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‘Shadowhunters’ 1×04 Recap: ‘Raising Hell’

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Raising Hell" - The Shadowhunters will have to put their trust in a Downworlder to access Clary’s memories in “Raising Hell,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, February 2nd at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/Sven Frenzel) EMERAUDE TOUBIA, MATTHEW DADDARIO, KATHERINE MCNAMARA, DOMINIC SHERWOOD

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Raising Hell" - The Shadowhunters will have to put their trust in a Downworlder to access Clary’s memories in “Raising Hell,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, February 2nd at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/Sven Frenzel) EMERAUDE TOUBIA, MATTHEW DADDARIO, KATHERINE MCNAMARA, DOMINIC SHERWOOD

“Raising Hell?” More like “Raising Malec.”

In “Raising Hell,” Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle lure Magnus Bane out of hiding in order to discover what he did to Clary’s memories and to retrieve them. The hour brings them to a Downworlder hangout where Alec ad Magnus meet for the first time — and sparks fly — and where things soon turn dark for Magnus and his warlock friends when Valentine’s men find him before Clary and co. attempt to retrieve her lost memories.

We begin with Clary having nightmares about being tied up and having her memories stolen from her. When Clary wakes up, Simon is there — although Clary first sees Jace — and her best friend comforts her. When Jace walks up to the room he’s the walking defintion of jealous before he turns around and leaves. Simon helps Clary put the pieces together and notices the name Magnus — “Magnus Bane,” Simon says — which Camille was mentioning back at Hotel Dumort.

Clary thanks Simon for his help and once again Simon gets friend zoned — seriously if Clary doesn’t want him, I will have him — and then he hallucinates having vampire fangs and blood dripping from his mouth. This can’t be good.

Clary tells Jace what she learned about who might be responsible for taking her memories: Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn. “He could be the key to everything,” Jace says. So it’s clear where they need to look next.

Meanwhile, Simon has had enough of being trapped within the place that has seemingly stolen his best friend away. So he decides to leave the Institute and he wants Clary to come with him. But she won’t follow him, which just only makes Simon angrier than he already is. Clary tells Simon that she thinks these are her people, which hurts worse than a literal slap to the face.

The team gathers to discuss Magnus Bane. Eventually they decide on setting up a meeting at a local Downworlder club to lure Magnus out, along with Isabelle’s ruby necklace. The necklace that fans petitioned for and got. They know there is no way that Magnus can turn down this jewel that was once a gift from him to Camille. And they’re right. Well played, Shadowhunters. But can I ask why the necklace was locked up in the floors of the Institute and not around Izzy’s neck to begin with?

Meanwhile back in Chernobyl, Pangborn isn’t dead like we assumed only he’s developed some kind of ability to spew green gas from his mouth, and Valentine uses him to take out a couple of spies from the Clave. Okay now Pangborn is actually dead.

Since they’re going to a party — not Magnus’ party for Chairman Meow, which is anyone else wondering why we’ve yet to hear about Chairman Meow or Church in this series? — Clary goes to Isabelle’s room to borrow some clothes for the party. But Clary is so a jeans and t-shirt girl– me too, girl — but Izzy lends her a shirt that will look like a dress on Clary, ala the books. In this scene I find myself continuously asking why does Isabelle continue to wear bras like they’re shirts? Because they’re not. Someone throw her a shirt, please.

We finally see Magnus again for the first time since his brief appearance when he was running away in episode. We find him speaking with another warlock, Elios, who is wondering why Magnus is risking everything for some necklace. Valentine poses too big of a threat. “I was alive when the dead sea was just a lake that was feeling poorly,” Magnus says and once again reminds us how amazing it is when lines from the book are incorporated into the show. Though not nearly enough. But end of discussion. Magnus will meet with Clary Fairchild. There was a line near the end of the conversation that fans of Cassie’s books should take notice of:  “Go to the spiral labyrinth and tell Tessa we need more shields.” That’s right, Tessa Gray. That was a nice Easter Egg for fans of the books.

Back at the Institute, Alec and Isabelle are arming up for their trip to the Downworlder club. Alec is his usual cheery self, and Isabelle wonders why he’s not more excited. Alec reminds Izzy that it’s a mission. Isabelle tells Alec that before Clary got here every day was the same: “Go on a mission, kill demons. Go on a mission, kill demons. At least now things are interesting,” she says. Alec reminds Isabelle about the seriousness of the whole thing while unloading his distaste for Clary, which makes him feel much better.

We pick back up with Simon who is literally having the worst day every, and oh, look, Maureen is still on the show. Maureen begins to wonder if Simon and Clary are dating, to which he says no, and she tells him that she’d like to date him. In a fit of embarrassed clumsiness, Maureen cuts herself on a piece of glass and Simon is transfixed and Maureen walks out. Simon walks over to the broken picture frame and touches some of the blood and licks it clean off his finger.

Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle head out to the club to meet with Magnus. When Jace gives Magnus the necklace, Magnus tells them that he fed Clary’s memories to a memory demon to protect Clary but mostly himself so that Valentine wouldn’t torture those memories out of him like he tortured Dot. Ah, yes, Dot. Magnus tells Clary that Valentine killed Dot, and for someone who was supposed to be like a big sister to Clary she didn’t take the news particularly hard. Magnus offers to protect Clary in a way that the Shadowhunters can’t. But Clary refuses to go with him. She won’t hide from her problems.

Just as someone attempts to kill Magnus, an arrow flies out of nowhere to shoot the assassin down. We see that the arrow belongs to none other than Alec Lightwood, who immediately catches Magnus’ eye. “Who are youuuu?” he purrs. But then it’s over just as quickly as Magnus disappears into the portal, but Clary gets a piece of his clothes that will be used to track him down.

Outside the club, Alec takes Isabelle’s advice to not keep his feelings bottled up and unloads on Jace. Not only did they not get Clary’s memories, but they lost the necklace. Alec says that they’re risked their lives again and again for this girl but they’re no closer to getting the Mortal Cup. Just as Clary feels she’s lost all hope, Jace and Alec attempt to track Magnus using the button Clary pulled off of him, which leads to an intimate moment between the parabatai. Also, apparently Shadowhunters have become witches because they can use magic to track down warlocks. Hmph.

The Shadowhunters journey to an abandoned warehouse where they tracked Magnus. The Circle has found Magnus, and he tries to battle one of the members but eventually gets an assist from the hottie with blue eyes. Magnus and Alec are formally introduced, and good God, is that a smile on Alec’s face? (He should do that more often). And that’s definitely a smile on my face. While this scene was brief you could instantly feel that chemistry between Matthew Daddarrio and Harry Shum Jr., which is something that has been missing with these other pairings on the show.

Simon calls Clary to apologize for leaving her at the Institute, and he admits that ever since he left Hotel Dumort he’s been feeling like crap lately. He chalks it up to the flu, but we all know it’s not the flu. “Clary, you’re the last person I’d ever want to leave in this world.” Ominous foreshadowing?

While they were able to fend off Valentine’s attack this time, there’s still the matter of retrieving Clary’s memories, and Magnus agrees to summon the memory demon. But first he pays up for the Shadowhunters helping save his life. He gives Isabelle the ruby necklace, and finally it’s where it belonged in the first place. But back to the memory demon…

After Clary draws the pentagram that will house the demon, Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Alec, and Magnus gather around at each point of the pentagram and lock hands. They cannot break the circle at any point during this process or the demon will escape. So of course there’s that instantaneous feeling that someone is going to let go and all hell is going to break loose.

When they raise the memory demon, Magnus tells them that as payment the memory demon will take one memory from each of them of the person they love the most. We see Isabelle lose a memory of Alec, Clary lose a memory of her mother, and Alec loses a memory of Jace, which prompts him to deny that he loves Jace and Alec ends up breaking the circle and, wouldn’t you know, it hell breaks loose. Jace is grabbed by the memory demon, and Clary ends up killing the demon knowing that her memories will be lost forever. But is Jace okay? “I don’t know. Does he normally lay like that without moving?” Magnus teases as we get another beautiful line from the books. (See, it’s not so hard to incorporate those lines).

When Jace wakes up, Alec moves to the side to watch from afar. Magnus notices this and tells him, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Alec.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replies. “You’ll know.”

Back at the Institute, Jace stops by Clary’s room and compliments her on killing a Greater Demon, which not many Shadowhunters can say they’ve done. But when Clary killed the demon she lost her memories forever, which means that any chance she had of finding her mother is gone. But Jace promises her they’ll find another way. After Jace leaves, Clary calls Simon, who immediately hits ignore, and we see him outside of Hotel Dumort with Camille waiting for him. Oh no.

Back in Clary’s room we see her take a peek at her mother using the necklace she gave her. Only Valentine can see her or sense her or something. So he speaks right to her. “You want your mother? Give me the Cup.”

While this episode was far from perfect, it was much better than last week’s episode that was the poorest to date. Alec and Magnus were the hour’s best moments as we saw what it looks like when you have a pairing that has an insane amount of chemistry. Let’s hope the show continues to take advantage of that and the popularity of the pairing in the fandom. The show still shows promise in carrying out certain relationships and storylines, and I’m anxious to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Here’s a look at the good (raves) and the bad (rants) of “Raising Hell”:


Magnus and Alec: I’ve been waiting to give a damn about a couple in this show, and finally we have it. While this is just the beginning of Magnus and Alec’s journey, I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot when these two interacted. And that’s a testament to the chemistry between Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario. It feels organic, genuine, and gives me all the feels.

Lines from the Book: See what happens when you include lines directly from the book? (“Dead sea” and “Does he always just lay there like that”). Good things happen. The writing has been my biggest criticism of this show – and it still is – so when we get dialogue directly from Cassandra Clare’s books it feels so much like the tone of the books. But then just as quickly it’s gone.

Easter Eggs: One of the cool things about adaptations are the little Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout that fans of the source material will easily pick up on. While Shadowhunters hasn’t done that nearly enough, there was a very interesting Easter Egg regarding a certain Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices, who Magnus name-dropped in the episode. “Go to the spiral labyrinth and tell Tessa we need more shields,” he said, alerting us to Tessa being around in this series. Let’s just hope she remains an Easter Egg and not a full-fledged character in the series. This isn’t her series or when we first want to meet her.

Isabelle’s Necklace: This is also included in my rants portion, but I really appreciated that we finally got to see Isabelle’s ruby necklace from the books that’s been passed on from Lightwoods.


Jace and Alec Fighting: I understand that Alec is insanely jealous and enraged at Clary’s arrival and how she’s caught the eye of Jace, the guy he is in love with, but there is way too much arguing going on between these parabatai. The thing with Jace and Alec is that sometimes they might disagree — especially about Clary — but they are able to move past it and not let it affect them like we see it is.

Clary and Jace: Unlike with Magnus and Alec, the series’ central pairing lacks the chemistry that makes the audience smile and give a damn. It just comes off as forced and not sincere. But we have to wonder if this is even something that can be fixed at this point?

Isabelle’s Necklace: While I appreciated that the show finally acknowledged Isabelle’s famous ruby necklace, the execution of it all is where it fell flat. This is supposed to be a valuable piece of jewelry that has been passed down in the Lightwood family. But in the show Hodge just found it lying around somewhere in the Institute and used it as a bargaining chip. Didn’t like that depiction.

Pacing: This is all about the Simon becoming a vampire storyline, which was made incredibly clear with this episode. We are four episodes in — to what’s supposed to be a season based on the first book — and a second book storyline is already in full swing. I can see that they want to ramp up Simon’s role in the series, but there are other ways to do that and really let the vampire arc develop.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

What are your thoughts about “Raising Hell?”

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31 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’ 1×04 Recap: ‘Raising Hell’

  1. I’m gonna have to disagree I thought Clace tonight improved. It seems like this episode showed the most improvement. And the scene where Clary is given clothes by Isabelle was the truest to the book they’ve been yet. And hey for the first time your Rants didn’t seem that many so that’s something.

  2. Lily Herondale // February 3, 2016 at 11:52 AM // Reply

    What on earth is a memory demon??? Ugh they are royally messing up the mythology of the series… Like vampires don’t have magical abilities and neither do Shadowhunters!! And they’re already making Simon a vampire? This show is really going down the wrong road

    • Remember that in CoLS Magnus summons a demon for Team Good, and in exchange for its help, it asks for memories in return.

      Also, Magnus’ father stealing Simon’s memories at the end of CoHF.

      Totally not defending how overpowered the vampires were last episode, btw, but someone brought up a good point that maybe Simon wasn’t literally frozen with “vampire time magic”, but that vampire compulsion was used on him to keep him stationary and to shut him up. It’s still kind of stupid, but if that’s true it’s at least closer to what vampires can do in the books. But if that is the case, I wish the show had explained that.

      One of the biggest problems of this show so far is definitely that it is not explaining things well enough or at all.

      • Lily Herondale // February 3, 2016 at 4:34 PM //

        I remember that demon, but I’ve never heard of a demon that only feeds on one’s memories in the books before, and it doesn’t make sense to me. How could one person give it someone else’s memories? And I guess the thing about the vampires makes sense, but the entire scene was still bad. I understand that there will be changes with the show, but I think the most important thing is that they stay loyal to the mythology and the world, and the characters. If they can do this and have an interesting plot, even if it’s different from the books, then it would be a great show

  3. I thought this episode was light years better. The cast seemed to be more comfortable with their characters and with each other. The tone felt better, and the acting is improving. I enjoyed the way it felt, which is all I’m really looking for at the end of the day. There was some great stuff from Dominic Sherwood as far as facial acting goes.

    I 100% agree, adding in book dialogue goes a long way.

    • I feel like yes there are still problems but if you can’t see that this episode was light years better and the best so far then I give up and I don’t know what this show can do to make you happy.

  4. I love Clace. They aren’t too bad .

  5. Oddly enough, despite changes in this episode, I think this is my favorite one of the series thus far, and I hope the next episodes keep up the trend and don’t go downhill again. Because if they play their cards right, I may just end up loving this show:)

    It just really felt like the books’ world in this episode (finally), probably because of some of the book lines. And there wasn’t anything in this that was too jarring for me, that completely took me out of the experience, whilst saying, “No, that isn’t right.”

    In fact, most of the stuff in this episode felt from the books. Not exactly like the books, mind you, but Simon and Clary’s fight did remind me of their falling out after Clary and Jace kiss in the book.

    Clace also greatly improved in this episode to me, and they actually seemed more like themselves here. I could buy their connection in this episode where I couldn’t before, so that’s good.

    So kudos, show writers. Please keep things going like this now:D

    P.S. Shadowhunters CAN track people using items that they had. Does no one remember when Jace tracks Sebastian that exact way in City of Glass?;)

  6. // February 3, 2016 at 2:06 PM // Reply

    There’s so much more Jalec than Malec in this show, it’s effing hilarious. I look forward to the fandom being swamped by Jalec shippers who think the book readers are insane for shipping Magnus and Alec together.

  7. Thumbs down on the “demon circle” devised to retrieve Clary’s memories. Especially the giving up a memory portion. That was a major part of the story arc in the final book, City of Heavenly Fire. Simon sacrificed his memories to Magnus’s greater demon father in exchange for the entire group’s release from Hell where Sebastian had trapped them.

    • Ugh I was really annoyed that they included the memory demon in so soon!!! I feel like it takes away the surprise of the plot twist at the end of City of Heavenly Fire

      • Actually, it was in COLS where Azazel took parts of their memory. Not in COHF

      • Asmodeus is Magnus’s father. He is not a ‘memory demon’. There are no ‘memory demons’ in the books. Just demons who take memories as payment (really for amusement). Amsodeus is the father of lust. Also, Azazel takes one happy memory from every member of Team Good in Lost Souls in exchange for information on how to break the bond between Jace and Sebastian without killing them both. Really, why does everyone forget Azazel?

      • I agree with you, Hope. They are revealing almost every plot twist from each book too soon. I’m starting to think it’s intentional so it doesn’t interfered with their own plot twists. Kind of annoying, if you ask me.

  8. I loved it. End of story. The directors knew that people who already read and those who didn’t read the series would be watching. As each episode moves along it is highly improving. Granted a few things can still be better but everyone seems to be forgetting that it is the first season. Not everything will be perfect and of course things will be added for those who didn’t read the series. Chemistry between the actors is improving and them “being” the character is getting better. Alec, Magnus, and Simon so far are my favorite actors. They’re the most intune with their characters and are projecting them the best. As for Clary, Jace, Luke, and Izzy there can still be improvement. Luke is like Clary’s father, he’d be running all over NY looking for his “daughter”. As for Jace eh , he’s pretty good. Izzy- she’s a bad ass. Her acting is pretty good and she protrays the sexy confident side of Izzy really good, but not the “I can handle myself and whatever the world throws at me all by myself” part of her. Clary-she reminds me of Disney, she’s a strong player but her damn lines and sometimes even her voice can mess things up….omg I wrote a lot. Sorry. Love the whole show though

  9. I enjoyed this episode, the show really improved imo. The acting got better and I think they are geting a grip on the characters, but I don’t like the acting of Emeraude Toubia, for me she is the weakest of the main cast. The thing with Simon doesn’t bother me too much, yes it’s a little too fast, I would have hoped for a few more episodes, but as I mentioned somewhere, the timeline in the books is pretty short. I loved Malec, Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum jr. have great chemistry with each other and I loved the scenes with them. What I didn’t appriciate was that scream of Clary as Jace made the rune, that was too much and imho awful. With Clary comes my next problem, Clace. I don’t feel any chemistry between Clary and Jace, for me it’s just forced and I could see Clary and Simon, or Simon and Jace and even Clary and Izzy fall in love with each other, but I don’t see anything natural about Jace and Clary and the show tries so hard, imo too hard.

  10. Can I just say that Clace really doesn’t feel that forced if you look at the TV show through a different scope than the books? Clace was personally my favorite ship in the books (Malec being an extremely close second of course) and I have always felt the need to stick up for them. I can honestly say I hated the Clace representation in the movie, so the fact that Kat and Dom didn’t make a complete mess of it really makes me feel better. If you just look at them through a TV standpoint and not referencing the books, they’re not half bad, although I do miss the easy banter they had in the books. Also, sultry outfits are Izzy’s staple. Her confidence in her body and her looks are what makes Izzy herself.

  11. I find the show enjoyable because I’m a fan of the books. Im not sure how an outsider would take it in. The subtle changes make it interesting…. The main issue I have is how quickly the Simon/vampire storyline is being pushed, yet Clary has no idea about werewolves or luke yet. No seelie court, no fiery hot clace kiss to send him running off…. I was upset about the necklace, but they semi fixed it with the nod to it being passed down between lightwoods.

  12. Episode four was better than any of the other episodes thus far. I especially like how, in some parts, the actors/actresses acted like the characters they were playing. But the show still has a ways to go.

    Clary: McNamara’s acting has improved. But how did she recall Magnus’s name? She’s was supposed to go to the Silent Brothers and they were supposed to find Magnus’s name signed in her head. In some scenes, TV Clary actually dressed like book Clary. And then her shirts got too low cut. And then her clothing became completely perverted. Even movie Clary’s clothing was more appropriate. Book Clary did not dress in a perverted manner (unless Izzy chose her clothing). When the gang got to Hard Tail, she acted like Not Clary again. When she said, “Magnus Bane. So you’re the one who stole my memories.”, I found myself saying, “Please stop. Your acting needs improvement.”. Outside of Hard Tail, Clary acted too arrogant. Book Clary certainly wouldn’t have been so quick to speak up for herself. Jace would have done that for her. Or Simon, but he wasn’t there. From the moment they arrived at Hard Tail and on, TV Clary acted like Not Clary. Also, when Clary defends a Downworlder girl, I couldn’t even enjoy the scene because Clary was dressed like an utter slut (pardon the crude language). While McNamara’s acting has improved, her clothing for the most part has not. I still do not think that McNamara was at all made for the role of Clary Fray. But if her acting continues to improve, maybe it will get to a point that she makes an OK Clary.

    Jace: Since when did Jace’s room get so decorative? Decorative to the point of being almost Magnus-like. Book Jace’s room was described as being monk-like, and bore no decorations (accept weapons on his wall if memory is accurate). Dom’s acting has improved, but his hair is still a little wacky. I personally loved Jamie’s hair in the City of Bones movie. I was criticizing Jace’s ability to track Magnus by using a button he’d left behind, but then I read a comment posted by someone else saying that Book Jace had tracked Sebastian in Glass. So good memory to the one who posted that, because I’d honestly forgotten. And I do agree that they’ve made this whole Parabatai thing a little too intimate.

    Simon: TV Simon’s vampire self isn’t actually too early, it’s just the show that’s too fast paced. Simon is only getting more Simon-y by the episode! And when he leaves Clary a message, it’s really heart-felt, and sounded like something Book Simon would say.

    Izzy: TV Izzy’s clothing has not improved, though her acting in some scenes was better. The brother sister dynamic is developing slowly, but developing no less. TV Izzy is getting better very slowly, but old glitch’s remain from previous episodes. Her clothing is still terrible though, both perverted and ugly and not at all ‘Izzy’.

    Alec: Matt’s acting is improving! TV Alec actually acts like Book Alec. Matt has done the most justice to his character than the other actor’s did their own.

    Magnus: Magnus Bane was described as being a party animal. He was the High Warlock of Brooklyn, and a very powerful warlock besides. He was serious when he was in the presence of Clave members and people he didn’t know, and kind to those he knew and loved. He viewed his immortality as a burden, but still didn’t think he’d lived long enough to want to die either. He had many lovers, and lost them all one way or another. He was in a relationship with Alec Lightwood, but was destined to lose him. He hated betrayal, and always had something funny to say. His attire was eccentric, but that made him Magnus. And we all did love Magnus. TV Magnus is terrible so far. He is too touchy with his ‘assistant’, and who are all those people in his loft. We’re talking about Magnus here, not some person who’s loft is full of people who look drunk and high. Since when did he want Izzy’s necklace back? And why does TV Magnus talk like that? He’s Magnus Bane, not the Cheshire cat from Wonderland. Honeslty, it was terrible. Book Magnus talks with a leisurely tone at his parties, a tone holding authority to the Clave and those he doesn’t know, and kindly to his friends and loved ones. Why does TV Magnus use body language like that? That roll his head about thing he does is dreadful! And also, when the Circle members find them, TV Magnus just abandons them the gang! He just portals away like a coward! And when they find him later, he’s cornered by a Circle member. Book Magnus would have defended himself. He did in The Last Stand of the New York Institute. Also, Magnus can’t open portals out of the blue. And the way he moves his arms makes him seem like he’s trying to fly, or at least like he’s trying to be the collector from those Marvel movies. Book Magnus was not so frilly when he talked and moved, just the way he dressed. Really he’s quite serious when he wants to be. And Magnus has a lair? Or is that just his loft. If they’re two different places, they look alike. I couldn’t tell if they portaled away, or Magnus just cleaned up his ‘lair’. And why aren’t his cat eyes there? They’re supposed to be there when Clary first meets him. And “I will summon the demon. But you (Clary) must make the demand.”? Bad idea. Clary is too sure of herself here as well. Magnus is too into Alec here also. He was more reserved in the books. Maybe it’s just how Shum was portraying him. They way Shum portrays Magnus is terrible anyway. Still, too out there. Shum is willy-nilly about everything, but this is the first episode he’s been in. He most definitely needs to improve though.

    Luke: TV Luke is too serious. I do not like TV Luke.

    Valentine: Valentine is terrible! And since when did the invisibility runes leave your eyes visible? I know this is a TV show, and its not a book where everything is described, but still, they could have done better. For instance, they had a ripple affect going on when the eyes were visible. Why not take that ripple affect, and make it form their silhouettes? Still, it’s only the first season. Maybe it will improve. Maybe. But anywho, I just put this in here because it happened when Valentine came in. And why would Seelie faeries be anywhere near Valentine? He called them ‘Seelies’

    Hodge: TV Hodge is not Hodge. The curse is absolutely ridiculous. TV Hodge has not improved.

    Maureen: Book Maureen is a cousin of Eric Hillchurch, and has a crush on Simon Lewis. She often times talked with Simon after band practice and show gigs. She was also very obsessed with him, to the point where she told people she was his girlfriend, even though she was a only fourteen. TV Maureen is OK . . . If she wasn’t based on Book Maureen. TV Maureen seems like a completely different character from Book Maureen. But that being said, she’s like a brand new character, and she is a very good character. I still do wish they’d kept Book Maureen though, and just given TV Maureen a different name.

    Blackborn and Pangwell: Balckborn and Pangwell have improved none. That is enough said.

    Elaine Lewis (Simon’s mom): TV Simon’s mom does not act like Book Simon’s mom. In other words, Simon’s mom is not Simon’s mom. TV or otherwise. This woman does not fit.

    Voloch: Voloch? That sounds like Moloch with a V replacing the M. And he apparently knows no english. Not very conversative. Maybe when Azazel comes in they’ll make him more humorous and conversative.

    Weapons: If I remember correctly, seraph blades were simply seraph blades. I don’t remember reading of shorter seraph blades called ‘seraph daggers’. Still, an acceptable change.

    Dialogue: The dialogue has improved, but it still has a very, very long way to go.

    Izzy’s Necklace: Isabelle’s necklace started out as belonging to Camille Belcourt, a gift given to her by Magnus Bane. Magnus gave it to Will Herondale for protection. And when Cecily Herondale found it funny that a man should wear a necklace, Will gave it to her. Eventually Cecily gave it her daughter, and from there it was passed until it became Isabelle Lightwood’s. Book Magnus would not want the necklace back, instead he hopes to one day tell her of its origin.

    Institute: The Institute has improved none. TOO HIGH-TECH PEOPLE! And since when did the Institute get such nice furniture in the bedrooms? In the books, the bedrooms in the Institute consisted of a simple bed, a wardrobe, a mirror, and a bathroom. Izzy and Alec spruced their’s up, but Jace just left his bare but very well cleaned.

    Hard Tail: I still do not get this ‘Hard Tail’. And the gang does not meet Magnus at Hard Tail (which obviously isn’t even in the books), they meet him at a party he is throwing. Magnus Bane does not go to parties thrown by other people (unless he’s trying to get into the good graces of someone), he throw his own glitterrific parties, thank you very much.

    Pentagrams and Summoning: Why did Magnus let Clary draw the pentagram? Certainly she would have needed more chalk than he gave her (I use chalk pastels so I should know). Any way. Why were their toes touching the lines? That would have let the demon get them. This part of the episode was just terrible. Clary is too dramatic here. The demon was terrible. I’m going to stop now.

    City of Ashes: Why are we getting into City of Ashes stuff already? Magnus throws out the line (terribly done) ‘I don’t know. Does he normally just lie on the floor like that without moving?’. And also, Simon isn’t supposed to go the Dumort until after the gang goes to the Seelie Court. He’supposed to break off from them in a huff after exiting the court. The next time they see him he’s being carried by Raph and is dying.

    While there is some improvement in the show, it still needs much work. I now await the fifth episode. If by the fifth episode there is not more improvement, I will no longer be watching. If there is sufficient improvement, then I will continue watching until given a reason not to.

    With cautiously returning hope,

    A Fan Who Cares

    • Thank you for putting it up! I will add to it now: I do not mean to be at all rude, provoking, or aggressive. Much thanks to whoever handles comments!


  13. I think the Simon vampire storyline is being introduced so early is because the writers want characters from all races/whatever in the Shadow world to become familiar to TV only fans, and quickly. What better way to get that done other than with a main character? (Not that I enjoy how quickly it’s progressing, but that was probably what the writers were thinking.)

  14. I think Clace is being a bit sidelined because of Malec. Remember Cassie’s only request was that that relationship be true to the books? I can see it becoming the central pairing in the show. The creators know how popular it is; they know where the money’s at. =/

  15. Now, if they cut down on the cringeworthy lines and pace themselves I would actually love the show. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’m still giving it chance.

    Only 9 episodes left to change my mind 😉

  16. And kudos to Alyssa on this article. You nailed it! It made me laugh more than the show did!


  17. I forgot to add to my comment how I did not mean to be at all rude, provoking, or aggressive. Guess that’s why it wasn’t posted. Because as usual I did not mean to be at all rude, provoking, or aggressive. I was just half asleep when I finished and forgot that part (silly me, it was very late though). Anywho, I’m not retyping that long thing. What Alyssa said sums it up really. Maybe I’ll retype it later if it’s not up by then and add that part in.

    Regardless, the show was improving (TV Simon, TV Jace in some parts, and TV Alec nailed it!), and then from Hard Tail on it pretty much went down hill (especially TV Clary). And why did Magnus talk like the Cheshire cat from Wonderland and walk like the Collector from those Marvel movies? Izzy’s clothing is still hideous, and in response to Alyssa saying ‘someone throw her a shirt’, I’d be willing to donate my entire wardrobe to her if she’d wear it. Clary’s clothing at Hard Tail is also perverted. I couldn’t even enjoy the scene where she saved that warlock girl because her clothing was so terrible.

    This time I will not forget: I do not mean to be at all rude, provoking, or aggressive. I did not mean to in my other comment. Maybe it will be posted, I spent a while on it.


  18. OK I loved this episode. It was the best so far. No words for Malec, they were as good as I was expecting them to be. Clace is getting better, I even felt something in my stomach when Jace saw her in a dress for Magnus’ party.

    I think we should all get used to the idea of an early vampire Simon, yeah guys, that´s happening, the sooner we accept it, the faster we can move on.

  19. They finally released an episode good enough to make me have feels.
    But can we just not ever use the term “Seraph dagger” again?

  20. I don’t understand why people get so mad and flustered with the fact that the tv show doesn’t fully align with the book. TV SHOWS are BASED of the book not “the book turned into a live action” screenplay is different from novels. novels do a much better job of telling stories because it allows us to use our own imagination; whereas tv shows are only showing us the imagination of others. Yes it can be frustrating but that’s expected. Hence why only the true novel, die-hard fans since day one are generally the only ones that get upset in the beginning. It’s didn’t reach the expectations of their imagination

    • Where were you when the show was in the works? Are YOU a die-hard fan? The people behind the show fed us lie after lie about how they would ‘stay true to the books’. Even the cast was blathering about it. Yeah TV SHOWS are BASED on books, but this TV show can barely be said to be based on the books at all. In fact, it is a mere shell of what the books were. An example : characters and places from the show have the same name as the characters and places from the books. Outside of that, barely anything. And since TV shows don’t let us use our imagination on what the books should have been like, did they use the author’s? No. I understand that having the author involved in production is impractical (hence the reason if I get published and was lucky enough to get an opportunity to see my book brought to life, I’d gladly decline since mine would suffer the same fate) but they could have used at least some of the perfect plot points Cassie had already layed out for them. But no, they had to see THEIR imagination, not the authors. So apparently you know this since you said in your comment ‘novels do a much better job of telling stories because it allows us to use our own imagination; whereas TV shows are only showing us the imagination of others. Yes it can be frustrating but that’s expected. ‘ ‘Them’ being the idiots who write and direct the show. Where I agree you completely and utterly with this, that does not exclude the fact that these people could not only have done much better in everything this show is, but they lied to us saying how true they would be to the books from the very beginning. They are idiots, and they are in everything. So long as that is the case then we can expect YA adaptations amongst other things to be anything and everything but what they are promised to be.


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