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‘Shadowhunters’ Casts Max and Robert Lightwood


Two new exciting castings for Shadowhunters have been announced!

Jack Fulton has been cast as Max Lightwood and Paulino Nunes has been cast as Robert Lightwood in ABC Family’s adaptation of The Mortal Instruments.

Cassandra Clare shared the news (via showrunner Ed Decter):

Several readers, spider senses tingling, have been asking about the casting of Robert and Max Lightwood. Showrunner Ed kindly took some time out of his schedule to shoot over these headshots.

Robert will be played by Paulino Nunes, and Max will be played by Jack Fulton. Ed will try to get a stealth shot of them in action behind the scenes. *finger wiggle* I’m interested to see how they’re incorporated into the show!

Shadowhunters is currently filming in Toronto and premieres in early 2016 on ABC Family.

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13 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’ Casts Max and Robert Lightwood

  1. Mrs. Carstairs // August 8, 2015 at 12:14 PM // Reply

    Max looks cute, but I feel disappointed in Roberts casting
    He doesn’t look like book-Robert at all

  2. Jack Fulton looks perfect for Max. Paulino Nunes looks close to bald. Reading TMI, I got the impression that Robert Lightwood had a full head of hair????

  3. If the guy playing Robert can act like Robert, I don’t really care what he looks like. Besides, He looks like he can pull of Robert’s character. To me, how he acts is more important than what he looks like. I wouldn’t want them to sacrifice acting skills just so he can look like Robert. (Let’s wait until we see him act before we pick him apart….)

    • Mrs. Carstairs // August 8, 2015 at 1:22 PM // Reply

      True, w e should be worried about acting and not looks
      But tbh, Robert barely had a role in anything, except in the last book when he became Inquisitor
      So I think the least they can do is get the right description since he will have so few parts

      • I think in the show they are giving more screen time to minor characters (Because they need to add some stuff in order to take up 13 episodes). Robert, Max, and Maryse never came into the books until City of Ashes, so the fact that they are bringing them in early leads me to believe he will have more screen time than in the books. Idk, it would have been nice to have someone that looked like the character in the books, but it isn’t something that’s important to the main plot so I can let it slide.

    • Exactly I rather have an actor that could convince me he is Robert instead of one that looks like the books description. Also, we don’t know anything about the script and we might see him more in the series, since I’m sure they will cover the circle and maybe what was going on in Idris while Team Good were looking for the cup. I’m super exited for the series even though there will be a lot of changes, but i’m positive. By the way max looks so cute I see him and I feel sad cause I know his fate :*(
      I want to see who they will cast as Sebastian I hope it comes up soon I know he comes up in book 3 but hey we might get to see him soon since it will not be a book per season.

  4. Tori Herondale // August 8, 2015 at 3:31 PM // Reply

    I love Max! He is soo cute but I still don’t know about Robert. I’m gonna wait until I see him in the show

  5. gah just looking at our little max….. ill be balling when ” that part leads” with him… lol hes soo cute

  6. I like the serious look about Robert Lightwood! AND MAX!! MAX MAX MAX I will actually sob my eyes out.

  7. im sure they will do something so he does have hair, but im also thinging that’s his portfolio picture maybe its not that new. but im very excited about this production!!!
    high hopes

  8. TJ Morgenstern // August 9, 2015 at 8:26 PM // Reply

    Max is so CUTE 😀

  9. OMG!!! I have the same last name as the actor whose playing Robert Lightwood….. FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!

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