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‘Shadowhunters’ 1×04 Ratings: ‘Raising Hell’

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Raising Hell" - The Shadowhunters will have to put their trust in a Downworlder to access Clary’s memories in “Raising Hell,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, February 2nd at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/Sven Frenzel) HARRY SHUM JR.

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Raising Hell" - The Shadowhunters will have to put their trust in a Downworlder to access Clary’s memories in “Raising Hell,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, February 2nd at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/Sven Frenzel) HARRY SHUM JR.

The overnight ratings are in for the fourth episode of Shadowhunters.

“Raising Hell” nabbed a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 key demographic and 0.96 million viewers in the U.S., which dropped a tenth from last week’s 0.5 rating.

Shadowhunters was beat out by Teen Wolf (0.5, 0.97 million) and The Shannara Chronicles (0.4, 0.97 million) in viewership.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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14 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’ 1×04 Ratings: ‘Raising Hell’

  1. Sad to see this happen but given the butchering of the books, not surprising.

  2. I just want to say something. I keep seeing people bitching and complaining about the fact that there are changes from the books. Every time a book gets made in to a tv show or film there are changes. EVERY SINGLE TIME. There will never be a faithful word for word, page for page make. The tv show is coming in to it’s own. There’s only been 4 episodes aired. There is plenty of time for it to grow and get better and better. I personally am enjoying it. You look at other books to tv series like Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries, they are majorly different from the books. There was a major outcry when Nina Dobrev was cast as Elena as she looks nothing like book Elena and the cast of PLL don’t really look exactly like the book characters, but those shows have gone on to be phenomenally succesful in their own right and not because they are page to page faithful to the books, which they’re not. I really hope we get lots of series of Shadowhunters. Then’ll we’ll get to see it grow and see more of the books brought to life. Time to see the relationships grow, plenty of time to see Clace, Malec and Sizzy happen! Don’t spoil the potential the series has by constantly complaining about the changes. Enjoy the show in it’s own right 🙂

    • 1) There are a ton of TV shows based on books that are extremely faithful. Please stop telling us that “there have to be changes” when in fact there do not need to be changes on this level, as extremely successful shows like Game of Thrones and Outlander have proved.
      2) People are still allowed to complain when they think the changes are BAD CHANGES. For instance, on Game of Thrones, several characters are often compounded into a single character. Many people have praised these changes as tightening the storyline for television. However, changes like making Dot a warlock render the worldbuilding nonsensical (what, Clary’s been friends with Dot her whole life and never noticed DOT DOESN’T AGE?) and we are allowed to point those out, not because they are changes, but because they are stupid pieces of worldbuilding and plot.
      3) Nobody is asking for a word for word page for page remake, but even a little faithfulness would be nice. As we progress, we’re getting further away from the books, not closer. The characters bear little resemblance past the physical to their book counterparts. And it doesn’t help that the showrunners claimed they would be faithful to the books. Why claim a lie? Why put Valentine in Chernobyl? Why have Alec get engaged to a girl? Why make stupid, unneeded changes?
      4) It’s great that you’re enjoying it but many are not, as illustrated by the declining ratings, and those people have a right to air their opinions without being lectured that they should stop being disappointed that a series they looked forward to turns out to be badly written and stupidly plotted.
      5) It’s kind of funny you’re telling me/us to not be upset about changes while announcing we should all look forward to Malec, Clace and Sizzy happening. You realize this level of unfaithfulness means none of those relationships may ever happen. You’re telling me/us to look forward to things that happen in the books while also saying it’s okay if nothing from the books ever happens. What?
      6) Neither Vampire Diaries nor PLL had a massive fan base that was promised faithfulness when the show began. And both were actually more faithful in the beginning to source material than this is. You do realize this is as faithful as Shadowhunters is ever likely to get, right?
      6) Enjoy the show in its own right? If it wasn’t for the books, none of us would even be watching this terrible, badly written, stupidly plotted and nonsensical show. Have you seen the reviews from people who don’t know the books? Mostly they find the show literally agony to watch. The only thing keeping most of us going is a hope that we’ll find something, anything, in character or plot or tone that will make us think of the source material that we enjoyed.
      7) If the show does get renewed, our complaints being heard by the network are the only, the ONLY thing likely to get them to make it any better. All you are inviting with your silence and accepting of disrespectful, shoddy TV is more disrespectful, shoddy TV. In other words, your attitude is not doing the show or your fellow fans any favors.

      • Okay sweetie? You need to Take a Chill Pill.
        It’s a tv show. We watch it because we enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it, either keep watching and hope it gets better or stop.
        No one is forcing you to watch it. And I know people are giving constructive criticism, which I appreciate but comments like “THIS SHOW IS SHODDY AND DISRESPECTFUL” discourages viewers. You’re actually getting the ratings down. And it’s not really going to help the writers and production team because season 1 is already done and it’ll take them time to practice for season 2.
        Chill out! Pet a dog!

      • Lily Herondale // February 4, 2016 at 2:00 PM //

        Lmao I agree with Alanna, although maybe not to the point where I think the show is “shoddy.” However, I think that if the show is to be based off of the books, it should at least resemble them. The best parts of the show have been when the characters quote the books, and I find that about 90% of the changes they make either mess with the plot of future books or don’t coincide with the mythology of the Shadow World. Most of the characters (except Simon and Magnus) don’t feel like the people they were in the books, especially Clary and Isabelle. I feel like Kat is a good actress, but she’s just not Clary, especially not with the lines she’s getting. As for Isabelle, I think the reason why I just don’t feel like I’m seeing Isabelle when I’m watching the show is entirely because of the writing. They make her out to be a “slut,” which she totally isn’t. She’s strong, confident, and comfortable with her body, but she doesn’t feel the need to display it for everyone to see. And trading sex for information? So not Izzy! And finally, I think they’re diving into the Simon/ vampire stuff way too early! It was something that was only hinted at in the first book, and then wasn’t introduced until halfway into the second book. They should have elaborated more, and taken the time to explain the world before running right through everything. I just hope they listen to the fans and make a better second season.

      • “Practice for season two”? Honey, it’s not likely they’re going to GET a season two, and if they do, this kind of critique is exactly what they need to hear. You think buttering them up with lies is going to get them to magically improve, hire a dialogue polisher, whatever? They know it’s not working. They know it from the ratings. What they need to know now is why.

      • I agree with Alanna. Why don’t YOU take a chill pill Jia? And I also agree that they probably won’t get a season two. God help us if they do.

        Toodles! 😅

    • Amen

  3. Last night’s show was sooo much better than the previous episodes! Acting is improving and the chemistry between the characters as well. Seems as though they are starting to get more comfortable with the roles. Lots of fan sites have mentioned the same—hopefully it will cause folks to check out next week’s show and hopefully—things will continue to improve. Yes–different than the books–but the storyline is still there. The acting and writing can win over a lot of viewers, even if storylines are not the same. I was introduced to the book series by watching the movie! I had no idea it was a book series! Personally–I love both! The movie worked a bit better because of the actors ability and comfort level with the characters. It can happen here as well—they just need to relax and stop “acting”.

  4. This isn’t the best news, but far more often than not, when books are adapted for television, they are immensely butchered. Ala True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars… They aren’t as true to the books as Outlander is (not to say it’s completely like the book, but a much better adaptation than most). Is Game of Thrones? I don’t watch it, so… I also hear many Shannara book fans say the show is quite unlike the original story, but with the quality of production, it has greater appeal I suppose.

    Let’s hope the ratings at least hold steady now. It seems the show’s getting better as we see each episode, but that doesn’t mean already lost viewers will give it another shot. =/

    • Game of Thrones is a very faithful adaptation, even more so than Outlander, but both are among the gold standard for adaptations. They are both very successful as well, though networks seem to have learned nothing from this. And the first season or so of True Blood was surprisingly faithful, which makes sense, most shows establish themselves firmly before they start diverging from their canon material since the canon material provides a valuable backbone of story and character establishment.

  5. Stitchers was renewed for a second season by Freeform and it had an average rating of 0.33. Shadowhunters still has a chance.

  6. I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt. I did. I still love the movie & the movie cast. But honestly, in my opinion, just mine, the creators should try listening to all of the fans comments. The show does have the potential and can do well, but the books are being changed too much in the TV Series. It’s storyline has been on fast forward. It’s like reading books & skipping some of the chapters. It felt like I missed a piece of the puzzle. I would like to see our favorite characters to be closer to the way the books portrayed them to be. My favorite characters are Jace & Magnus. TV Series Jace can improve a little more, but is getting better. I rather see the hair golden blond & longer like he is referred to in the the book series. I enjoyed Magnus’ tv series character. Looking forward to Malec. I’m having a hard time with Isabelle & Alec. Simon is very close to character. Hodge is too young, Luke is a cop & once again Valentine’s hair color is not correct. Katherine McNamara as Clary is not working with me. I would like to see more heart. I don’t hate the show & I would like to see it survive & have its ratings go up. But, like I said, the creators should listen to the fans who enjoyed the books so much. It’s okay to give stories a twist & turn to give it a different edge, but we love the books no matter what. I was a skeptic, but I will continue to watch because I enjoyed the books and I hope others will continue to watch as well.

  7. I think we all have to remember that the show is on Freeform, formerly ABC family. I know that Kat’s acting isn’t the best, but I really think the writing on the show is what’s bringing a lot of the acting down. Simon, Alec and Magnus are the only ones who seem to have decent lines, and even some of Simon’s lines just don’t work. Jace isn’t funny enough, but that’s not Dom’s fault. There’s the fact that he only gets like 1 funny line a show. I don’t like the whole Chernobyl setting either. It just seems so out of character for Valentine. And it’s not the fact that he’s hiding his experiments in Chernobyl, it’s really the unkempt set that bothers me and would drive a true Valentine bonkers. Valentine is always prestine, and his environment would reflect that at least in some ways. We wouldn’t see shelves with random crap in the background and beakers and vials strews all over the place. The only excuse I could think of for keeping the Chernobyl scenes looking like they did right after they were originally demed unsafe, would be so Valentine could cut tail and run on a moments notice without having evidence of his presence there left behind. But even that doesn’t explain the more-than-likely custom-made cells where he keeps his experiments.

    Is the show perfect, um … no. Is it good? That’s even questionable. Is it entertaining, I would say yes. Are the ratings great? For Freeform, I’m sure Shadowhunters is considered a major success so far. I think we are likely to see a second season, especially since the numbers released are only for cable viewers, and there are a lot of people streaming this on Hulu and Netflix worldwide.

    I love the books and have actually thought about going line by line in the episodes and changing the script to fit the characters. I’m not a professional writer, but I could do a lot better than the writers on the show. And that’s saying a lot.

    Alec is spot on for me. He does have some great lines, though, which can’t be said about a lot of the other characters.

    Izzy does fabulous in certain scenes, and then seems forced in others. (The Meliorn scene was horrible, sorry.)

    Clary does good most of the time. She seems natural during most conversational scenes, especially with Simon. She does not do surprised well … at all.

    Magnus is great. Harry Shum is a fabulous actor. He brings just enough flare and eccentrics to the character without making it over the top.

    Dom, I think, is doing well playing the “I’m trying to bottle up my emotions” guy, but his lines are very seldom funny. Plus, I think he’s delivering a lot of the funny lines with more cynicism than sarcasm, which a troubled character like Jace would do. Also, British humor tends to be more dry than American humor, so I think there’s some of that going on, too.

    Simon was a little over the top at the beginning, but I think he’s really solidified his role and personality over the last two to three episodes.

    I’ll keep watching it, both to pick out the things I like and don’t like. I just really want to see who they pick for Sebastian/Jonathon. And I also want to see Idris.

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