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Watch: ‘Shadowhunters’ Cast Talks Adaptation from Page to Screen with MTV

MTV visited the set of Shadowhunters in Toronto and sat down with the cast to talk about the adaptation from page to screen.

Watch below as cast members Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Alberto Rosende, Matthew Daddario, and Emeraude Toubia give their thoughts about the emotional journey of the characters, the changes in the journey of these characters, and the scope of the first season and how it covers more than the first book.

Shadowhunters premieres in early 2016 on ABC Family (soon to be Freeform).

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2 Comments on Watch: ‘Shadowhunters’ Cast Talks Adaptation from Page to Screen with MTV

  1. I think the cast just told us what will happen with the basic plot we TMI readers know. “Nuggets” of it will be in the show but the story line will get to them in a different way. Parts of the world that Cassie didn’t explore because she had to tell the story will be included. And the first season won’t confine itself to City of Bones. Prepare to be “surprised” and hope that most of the “surprises” will be good.

  2. I’m actually thrilled that they’re not sticking to the book. It would be boring and safe. I really love the fact that they’re exploring different parts of the shadowhunter/downworlder worlds. it gives me something to look forward to. But the fact that they’re focusing on relationships is so important, because essentially without the heart break and intense attraction, these characters would just be straight up hybrid killing machines. They’re humanness is what makes them interesting.

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