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Win one of three ‘Lady Midnight’ Advanced Reader Copies


From Cassandra Clare’s Instagram

At the beginning of the week Cassandra Clare unpacked the gorgeous Lady Midnight box which contained an ARC of the book, a map and other cool stuff. She announced that she would be giving away three of these ARC boxes and today she shared what fans have to do to win one ARC:

I have three ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of Lady Midnight to give away, in their beautiful boxes with their amazing artwork, maps, and cool additions! You can see the video of the ARC here.

Here’s how you enter the contest:

Take a picture of yourself holding a copy of any Shadowhunter book you already own.
(Foreign editions are totally fine. Ereaders are OK as long as there’s a visible image of the front cover on the screen.)

Try to make your the picture creative. For example, you could take the picture in an interesting location, include elements of what you love about the books, or wear a costume. (You don’t have to go anywhere elaborate to do this: one girl won a contest like this for taking a picture in a bathtub full of spaghetti!)

Post it to social media: tumblr, twitter, instagram. Whatever your favorite platform is.

Then email the link to that post to before February 7th. DO NOT EMAIL THE PICTURE. EMAIL THE LINK TO THE POST.

Winners will be contacted shortly after the contest ends.

This contest is open to readers all over the world, ages 13 and up. One entry per person.

How amazing and generous is this contest? Fans from all over the world can enter and I hope that Cassie will share the most creative pictures after the winners have been picked.

Cassie also tweeted about the contest and established two more rules:

Good luck, Shadowhunters and please make sure to follow Cassie’s rules 🙂

For all the US fans out there, Goodreads is giving away 20 Lady Midnight ARC – you can enter here. We don’t know whether they are giving away an ARC or the box with an ARC, but it’s still a great opportunity for all the fans in the USA.

Lady Midnight will be released on March 8!

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20 Comments on Win one of three ‘Lady Midnight’ Advanced Reader Copies

  1. Just entered this a few hours ago. I doubt I’ll win, but I did my best.

  2. So for instance, say I have something really cool in my room themed on the books. Then I decide to take a picture with me and my favorite Mortal Instruments book. Does that count? Besides, I have no interest in doing something as odd as taking a bath in spaghetti.


  3. Would it be bad luck to wish everyone “good luck”?

  4. Also, does the picture have to be publicly viewable on social media?

  5. I want to win so badly it’s not even funny. Good luck everyone!

  6. whwn does the comp end?

  7. Is it only for people in the US?

  8. So is no photoshop an explicit rule, or….? Since not everyone follows Cassie’s twitter and I’ve seen a lot of pics that may not be photoshopped but have captions…

  9. It’s probably too late to ask, but what about a collage of pics?

  10. Good luck everyone!

  11. I did not enter because I decided I didn’t want my face all over social media. Anyway I wouldn’t have won probably. Little short on cool locations round here. And I hated the idea of dressing in a costume.


  12. Isabel Occiano // February 9, 2016 at 6:13 AM // Reply

    Are the winners announced yet? 🙂

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