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‘Shadowhunters’ 1×03 Recap: ‘Dead Man’s Party’

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Dead Man's Party" - Clary, Jace, Alec and Isabelle must hatch a rescue plan that takes them into the heart of a vampire lair in “Dead Man’s Party,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, January 26th at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. ABC Family is becoming Freeform on January 12, 2016. (ABC Family/John Medland) ALBERTO ROSENDE, KAITLYN LEEB

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Dead Man's Party" - Clary, Jace, Alec and Isabelle must hatch a rescue plan that takes them into the heart of a vampire lair in “Dead Man’s Party,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, January 26th at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. ABC Family is becoming Freeform on January 12, 2016. (ABC Family/John Medland) ALBERTO ROSENDE, KAITLYN LEEB

Nothing says party like a dead man’s party at Hotel Dumort. Although just three episodes in it kind of feels a little early to be introducing a storyline that fans of the books are familiar with further down the line. It bears repeating that this isn’t a sprint. There is plenty of time to explore each of these storylines as time and sense permits.

In “Dead Man’s Party,” Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle are searching for Simon following his kidnapping by Raphael and the vampires. While it’s a vast deviation from the books where Simon is turned into a rat and taken by the vampires, it does introduce Raphael, who was noticeably absent from the film adaptation. But it also introduces Camille, who fans later meet in The Mortal Instruments and know as one of the most powerful vampires in New York City clan.

Clary is fuming at the Shadowhunters – particularly Isabelle whose watch he was under when he was taken – and she insists that they need to find Simon before he has to suffer any more than he already has. The vampires took Simon because they want the Mortal Cup. So the trade is obvious: The Cup for Simon. Only that’s not going to work.

We find Simon locked inside Hotel Dumort being his usual self despite the fact that he’s freaking the hell out (“I’m just an accounting student. I have no value no anyone.”) Here he is locked inside a vampire lair when not just one day ago he had no idea that vampires even existed. Talk about being thrown into the lion’s den — eh, vampire’s den.

Back at the Institute it’s time to devise a plan. “Look at all the stuff; these screens. Can any of this help me find Simon?” No, Clary. The Shadowhunters are all you need. So they’re going to need to find another way; a way that involves breaking in and getting Simon the hell out of there. But the problem is they’d never get permission for such a mission. Better yet they’d need to sneak out past all of the people in the Institute (which wouldn’t be a problem if it was just Jace, Alec, Isabelle, and Hodge living in the Institute like the books, just saying). It was nice of the show to accurately acknowledge the Accords this time around. Despite the Shadowhunters not attacking the vampires right then and there when Raphael was dangling Simon off of a roof, Jace says here that the vamps broke the Accords by kidnapping a mundane. Well, better late than never I guess.

Back at Hotel Dumort — which is being referred to as Dumort Construction because okay — Simon tries to make his grand escape by throwing a dagger at Raphael. Yeah that obviously doesn’t work. Simon meets Camille, who seems to have taken a liking to him.

They manage to escape the Institute without notice, but the problem is they couldn’t bring weapons with them so as to risk being noticed. So they head off to a cemetery to get weapons against the vampires. It was a nice nod to the book when they go to a church to get weapons in what was an unplanned attack (seeing as it happened at Magnus’ party and with no time to waste), but it fell a bit short in its execution.

Alec pulls Jace aside and “we’re crossing a line.” “This isn’t about the mundane this is about Clary.” Thank you Captain Obvious. Alec doesn’t know why Jace trusts Clary — and at this point I don’t really know either — but Jace says he doesn’t have to, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is if Alec doesn’t trust Jace.

After they locate the weapons, Alec heads back to the Institute to get his bow — but not before reassuring Jace that he can always trust him no matter what he says because they’re parabatai. Jace teaches Clary how to use a seraph blade, which allows him to get close in that clichéd, Oh, let me show you how to do it, way. Which is adorably cute.

Clary wonders why Alec doesn’t like her — “Alec doesn’t liken anyone,” Jace says — and Jace takes a moment to explain their relationship, their bond, them being parabatai. He explains that there’s no human bond like the one him and Alec have; they’re bound for life in battle, in protecting each other. “In battle our hearts beat as one. If one of us were to die part of the other would die inside, as well.” And while this show may be based on The Mortal Instruments I suddenly found myself thinking about another pair of parabatai; two that know what Jace said better than any other: Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs. How is it possible that just that thought gave me more feels than this show? That’s the power of the characters in this world and of Cassandra Clare’s stories. They transcend time.

Back at Hotel Dumort, Simon is anxiously rambling about throwing the dagger at Raphael while Camille and Raphael look on as if they’re watching a puppy bounce off the wall. Simon is precious. So while they don’t find any of this amusing, Camille stops Simon in his tracks. No, not by a look, but by stopping time. I’m sorry, what? Since when can vampires freeze time? Camille knows that Clary will come for Simon so breaking the Accords was worth it because the way to the Mortal Cup is through Clary. “She who controls the Mortal Cup controls the Shadow World.” Well, at least Camille has her priorities straight.

Isabelle goes to Meliorn to try and get information about how to get inside Hotel Dumort in what was my least favorite part about this episode: Isabelle selling her body for information. Sure, Isabelle is an empowering character in her inception, but this was a demeaning storyline for the character that the fans know her to be. “The only thing I have to do is you,” Isabelle croons as she unzips her dress. The only thing missing was a pole. This is not the Isabelle that I know.

Jace takes Clary to a vampire biker bar where she gets up close and personal with a vampire named Brad (really?), thanks to some suggestion from Jace, and he uses this compulsion of sorts, which they call Encanto, to charm Clary into oblivion. All the while I’m standing here wondering why Jace is standing on the sideline smiling at the sight. Back at Hotel Dumort Camille is using that charm to essentially drug Simon and try and get information out of him. So here we have back-to-back scenes of Clary and Simon being seduced and used by vampires and it’s just not appealing at all.

Meanwhile, Alec headed back to the Institute to get his bow and rune some arrows — hmm, that was smart — when he happens upon Hodge. Hodge tells Alec that he reminds him of him — “the loyal friend standing in the shadow of the Chosen One.” Like he was to Valentine. He warns him not to make the same mistakes he did, which is essentially following his parabatai blindly and without question. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what it means to be parabatai? That’s the risk and sacrifice you make as parabatai.

Back at the vampire biker bar, we have Brad the vampire feeling up Clary still and I’m so ready to hop on that bike that’s being left unattended and drive the hell out of this scene. Jace finally intervenes — about damn time — and we get some Shadowhunter-on-Vampire action as Jace outsmarts him and him and Clary ride the vampire bike out of there. “Why did you let him do that to me?” Clary is literally me when she asks this question. Jace explains that he couldn’t just steal his keys from his pockets. Oh, so Jace used Clary to get something. Just like Isabelle did earlier in this episode. Yeah, that’s not something I want to see more of in this series.

We find ourselves back at Hotel Sex where Simon and Camille are making out and biting each other’s necks, and this is something I want to erase from my memory at this point. It’s not sexy despite what the show wants us to believe. Alec meets Isabelle at a secret entrance to Hotel Dumort where they plan on distracting the vampires while Clary and Jace find Simon. Camille is aware of the Shadowhunters’ arrival.

Jace tells Clary that the only way to become a vampire is to drink the blood of a vampire and a whole bunch of other mumbo jumbo. Real technical stuff ya know? “He’ll feel high,” Jace explains. Well, I guess there’s a perk. Kind of like being in love, which Jace admits he never has been in love before. “You’ve never been in love,” Clary says. And this would’ve been the perfect place for Jace to utter “to love is to destory and to be loved is to be the one destroyed.” Alas, not.

Meanwhile we find the Lightwoods sneaking their way inside Hotel Dumort and I’m loving the brother-sister duo. But what I’m not loving is Isabelle going into battle…in a dress. I’m sorry but who wears a dress going into battle? It’s not practical or comfortable. And, no, Isabelle does not dress like that in the books. And I’m sorry but kicking ass in a dress does not make you a badass. You’d be just as equal a badass if you were doing it in battle gear like she does in the books. But later that scene Isabelle shows exactly what makes her a badass: using her smarts to save them and lock the vampires inside. Now that is the badass Isabelle I want to see more of.

Clary and Jace manage to find a room where Brad the vampire (yeah, never going to be able to forget that) just so happens to be and attacks Clary while another vampire romps around with Jace. We see Brad try and use his encanto on Clary again and it looks like it’s working until Clary kicks him where it hurts, and that calls for a fist pump celebrating Clary the badass. But Brad gets her in a choke hold and low and behold Alec Lightwood saves Clary by shooting an arrow at the wall to let sunlight pour down.  After the vampires have been dealt with — including Clary getting her technically second kill — the four of them head off to find Simon.

As Camille commences to freak out now that the Shadowhunters have found them – as she needs to remain out of sight – Raphael holds Simon at knife point and promoses to end him as she escapes. The four of them come across Raphael holding Simon at knife point. Raphael hers the four of them outside of Hotel Dumort and then lets Simon go. We learn that it wasn’t Raphael being generous so much as it was about protecting himself from what Valentine’s return would entail for him and his race.

When everyone is safe on the rooftop, Clary and Simon reunite in what’s a powerful show of friendship. “I couldn’t live without you, Simon,” Clary says, as she admits that she needs him in her life; she needs that reminder of who she really is despite all of the craziness of this new world happening around her. But she also friendzones him with a kiss to the cheek, but it doesn’t matter because she just told Simon all he needed to know: she needs him in her life.

There was an interesting parallel in this episode with friendship. The show introduced Jace and Alec’s parabatai bond to the new fans, as well as stressed the importance and strength of Clary and Simon’s relationship without that bond. It’s a theme that I hope is stressed throughout this series – the importance of these characters and their relationships with each other. More than that, a fleshed out relationship that employs elements of what makes the relationships so meaningful in the books. Sure, it’s only fair to expect differences, but it shouldn’t be hard to maintain the integrity of the characters and their relationships despite changing aspects of the story for the show. So long as the characters, their relationships, and that importance to the audience is respected then the minor changes don’t really matter in the long run.

Interestingly enough while Clary and Simon’s relationship is flourishing we see that Jace and Alec’s friendship is on the rocks. Alec once again tries to convince Jace that he shouldn’t trust Clary, especially given who her father is, and Jace just snaps, “Stop!” Alec makes it damn clear that he won’t let what happened to Hodge happen to him when he says he’s not in Jace’s shadow. Clearly these two need some parabatai couple’s counseling to soothe over the tension that has rocked their relationship.

Just when everything seems to have turned out for the better we see that Simon notices the vein throbbing in Clary’s neck, and it’s in that moment that the show has made one thing clear: Simon is going to become a vampire. Already. Way too soon. We’re in the third episode of this show and a storyline from the second book is already being explored. I have no problem with differences so long as they make sense. But this makes no sense. This has once again exposed the shows major flaw: writing and pacing. At this point we’ll be into City of Lost Souls by season’s end.

Here’s a look at the good (raves) and the bad (rants) of “Dead Man’s Party”:


  • Parabatai: Not only was the term “parabatai” introduced, but we saw a real focus on Jace and Alec’s relationship. Clary has definitely shaken things up with her arrival and there’s definitely a rift between Jace and Alec as Jace can’t fight the pull toward her and Alec can’t fight the mistrust that he has in her. So the two disagree, but there’s a focus on that parabatai bond and importance that despite what happens they’re always going to be each other’s other half. (Also: The scene where Jace talked about the parabatai bond and how if Alec would die it would feel like a piece of him dying brought me feels that had nothing to do with this show: Will and Jem from The Infernal Devices.)
  • Clary and Simon Friendship: I loved when Jace said that Alec would die for him and how Clary was able to demonstrate that that’s exactly what her friendship with Simon is like. They might not have a parabatai bond, but their friendship is incredibly strong and lasting.
  • Encanto: One of the things I really enjoyed with these vampires was that they possessed a compulsion of sorts that is able to charm mundanes – and even charms Clary at one point (though that scene makes our rants list). It illustrates a strength of Shadowhunters and how they can’t be controlled by it unlike mundanes who appear susceptible to a vampire’s power.
  • Badass Clary: It was nice to see Clary kick a little vampire ass. Obviously we’re in the third episode and Clary has just been introduced to this world, but it’s still nice to see her defend herself in what way she can right now. It’s that kind of female empowerment that we need more of on this show.


  • The Writing and Pacing: Once again my major concern lies with the way this show is being written and with that the pacing of the show. Didn’t they tell us that the first season would pretty much cover the first book with elements from other books brought in? I’m sorry, but Simon becoming a vampire isn’t a minor arc that you can move around and expect the story to still have the same outcome. Writing wise, there is one line that I will hate forever: “The only thing I have to do is you.” Really? Who thought that was a good idea?
  • Isabelle and Meliorn: From the start I’ve been preaching for Isabelle to be regarded as someone more than a hot bod (quick question: why did she go out prepared to fight the vampires…in a dress?). But this episode showed that Isabelle would literally sleep with someone for information. (“The only thing I have to do is you.”) I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t show the strength that’s characteristic of Isabelle. Where’s the Isabelle that uses her beauty as a weapon but is always in control, who’s strong, confident, but always a tad vulnerable. In this entire scene it felt like I wasn’t watching Isabelle, which is a shame. It wasn’t about Isabelle being empowering it was about demeaning oneself to get needed information.
  • Hotel Dumort: Look, I understand that there are going to be changes to certain storylines, but personally speaking I had a problem with how the Hotel Dumort scene played out. In the books there was a significance to it as it served as a means to introduce this Downworlder race, as well as introduce us to the werewolves. But it was just a rough introduction to the world of the vampires that lacked the suspense and high-stakes of it all.
  • Simon and Camille: Changes from the book are going to be common in this show, I get that, but I really disliked how Camille was introduced early merely to make-out with Simon and turn him into a vampire. Once again it feels uncharacteristic of this strong vampire who’s confident and smart in what she does.
  • The Vampires: Um…so vampires can stop time? Really? I don’t mind changes so much that they make sense with what we know about vampires in our pop culture. Stopping time? Not something we associate with vampires, and it seemed too convenient for the storyline so Camille could provide some exposition to the audience. These vampires lacked the swagger of the vampires we’ve come to know in Cassie’s books. They weren’t intimidating nor respected. Also, how is it possible for them to say, “God?”
  • Simon the (Almost) Vampire: While we all know that Simon eventually becomes a vampire, for the show’s third episode to hint so early what appears to be Simon in transition to becoming a vampire is just not right. It’s just way too soon. The show really needs to take a breather at this point with pacing.
  • The Demon Bike Scene: While it was nice to see a reference to the demon bikes from the book, it was not pleasant watching as Jace seemingly offered Clary up to distract the vampire and steal the bike. He stood back and let her be compelled and laughed about it before finally stepping in to take the vampire out and steal his bike. It’s just so uncharacteristic of Jace. Jace who wouldn’t let anything happen to Clary, Jace who respects Clary, Jace who would snap if someone looked the wrong way at Clary. Even Clary tells him she doesn’t appreciate what he did to her back there. It’s those deviations from the characters that doesn’t sit right with me.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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23 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’ 1×03 Recap: ‘Dead Man’s Party’

  1. I agree with you in almost everything, except the Isabelle/Clary and Simon sexuality stuff.

    I don’t think Isabelle sold her body for information, I think that she was gonna sleep with Meliorn regardless if he had information or not, they had been probably seeing each other for a while, and she seems to really enjoy having sex with him, (good for her). So when she realizes that she could take advantage of their relation, she did it.

    It would have been bad if she had only slept with him for the info. but clearly they do have a sex relation, that has consent of the two parties involved. So it’s okay.

    Now the Clary and Simon scene, was NOT supposed to be sexy or charming. It was supposed to be creepy, and frightening, it was supposed to show how vile vampires can be, (Even Jace says so, that they aren’t romantic creatures, “It’s kind of like what a cobra does to a mouse right before it strikes”)

    “It was shown to be creepy and disgusting and make the viewer uncomfortable, in a stark contrast between other, mutually wanted sex and moments of sexual tension with other characters. And the two victims are both young and inexperienced teens who were being attacked by people hundreds of years older than them, so not only was the audience made to feel grossed out by the fact that this was sexual assault, but it was with people who are almost kids.”

    • You’re kidding, right?

      Isabelle absolutely had sex with Meliorn for info. Yeah she probably had sex with him at other times, and she might not mind sex with him in general, but that doesn’t mean the point of this particular sexual encounter was about anything but getting information. A thing which she did not tell Meliorn, so he in fact is having sex under false pretenses. It underlines how much the writers of the show believe Isabelle’s main characteristic is “sexy, promiscuous.” Everyone else is trying to find out information other ways: Isabelle’s way is through dubious sex.

      Just because you’ve had sex before and consented to it before doesn’t mean every sexual encounter is consensual. That kind of argument leads to people saying a husband can’t rape his wife. And that’s dangerous and disgusting.

      I assume you mean the Camille and Simon scene, not the Clary and Simon scene. And again, no. There is nothing, no signaling of any sort, nothing in the way the scenes are shot or Simon acts afterward, that indicates that you’re supposed to be revolted. There have been dozens of photos of Simon and Camille together used for promotion that are all about how sexy that scene is supposed to be. They’ve been all over, and were up at Comicon with the staff giggling about how it was “sexy sexy sexy!”

      That quote you excerpted made me burst out laughing. Just because you feel grossed out and sick doesn’t meant the show wanted you to. It means the show fucked up. They clearly thought the Simon and Camille stuff was HOT and clearly saw nothing wrong with Jace taking advantage of Clary being mind-roofied by Brad. (Whose age we do not know. Hundreds of years older, what?) Jace is rewarded for his behavior and the stuff with Simon and Camille is written and shot like a soft porn. Who wrote that drivel you pasted? Talk about tying yourself into a pretzel to try to defend the indefensible.

      • Not to be rude or provoking here, but that was mean Alanna. In response to the last paragraph of your comment, I must say that what you said can be quickly turned into something the people making the show must be saying. ‘We f***** up. So what.’ because the show is terrible so far. Also, some of us viewers are decent people who don’t enjoy smut TV. Honestly, how did your comment get posted? I bet you’re an adult. I am a mere teen who has her head on straight and can see that you are the intended audience, not us decent people.

        Toodles! 😁

    • I agree with you about Isabelle and Merlion’s relationship. I still hated the scene though, not because I thought she was “selling her body for information”, but because it didn’t feel quite natural. I think the writers were trying to present us an Isabelle sexy but also smart enough to get information out of Merlion, but it was pretty obvious she was trying to do, it just felt wrong. It might have been a bad acting or just bad chemistry between the actors, I don’t know, still don’t like it.

  2. Clary Herondale // January 27, 2016 at 2:13 PM // Reply

    Oh god. So you know how they have a promo of the next episode after the episode, when the credits are showing. So Clary was asking Magnus whether he was the one who stole her memory or not. And he said: “I fed them to a memory demon.” What? WHAT? What is that supposed to mean. Well, I know what it means. But it’s just so….ugh.
    I totally agree with the part with the motorcycle scene. It was just so wrong. Jace basically told Clary to seduce the guy. And in the books, even when he wasn’t in love with her yet, he still respected her and admired how strong she was. I can’t do this. I don’t think I’ll be watching anymore or at least a lot more of the show….

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are many parts in the books where they talk about demons who get memories as a payment, such as in City of Heavenly Fire (Magnus’ father who gets Simon’s memories of the Shadow World). I don’t think they are called “Memory demons” but that idea didn’t come out of nowhere.
      Also, I think it’s exaggerated Isabelle’s clothes and that line with Meliorn, but I like how her character is portrayed. The over sexualization is everywhere in the show, not just in her character, and a I think that without considering that, the character is good. I don’t like the over sexualization, I hate it, in fact. But tv shows usually include it to attract people in general, which is a shame, but I knew it was something to expect. Maybe they will change it then, I hope.
      The scene that was totAlly unnecessary, stupid and just.. Ugh is Brad’ s scene, there’s no need for explanations.
      The show is just starting, I’ll watch it and hope for other seasons, because I think it can be improved. I pray for a better script, because I think that is the worst thing of the show.

      • Also, Azazel takes one happy memory from several of the characters in City of Lost Souls when Magnus summons him as payment for information on how to break the bond between Jace and Sebastian.

        And hey, you say ‘Toodles!’ like I do! Neat!



  3. No no no no I cannot watch the show without cringing anymore the changes are horrific and I feel like it’s an unfortunate parody of something everyone loves.

    • Don’t watch it with a “This should be like the books” mindset. Watch it with a “This could be a good show” mindset. Distinguish it from the books. Even if Shadowhunters is based on The Mortal Instruments and there’s lots of annoying changes and differences, the show itself is still very nice and interesting. Don’t expect it to be like the books and the problem is solved. Just picture it as an alternate universe story or something.

      • Don’t expect it to be like the books? Then the problem is solved? Where did you get that from, the Shadowhunters guide book on how to stomach the show? Really, I’d just rather not watch it if it was that bad. Oh wait, it is. Hey, just don’t watch it, then the problem is really solved. We fans were told time and time again that they would be true to the books. They weren’t. So naturally us fans are upset and I’m glad that we’re speaking out about it. Are you a fan of the books? Or just a the show? Hard to tell.


      • The thing is, it’s not a good show. It’s not just a bad adaptation, it’s a terrible show with awful dialogue, moronic plot holes, and gross, unpleasant characters.

    • You just summed up every thought I’ve had about the show in one sentence. Absolutely agreed.

  4. I may be wrong but doesn’t Simon get a lure to go back to the hotel and is kinda drawn to vampires and stuff after being kidnapped and rescued? I’m not saying that he turns full on vampire but he just has a thrall of sorts. They may still not change him into a full fledged vampire until further on in the show. It is strange how they did it with the vein pulse but that may just be how they decided to show that something supernatural has happened to him by drinking vampires blood, as it appears he has. On another note I think the series still has potential although I’m slightly concerned because of the preview for episode 4. The acting is slowly getting better and I enjoy the show even if it’s not gonna follow the books because I want to see their interpretation to keep things interesting. I’m super excited to see where it goes next.

    • That’s what I’ve been trying to explain to people all the time. Vampire Simon is not too soon. It actually started when he was at Hotel Dumort the first time. That’s why he came back the second time after the Seelie court. People are probably freaking out because in the first book we didn’t have a Simon point of view but if we had, we would have known he was feeling different after he bit one of the vamps (don´t remember wich one).

    • Of course I had a few problems with the episode and the writing has to get better, but yes the acting is already getting better. I don’t think it’s too early for Simon to show signs of vampirism either. As mentioned, in the books we never get Simons point of view, we don’t know what’s happening to him until Clary sees that something isn’t right with him and that is something that wouldn’t work in a tv show where each and every character is on screen and changes they undergo have to be shown to be believable. Plus I think people are maybe forgetting that the timeline between the books and in the books is really short, all six books happen basically in a few weeks. That Raphael could say the word “God” wasn’t wrong, in the books Simon asked Raphael why he can say “God” if Simon got each time choked if he tried to say the word, I mean Raphael even trained so he could wear a cross.

  5. We have now reached the halfway point to episode five. Do we see improvement? No. Though I must admit Simon had me giggling a little . . . until Camille was ‘alone’ with him. I will now give updated thoughts on characters and give my thoughts on the new characters/places introduced in the third episode.

    Clary: We all know book Clary. Let’s look at TV Clary’s latest: TV Clary in this episode was absolutely annoying as usual. So we should expect, upon Simon being kidnapped at the end of the second episode, that TV Clary would be frantic, right? Wrong. TV show Clary’s response was, when they returned to the Institute, to walk casually down a hall and say, “Humans. Your job is to protect humans. You left Simon all alone in the van. Great job guys, you rock.” There was absolutely no concern over Simon at all. She was brassy. I half expected her to look at her nails next, checking for a break. Pity, she didn’t. And later, at ‘Hardtail’ (Where did that come from?), Clary is drawn under the influence of the encanto by a vampire called Brad. She finally acted like herself there for once (I mean the real McNamara, not book Clary). And when Jace steals his bike and she escapes with him, they ride out. While they are on the road, Clary still does not show any concern over Simon, and she’s even smiling. She literally acted as though saving her life long friend was a chore. And she is still bratty and annoying. She does not act at all like book Clary, and is indeed the worst done character in the show. And that’s not good because she’s the lead character in both the books and the show. McNamara was not at all made for the role of Clary.

    Jace: We all know what book Jace is like. TV Jace showed no emotion just as he did the past two episodes. Dom’s acting has improved none. He acts like a selfish know it all, and not in a humorous way. Book Jace was arrogant, but at least he cared and was very humorous. I laughed much while reading about book Jace. Do you know how many times I laughed while watching TV Jace? None. When TV Jace is showing Clary how to hold a seraph blade, there is supposed to be emotion and anguish there. But there wasn’t, and the acting was poor as ever. Here there is also a weapons stash that was never in the book. In the book, when Magnus refused to help them get Simon back from the vampires, he did tell them where a nearby church was. They go to this church, and inside they find a hidden stash of weapons. Every chruch has one. This is also where a very memorable quote is supposed to happen. It goes like this: “Jesus.” Clary said. “I doubt he’d fit” said Jace, talking about a box, and an apalled Clary says, “Jace.” But since they have filled the show with their stuff, I guess there was no room for staying true to the books, as they said they would be. Sherwood was not made for the role of Jace.

    Alec: We all know what book Alec is like. TV Alec in this episode had no emotion. Yes, he was grouchy, but he did not possess any charisma. Book Alec held charisma, even if he was a big troll-like grouch. That’s what made us like him so much. TV show Alec acted not like book Alec, but rather like I do when I don’t have coffee. So obviously that’s not very Alec-like, is it? No it’s not. When they go to this ‘Mary Milligan’ (the ‘new’ stash of weapons), Alec is annoyed that there is not a bow and arrows. Well, aren’t all Shadowhunters trained in all the weapons of the Shadow World? Yes. Bow and arrows are only Alec’s preference. Though book Alec would have handled it the same way, he would have shown an abandoned feeling at Jace paying Clary attention. If TV Alec did, I couldn’t tell. It seemed to me like he was just his usual grouchy self, he held no other emotion. Typical of TV show Alec. But then we also think of how protective Alec is over his siblings and we say, “No. Alec would not leave Izzy and Jace behind. Maybe just Clary, since he doesn’t like her. There is also a scene where he and TV Izzy are having a sibling talk, and you get the hint he doesn’t like that Jace is with Clary. But if we had not read line for line of the books, we wouldn’t know why he was acting this way. Daddario was not made for the role of Alec, but if he put more effort into acting, and was more in character, he would be better than the other characters.

    Isabelle: We all know what book Isabelle is like. TV show Izzy’s clothing is absolutely perverted. Shadowhunters wear leather-like material to protect themselves from injury. I have not once seen TV show Izzy wear Shadowhunter gear. OK, may just once. Sure, in the books and even the movie, book/movie Izzy wore mundane clothing, but it was nothing as exposing as this. And she wore gear when she knew it was going to be a high-stakes situation. She is still very over sexualized. More on this in ‘Meliorn’.

    Simon: Simon in this episode was actually like book Simon, if a little out there with the panicking. I enjoyed the few scenes Simon got in this episode, until Camille came in and was ‘alone’ with him. I skipped this, and really don’t care if I missed a critical plot element by doing so. My biggest complaint with Simon is that he wouldn’t just go and make out with Camille (again, I skipped so I don’t know if anything else happened) My second complaint with Simon is that he is geeky and average, and would probably not be able to throw a blade and hit Raphael (unless it was an act of God). The only other thing with TV Simon is that he would have been braver if he was book Simon. Rosende gives Simon more justice than any other actor on this TV show gives any other character.

    Camille: Book Camille is a timeless, beautiful vampire who has green eyes and blonde/white hair. She is said to be the master of manipulation and implication (Magnus says this, I think in either Fallen angels or Lost Souls). She has two human subjugates, their names being Walker and Archer. She is cunning, even for a vampire, and can be a pain to deal with, and sometimes a lethal dagger in your side. Her first actual appearance in Fallen Angels when she is caught by the Clave and then demands to see Magnus, who comes back from a vacation with Alec to talk with her. She is only alluded to before this. Why is TV show Camille in episode three of the first season? She shouldn’t be. But she is. Anywho, let’s give her a little bio shall we? TV Camille is too young, and looks like she would better fit the roll of what book Maureen looks like. Why didn’t they make her Maureen? Camille would not have acted the way Leeb did. Though the part where she and Raph are talking with Simon is funny. But why did she pick up that weird phone so much? Who was on the other end? When this happened and she said to the person on the other end, “They’re in the building. Stop them.”, I found my self saying, “Your acting is terrible not Camille. Improve it.” Her character is over sexualized, though not as much as TV show Izzy’s. I wouldn’t put anything past our dear Camille though. I do hope that Leeb’s character wises up some though. And maybe isn’t as sexual in the future. Those are my general complaints. If they could at least have made her hair the proper color, then she would at least look a little more like Camille. Leeb does Camille some justice, but still needs improvement.

    Raphael: Book Raphael is perhaps the most unique of all the characters in the Cassandra Clare universe. He is described to have an angelic face, and messy, dark curls. He is very serious, and also very humorous. He was very devoted to his mother, and was good friends with (even though he was hard to get along with) Magnus. TV show Raphael’s appearance was not what it should have been, though not as terrible as the others. The way he spoke wasn’t how Raphael would have. For example, book Raphael would have said, “Would not.” TV show Raphael would say, “Wouldn’t.” That is my second biggest complaint with TV show Raphael. My biggest complaint with TV show Raphael is that he acted like a coward. Yes, he showed Simon mercy, but he acted like a coward when it came to facing both Camille and the sun. Book Raphael would have hissed out something serious, and acted annoyed with them, not like a scared nitwit. Castro is one of the better actors in the TV show.

    Meliorn: Book Meliorn was a Seelie knight, and for a time, a lover of Isabelle Lightwood. When she, Clary, Jace, and Simon go to the Seelie Court to see the Seelie Queen, he is the one who leads them to her. During this, Isabelle makes a remark about her heels. “Never anything less than seven inches.” she says at one point, to which Meliorn shows no hint of humor to. This is because faeries show no emotion. At least, not humor anyways. Now we go to TV Meliorn. So, when did faeries start using cell phones/telephones (Isabelle receives a text in the graveyard before she leaves the rest of the group)? Also, when did faeries use radios, let alone any other electronic devices? He even has electricity! I know things are cheap nowadays, but certainly there’s some iron in something he’s got in that too modern tent thingie he’s living in. Speaking of tent thingies, why isn’t he living in the court? He is a knight after all. When Isabelle gets there, nearly the very next thing that happens is she starts undressing. WHAT?! I promptly skipped at this point. But from what I saw, they have ruined both Isabelle and Meliorn. I, being a proud young lady, was apalled at how in almost every TV show, us women always seem to fall victim to being over sexualized. Either that, or some are actually that way. That’s not what being a woman is about. We are delicate, but strong. We are gentle, but when given a reason to not be, we’ll send Satan running the other way. Us true women are not utter whores (please forgive the rough language).

    Magnus: So, we still have to wait to see Magnus, even when other scenes from this episode go into City of Ashes? Dead Man’s Party is the name of the chapter in City Of Bones that Magnus came into anyway. Twisted. Just twisted.

    Runes: Runes should not cause Clary to whine the way she did. Runes, when applied, are described as feeling like a needle tracing over your skin, not knives cutting it.

    Seraph Baldes: Since when did seraph blades make so mush noise? They literally sound like shivering sheet metal and other hideous sound effects. Why people, why? Let’s try sending you after a demon with one, then you’ll see why they should be silent. What are the runes for silence for if the weapons make so much noise?

    Institute: I cannot get over how badly they have done the Institute. It should not have been made high-tech. And the ‘new’ reason for going to the ‘new’ weapons stash was because Alec said something about ‘not being able to sneak back into the Institute’. First of all, why should they have to sneak into their own home? Secondly, why haven’t we seen Mayrse, Robert, or Max yet? And thirdly, why have we gotten rid of the whole mischievous teens going demon hunting secretly thing here? How can they do that when they can’t even pee without a camera honing in on them?

    Hotel Dumort: The hotel Dumort was once a hotel, called then the Dumont. That is, until the stock market crash, at which point Camille Belcourt took it over in 1929. TV show Dumort looks to be under construction . . . in the 21st century. Yet still the floor where Simon was is very well furnished? No, not at all like the book. If anything this resembles a hotel under construction in Fallen Angels. Simon is being held captive there by Lilith. But this is the Dumort, not demon hole of Lilith.

    Hard Tail: What is this ‘Hard Tail’? It wasn’t even in the book. I see no point in it. It is just part of the ‘new’ Mortal Instruments. We need the original locations, not these ‘new’ locations.

    Accents: So we know Dom naturally speaks with a British accent. Yet they made him speak with an American accent? Really? OK, well then why was Toubia allowed to speak with a Spanish accent? Why didn’t Raphael speak with a Spanish accent? Could they have at least made Leeb (Camille) speak with a British accent?

    Over Sexual Content: Several scenes are wildly inappropriate. I do not appreciate us women being made to look like all we care about is sex, sex, sex. It is very unappreciated.

    While I do not mean to be at all rude, provoking, or aggressive, I do wish for my thoughts, as well as what I am sure are the thoughts of many others to be heard. Us true women are not all sexual all the time. This TV show’s interpretation of women in general is repulsive, and quite frankly, disheartening. It saddens me to see that strong female characters in an amazing book series have been turned into something utterly insulting. You have ruined any chances that the show had. You have replaced all that once was, and have left nothing but bare name to everything that you have been given rights to. I know that I speak for many. If by the fifth episode the show has not improved, expect me to not continue to watch. Especially if you continue to throw sexual scenes and poor acting in my face. My thoughts on the show from previous comments (After the premiere) remain the same.

    With diminished hope,

    A Fan Who Cares

  6. Also, I forgot to add how annoying it was that vampires could stop time. That is something that Magnus (and other warlocks) would do. Oh, wait. He does, in City of Glass.

    Great thanks to Alyssa for taking the time to list the rants and raves of the show. I like to call them pros and cons.


  7. I saw a photo of the TV cover, and it said Shadowhunters was *inspired by* City of Bones. Key word there. It is not a *based on* adaptation, which is far more loyal to the books. I’ve noticed inspired by tends to mean that they play as they wish with the world and characters given, like after season 1 of True Blood, especially after season 4, where they just stopped following plots in the books at all, pretty much. I just wanted to point that out.

    I actually highly enjoyed this episode – maybe I’ve adapted to changes, maybe the lack of the Chernobyl plot and few cop scenes with Luke helped; mostly devoting the episode to the Shadowhunters and Simon was wonderful. Of course there were aspects I didn’t like, but I found it a *vast* improvement from the first two episodes.

    • I get your point about the TV cover, but the show runner and writers have said literally millions of times that they “stayed true” to the books. They didn’t. They said everything fans wanted would be in the show, and have already wrecked many favorite scenes and destroyed the possibility of others happening. The publisher puts the stickers on the books, and probably didn’t want them associated too closely with this awful show. The network, however, has been pushing the idea that the show is faithful really hard, which is probably why so many people feel so betrayed. At least True Blood started out quite faithful and didn’t violently diverge until season FOUR.

      I thought this was the worst episode yet, but I have a feeling we’re in for even worse things ahead.

  8. One of the great surprises for me was Raphael. I really liked him, like really really really want to seem him again. Tha last line of him: “Jace Wayland, remember who your friends are”. I have a good feeling about what could happen with him in the future.
    Also loved Clary’s braveness. I think that’s one of the most important thing we need to see of her, not only is the main reason Jace falls for her, but also the reason we all did.

  9. I am seriously disgusted with how Izzy is portrayed, because Izzy in the books is my favorite female, and I loved the way she put fashion and demon hunting together, and was so bitchy without being a slut, because she could never really trust anyone who wasn’t in her family, until Simon, and she found herself becoming a better person for it. I loved the way she didn’t hold back because she was female, since at my school a lot of the girls for example weren’t very challenged at things like P.E compared to the boys because they assumed we wouldn’t try as hard; this was monumental to me. She wielded the fact that she was a girl like it was a weapon, and she wouldn’t change herself at all. I thought her whip was the most amazing thing, but T.V Izzy… “Body confident” isn’t the way I’d put it.
    She is the complete opposite! She dresses so unpractical, like a ditz, we haven’t seen that bitchy side, who would kill Jace with a fork for insulting her cooking, if she will ever have it, since they completely missed that opportunity. But we’re seeing Izzy like she’s an over sexualized biker mean girl. If she tells Clary that she can’t sit with them, I’m officially out. I can appreciate that it is only based-off TMI but Izzy was my hero, since I was an avid reader when I was young, and seeing her portrayed like this is slowly killing my soul.
    “The only thing I need to do is you?” Puh-lease. And Alec thought he was scarred for life when he kept walking in on sizzy… I will never forget how awful it felt to be watching that.

  10. The whole memory demon thing makes the plot so…cliche. I know what happens in City of Heavenly Fire and it works in that situation. Here, it seems like they are taking away Clary’s struggle with the Shadow World again, making things a bit easier and speeding things up. What will happen next? Kill the memory demon and Clary gets the memories back. It’s not suppose to be easy.

    I don’t like the over-sexualization in the show and it’s just not Isabelle, but Camille and it looks like Clary makes the list too with her previous actions. None of the characters act like that. It annoys me that the showrunner and cast kept saying in interviews that they were true to the characters, not the books since they ”emphasized” many times it was an interpretation, but the characters were suppose to be the same. I haven’t seen it.

    I agree with how badly the vampires were introduced. We didn’t get a sense on who Raphael is or the friction that exist between Raphael and Camille on how to run the clan. Camille’s role this early on the show was irrelevant. There’s a reason why she returns later in the books and here it seems she did nothing but try to seduce Simon.

    I’m still conflicted about the show. I want to see more of Magnus before deciding whether or not I will continue to see the show.

  11. I wished the CW picked up the Shadowhunters. They would have set the right tone; mature, edgy, and dark. Everything right now is cliche and so uncharacteristic.

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