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Lisa Marcos Joins ‘Shadowhunters’ as Captain Vargas

What better way to start a Wednesday off than with some casting news?

Lisa Marcos is joining Shadowhunters as the new character of Captain Vargas, the actress revealed on her Twitter on Wednesday morning. Captain Vargas works with Luke (Isaiah Mustafa), who is a detective in the show, at the NYPD.

Let’s welcome Lisa to the family!

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49 Comments on Lisa Marcos Joins ‘Shadowhunters’ as Captain Vargas

  1. She looks badass! I like her. And more female characters are always welcome. Do we think she’ll be a mundane?

  2. okay she is hot but she aint in the book so yea.

  3. okay she is hot but she aint even in the books.

    • So?

    • With movie adaptions they don’t have enough screen time, so they need to cut characters and scenes. In TV adaptions there’s too much time so scenes and characters have to be added. I think we just have to accept that the show won’t be exactly like the book, but from what we’ve seen so far I think it will still be awesome 🙂

  4. I hope she gets involved and helps our shadowhunters. Like their secret weapon, who has always an eye on everything criminal and suspicious that goes on in the mundane world.

  5. The book was a best seller so they change it…… Makes you wonder what goes through the heads of the people writing the script doesn’t it. Personally I cant be excited for a character that does not exist in the mortal instruments universe.

    • What goes through their head is that they are writing a script for a TV show, not a book.

      I don’t expect everyone to get excited like they have for the other book characters, because there is no investment yet. What I would expect would be for people to keep an open mind. This team has done an amazing job with the show so far, and we have no reason to think that whatever they were thinking when they added this character and Luke’s profession won’t also both work.

      Just to give you some perspective… The Walking Dead is a hugely successful TV show based on hugely successful graphic novels… Probably the most loved of any character on that show was created just for the show and was not in the books. I don’t expect that to happen here, but give it a chance.

      • Preach it sister

      • So Amber – just a question – how does Luke make sure he’s off when he needs to change to a werewolf? Does the police department have a – You get off every full moon policy?

      • Morganinla- I can’t answer that yet, I’m not a writer for this show. Let me be clear, and I go into detail further down, out the gate I am not a fan of Luke as a cop. I think it is the one change that I’ve seen so far that fundamentally goes against a characters core.

        I will however hold out judgment and give them the benefit of the doubt, that is the difference.

      • Well Amber – I did say personally – meaning that was my personal opinion, apparently no one can have an opinion when you are around unless it is the same as yours – just to give you some perspective…….. and considering walking dead was almost cancelled several times, several directors were fired and it now is just run by writers I wouldn’t call that really successful……. I would call it a huge fan base keeping it going (similar to us getting Shadowhunters – a huge fan base has kept it going). Many mistakes were made with walking dead even the show runner admits that.

        As Morganinla said – I too do not see how changing Luke to being a cop and adding in characters that are not in the books is going to add to the story or work, exactly as she said, miraculously just going to get time off for the full moon? but then you said yourself in less words than I did, it fundamentally goes against the characters core – so you do actually agree with what I said in the first place, but because YOU have taken my comments totally out of context you missed what I actually said in the first place.

        I think what you fundamentally missed regarding my comment is that I was reacting to the hype of that one character – as I already said regarding that ONE character – I cannot be excited for a character that is not in the book – we know NOTHING about it, we have no back story – we have no idea if its a funny one, serious one, idiot one, bad guy, good guy – I cannot be excited about a character I have no idea about. That does not reflect on my viewing of the show, I will watch it because I love the whole universe and squeal with delight at the thought that they might turn Jem, Tesssa and Will into a series one day.

        You really should take things into context before making comments that are nothing to do with the original subject Amber.

    • Shaniherondale // July 29, 2015 at 4:15 PM // Reply

      IKRwas hoping they would stay true to the books

  6. She looks familiar, like I seen her on something else I watched in the past.

  7. Aside from changing Luke into a police officer and having Dorthea as a young woman, it doesn’t seem like the show is straying too far from the book, which I’m very happy about. Welcome to the family, Lisa!!!

    • thank you! somebody says this everybody’s freaking out about luke and the whole police deal and dorthea

      • Of course they are. Every single thing I’ve heard says they are changing a huge amount. Simon is an accounting student. Clary is in college. Simons band members are gone and Maureen who is a thirteen year old girl in the fourth book is now his only band member. Luke is a cop. Dorothea is not a witch and works at an art gallery. Magnus owns Pandemonium. Shadowhunters use iPads. We have had as many castings of people they have made up for the show as we have for characters from the books. The signs are really bad. People just don’t want to see it.

      • I could not disagree with you more. We have had no where near as many castings for new characters as existing ones, first of all. Second of all, I hadn’t heard that they made Magnus own Pandemonium… I LOVE this change. It actually makes so much sense to me. The only thing I’m not completely sold on is the Luke as a cop thing, but I’m keeping an open mind. It is the first thing that I think fundamentally changes a character at their core, or doesn’t make sense as a character.

        Let me ask you, had Simon and Clary went to college, what do you think Simon would have majored in? I can totally see accounting. It’s not like I think it changes who he is as a person. The problem with Luke is that the point with him was that he didn’t want the spotlight, didn’t want leadership, he used it as a means to an end and even then it wasn’t something he was great at, at least not in a forceful sense. He was better at the mentoring than the aggressiveness. Shadowhunters using iPads, okay… they need to make these people relatable.

        Dorothea is a character who is around for all of 30 seconds in the big scheme of the story. Who the heck cares if she is a witch or an art dealer, a 40 year old woman or a 25 year old woman? So long as she serves the same purpose, that is what is fundamental to the story, not her as a person. She is a plot device.

        Other then little structural changes, from what I’ve seen with the first episode they seem to have kept all of the fundamentals, which is huge. TV is a completely different animal from print.

    • But Dot isn’t Dorthea. Cassie said that on twitter. And even thought Madam Dorthea is around for “all of 30 seconds” she’s still important. Her being a “plot device” are you saying that Max Lightwood doesn’t need to be there, cause he’s really there for all of 30 seconds – so is Maxine okay as long as she serves the same purpose?

      As for Shadowhunters using iPads… well, here’s the thing – if it’s a different world, wouldn’t you think there technology would be more advanced than beyond iPads? Or do they have like an iPad version 20 that isn’t out yet. They aren’t supposed to be relatable on that level – they are supposed to know more than us. Making them relatable is about being able to see them as human beings and seeing them in a shirt you can buy at the store and dress like them. They are supposed to be able to comprehend things we would never be able to.

      We’re all aware that TV is a different animal than print, but that doesn’t mean that all these changes are necessary. I related to Clary before she had an iPad, i related to her because she was a girl who was going through extraordinary things and was trying to deal. And I think a lot of other people did too. So my question to you is – why are some plot devices more or less important? And should I tell my friends who can’t afford things such as iPads I don’t relate to them and their personality isn’t enough?

      • The reason that Dorothea is different than Max is because our main characters are emotionally invested in Max. His death is impactful on a character level, because characters we love, love him. Dorothea is a different kind of important. Her character death is important to the world building, but really Clary didn’t seem emotionally affected by her death. So yeah, the logistics of her character aren’t as important. I never said that a character doesn’t need to be there to serve that same purpose, just that her name and age are unimportant. It’s different with Max because his age and his relationship to Isabelle, Jace, and Alec ARE what make it important.

        I don’t entirely disagree with you on the iPad thing. I’m just trying to see where they are coming from with it. To be honest, I always got the impression that the Shadowhunters relied more on their own type of weaponry, etc.. and really didn’t know much about technology, because it wasn’t important to them, as opposed to them having better technology. I just really don’t think it’s a big deal if they have an iPad. I don’t think it changes what makes Jace who he is as a person if he uses an iPad, and that is what is important to me.

        People definitely relate to Clary, and having great characters is what is going to make this show a success or a failure, but that is going to need to go beyond book fans. Book fans aren’t going to single handedly make this a winner. It’s much easier to get that connection and that depth when reading a book than when watching a TV show.

        As for your comment about not relating to people who can’t afford an iPad, well it’s a very one dimensional thing to even say. Clearly I never said that someone who doesn’t have an iPad is un-relatable, I don’t have an iPad. I simply meant that it’s a part of everyday life and I don’t see how it is really that big of a deal. Personality and character are the most important thing of course, but that doesn’t mean that little details on the show aren’t important. Sometimes they are what make a difference at the end of the day.

  8. hm okay… I´m not really a fan of the new NYPD-Luke, so that doesn´t get me all that excited…
    it´s cool that there´s a new female character and it makes sense to involve one or to co-workers of NYPD-Luke, but I hope she won´t have a big role at Shadowhunters as there are already a lot of characters to explore, with the six main characters and interesting side characters like Raphael

  9. ER-RN-girl // June 10, 2015 at 12:05 PM // Reply

    Well, liberties have been taken with the story including making Luke a police officer. So, that part of the story has to have its supporting characters as well.

  10. I don´t get the need of adding characters to the story, I’d rather see our belovved ones being correctly developed …. meh

  11. Not interested In a character who isn’t in the books. They have enough to do with shaping the characters I’m interested in, Jace and Clary and Alec and Magnus and Isabelle etc, without throwing in new ones. Midori? Professor Overton? Now this?

    Though the cast is cute, every story decision seems poor. They seem determined to stray from the books as much as possible. Everyone understands that changes have to be made for adaptations to work. But tok often people use that as an excuse to change everything and only when it’s too late do they recoil in horror at what they have destroyed.

    if this was Maryse, I might care. But I am not watching a show called Shadowhunters for Ed Decters original characters.

    • Viewing Shadowhunters IMBD why is Hodge and Madam Dorthea young? As in the same age as Jace, Clary, etc instead of the people they grew up with, Valentine, Luke, Jocelyn? Did anyone actually read the book or care to understand the relationship / generation ties to each other? Lets hope they are for a flashback…

      • Sabelle // June 10, 2015 at 3:38 PM //

        The actor of Hodge is actually the same age as Jocelyn…

      • Actually in the books Hodge was the youngest of the circle. He is going to be portrayed as his BOOK age. So yes, they actually paid attention to the books.

        I don’t really think it matters what age Dorothea is, just what happens to her.

    • I also disagree with you about the story. I feel like they have changed little structural things (other than Luke’s profession) while still managing to keep the overall dynamic and fundamentals of the story. From what I can see of episode one, it seems to follow the books pretty closely.

      • This is so weird. What on earth about this makes you think they have kept any of the dynamics and fundamentals the same? I understand optimism and keeping an open mind, but there’s being realistic, too.

        The Shadowhunters in the show use and are reliant on technology. In the books, they eschew technology. This changes the fundamental nature of Shadowhunters and everything they believe in. The idea that it doesn’t make a difference if Dorothea is a completely different species than she is in the books is ridiculous. It seems clear from the casting sides that she’s a warlock, which is garbage. As for Simon, the last thing he ever would have studied was accounting. Simon, the musician? He wouldn’t have studied music? Which he says in the books is what he wanted to study? Changing Maureen from a star-struck young fan to an adult who is Simon’s girlfriend/band member changes the fundamentals of her whole story and her whole arc. These aren’t little changes and these are only a tiny fraction of what changes there are. Why does Jace kill a woman in Pandemonium instead of a man? Is there a good reason for that? Because it seems really gross.

        Yes, Daryl Dixon is a well-liked character. He is well written and well characterized. We have no reason to believe these original characters will be. Absolutely nothing that they have released so far indicates that they are going to be in any way faithful to the books. The set photos are fun to see, but don’t indicate anything one way or the other. I mean, it’s your business if you want to be blindly optimistic, but the bad signs are there, and the showrunners don’t deserve to be rewarded for them. The only reason we even have Isabelle necklace is because fans panicked and begged for it. If you think the biggest change is Luke’s profession, I have a feeling a horrible truth is coming for you.

      • It is always amazing to me how one person can find another’s opinion so “weird”, and yet the other person feels the same way.

        Let me explain to you what I mean by “fundamentals”… I’m talking about what makes a character who they are as a person; their history, their inner demons, their drive, their goals, etc.. I’m glad Izzy has her necklace, but not having it doesn’t make her less of who she is as a person. Simon loved music, sure, but he was also a really practical person and never took his band too seriously. I would imagine that Simon would know he needed to make a living. The Shadowhunters using technology, yes it changes a world detail, but it doesn’t change any of the characters. Not to mention we don’t know how reliant they are on that technology, that is you making an assumption.

        Whether Dorothea is a Mundane or a Warlock is really irrelevant. Dorothea was around for all of a few chapters. Her character was there to world build and that is it. Not a single one of our main characters had any real emotional attachment to her at all, so no, I don’t see how it really matters. If she dies in the same way, that is all that is important to me, that she helps build the world and the realization for Clary.

        I feel like we are never going to agree because the things we find important are 100% different. You are focused on little details and things that have nothing to do with actual character, and I am focused on the big picture. I’m not saying that one way is wrong and the other is right, just that it’s different. You asked me if there was a good reason why Jace killed a woman in Pandemonium instead of a man. I ask you; is there a good reason why it really matters whether it is a woman or a man? I don’t really see how it’s gross, a demon is a demon.

        I don’t expect Dot to be well written, that isn’t the point of her character. But I see no reason, yet, to say that longer term new characters wont be well written. Maybe they will maybe they wont.

        The reason that I find Luke’s profession to be the biggest change so far is because it goes against who he is at his core. Luke was a man who only turned to leadership and violence when he felt it was a last resort. Even then he wasn’t great at it, not at the forceful part of it anyway. He was much better at the mentoring part of it. That is why it is a problem for me, because it really isn’t something he would do. As for Maureen, we shall see. It could be awful or it could be fine, I’ll wait and see. Although, she is not Simons girlfriend in the most recent version of the script.

        I assure you that I am not blindly optimistic. I am not walking around saying that the show is going to be 100% awesome, no doubt. What I am also not doing, however, is picking it apart at every little detail. I will give the benefit of the doubt because it is the human thing to do. I chose not to be negative, because well, negativity doesn’t make me feel good. I also would hope that people would give me the benefit of the doubt until they had a chance to see how something I did worked, especially if I were creating something. You are of course entitled to do things your way.

        If the show comes out, and I don’t like it, I wont watch it. I watched the movie once and never watched it again. It’s really simple.

  12. Why make a copy paste version of every other tv show currently airing? The appeal to this book series is something that isn’t currently being seen on tv or theaters. Keep the characters as they are in the books. Some characters and professions in the book are what add to the next book and layers. Keep true to the story. This is not sounding good any more.

  13. Can everybody just chill out? How does this harm the story in any way? As long as the MAJOR plot points stay the same and they stay true to the personalities of the characters, then I really do not see the problem. Valentine has an extra follower, so what? Dorethea is younger? Who cares. Just because she MIGHT own an art studio does not mean she isn’t still a witch. The characters have been aged up, so of course they are in college. Why is that such a big problem? These are MINOR changes. Stop acting as if they are changing every little thing because as you well goddamn know, they are not, we can see that from the pictures they are posting. Stop acting like spoilt children and be happy that they are being more accurate than most tv shows even care to be.

  14. People keep flipping out over Professor Overton… This character will probably be in one episode. I imagine that by episode two Clary will be done with College the same way she was done with school.

    To hear someone say they aren’t interested in the shaping of these new side characters makes me happy that those people aren’t the ones writing for the show, no offense. The reason I say that is because what separates a good or great show from a mediocre or bad show, are characters, all characters. Having a character who comes in even for two episodes and interacts with your main characters, and having that character be un-interesting or non dimensional, can completely negate the scene or storyline, it can also make the impact to your beloved character diminished.

    I said it above and I’ll say it again, Daryl Dixon is the most loved character on The Walking Dead, and he wasn’t in the novels. I’m not expecting people to have the same enthusiasm for the new characters being introduced as the beloved ones, but why be so negative?

  15. I’ll admit that some of these changes make me nervous, but I’m still holding onto hope that they will not stray far from the book. So, I’ll wait until I’ve seen a few episodes before I make any judgments.

  16. I really don’t understand the fandom. After all the critics and little support on the movie for not being an exact copy of the book (reason why there wasn’t a second movie), now you support all these major changes in the series. I find these changes even worse than the ones done in the movie. First the cast, then their role, and now non existing characters of the books. Seriously I can’t take it.

    • Very few people support the changes. Some people are desperately hoping this will be good and making every excuse in the book and I get it. We all wish it would be good. But the showrunners should be held accountable for their bad choices or they’ll never improve. All I’ve seen is negativity and disappointment which I also feel.

      • Book readers almost never support changes, that doesn’t stop something from being successful. The show being good and lack of changes are not symbiotic.

    • The fandom is not a hive mind. It contains many different people who have different opinions on the movie and tv adaptations. And some people can change their minds, too.

  17. As long as she doesn’t have feelings for Luke it’s all good.

  18. Honestly, no disrespect intended to Lisa Marcos, but I really don’t want them to keep adding their own characters. I understand how it makes sense to include a coworker of Luke’s since they are going with the police officer thing, but I really wish they wouldn’t do the police officer thing at all. It doesn’t fit for a character that is a werewolf and tries to keep away from the spotlight and away from mundane authorities as much as possible because of all of his secrets. I also really wish they wouldn’t age up the characters. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that often in the books they make a big deal about how out of the 4 main shadowhunter characters Alec is the only ‘adult’ so there’s a bunch of stuff the rest of them don’t get to do, and it gives them more freedom to sex up the show, which I really don’t want. This also means that Simon and Clary are in college, and while they have done well picking a major for Clary, nothing quite says ‘rockstar’ for Simon like an accounting student. Which is a whole different thing, too. I’m not positive about this but I’m pretty sure I heard that there wouldn’t be a band. Overall, I’m trying to keep an open mind, and I’m really liking most of the casting so far, but some of the things I have heard for the plot are really frustrating me.

  19. I know people are worried about how this will affect the series, and as a huge fan myself i am extremely worried, but ABC family have seen how we reacted to the movie and are being very careful. If they are doing this, then they know that it isnt a bad thing to add to the show. I dont think people should judge until they’ve seen at least one episode.

    • WarlockBane // June 10, 2015 at 7:10 PM // Reply

      Yes, thank you. I completely agree with you. We’re worried and anxious, yes, but watch an episode or two before you get negative about things.

  20. The film crew seem to be on the way to adult urban fantasy with plenty of “tweaks.” I’m looking forward to Cassie’s next trilogy, which I’m sure will be consistent with the story so far.

  21. Can people please just chill out and be happy we’re even GETTING a show after the movie ended up being a flop? Seriously. If you’re unhappy with the changes, don’t watch it. It’s literally THAT simple. Unless you have something positively constructive to say, please keep it to yourself, because this infighting is just ridiculous.

  22. Don’t hate but I actually like the idea of this character- I am sensing a new love triangle!! And I think that if this love triangle (Luke Jocelyn Vargas) were to happen, it would just support Luke and Jocelyn’s love. I know the less changes the better, but this one doesn’t really bother me.

  23. Oh boy. They’re doing it again. Seriously will these people never learn? I’m going to bring up two examples:
    A) The Hunger games (second and third movie), the Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter: stayed almost exactly to the books (or at least didn’t go against them) and made A TON of money at the box office and really just made all us fan girls happy
    B) This is the option that brings about fan people wrath. They change the book and seriously go against it, making it an epic fail that no one ever wants to discuss again. Ever.
    Percy Jackson (the biggest offender BY FAR)
    The mortal instruments movie (not as bad, but still brought some frustrated tears)
    It isn’t that hard, people. Keep to the spirit of the book. Don’t actively go against the plot (because with limited time and budget cuts are inevitable). Learn from your mistakes.

    • Several of the Harry Potter movies cut out complete storylines. They did a good job, but many things were changed. Many. I could go movie by movie, but we’d be here all day and that isn’t the point. Lord of the rings is no different. Hunger Games was maybe the best example of staying true to the books, but still… there were changes.

      There will always be changes. As long as they get to the same point and keep the main spirit, they will be good.

      To be fair though, your argument doesn’t really stand, especially for TV, and I’ll tell you why. Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Game of Thrones. All of those shows varied from their books, some more than others. Vampire Diaries took a totally different turn. Game of thrones has changed some major things, while still getting to the same point, which for me makes it less of an offense.

  24. that fangirl // June 13, 2015 at 7:50 PM // Reply

    I feel like there will be a fandom war between fans of the Shadowhunters show when it comes out, and fans of the books. Hopefully it won’t happen, but the TV show is bound to get fans who have never read the books before.

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