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Simon has to say goodbye in new ‘Angels Twice Descending’ snippet

Angels Twice Descending

Yesterday Cassandra Clare treated her fans to a snippet from her and Robin Wasserman’s final Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy short story, Angels Twice Descending. This ebook focuses on the last step of Simon’s education at Shadowhunter Academy: his Ascension. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to being a mundane-turned-Shadowhunter and this is addressed in the new snippet:

Simon stood on the sidewalk, staring up at his mother’s brownstone, his stomach churning. Traveling by way of Portal always made him feel a bit like puking up his lower intestine, but this time, he didn’t think he could blame the inter-dimensional magic. Not entirely, at least.
“You sure this is a good idea?” he said. “It’s late.”
“It’s eleven pm, Simon,” Clary said. “You know she’s still awake. And even if she’s not, you know—”
“I know.” His mother would want to see him. So would his sister who, according to Clary, was home for the weekend because someone, presumably a well-meaning, red-headed someone with his sister’s cell number, had told her Simon was stopping in for a visit.
He sagged against Clary for a moment and, small as she was, she bore his weight. “I don’t know how to do it,” he said. “I don’t know how to say goodbye to them.”
Simon’s mother thought he was away at military school. He’d felt guilty lying to her, but he’d known there wasn’t any other choice; he knew, all too well, what happened when he risked telling his mother too much truth. But this, this was something else: He was forbidden by Shadowhunter Law to tell her about his Ascension, about his new life. The Law also forbade him from contacting her after he became a Shadowhunter, and though there was nothing saying he couldn’t be here in Brooklyn to say goodbye to her forever, the Law forbade him from explaining why.
Sed Lex, dura Lex.
The Law is hard, but it is the Law.
Lex sucks, Simon thought.
“You want me to go in with you?” Clary asked.
He did, more than anything—but something told him this was one of those things he needed to do on his own …

Aw, Simon 💔 I think we all agree that the Clave’s laws really do suck, right?

Angels Twice Descending is going to be published online in two weeks and you’ll be able to purchase the complete Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy book next year!

Are you excited for the final short story? Leave a comment with the Shadowhunter name that you think Simon will pick!

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15 Comments on Simon has to say goodbye in new ‘Angels Twice Descending’ snippet

  1. Poor Simon. He has to say goodbye to his Mom and Sister.

  2. I don’t know. Why is it always Simon who has to give up his family? Not that he ever seemed to have much of a relationship with them even when he was normal (he gets kidnapped multiple times, turns into a vampire, gets dragged off to Idris, never checks in, and his mother doesn’t even notice? Seriously?).

    Actually, this is something that’s always kind of annoyed me about YA fiction: why is the protagonist always supposed to choose his/her friends/love interest over their family? Why are the friends always so much more exciting, understanding and accepting of the protagonist while the family is either abusive or barely there? I’m not saying that friends and family like that don’t exist in the real world–but I sure would like to see something different in YA fiction.

  3. FAIRCHILD! He needs to be Fairchild! But I feel like it would be something we haven’t heard of, cuz from Cassie’s Tumblr, she said that he can only choose a name that wasn’t in use at the time….ooh, what if he chose Lovelace. That’d be cute, cuz I like Simon and George as bros

    • Simon Lovelace is a character from Jonathon Stroud’s Bartimaeus trilogy. But he’s on team bad in the series. It is a lovely series to read, and one of my personal favs! It really has a unique feel of being real and fits snug into its own world.
      Awesome name, just already copyrighted. I see where you get the name though: Jessamine Lovelace from The Infernal Devices. But poor Simon is too sweet to bare the name of the crass Jessamine!

      Tess, Will, Jem, and Henry are my favs of The Infernal Devices trilogy.

      I would love for his last name to be Fairchild, it would be like him being a brother to Clary!

      I love Cassie Clare’s books, and cannot wait for Lady Midnight!


    • I think he might go with Daylighter actually

      • That would be awesome! And maybe it would make the connections with vampires a little less strained? Simon Daylighter. That adds something new to the mix. It really fits. I love it! 😃

  4. This is the last e-book, and I am waiting for the hardcover. I stopped at the first e-book since most of it was Simon & Schuster advertising. I got all ten of the Bane Chronicles stories in NOOK format from B & N at $2.99 a pop. One snippet Cassie shared on James Herondale referred to The Midnight Heir. When I went back to read it, it wouldn’t open. It turns out that none of the rest will open either. That seems to have happened since the Bane stories came out in hardcover, NOOK, and audio. $2.99 x $10 is a significant expenditure. Since I can’t read them any longer, I’m going to ask for a credit to apply to a hardcover. Caveat emptor.

  5. Does anyone know when the print book will come out now that the final ebook has been released?

  6. I think Branwell would be really cool because we all know Cassie loves refernces 🙂 I can’t think of any characters called Branwell since he can only pick a name that’s not in use… On the Shadowhunetrs TV show, they invented a character called Lydia Branwell, so if he picks that it’ll screw a few tings up, if the show runs for that long :-D.

  7. I think it should be something totally new, a name we haven’t heard before. But, if it is something repeated, my faves would probably be Fairchild or Lightwood

  8. Isabelle Lightwood // November 9, 2015 at 7:24 PM // Reply

    Lightwood. He’s gonna pick Lightwood.

  9. If his name isn’t any that have ever been used, or if it isn’t Daylighter, which would be sad if it wasn’t, Wanderer would be cool to. Since Simon was a Daylighter, and once bore the mark of Cain, it would be like a tribute to his power to overcome what he’d been through and become a great Shadowhunter!

    Just my two cents.


  10. Definitely Simon Lovelace. I can bet…

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