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Do you remember when McG, the Shadowhunters TV Executive Producer, asked us what the most important thing for us within the TV Show would be? We do, and we remember it being that most of us wanted the show to stay faithful to Cassie’s books.

We are sure we all still want that, therefore, we have decided to start a new hashtag to let the TV Show know that the fans still want the TV Show to stay faithful to the books we all love and of course, what the TV Show is based on!

Therefore, on Saturday 1st August (today), we have decided to start up a hashtag: #KeepShadowhuntersFaithful and we want you to help us trend it, and make sure that the Shadowhunters Producers know us fans love Cassie’s books and want the TV show to reflect her stories in the most faithful and positive way they can!

We have posted the times below for you all to get involved and to try and get #KeepShadowhuntersFaithful trending!

12 PM Los Angeles, 3 PM New York/Toronto, 4 PM Brasilia, 8 PM London/Dublin, 9 PM Berlin/Rome

If you can’t see your time above, you can use this link here to find your timezone.

We hope that as many of you as possible can join us sites in tweeting so that we will get the hashtag trending worldwide!

We gave Izzy her necklace because we all worked together and hope we can make another difference within the TV Show!

Hope to see you all tweeting!!

Alyssa and Cathrin from TMI Source

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9 Comments on #KeepShadowhuntersFaithful Project

  1. purpleshadowhunter // August 2, 2015 at 12:08 AM // Reply

    I saw this late but tweeted anyway, I definitely want them to be faithful to the books.I hope I dont get anything thrown at me for saying this *hiding behind bookshelf* I’m no interest in seeing it based on what has already been shared about it. They werent true to it in the movie and the tv show at the moment doesnt seem to be either.I’m very disappointed they messed up something that could have been epic!

    • Malecislife // August 3, 2015 at 1:27 AM // Reply

      You should check out this tumblr page about the tv show. She’s read all of the sides and stuff so she know a lot. She explains why some of the changes are necessary, and how they really have stayed within the confines of the shadowhunting world. She also says the characterization from the books is still very much present in the show. I would also like them to stay as faithful to the book as they can, but I think we all need to realize that adapting a book into a tv show is hard and almost impossible to keep the exact same. It wouldn’t thrive because each individual episode has to have some grab in order to keep ratings high (They need people who haven’t read the books as well as book fans). IDK… I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need to stay open minded until we see the show because I feel like it will be more faithful to the books than we think. (I really don’t want to come off as rude because I totally respect your opinion. I just wanted to provide extra info some people who are having doubts might not have seen.)

      And this also has some stuff about the differences….

    • i completely agree with this, everybody who feels this way gets so much hate. i understand that certain things have to be tweaked to appeal to different audiences, but when you have such a large fan base behind books it hurts like hell to see how wrong the tv show appears to be in terms of faithfulness to the books. WHY is clary wearing heels and looking like a model and what. is. izzy. idk but

  2. I saw this a bit later but I love the idea, I gotta keep my eye on the mailing list 😀
    I’ve been told I can’t be both but I’m loving what i’ve seen from the show, interested in whats to come. but also interested in keeping a few things true to the books.
    I am just hugly interested in if their going to give Magnus his warlock mark, even if he does then glamour himself to look like he’s got normal eyes, the cat eyes were part of his charm 😀

  3. This is a brilliant idea, this reply is a bit late but i still fell the need to comment. Although I am loving the looks of the show already I still feel that somethings need to stay the same in the TV show. I wish I could have had a part in the hashtag keepshadowhuntersfaithful but unfortunatly I am South African so I couldn’t 🙂 😦

  4. Im a fan and though i would love for the show to be faithful to the books it most likely wont happen. I hope people dont get upset with my comment, but change is not always bad. With that said there are several book to tv serie adaptations that are great even with changes. Game of thrones series is very popular and successful and its not 100% faithful to the books. Those who have read the books would agree. I feel like many ppl are already critizing and making assumptions about a series that hasnt even aired. Also, its too late to want to change things since scripts are already written. I say that we watch the series and make out comments to the writers regarding our concerns in a positive manner and they might take our comments in consideration during season 2. It really upsets me when people make assumptions of what will happened when we havent even seen any script. I dont want to upset anyone but lets just wait and see how the series play out instead of feeding people with negative comments.

  5. I don’t tweet or Facebook, so will enter my comment here. My observation: in every book to film project those charged with converting the story to the visual medium start with good intentions. Then they seem to get drunk on the creative possibilities. At least the cast is darn near perfect, with one exception that automatically deep sixes a relationship central to the TMI narrative. My hopes and expectations have been downgraded to “please don’t run the plot over a cliff.”

  6. Books to movie/show is a love/hate relationship. I’ve honestly only read a few books to movies. And many if not all have been twisted from the original story. Apparently the audiences, especially the very critical reviewers who either read the book and is truly a fan or the ones who haven’t and they’re very opinionated to drop their two cents. All these adaptions are over done, with the full drama effect and way too much sex. I too don’t like change. I too am PO when someone drops a character, leave them missing in book one movie but that character plays a good part in a few other books following, how will they bundle her in now?! Those who’ve read book one n seen the movie knows exactly who I’m referring to. I’m the type who will watch the movie/show n constantly compare it to the book. I dont know what’s bigger and more important, the book fan base or the newer audiences who’ve only heard it from someone else. I’m not optimistic enough that the story will stay true but I’m not pessimistic either to dismiss a chance for a good screen. Honestly, some books will never capture the book exactly because what makes the story is the author’s way of writing the feelings and words portray so much the actors and actresses can’t copy no matter how talented. For instance, (not a line from the book) “I saw it in his eyes, but then it was gone in a second.” So much is described from a mental POV that a screen can never show correctly. I’m a huge fan of the book and I’ll read and listen to it over n over n over again. I too feel offended when a really good book is adapted poorly or is dismissed as just another story. 😥

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