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Watch: First Official Trailer for ‘Shadowhunters’


Shadowhunters teaser pic

BY THE ANGEL! Guys, we can’t! BuzzFeed just shared a 1 minute and 30 seconds Shadowhunters trailer and we do not have words so bear with us for this very short article 😉


What do you think of the trailer?

Shadowhunters premieres in January on ABC Family.

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36 Comments on Watch: First Official Trailer for ‘Shadowhunters’

  1. Why did it have to be abc family that picked this up? It could be so good, but this is just so plain awkward. It looks fake, the effects and background is ridiculous, it’s like something that would appeal to 10 year olds, if they decided to age the characters up then they shouldn’t have such a “happy fairytale” background, just no. I want it too look more realistic and dark, the movie wasn’t good but at least it managed to do that. I wish that HBO or someone else had picked this up instead. As for the actors I think this is a waste of a good cast, the show doesn’t seem to do them justice. I felt like Kat overacted in the beginning but that might just be because of the how they edited it, in the last bit she was really good and I liked her in Scorch trials so I don’t doubt that she will be able to pull off Clary. I was worried about Dom for Jace just beacuse he doesn’t resemble him in my head, and everything for me liking him was down to how he would pull the character’s personality off, and I think he really succeeded from what was shown. I don’t have much to say about Jocelyn’s actress except that from what I saw I felt that she overacted but again that might not be the case when we see the whole thing. Luke meh, what was up with the fake eyes? They looked so bad, maybe they’ll edit them more but even I can do a much better job in vegas than that.
    What bothered me the most was the whole “Clary dissapearing in sparkles (?), it just looked so ridiculous, and Jocelyn shouting “I love you” the way she did just felt so fake and strained, that whole scene felt so B. Basically the standrad for this shows effects isn’t good, and I don’t just mean the special effects but the way everything looks, it seems fake and not like a real house or street etc.
    I really hope they’ll be able to fix some of these things in edit, beacuse I want so badly to like this but I don’t have high hopes, especially not when it’s ABC Family.

    • You hit the nail on the head my friend. Indeed.

      • haha it’s not something I’m happy about though, but I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking so.

    • So sad! This could have been a great show, you are so right. Jocelyn: ” I don’t want you to know about the shadow world, but you’ve been compromised so I’m vanquishing you to …”
      What was that??? So the whole storyline about Jocelyn being kidnapped and Clary coming home with Jace following, is now gone??? Wake up producers, directors , screenwriters!!!
      You have a best selling book, huge fan base, access to the writer herself… and you change the story??? I get it, not everything translates to the screen but the basic story can. I’m so sick of these other people taking fabulous stories/books and changing them to put “their mark” on them. Looks to be another disappointing adaptation. Yeah, people will watch to see if it’s any good, then after a short run it’ll be cancelled because it’s just not as good a story as the book. Want a hit show, stick to the book material that sold the millions! No brainer, duh!!!

      • Exactly! I agree with you completely, considering that they have access to Clare there shouldn’t be such big misses in the show. I thought the whole point of doing a tv show instead of a second movie was because they wanted to make it better, closer to the book and be able to put more effort into it, but this just makes the movie look good. I’m so dissapointed, beacuse it could be incredible and I feel like they’re wasting the cast and the story. I dread how the seelie court wil look, because judging from this it will be at some horrible stage where the props sucks.
        They should have done like you said and just stayed true to the book.

    • HBO! are you serious!? It’s ateen series not fifty shades!

      • Well at least with HBO it would of looked good and not some corney fluffy kids nickelodeon stuff.

    • You perfectly summed up how I feel about this adaptation.
      I’m a hard core fan of TMI and TID and this, this was ridiculous
      At this point, the only thing that has been done to stay true to the books is that they kept the characters names…it’s literally that bad

      • I know, I had such high hopes and then this happened. I think it’s such a waste of a good cast.

  2. I’m liking this trailer the more I watch it. The first time through I was like “What…?” and I wasn’t super impressed with special effects, but it is TV and they only just finished filming so editing should help. But as I rewatch it I’m seeing a lot of promise, especially from Valentine. As of now, I’m still holding on to hope! And, let’s be real here, I was going to watch the show no matter what the trailer was like 🙂 Love the Shadowhunter world!

  3. Wow, not a good “wow” either. I was on board with hope at giving this show a chance. But now I’m thinking not. I’ll probably still watch to complain about how bad it will be. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😁😁😶😶😶😧😧😧👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻. Also I feel bad the great Cassandra, to see her world abused in such a manner. Not what I was expecting at all.

  4. I see some parts of the TMI City of Bones plot here. That’s probably all we’re going to get. The cast is superb as were the actors and actresses in the film. If I can figure out how to stream the show on my NOOK, I’ll probably watch. At this point, my chief dissatisfaction is why they can’t get Valentine’s appearance right. Central character, distinctive appearance, etc. Umm, what’s up folks?

  5. Personally, I think it looks stupid. I’m disappointed.

  6. Am i the only one who thinks the acting just looks bad?

  7. it looks pretty good. there are somethings I felt they could have left the way they had in the books (e.g jocelyn could have vanished) but I understand why they the changes are there. the sparkles weren’t needed and other things they fix up in editing.

    Also this is teaser and it looks like, it mostly encompassed clips from the first few episodes(depending on the length)

  8. teamedwardjace // October 9, 2015 at 2:03 PM // Reply

    in my earlie commen, when I said sparkles I meant when clary was teleported

  9. Am i the only one who feels like the movie was better? Someone please agree. The people they chose are gonna be hard to get used to.

  10. First off, THIS IS A TV SHOW!!! it will NEVER be the book IT WILL NEVER be the book!! All of the advertisements that I have read say that the series is BASED on the books!! Big hint BASED!!! some of the other things I have read since the announcement of the show is that they will be doing some flash backs into the past….I see this show as a chance to bring all of Ms. Clare’s stories to the small screen! We all may not like the deviations from the original story but NO adaptation is perfect! There were things that I loved about the movie and things I hated! The special effects remind me of the show Charmed/Buffy. But you do know the better the show does more money goes into the creation. If you love the books and want it to be a show, support it and improvements can be made with it. I see Shadowhunters hitting story lines from Infernal devices, bane chronicles, shadow hunter academy, and with new books coming…..more material. ABC family or FreeForm has so much material that they can pull from it could make a great series! But if they fan base doesn’t support it, it will surely fail!

  11. There are some changes but it looks good. I can’t wait to finally watch this on TV! I’m so giving this a chance, they deserve it. I love the books but I can still love the show as another whole. To be honest if everything was the same as the book I would get a little bored. I only hope they stay true to the most important moments of the saga ❤ I'll try my best to keep an open mind.

  12. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I found Kat’s acting very dramatic and over-the-top and well, fake. I’m hoping this is only because they used the most dramatic parts in the trailer. All of the others had awesome acting I thought, and I loved Dom and Alan. Look being a tv show that may or not be popular I understand that there are limits to the special effects, but I was really surprised with how good the demons and silent brothers looked. I think the sparkles/portal looked ridiculous and that whole scene just seemed stupid (not sure if it was Kat’s way too dramatic acting again?). Look I get there will be changes form the book, but was a little disappointed that Jocelyn wasn’t gone when Clary got there; but I can deal with that. We have to keep in mind that this is an adaption and is BASED off the books. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

  13. Kind of a little thing, but I love how Clary picks up the seraph blade and is like “whoops!”
    (I’m sure it will look more natural in context)

  14. I really like Dom as Jace and Harry as Magnus. They are perfect and they portray the characters exactly like I imagined it.
    About the trailer, I don’t know…you see there’s a limited budget.
    I will definitly watch the show but I’m worried. I think it’ll be a show you have to continue to watch and really get into it to love it. By the end of the first season you’ll be familiar with it and not be so focused on the faults.
    But mabye I’m wrong (I so hope it) and the trailer just didn’t show the amazing parts and it’ll be great

  15. AnitaWainwright // October 10, 2015 at 11:47 PM // Reply

    Red flags and not the best acting but you know what I’m thinking? I think there is still a small potential. I didn’t really like Buffy at first and now I think it is one of the best shows ever. Acting might not be the best to start with, that is okay but the whole idea is that it evolves. That is what makes TV shows so much better than movies; the actors evolve with the characters. Not that I am okay with the red flags, they are pretty major but I won’t give up my hope on the TV show until at least 3 episodes in.

  16. The music in the trailer is wrong tone. Hush little baby? I would expect that in a children’s movie. Not this. If the music is wrong in the trailers and the shows its going to kill it. Try this instead. Adagio in D Minor (2012 Remaster). It provides a mystery wanting to be discovered. Also, Unstoppable, Makera, E.S. Posthumus. Please get the music right for the tone of the world.

  17. I’m was excited for the show, but then after seeing the changes they made in the pilot and after I saw this trailer. I’m sorta starting to have my doubts…

  18. ClaceHerondale // October 11, 2015 at 10:12 AM // Reply

    idek… :/

  19. Caroline Herondale // October 12, 2015 at 11:54 AM // Reply

    you guys need to calm down! I think this looks super cool and I’ve read the entire series. sure there is going to be some/ a lot of changing but the tv series is only based of the books the main stuff is there. so what if jocelyn doesn’t disappear in the clip maybe she dissapears later in a different way
    the party scene looks epic and magnus, oh my god magnus looks magnificent!! I can’t wait to see him !!!

  20. TJ Morgenstern // October 13, 2015 at 6:00 PM // Reply

    I’ll admit this did make me feel excited, but I just doesn’t really capture the magic the books (and even the movie) did.

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