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‘Shadowhunters’ Photos: the gang, ‘Clagnus’ and a dancing Magnus

Our executive producers Ed Decter and McG appear to be very busy tonight (or this morning depending on your time zone) because they have just tweeted several amazing photos and another video from the Shadowhunters set.

Prepare to fangirl/fanboy!

Don’t forget to check out the two clips of Jace and Alec that McG tweeted earlier!

Shadowhunters films through October in Toronto and will premiere in early 2016 on ABC Family.

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13 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’ Photos: the gang, ‘Clagnus’ and a dancing Magnus

  1. Our fandom is so spoilt! 😀

  2. ErenLovesMalec // June 11, 2015 at 2:56 AM // Reply

    Harry you’re so good!!! \\(*O*)//

  3. lucydecember // June 11, 2015 at 5:19 AM // Reply

    I love this ; -)

  4. Daaaang mags who knew u had it in u…:)

  5. Good moves. Can’t remember Magnus dancing in the books but this skill fits the character.

  6. So cute! Love to see them getting along and it looks like the show is coming together quite well!^_^

  7. So Harry will show his moves on the show? this could explain why he’s at the club tbh

  8. Clagnus??? What? I hope that won’t be a thing

  9. I love the cast I just wish they would do Magnus make-up different – not so smokey but more a straight line idk why.. The way they got it right now it just looks like he slept with it or something. Otherwise everything seems awesome, especially the costums and locations all that stuff<3

    • My thoughts exactly, I like him as Magnus, I just would like the makeup to look a lil bit more legit in the fact that it’s a smooth line, not smudged with a gold sparkle liner. 😀
      I’M so excited!!! btw does anyone know where the set is or where I can go and be like “heyyyshadowhunters” awkwardly?

    • I know right!! It’s kinda annoying when they get these little bits wrong, and how they’ve started filming and we can’t change that! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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