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Have yourself a Merry Shadowhunter Christmas/holidays with limited edition art and more!


Art by Cassandra Jean

It’s 20 days until Christmas/the holidays and if you still don’t know what to give to your parabatai, your sibling or your own personal Jace or Clary, we have once again come up with a Shadowhunter Christmas gift list for you.

The first item on this list is something very, very special!

The English editions of Cassie’s The Mortal Instruments were reissued with new and gorgeous covers by the artist Mìla Fürstová and fans now have the unique opportunity to buy Mìla’s designs. Every single one of the etchings (an etching is an ancient type of printmaking technique where the artist scratches onto metal and then prints from that) is signed by Mìla and Cassie herself! These limited edition etchings are 45 x 45 cm (~ 18 in x 18 in) and if you order before December 11 your present will arrive just in time for Christmas.

We were told that “Cassandra owns these works herself and is about to hang them in her house, so whoever buys these works will have a very limited edition etching the same as Cassandra has in her home!”

Cassie was asked about the most interesting fan reaction to the new covers and she said that “many readers outside the UK have asked if the same artwork would be used for future repackages in the US and around the world. They want a piece of the beauty, too!”

Mìla’s favourite cover is “the star because of the complexity of the structure” and she said “I found the cover with the Wings [City of Bones] most difficult to make. I wanted to get the relationship between Clary and Jace just right and kept re-drawing this image.”

Check out/buy the etchings here.


Other gift ideas:

Shadowhunter Chronicles books (click the pictures to get to the Book Depository or


The Mortal Instruments (UK paperbacks) Credit to Walker Books

(Link directs you to City of Bones, but the other books are easy to find)

The Mortal Instruments box set (paperbacks)

The Infernal Devices box set (paperbacks)

Next year we have Lady Midnight (March 8) and the bound edition of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy (TBA) to look forward to!

Everyone at TMI Source wishes you a happy Christmas time, happy holidays or a fabulous December 🙂

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3 Comments on Have yourself a Merry Shadowhunter Christmas/holidays with limited edition art and more!

  1. So neat! Want it!!!

  2. BookDragonForEver // December 9, 2015 at 11:39 PM // Reply

    Too bad It’s limited edition and i’m broke…

  3. Hi
    I was wondering if that TMI box set with the new U.S. covers has the bonus content etc in the books??? Thanks!!!

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