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Happy release day to ‘Bitter of Tongue’

Today the seventh installment of Tales from the Shadowhunter AcademyBitter of Tongue – is available in ebook format! It was co-written by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan and here is the official synopsis:

When an Academy mission goes wrong, Simon is kidnapped by faeries (why is he always kidnapped?). He must escape the Fey, relying on his only ally, former Shadowhunter and Dark Artifices character Mark Blackthorn.

To celebrate its release, Cassie shared a snippet on her tumblr:

“Just tell me if Aline is helping with the younger ones,” said Mark, his voice growing sharper. “Helen cannot do it all by herself, and Julian will not be able to help her!” His voice softened again. “Julian,” he said. “Jules. My artist, my dreamer. Hold him up to the light and he would shine a dozen different colors. All he cares about is his art and his Emma. He will try to help Helen, of course, but he is still so young. They are so young and so easily lost. I know what I am saying, Shadowhunter. In the land under the hill we know to prey on the tender and new-hearted. And they never grow old, with us. They never have the chance.”

“Oh, Mark Blackthorn, what are they doing to you?” Simon whispered.

He could not keep the pity out of his voice, and he saw it sting Mark: the slow flush that rose to his thin cheeks, and the way he lifted his chin, holding his head high.

He said: “Nothing I cannot bear.”

Simon was silent. He did not remember everything, but he remembered how much he had been changed. People could bear so much, but Simon did not know how much of the original you was left when the world had twisted you into a whole different shape.

Due to the time difference between the States and Europe, I’ve already read Bitter of Tongue and I can strongly recommend this ebook. Like it’s predecessor Pale Kings and Princes, it focuses on the Blackthorns and you cannot help but feel even more heartbroken for the whole family once you’ve read this ebook.

Happy reading, Shadowhunters!

The next ebook – The Fiery Trial – will be released on September 15.

You don’t actually need an iPad, Kindle or Nook to read Bitter of Tongue. If you have an Amazon account, you can download the free Kindle Reading Apps for smartphones, computers or tablets.

Amazon US/Amazon UK/Amazon Germany/Amazon Canada/Amazon France/Amazon Spain/Amazon Italy/Amazon Australia/Amazon Brasil/Amazon India/Amazon Japan/Amazon China

When all the ebooks are published, the book will be released in print format (just like the Bane Chronicles).

If you aren’t a fan of ebooks, but love audiobooks then you can listen to Reign‘s Torrance Coombs narrate the Bitter of Tongue audiobook.

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