

    • How sad is this really. You are right sometimes we don’t realize that our words are hurtful and that we hurt others. Sadly the person who created these amazing books was hurt and left twitter and that’s not ok. I do hope that we get Cassie back soon and the people who cause all this drama realize what they did. It’s true on TV show things can change depending how good the series goes and the Fandom should just accept the changes that directors are doing. I say this not to anger anyone but honestly we haven’t even seen the show and I think we should wait, watch it and if there are things we would want to see on the series then let the directors of the show know our concerns and what we as fans would like to see in the show, but definitely wait for the show to air. These books are AMAZING and I’m glad that we got our second chance so let’s show cassia that we support her and no more negativity. Hopefully we get her back on twitter soon.

      • Oops Cassie auto correct sucks.

      • I totally agree with u hun, we can suggest something we want to see in the show like Izzy’s pendant or Alec blue eyes but even though I really need both things I know that there’s a huge chance that they won’t be in the show and I accept it. We are having a second chance to see out beloved characters on the screen again and we should show our support even if we don’t agree in everything they do with the show. There will be changes and since the beginning we should be ready for it. We can not pretend that they do everything exactly like in the books that’s totally unrealistic….

        Haters will always hate and will find a way to make a mess with the truthful fans, I’m glad that cassie I taking a break from social media, she deserve it and she needs it after all the drama she went through in the past days. I just hope we’ll see her again soon on Twitter, because e en though she went through a hard time she knows we support her and wish her the best

  5. Lena Grace // May 31, 2015 at 7:05 PM // Reply

    I didn’t see what happened, and most of the info I know about it is from the one tumblr they mentioned, so I’m trying to remain neutral in all of this and not get involved

  6. okay whats going, why did cassie left from twitter,can anyone tell me what happend

  7. Pilar sundblad // May 31, 2015 at 8:16 PM // Reply

    I’m so lost , i didn’t now there was trouble in the fandom I love this page so much and thank you for the info you give us , but would some one pleas tell me what the hell is going on??

  8. Whatever this is about, I missed it. Commenting on and off here is the only “social media” I engage in. Hope this gets resolved so the neat things Cassie has shared return and we continue to hear from the UK fan site. If I tweeted, Face booked, and engaged with tumblrs (whatever they are) I wouldn’t have time to live. LOL!

  9. I don’t understand whats going on, if somebody could please explain to all of us who has no clue about it?

  10. I have no idea what is/was going on until this post. I obviously follow this site and enjoy the information you all share with the rest of the fandom. To be honest though, the negative comments about the scripts were taken a bit further than necessary. The powers that be are the professionals, not the fandom. While NOBODY should be threating, harassing, or bullying we ALL need to be responsible for the drama stirred up during this apparent fiasco. Why don’t we all just wait to see what the professionals have done with our beloved series, and then decided whether or not we will continue to view the show.

  11. To start off, this wonderful place is the only social media I participate in, aside from an occasional Facebook check in. I look forward to getting the emails from TMI Source almost everyday, and seeing the snippets, the filming photos, anything. You guys here have created an amazing place to help people keep up with things with the books.

    Okay, I’ve said my first point. Rant is coming up. Sorry.

    Honestly, the fact that there are people who have sent out so much hate and crap that it has caused Cassie to withdraw from Twitter is disgusting. I don’t know much about it, but fans of anything should NOT be spewing hatred towards the person that created what has entertained you. If you don’t like something, that’s fine, but don’t go hating on whoever wrote it, because it’s not THEIR fault YOU don’t like it. Please use basic human logic and don’t be an arsehole. Please. With your grandmother’s world-famous brownies. Please.

    Anyway, to you people who are a part of this community and make it what it is now, a generally friendly place, thank you for being decent humans and not ruining great things like this for others.

  12. ER-RN-girl // May 31, 2015 at 11:03 PM // Reply

    What is going on? I hope I can still get good information from this site. This sounds like a whole lot of immature people got out of hand, whatever happened. I hope that one person doesn’t ruin things for the rest of us who had nothing to do with what ever is going on because that will really infuriate me. Never been a fan of group punishment for one person’s idiocy.

  13. I didn’t know about the twitter fight until I read this article, and had to go onto twitter to see Cassie’s last tweet a few hours before. I feel so ashamed of myself, because even though I never threatened or bullied or got super angry in any way, I still had plenty of negative things to say on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. I encourage everyone on both sides to message Cassie and give her your support and to apologize if you were one of the ones spouting negative remarks, like myself.
    I believe wholeheartedly that everyone should get a say, because you never know if your opinion can help change a draft. I love reading both sides of the argument, and sometimes I get a little miffed and want to chime in, but violence and threats should NEVER be involved. This fandom has no place for people like that, and luckily I have never seen those things happen, just very rude comments thrown around, which is still wrong.
    It is one thing to post an opinion to be heard, it is another to be rude and pick a fight. That line can be crossed so easily online, and now it has driven poor Cassie away. T.T

  14. No idea hwta happned but seriously some people in this fandom are worse than a toddler throwing a tantrum !
    We are getting a show with a good cast we shld be happy about tht…why r ppl getting into nitty gritties like hair color, dress, eye color etc etc..if they dont like the caset or a script they can skip the show.Why be hateful about it.

  15. I remember laughing when Isabelle was talking to Simon about Facebook and asking if it was where you put a face in a book. Social media should be a place where people share laughs and excitement and happiness, not hateful or mean comments that actually forced Cassie away from our excitement of Shadowhunters and Shadowhunter Academy and The Dark Artifices, etc. I’m so excited for what’s to come and I know everyone else is, too. So, please everyone, let’s just be grateful for what we’ve got and continue to Fangirl every step of the way!

  16. I had no idea that a fight that bad was going on until yesterday, but I still feel like I should say I’m sorry about the things people have been saying. It’s really sad that anyone would just rally up hate in the fandom like that, or pressure Cassandra based on unfounded allegations. There is a big difference between constructive critisism, and downright hate and threats – too many people seem to be crossing that line and I hope the people involved look back on this and feel ashamed to have been so thoughtless.

    I love this post guys, I’ve been checking it twice a day since the TV show started, so don’t let the haters get you down 😉

  17. ‘When we saw what seemed to us to be sexual assault by a beloved character in a draft’ – which character was that?

    I’m so sorry this is happening. There is enough hate and bullying in real life. Shadowhunters (fandom, books, social media) has always been my safe place, when I had to escape from these homophobic people at my school and now this. I hope everything will go back to normal. I am sending love and peace to anyone reading this!

    • That was the Jace-creep moment where he was going to put a rube in Clary’s upper thigh while she was sleeping.

  18. I only kinda knew this was happening. Oh gosh, this fandom is so intense sometimes! I love you guys, I love what you’re all doing, let’s all respect each other’s opinions and most of all let’s just enjoy the wonderous world that is Shadowhunters! Thanks TMI Source, love you guys! xx

  19. I wont lie, I’ve found myself quite frequently disappointed and upset at what I perceived to be overt negativity on this site and others in regards to the scripts and changes. I’ve felt very much like this fandom has been bi-polar and off their meds lately. That said, I frequent this site and everyone is entitled to their opinion, they are also entitled to voice it. I can disagree with someone’s opinion and still respect their position and the job they do.

    While I do agree that as much as it’s your right to voice your concerns, and just as much someone else’s right to voice their disagreement with your opinion, openly, and without fear of deletion or retaliation, I also believe 100% that NO ONE should ever resort to violence or threats because they don’t agree with your opinion. That should never be tolerated or allowed.

    I really can’t even understand why all of this goes on. I love the world that Cassandra Clare created, but I have never been involved in a fandom that so frequently has this much drama, and that is saying something. There are several other series that I think would be greatly suited and deserving of a chance at a movie or T.V. and they have not been given even one of those chances, yet alone two!

    I’m very sorry that you have had to be on the receiving end of such petty threats and reactions. I’m even more sorry that Cassie is caught in the middle of it. All of this is quite crazy. I’d love to see this fandom grow up a bit.

  20. I don’t check this site for 1 weekend and look at all this. Though I do agree not having Cassie on Twitter is a true bummer… 😦 Crazy how I knew nothing about this situation.

  21. Anonymous // June 1, 2015 at 1:59 PM // Reply

    Normally I don’t comment on anything, but I feel the need to comment on this…I’m not commenting on the fact of this ‘drama’ that occurred but rather Cassie’s role in the overall situation she has had to deal with.

    The idea that a writer submits themselves the the idea of turning their books to anything screen-related is a very hard decision. These books and its characters are precious to her. Its important to remember that even opting to let a producer or director touch her story is a decision she made knowing the circumstances and differences that live media brings…think back to Disney and him trying to get rights to Mary Poppins…and even after the movie came out Travers wasn’t completely happy with the outcome but instead the story was portrayed very well and it still became a classic, but no one could forget the beloved books…Imagine Vampire Diaries with a book that no one really had a following too but Julie Plec picked it up- changed details and made a television show out of it that became very Popular and even more interesting.

    I’ve avoided reading anything script-related to this television show. Although I didn’t think the movies were super horrible I did agree that it had issues. The television show though however will be treated differently and everyone I believe is open to opinions however each person who choses to read those opinions is their own decision and honestly with all the changes and script re-writes nothing will be positive until the show comes out and the pilot is released for all of us fans to know exactly if we like it, are disappointed, or decide we are willing to watch it.

    Cassie let all of us fans have the opportunity to see a screen-made version no matter what format (television or movie) and it is with our respect we should be thankful to her that any of this was made possible…instead she is forced off Twitter and is hurt by words…

    If I end up not liking the show, so what? I have the preserved love of the books and that is all I need. I’m in my late 20’s and I’ve accepted life goes on and not to be obsessed with things I can’t change but rather embrace them however I need too…

  22. teamedwardjace // June 1, 2015 at 2:22 PM // Reply

    Fuck… I didn’t even know these chain of events had transpired and it’s horrible Cassie was driven off twitter .

  23. Please there are so many people who have no idea what is going on, did somebody lie? Why is cassandra Clare so upset about this blog? Who is sending who death threats and why? So if there is anyone reading this that does know please share in a comment 💚💛❤️

  24. Truthfully I haven’t been aware of any of this going on. I’m still one of the minority that loved the boos and TMI City of Bones movie and cast and was looking forward to the movie series continuation. Since this didn’t happen I’ve (somewhat reluctantly) come on board with the Shadowhunters TV show and look forward to seeing the finished product. It’s very sad that a handful of hateful people can end up destroying the cooperative union between the author (Cassie) and the fans. No one is going to be 100 % satisfied. Even the detractors of the movie found fault with casting, Clary’s hair color, Simon not turned into a rat etc. hopefully Cassie will return to Twitter and continue her marvelous interaction with the fans.

  25. Miss a week, miss everything. Anyway, I’m sorry to the writers of this site, and to Cassie for all the hate going around. It’s wrong. In America, we have freedom of speech, and I think people should respect that. Whatever you say is your opinion, whether they agree or not. And, not to be offensive, but what kind of person would WANT our beloved characters to be assaulted? In the books, does it say anywhere that Jace would want to do that (when he’s not possessed)?
    I’m sorry to rant, but what the haters did to you all is wrong.

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