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Watch: Seven Minute Sneak Peek from the ‘Shadowhunters’ Pilot

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Who’s up for a little Pandemonium?

ABC Family (via has released the first clip from Shadowhunters, which features six minutes of footage from the pilot. It debuted at New York Comic Con prior to the start of the Shadowhunters panel, which featured the cast, producers, and Cassandra Clare discussing the show.

The new footage gives us a look at the famous Pandemonium scene from City of Bones, which has a different feel from the book. We get to see Jace, Alec, and Isabelle in action, as well as Clary and Jace’s first meeting, our adorable Simon, and Magnus.

Watch the clips below:

Shadowhunters premieres in early 2016 on ABC Family (soon to be Freeform).

What did you think of the footage?

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118 Comments on Watch: Seven Minute Sneak Peek from the ‘Shadowhunters’ Pilot

  1. Thanks for sharing but now I’m really worried about the show. WTF was that?! Acting was terrible and the dialogue was even worse.

    • You are totally right. It was terrible in all sense. I don’t even feel chemistry among the actors. So disappointed of what they have done to the books.

    • I lost faith in this show the second ABC family picked it up… super cheese is what comes of that channel, not to mention terrible acting

    • Ok you judged their acting based on 7 minutes of it. Watch any first series even any famous movie check how they acted in the first movie or episode and how they evolved as the serie or movie progressed. Even what we saw isnt completly edited MCG said it in his interview. Please dont leave messages like that here we all wanted this serie to come to life and if you dont like their acting with all your respect you dont have to watch it.

  2. Warren McAndrew // October 10, 2015 at 12:58 PM // Reply

    As much as some of you complained and disagreed about the special effects earlier I thought they were pretty cool for TV! I mean yeah the pandemonium scene wasn’t as I expected but it’s an adaptation, it’s BASED on the books…. Personally I loved it! I’m super excited now!

  3. Look, I’m a fan of the books, but this is already a hot mess. Why is Clary in 5 inch heels and boob revealing shirts? That is far from what she is in the books, and what so many girls related to when they came to this story. Shame……..

    • I totally agree with you!!!!

    • I’m just wondering why all Jace in film and drama are not beautiful – Clary said he is beautiful!!! I’m frustrated.

      • Beauty is subjective tbh, and in the book it even said Alec was more attractive than jace, by Cleary herself. I think he is absolutely gorgeous.

    • Well in the book she was attempting to pass off as older, and in this case in order to get in, she had to be older so that’s probably why

      • bethalope // October 14, 2015 at 1:54 AM //

        my though exactly. if you wanna bust into the club you gotta try to look like you belong. especially if your ID is terrible, as simon says 😉

  4. Oh my god! This looks like it’s going to be AMAZING! I really, really hope a UK channel or Netflix pick it up


  6. I feel that people should look passed the fact that this show isnt going to be cookie cutter perfect. As a huge fan im not disappointed at all with this show. Im totally looking forward to it.

    • Same parts of me was like ok then that was bit a bit strange but mostly I enjoyed it and I am really looking forward to the show and what they do with

  7. My hope for this being good just sank even more.

  8. Oh my! I couldn’t even finish watching this complete piece of trash that is going to represent TMI. Horrible, appalling, beastly, dreadful, detestable, shameful.

    • It’s sad because I wanted this to be good, but I have to agree with you, it was just terrible

    • You are totally right. It was terrible in all sense. I don’t even feel chemistry among the actors. So disappointed of what they have done to the books.

    • People said the same thing about vampire diaries and look where their at. The serie is super popular and if you dont like it please stop looking at trailers or interview or sneak peeks of the show and let us enjoy the fact that the series will air and were getting a second chance to get to know more about the shadow world without your negativity.

      • First of all we are entitled to our own opinion, and if that bothers you maybe you should stop looking at our comments and instead skip them and read the positive ones if ours bothers you so much. Second have you thought that there might be a reason I’m looking at the trailers and sneak peaks because I want to see if it’s any good? Third I think vampire diaries is a boring show with not so great effects. which is why looking where they’re at isn’t something that gives me hope for this show.

      • Sweety you are entitled to give your own opinion its a free country right? What is not ok is to criticize a serie with just a sneak peak that hasnt even been edited completely. If you love the world cassie created by all means stick to the books nothing will change what we love about her books, not a movie or a series. Also, is not ok to leave hateful messages because there are ppl who might not have read the books and might be discouraged to watch it because of the negativity that many ppl write. Just like cassie said books are powerful and so are words if you dont like something then comment something that you like to see changed. If you dont like their acting just keep in mind that their acting improves as the series continues. If you watch a first episode of any series then you compare it to the last episode you can see a big difference.

      • I like how you contradict yourself completely in your comment. First you start off saying that it’s ok for us to give our opinions and then it’s not ok because something hasn’t been completely edited? Wow way to make sense there. I never said I loved the books so don’t put words in my mouth, and I was hoping the show would be better but from what I’ve seen no and that is MY opinion. Second hateful messages? That just makes me laugh because it wasn’t hateful, I think you need to look up the word hate. I said it was terrible, and it might be good that I said that because if we don’t share our opinions the show’s producers won’t know what to improve (and before you go into how terrible isn’t constructive criticism I’ve written a comment earlier that explains why I feel this way, I just didn’t feel like reposting it everywhere). And so what if people will be discouraged from watching the show from reading my comment? They’ve still come to that conclusion themselves by probably like me watching the trailer and sneak peeks and then read the comments, building their opinion from there. Free country remember? Entitled to my own opinion and that is that I can write what I like on here.
        I also just need to comment on how ridiculous your use of Sweety is, I mean it’s obvious you used that insult and degrade me, way to be mature. I’m seriously not even going to bother to reply to you anymore because you seem like one of those people who lives in their own “bubble” and will just keep sprouting nonsense and it’s just not worth to argue with a person like that.

      • Omg you reply instead of making me upset made me laugh saying i live in my own “bubble” who has the luxury to live in one. I dont get it if you dont like the books why are you here following updated about it? Talk about contradiction… Also, just because its a free country were you can give your opinion doesnt mean that its ok to say whatever you think. Im assuming your a teen who still believes that is ok to have no filter in everything you say and it cool– own it. What i do believe is that you can give constructive critizism without insulting or using negativity to make your point.

      • It’s possible to love something without liking it. Just sayin

      • Oops meant like something withot loving it

  9. How are people not liking this? I feel so excited for the show sure it’s not perfect and it’s not gonna be exactly like the books but it still looks pretty darn good ^-^ I can’t wait to January to see the whole thing ^-^

  10. I seem to be of the minority that actually really enjoyed it! It looked pretty badass!
    Yeah it isn’t a perfect straight adaptation of the book, but I still like it. 🙂

    I do really hope some fans will still give this show a chance, though. I lot of people seem to dislike it and are saying that they won’t watch it, but not watching it will only cause it to get cancelled. If it’s renewed and fans dislike certain things, they can still change it in the second season. The creators really respect the fans and love the books, so to hate on all that they’ve done seems a little hars to me.

    • I’m with ya, I don’t care what they do with it as long as it has the hilarity and good plots from the book I’m going to watch it

  11. Imo as for what I’ve seen, the movie is still way more faithful and this doesn’t simply transmit me any feelings. Just… Nothing

  12. teamedwardjace // October 10, 2015 at 3:26 PM // Reply

    This looks pretty good 🙂 though the acting from Valentine ‘a cohorts could have been better at times

  13. Megan hodges // October 10, 2015 at 3:37 PM // Reply

    You people who do not like what you have seen so far have to remember that it is an ADAPTATION of the books. It is not going to be exactly the same. I think you should all realize that. As a HUGE fan of all cassies books I liked it, yes it was different but it still had that dark feel, it still shows the shadowhunter world we all love. Please try to keep an open mind!

  14. Don’t really understand what people are hating about this. It’s like they’re just looking for flaws when they should be embracing the fact that this was amazing and exciting! A lot of this was still true to the books and the actors seem really in tune with their characters. Even the smaller details like Alec looking at Jace when he was talking to the demon girl and Izzy using her whip are things I greatly appreciate! I really love it so far and can’t wait for the show! People need to keep in mind that books and movies and TV are three completely different creative formats.

  15. fandoms4life123 // October 10, 2015 at 4:49 PM // Reply

    I really liked this actually. I liked how Jace and Alec work really well as parabatai should and it was pretty alright I think. People should remember this is only a piece of the episode, it’s not the entire thing. Also this is BASED on the books so it’s not going to be exactly the same. No movie or Tv show based on a book has ever been exactly like the book. Get used to that.
    [ p.s even if the show was really bad, I’d probs still watch it for Alec and Magnus. Malec for life ❤️ ]

  16. Shadowhunters1234 // October 10, 2015 at 4:51 PM // Reply

    But why is Clary there alone when she meets Jace?

  17. Not what I expected the first official teaser to be like, but then again I cannot judge an entire TV series on just a snippet. As many people have pointed out, it is an adaptation so naturally things are going to be different which is totally acceptable and fine. I’m just a bit worried about the – how do I say this without being to harsh – cheap feel of the snippet. The special effects look a bit off even for TV but this could be budget wise as the show is still in its start, and the dark/leather and sunglasses atmosphere seems a bit “over the top” if you catch my drift. Then again, as I said before you can’t make a judgement about and entire TV series based on one thing, so I am still looking forward to see this adaptation.

    • This is just the preliminary editing. All tv shows work on editing up until the episode airs. There is still a lot of work to be done. Don’t worry. I think it looks pretty good for being this early in the editing process.

  18. It’s just terrible: the actors, the dialogues, Clary’s looks, the plot…everything!!! I know it is an adaptation, but it’s a very shitty one. I thought they were going to do better not worst. There is no chemistry among the actors, they sound like robots repeating a line. I will always be a fan of the books and the movie, but can’t watch this…Sorry Cassie but your books have been ruined in this series.

    • I completely agree. The special effects make me cringe when looking at them and Clary would never dress like that. I new this was going to happen.

    • Omg people you haven’t even watched the series! You don’t know whats going to happen! It’s only a 7 minute sneak peak. At least judge it when it ACTUALLY comes out?

  19. Omigod help I don’t think I’m gonna cope waiting, and then on January 12 its going to be so much harder because a. Pretty little liars, b. Shadowhunters and I CANT WATCH EITHER OF THEM why is England so boring and Sky so expensive dammit>:( just hoping Netflix will pick up Shadowhunters because this looks SO GOOD 😍 can’t wait:D

  20. Definitely more skin and violence. The colors were so dark it was hard to see what was happening. More than one demon? Did Izzy really use a sword? The electrum whip is her personal weapon and more fun to watch. Valentine’s Circle is still overtly active?!!!! Familiar plot points pop up and disappear. This resembles a roller coaster ride. 😦

  21. oh my god i love this so much!! i am so insanely excited! and no, it isnt exactly like the books, but it is waaaaayyy better than the movie- at least so far. this clip was absolutely amazing, in my opinion. i am so happy and so excited and just yesyesyesyesyes the only thing i didnt like was thata i think the runes should stand out more. but really, i loved it. 😉

  22. Only thing that seems good : Simon !

  23. AnitaWainwright // October 10, 2015 at 11:38 PM // Reply

    I like it a little but I am seeing some red flags. I feel Alec and Izzy weren’t even close to concerned on why a “mundane” could see them. Plus they talk about the Circle and Jocelyn way to early. Simon and Magnus on the other hand were pretty awesome; faithful to the characters. The others, well I guess this is only a sneak peak isn’t it; they may edit things out or adjust it a little more later. I remain hopeful but there are the same exact warning signs we saw from the movie.

    • The Jocelyn and Circle mentions did have a really jerky ‘we’re saying this to set stuff up!’ feel ugh

      • I actually think its good they are doing it – explaining and foreshadowing things for non-book readers. It may seem a little awkward for those of us who read the books, but it is necessary for a TV show. One of the major flaws of the movie was that non-fans could not follow the plot too well, it was too fast paced and new things kept coming up so people had no time to digest what was going on. And they really need to attract additional audience (besides the book and movie fans) for the show to succeed.

  24. I really enjoyed the footage that was released and can’t wait for the show, but with all the negativity coming just from people criticizing this footage is really making me nervous for the series. I don’t care about dialogue, the actors are amazing and as long as the story plays out truthfully to the books thats the most we should be happy about aside from the movie adaption.

  25. I actually really liked it. It seemed really corny the first time I watched it, but after I watched it a few times I actually really enjoyed it. It takes some getting used to, but after a while I came to appreciate how well it was done. Keep in mind that the first few episodes of a new t.v show are bound to be really shaky and rocky, as it takes some time for the actors to get used to the role, and for us to get used to the actors. The first time I watched it I thought the girl playing Clary was pretty bad, but when I watched it a bit later, I genuinely thought she did a great job.

  26. The special effect are really terrible and ridiculous 😦 jace hair are not even long and he is not the way i picture jace at all . Im very deceived right now .the script sound way to basic .simon is adorable but the rest im not impress one bit .

  27. Okayyyyyyy I can understand why people are mad. I’m mad too, but at the same time , kinda excited.When I first heard this was becoming a show, I was so excited but I really wish that the show was picked up by the CW. I love ABC Family but I think that this is not the right network for this show.The casing I was ok with. I know this is an adaptation but it’s really weird for us fans to see the Bol that we’ve loved for so long to change. I mean let’s be honest. None of want what happened with the movie to happen again. So it was really weird when they changed the ages of the characters. I thought overall that the trailer was good. Not really good, but good. What I’m most upset about is Pangborn and Blackwell. Why the fuck do they look like CIA agents. On a more positive note I love Simon, izzy , Alec 😍😍😍, Jace ,clary , and Magnus. I’m a little disappointed with the effects but I’ve seen worse. I’m not going to judge this entire TV show and cast just became of one teaser. I’ll save my judgement for January 12, 2016.
    Okay I’m done ranting now

  28. Only things I really didn’t like were the CGI, and the editing. The editing seemed sloppy, there were points that seemed to cut off, seemed like an editing glitch or something, and the CGI is just corny. Now I can forgive the CGI since this is a TV show, not a film with a larger budget, and I have seen worse (once upon a time) but you can’t screw up editing. Also the acting is subpar, not much dialogue in this 8 minutes but hey it’s only 8 minutes and it’s the first episode. Not many shows have a good first episode. So I will give the series a go, but to be honest, these 8 minutes aren’t a good first impression on attracting fans, in my opinion.

    • This is just the preliminary editing (They basically just put something together for NYCC). All tv shows work on editing up until the episode airs. There is still a lot of work to be done. Don’t worry. I think it looks pretty good for being this early in the editing process. Acting on the other hand could be better. I can only hope it will improve throughout the season as the actors get more use to the characters.

    • Yes, the editing bites. And the dialogue is not great, but I guess it’s not really a dialogue-scene. Still, Jace, who in the book is smart & quick with a comeback, in this footage pauses before almost every line – you could run a truck through his pauses. That’s not good acting. But the Alec & Jace’s parabatai moves were graceful and well-choreographed. Very murky lighting, hard to see some things, difficult to get what’s really happening and more importantly, that no one else can SEE what’s happening but Clary. That part is not clear at all! Simon looked & acted very Simon, I liked his performance, at least. SIGH.

  29. That made it look really really easy to kill multiple demons- even Clary limply holding a sword can do it…. hmm. It’s gotta be more rugged and violent- like Clary thinks she’s watching someone get murdered here!

  30. Simon’s “this place isn’t even hygienic” line has me scared they’re making him a nerdy GERM FREAK oh dear. Surely not- but then why that line?

  31. My issue isn’t that this is a adaption of the books, I actually was hoping that the show would change somethings from the books and improve them. My issue is with abc family, the acting and the cheap look of it all. I realise that the first season of a show doesn’t have the best budget and beacuse of that the effects aren’t good but this is the reason why another company should have picked up the show. You can say what you like but abc family’s shows has low standards, bad effects, usually horrible acting and the whole feel of the sets is fake and cheap looking, just look at The secret life of the american teenager and Pretty little liars. When they first came out with news about a show I was afraid that the cw would pick it up and completly mess up the story but now I wish it had been them beacuse at least the standard of things would have been a little better. I almost wish it had been starz and hbo in the sense that the sets would look more real and there would have been more effort in portraying the story in a good way. Everything about this is just so fake looking, Alec jumping/flying looked so weid, Jace pushing away Clary and her skidding the way she did made ma laugh because it was so badly done and don’t get me started on how bad the weapons looked. My conclusion is that abc family doesn’t deserve this show.

    • This is just the preliminary editing. All tv shows work on editing up until the episode airs. There is still a lot of work to be done. Don’t worry. I think it looks pretty good for being this early in the editing process.

      • I know that, and to be honest I am worried because I’ve seen a lot of other shows in progress which has had much better quality to their material despite it being preliminary editing.

    • Did anyone else notice that the seraph blade lighten like the sword of the Jedi’s??? When they grab the handle the blade just appears and lights up. My God, if this is just a peek, I ca’t imagine the rest. It’s just awful, due to the lack of another decent word. :’-(

      • I didn’t even think of that! You’re completely right.

      • Direct quote from TMI books “the light of the seraph blade shot up like a star” to me it looks exactly as it’s described in the book. The blade is just a handle until they activate the angel light out of it. Better than in the movie when they were just glass swords!

    • BookDragonForEver // October 13, 2015 at 6:34 PM // Reply

      i understand what you’re saying, and agree with the bit about the trailer, but ABC isn’t all that bad. remeber Supernatural?? that was ABC and McG.

  32. I actually am okay with this. I mean I think it’s actually great because they did state that they’re adapting the books, not copying them. I had ‘that dissapointment moment’ when I saw Vampire Academy’s movie-as I’m a fan of the book series and the movie turned out to be so-so. But for everyone’s that’s demanding that the show should be 100% (or maybe a only few tiny things changed), just remember they’re adapting, not copying & they’re doing their best and everyone will improve. Also, try to be open minded as you can be, in my opinion. Okay?

  33. I mean have you guys seen Teen Wolf’s first episode? It was an epic hot mess. I’m hoping the same thing happens here. I’m still pretty excited for this show, and I just love how many PoC characters are in it. I think the promo will appeal mostly to a younger audience, but I personally don’t care as long as we get a second season. And as bad as things might turn out we still have an entire season to enjoy.

  34. I’m hopping the way Clary is dressed is just a birthday thing though.

  35. You all need to just forget about the books…it’s not going to be the same and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I thought it was good and I’m looking forward to watching more, and that’s partly because I’m NOT totally sure what will happen. I don’t want to watch a show if I know exactly what’s going to happen. It’s much more exciting this way.

    • Yes! We have our whole TMI story with the books and it’s great! Now we have a new show, with our same characters and I’m totally down for a slightly different story or whatever. I can always go back to the books for the original story.

    • Most of us don’t feel that way. If I want to watch something where everything will be a surprise, I can watch any supernatural show. If I want to watch something based on my favorite books, I want to see the characters I care about, and the scenes I’ve always wanted to see brought to life. I want to see Simon come back as a vampire, the kiss in the Seelie Court, Magnus and Alec embrace in the Hall of Accords.

      I guess there’s an alternate universe in which the showrunners for Game of Thrones decided to change everything about the plots in order to “surprise people!” It’s also a universe where that show flopped.

  36. Claire Herondale // October 11, 2015 at 11:00 AM // Reply

    Well..that was equal parts exciting and thought provoking. Let me get this out of the way now, I did not like everything. The things I did not like were: Clary’s outfit: I hope that it was an impulsive birthday choice and not a regular thing! The Clary that I look up to does NOT dress trampy. The Circle Members(Pangborn and Blackwell I assume?) why were they in dark coats and sunglasses? That just screams we’re undercover agents! And they mention of Jocelyn seemed weird, considering the context(more so for new fans who do not know who she is). Jace’s lines at the begining sounded a bit wooden too. However, I really loved the Demon shapeshifter, Magnus(he was AWESOME), Simon(so adorkable!) and Alec looked really cool(Izzy too, even though that wig was so not her). Watching this, I am so excited and happy. It’s not perfectly done, but it is still so amazing! C’mon January 2016! ^^

    • Just wanted to point out that this is not the first scene of the episode, so we get to meet Jocelyn earlier in the episode (remember the beginning of the trailer where Jocelyn takes little Clary to Magnus? – this is probably in the beginning of the episode before the pandemonium scene). So it makes sense for the circle members to mention her here.

  37. At first I wasn’t sure about how they condensed the opening scene with several in the first book but by the end it made more sense. Trouble is that it is ONLY a clip of the whole episode. Actually liked how it went, I do agree with a few above about the “Circle” Guys, not sure why they look like CIA/FBI Agents but until I see the whole episode I won’t judge totally. I am actually very excited about the whole show and will hold my total judgement until I see a couple of the episodes. Several of my favorite shows, including Vampire Diaries, I did not like at first, they seemed off in some way. Give it time and remember they did say they were changing some things and the writer has given her blessing. Maybe we all should wait to judge? Only time will tell.

  38. Give them acting lessons, their faces match what I would expect, Except I pictured Alex Pettyfer type for Jase. The special effects were good, but lost me when they open their mouths. Dead pan and seemed like they were reading off “Q” cards.

  39. there are so many people saying how horrible the show is going to be, but you haven’t even seen it??????? This is literally just a teaser and nothing more???????? This isn’t a solid base to say that the actors are awful and have no chemistry together???????? It’s not supposed to be exactly like the books, it’s based off of the books, but you have to cut the producers some slack. It would be impossible to fit every single detail in. We should just be grateful that we’re getting a tv show because some other fandoms get nothing.

  40. Looks good, but maybe a bit too of much sound affects.

  41. Regardless of what everyone have been saying, I LOVED this sneak peek!!!.

    Yes it’s needs some getting used to, acting wan’t perfecting, but just look at Teen wolf when it started airing and look at it now, soooooooo diffrent but yet not perfect.
    and PLEASE don’t complain about Clary’s dressing or how she acts, she’s 18 for god’s sake and it’s 2015/2016!!

    I never re-read a book even if it was my most favorite of all time, so for them to change so much is somthing I appreciate, it gives me something to look for rather than repeating and inticipating the expected….. Sooo please! try to be MORE open minded…. please?
    It’s clear that they put a lot of effort and they’ve been as excited as us fans, so try to be understanding, okay?

    Btw Alec and Magnus ❤ ______ ❤ !

  42. Ok so I actually liked Clary but I didn’t buy Jace all the way. And I can already tell Magnus is gonna be my favorite! Overall it was ok… some of the dialogue could have been better but this is just 6 minutes of a 45 minute show. And if any of you watch the Vampire Diaries you know that show is nothing like the books so people need to chill and wait to see the first few episodes before judging this. I bet it will have plenty of things that will make us fall in love with this new version of TMI. As long as it stays true to who Clary, Jace, Simon, and Magnus are I’ll be happy. And that does not include what they are wearing. Btw… I think they got Simon just right.

  43. The more people who watch it and review that it is good, it will keep airing. People don’t get that if it gets cancelled, it can’t get better. How many shows are really crap in the first season compared to the fifth or six season?
    Also it’s a TV series, it’s not gonna be perfect. Send in points and tips to the station if your complaining about the editing. It isn’t going to be aired for like anothe three months, so you can suggest things to be edited. Don’t complain about it here. No one important is going to see it but others. And if your influence is going to get others to bag it’s gonna get cancelled and it won’t get better. Do you really want a repeat of the movie.
    Think about it. If you got rid of the book, and think in the prospective of someone who hasn’t read the book, this could look freaking awesome. But if they then read your reviews and that its crap, they are not gonna want to watch it anymore and it will get cancelled. There are people here from down under and we want to watch it.
    Keep your bad opinion to yourself and use your criticism to help make the TV show better when it airs.

  44. What’s the name of the song in the video?

  45. cant wait for this show to start loved the books and the film gonna love the tv show

  46. WTH. Where is the blue-haired guy!!!!!!???? Smh

  47. .I think it make sense,like how did they found where the Fray’s are living…the acting,well they’re budding actors I’m sure they’ll evolve to grammys level,just give them time X3 yeah I loved it!!!

  48. I don’t mind that they changed some things. Having no blue haired demon for instance, I loved the way they showed the demon changing shapes. The circle members being there, no biggie, they have to show things in a way the audience who hasn’t read will understand. That includes introducing elements and characters earlier.

    What really bothered me was the dialogue and the way the whole thing was cut. It came off as very cheesy and lacked flow. I’m just hoping that is fixed in editing. I also didn’t like the demon killing effects. I don’t like how it looked all bright and like lava. I don’t know what it is about that type of effect that studios seem to love, they did it in Harry Potter with the wand fights, but I hate it.

    So far there have been three shows of content. This sneak peek does not have me impressed. The trailer was mediocre. The best thing for me was the promo, I loved that!

  49. I can’t believe ya’ll are shaming Clary for how she’s dressed like…it’s 2015 and ya’ll haven’t heard of s*ut shaming?? Clary can wear whatever she wants because it’s her body and her decision, so if she wants to show cleavage, it’s not a big deal. Makes me wonder what you all think of Isabelle.

    Anyways, I think a majority of the fandom is scared. After that last flop of an adaptation everyone wants to lash out at this one and go in with low expectations, because it’s better than going in with high expectation and being disappointed in the long run. I think it’s a miracle that we’re even getting a second chance.

    • THANK YOU FINALLY SOMEONE SAID THIS. I can’t believe so many people agree that clary isn’t allowed to show any skin. it was literally a long sleeve tee that she wore UNDERNEATH A GREEN HOODIE. and even then she only took off the hoodie because she wanted to look older to get into the club. I wish you guys wouldn’t jump to conclusions and shame girls for what they wear. it’s her choice..

      • Exactly! She’s wearing jeans and they were clearly outside a club, and it’s her birthday…which people tend to dress up for. I get liking the laid back look (I personally love it and I hope we see a lot of Clary in jeans & sneakers) but she’s at a club…and 18 years old. C’mon…

  50. I’m excited for this. It’s an adaption, and we’ve already gotten our full TMI story in the books, so I’m excited to see what the show does with everything. It’ll be new. I’m really glad they aged up the characters. Maybe it’s because I’m 25, but I don’t want to see 16 year olds running around and whatnot. I do hope this is darker than the movie (which I did not like at all and felt like it was aimed towards a young audience.)

  51. Okay. So throughout the 8 minutes I kept telling myself its just an intro and that you guys are just introducing the characters if not a bit early for my liking. And tbh the graphics, mostly ichor-wise, was so horrible and low budget looking I wanted to die. And what was the point of the wig? The girl playing Izzy can be inconspicuous and beautiful at the same time without it. Other than that I would still excited if not cautious to see how all this pans out

  52. QueenofShadowhunters // October 12, 2015 at 9:54 PM // Reply

    Admittedly I was a little worried too after the 8 mins. I enjoyed it but i could easily pick out editing faults. They’ve went a little over board in terms of effects. The action and swordplay is great, but my eyebrows were raised at the dodgey flying/jumping effects outside the club and majority of the dialogue. Its understandable that it will not replicate the books but there’s still time for the producers to take on board these fan reviews and hence fix/edit before Jan 12th. We just need to make sure they know our initial reaction. I’m assuming this isn’t the final cut of the episode so voice these reviews NOW. I don’t think i could bear another disappointing adaptation of my favourite series. Hopefully this reaction gets to them so they can sort it out.

  53. Great music at the beginning. I loved demon stalking since we really don’t get to see that in the books or movie. We just know that Jace, Alec, and Izzy baited a blue haired demon in the night club. To actually see how Shadowhunters hunt in action was different and intriguing. And as a bonus we saw some demon shapeshifting which I thought was pretty cool.

    “How could I not who you are?” Killed it though. It ruined the flow of the scene and it was a very cheesy line. Shadowhunters don’t always know every single mundane that has the sight. That’s kind of obvious; it’s also the reason why the line doesn’t fit. My other issue was the circle members dressed like Men in Black. Valentine is the only one who loves wearing suits, not his followers. I think black clothes like the ones Jace and Alec were wearing would have worked fine. There was also one small part in Izzy’s fighting scene that had me thinking ‘fake.’ It’s the part where her palm smacks one of those demons and stumbles back. If you look closely, it obvious that she didn’t really hit the guy.

    Besides those small things, I would say the show is looking good. There story is there even if it’s told differently from the books, I’m still happy about it. Small surprises and twists sound good to me too as long as they fit and make sense. I don’t see why other fans wouldn’t want them. Wouldn’t you want to be intrigued and surprised instead of already knowing what would happen? I know I do.

  54. I probably have a ton of things that I can whine about, yell at, or fangirl over. Honestly though, I personally am excited, despite its flaws, to see where this is going. The show will definitely make a lot of hype (I even saw an ad for it on YouTube) and that will only make our wonderful fandom even bigger and more awesome (TMI➰➰➰➰➰). Whatever happens, I support whatever happens. ONE EXCEPTION: please make the end of the season end with Valentine having the cup. The movie was not any good when Clary and Jace had the cup. It made absolutely no one want to come back and rewatch it. Other than that, I’ll be dressing up as a Shadowhunter this Halloween, and I am super excited!

    P.S. On a completely random topic, has anybody read Magnus Chase by Rick Riordan? It says on the dedication page: To Cassandra Clare for letting me share he wonderful name Magnus. Just asking

    • BookDragonForEver // October 13, 2015 at 7:25 PM // Reply

      I think I am your twin, Athena!!
      I agree. The movie ending with clary havin the cup didn’t work. Didn’t open for the next movie. And besides, that’s a part of their character building, because they realise that sometimes “the heroes aren’t the ones who win. they’re the ones who lose sometimes” 😀
      I dressed plan to dress up as Izzy in Halloween too!
      Really?!!!! I know that there is Magnus in Rick’s new books, but didn’t know about the dedication part. (though your seem to be dedicated to PJ, Athena. 😀 )

  55. I practically screamed when i saw there was going to be a sneak peak. So far so good. The only problem is the girl who is playing Clary. She seems much to…babish may be the word. Her voice is very childlike. Everything else I believed was great. AHH here comes the MALEC

    • I think she was pretty good for the most part. I don’t think she can help how her natural voice sounds. Cassie also seems to like the cast so far, so shouldn’t that count?

  56. Okay so … there is a person dancing in the club with hot pink hair. I think it could be Cassie! Not sure but it be awesome if it was.

  57. Well honestly why would you judge the show for just watching the teaser. Of course it will kind of get away with books because the longer the story, the btter for a tv show. I think it is cool that they incorporated new things in the show. It is like anlther version of the books. I am a huge fan of Cassie’s books although every time there is a movie or tv adaption, we should not always rely on the series because fresh ideas are awesome too. I like the effects, I mean that is just tv show and it has effects like that. Look at Supernatural and The Walking Dead, throughout the seasons, characters are improving. Stop comparing and wait for it. Before the movie was released,some are disppointed and all and afterwards, we are hopong that they dont change the cast. Just wait guys I know the fandom will eventually love it. Have faith.

  58. Well Cassie is thrilled with this and i am so excited yes its not exactly head to toe like the books.
    But look at harry potter they didnt go exactly like the books and it was a hit and still is.
    Its a pretty good damn adaption and it makes me more happy then the movie
    🙂 Keep calm and By the angel ! ITS ON :3

  59. Plansete Mansete // October 16, 2015 at 6:32 AM // Reply

    What is that song in the club scene?

  60. the changes shocked me into a By-the-Angel-What-is-this at first. Now that I watch just the last four minutes of it on Youtube, I conclude that 1) the hearing is better. I didn’t know what the circle members or Magnus said. 2) I get it. How the circle members found Clary’s mother. Clary is the spitting image of her mother so how else would they have known, right. The blood graphics still throw me off but not so much now and who is the girl with them.

  61. RealmOfSushis // October 16, 2015 at 2:56 PM // Reply

    People it’s an adaptation, not the exact same story as in the books (besides, Clary is a NYer she would wear sexy clothes eventually, it’s our legacy 😉 )

  62. This is totally different to the starting of City Of Bones book. I understand it is only 7 minutes footage but the dialogue and acting was terrible and the fighting scene looked like a few special effects and lame background music. I lost faith in the show as soon as I saw the actor choices. The film looked like it was so much more fitting towards the books and this, from what we can see, looks nothing like the books we have come to love and support over the years.

  63. Clace4Ever & WessaToo // December 28, 2015 at 11:07 PM // Reply

    Cringe. Cringe. Cringe. This makes me sad. I’ve lost faith in the show, but I admit I’m still definitely gonna watch it. Why did Jace say “You can see me?…How can I not know who you are?” That is so un-Jace-like, and it’s just awkward. If it was actual Jace, he would have spared her a glance and kept walking, thinking about it the whole time. He wouldn’t have said “You can see me?” to a total stranger that he thinks is a mundane. Augh! The frustration.
    I hope this isn’t the final pilot of the show. Maybe they would change it.

  64. amanda moloney // December 29, 2015 at 3:14 AM // Reply

    I loved it can’t wait to watch. Have just read the books and loved them to bits but am still excited even though this will be different. It’s an adaption of the book not an exact copy. What works in books doesn’t necessarily translate to screen people need to remember that. I’m looking forward to seeing the shadowhunters world and I know they will keep some key elements in. Rembert the movie flopped so they don’t want to just copy that. Personally I enjoyed the movie too lol

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