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Watch: Justin Gerhard Reads for Role in ‘Shadowhunters’ [Warning: Spoilers]


Warning: Video contains spoilers for Shadowhunters

While Shadowhunters doesn’t premiere until 2016, filming on the series is ongoing, which means that casting for smaller characters is underway, which also means that audition videos pop-up online. These videos give us an idea of what we can expect from the series and/or a particular role.

Actor Justin Gerhard has posted an audition on his YouTube for the role of Ned Fisk in an upcoming episode of Shadowhunters.

From the looks of the audition, it seems as if Ned’s part of the plot focused around Luke’s role in the NYPD. According to the video, these are scenes for episode 1×07.

Wonder what other auditions we’ll see before the series is done?

Shadowhunters premieres in early 2016 on ABC Family.

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10 Comments on Watch: Justin Gerhard Reads for Role in ‘Shadowhunters’ [Warning: Spoilers]

  1. When I saw Luke’s character description saying he was investigating a series of demonic murders, I immediately thought of City of Ashes, which baffled me at the time; since Cassie confirmed they’re kind of mishmashing the first two books’ storylines in the one season, it makes sense. This audition further solidifies that.

  2. I just posted the video on my Twitter account, I hope that’s ok with you, I tagged you in it since I was able to see it thanks to you! 💜

  3. The actor who is auditioning is actually Justin Gerhard. Whoever the character Ned Fisk is, Justin looks like he can do the role justice. He has muscles on his muscles and great hair.

  4. Maybe the cops part of the show if like ‘The Flash’ where a couple of the characters (detectives) are in on Metahumans and who the Flash is, so that they can deal with criminals that can’t be explained but still need to be brought to justice.

    • Dealing with criminals that can’t be explained and need to be brought to justice is what Shadowhunters do. It is, literally, their entire job.

  5. This is further from the book than the movie was.

  6. This is garbage. This isn’t Shadowhunters. There are some characters with the same names but otherwise this is Ed Decter’s trite fantasy about cop shows. Also have you seen the “Lydia Branwell”? auditions? It’s just trash at this point.

  7. I don’t necessarily mind the changes. It’s a TV show. What works on paper doesn’t always work on screen. It makes sense that they’re adding characters. I love the books, but a true book adaption wouldn’t work for a TV series. It’d flop like the movie. TV series need more drama. If we want non-book to like it, changes had to be made. I’m sorry, but it’s true. And I’d rather see a series that veers off from the books at times with this new cast than CoA with the old cast or nothing at all.

    As for the the Ed Decter’s fantasy about cop show comment, the cop thing is probably somewhat minor compared to Clary and the others. All the pictures we’re getting is of the Shadowhunters and Magnus. But again, TV. TV viewers like cop shows and it’s not just book fans they’re trying to impress. We need a bigger fan base to get past one season, and that requires changes. So, can people try to keep an open mind about changes/additions until we see the final product?

  8. teamedwardjace // July 27, 2015 at 7:50 PM // Reply

    I can live or get on aboard with add ons or tweaks as long as they do a good job and keep the major parts

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