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‘Shadowhunters’ 1×05 Roundtable: ‘Moo Shu to Go’

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Moo Shu To Go" - Alec finds himself torn between duty and loyalty to Jace in “Moo Shu to Go,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, February 9th at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/John Medland) EMERAUDE TOUBIA, KATHERINE MCNAMARA, NICOLA CORREIA-DAMUDE

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Moo Shu To Go" - Alec finds himself torn between duty and loyalty to Jace in “Moo Shu to Go,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, February 9th at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/John Medland) EMERAUDE TOUBIA, KATHERINE MCNAMARA, NICOLA CORREIA-DAMUDE

Every week we’re teaming up with fellow fansites and fans to share our thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the latest episode of Shadowhunters.

This week we’re talking about “Moo Shu to Go,” including our thoughts on Clary and Isabelle’s friendship, the Malec dynamic, and Maryse’s introduction.

Do you think Alec had the right to lock up Clary’s necklace?

TMI Source: To be honest, I don’t. Even if Clary felt that it was the best decision, Alec just went ahead and did it without questions asked. But I can understand why Alec did it. He sees himself as someone who needs to protect those in the Institute, and it’s something that the Clave would do no hesitation. Alec is a soldier – he does what he needs to do no questions asked.

Tell Tale TV: While the way he did it was a little pissy and obnoxious, I do think that what he did made sense. Clary admitted that Valentine looked right at her during the necklace-induced “vision” and spoke to her, so they have no way of knowing what the necklace is capable of. Valentine could totally use it to discern their location or something. So yes, I do think he had the right, because he was looking out for the majority’s self interest, whereas Clary was only thinking about finding her mom.

[highlight]We So Nerdy:[/highlight] No. However, they are not living in a world of right or wrong any longer with Valentine out and about. Now it’s is all about survival and Alec locking up Clary’s necklace without a proper discussion wasn’t right, but it might be necessary.

Kathryn, A Fan: Alec’s first priority is protecting Shadowhunters, so from his perspective I understand why he did it. Alec had the right considering that Jace has been off of his game since Clary showed up. Plus, it allowed for the great Alec line ‘It can’t be handled by three and a half Shadowhunters.’

Fangirlish: I don’t know. I think that Alec thinks he’s doing the right thing – but I think he needs to talk about it. Like Clary doesn’t necessarily get what is going on – explain to her. Don’t just take away from her. She’s had enough of that.

The dynamic between Clary and Izzy – what makes their friendship so special?

TMI Source: On television it’s unfortunate to say but there aren’t a lot of strong female dynamics and friendships. But Clary and Isabelle have a chance to forge one of those strong bonds that we could definitely use more of in television. Isabelle has sort of taken Clary under her wing in this process, and you can see how Isabelle kind of looks at her like a sister and vice versa. I really hope we continue to see these two ladies share moments where they’re building each other up.

Tell Tale TV: I really like their dynamic! I can’t stand Izzy when she’s only about sex appeal. Sex appeal is fine, of course, but so far it’s been about 99% of her character. Izzy really needs more depth, and the friendship she’s struck up with Clary gives her that. I loved the scene when Clary was confiding in Izzy about her mother, although it was cut very short.

We So Nerdy: I really like Clary and Izzy’s friendship and enjoy their scenes together. They appear to be so honest with one another, and their banter is everything (especially over clothing choices). I want and need to see more interactions between the two as the season progresses.

Kathryn, A Fan: Izzy feels like an older sister to Clary, but not one that wants to control her. Instead Izzy’s really empathetic and caring, genuinely wanting to learn more about Clary’s life. Izzy’s by far the most accessible person to help Clary learn about the Shadow World.

Fangirlish: I feel like it’s nice to see positive female friendships online – because we don’t see those enough. I feel like what we need to do is have more of these on TV. I may not agree with the characters individually – but I can agree that they have a strong friendship that is important.

Maryse shows up in this week’s episode. What are your thoughts on her?

TMI Source: While Maryse is a lot colder than she is in the books, there was something about her when she first appeared that just commanded your attention. She says what she feels even if it’s not the nicest thing you’ve heard. She’s definitely the most commanding presence that we’ve seen so far on the show. It’s like you can understand why Alec is the way he is about following the Clave’s instructions. While her love for Jace is something that I appreciated, I would’ve loved it if she showed that same love for Alec and Isabelle.

Tell Tale TV: Maryse was extremely one-dimensional. I’m not really sure what the purpose of introducing her now is, if they weren’t even going to address the bizarre Lightwood family dynamic. It’s like they trotted her out just to be like “Hey, their mom sucks” and then shoo’d her away again. We only really know two things about her now: she doesn’t particularly like Izzy and Alec and she adores Jace. I wanted to know more, but the episode really dropped the ball on that.

We So Nerdy: I wasn’t anticipating Maryse to make a presence in “Moo Shu to Go”, but I’m happy that the creative team ensured that the actress (Nicola Correia-Damude) who portrays Maryse is similar in appearance to Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) because to me that was an important element of the book series. However, I wasn’t a fan of the fact that she treated Izzy so coldly. If I recall correctly, Maryse was tough, but she loved her children deeply and that wasn’t the impression I got from her relationship with Izzy.

Kathryn, A Fan: Maryse is a lot colder than I expected. She’s the most authoritative figure we’ve seen so far since Hodge is more of an advisor than parent. It’s obvious that there’s tension between Maryse and Izzy, that isn’t present with either Alec or Jace, and I can’t wait to learn more about why that is. I haven’t seen enough of her yet to know much more than she’s a loyal Clave member, however.

Fangirlish: I mean could she be colder? You don’t like your daughter – you have made that clear. She does draw your attention in and it does explain why Alec is so up tight.

Magnus called Alec to ask him out. What are your thoughts on the two’s dynamic?

TMI Source: For me Magnus and Alec are the best thing about this show. There’s something that, while not exactly like the books, is so faithful to whom these characters are in their relationship in the books that endears me to them so much. Then you factor in the chemistry, and you’ve got a recipe for success. As we know in the books Magnus and Alec’s relationship takes some time to develop, but I actually like the change in the show where we get to see it develop into what it becomes in the books because these two are faithful to who they are in the books. And I’m hoping we get to see that continue to develop.

Tell Tale TV: I loved it! I honestly would have been fine if Alec had just been like “Peace, Clary” and left the Institute to go on that date with Magnus. In fact, I think if the rest of the episode from then on had just been those two on a date, the episode would have been vastly improved.

We So Nerdy: I NEED Malec to happen and to happen NOW! So Magnus asking Alec out and him accepting, but for a later day makes me happy and very excited for all that is to come.

Kathryn, A Fan: Absolutely adorable. Magnus is so forward and Alec’s playing it very calm, cool, and collected. ‘Playing hard to get…I love a challenge,’ as Magnus so delightfully says. Their dynamic is more authentic and understated than the other relationships on the show so far, and that change is much appreciated. They’re by far the duo I’m most looking forward to seeing more of.

Fangirlish: LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Simon is exhibiting signs of becoming a vampire. Why do you think the people have not caught on?

TMI Source: Is it wrong to say that it’s because they are distracted by all the happenings in their own lives? As far as Clary and the Shadowhunters are concerned, there’s just so much happening with the Valentine and Mortal Cup of it all that, unfortunately especially for Clary, what’s happening with Simon is the last thing on their mind. But it’s not like there haven’t been subtle hints. But maybe it’s because of the impossibility of it all?

Tell Tale TV: I have no idea and it’s really bothering me. It’s nonsensical. They all know he was with the vampires and presumably the Shadowhunters have some idea of how vampires are made, right? And Simon was parkour-ing over walls and busting down doors, it’s not like his transformation is subtle in the slightest. I can understand Clary not realizing, but why didn’t Alec say anything? Very silly.

We So Nerdy: Based on Alec’s facial expressions in “Moo Shu to Go” he realizes that something is off, but exactly what it is he hasn’t figured out yet. I’m not sure why it is taking so long to figure out, bus since Alec who feels the need to comment on everything has yet to say anything, makes me feel the vampire reveal might be drawn out a bit.

Kathryn, A Fan: The only way I can justify why nothing’s been said is that none of the Shadowhunters care about Mundanes, especially Simon. I figured that Alec would’ve said something when Simon practically ripped the apartment door off its hinges, but there was only a slightly questioning look from Alec. Clary’s too caught up in her own emotional whirlwind to do much other than talk about parkour.

Fangirlish: If think we all caught onto this episodes ago and it’s just being drawn out. Tired of it too – just say it like it is.

Do you think that Jace has a right to be mad at Alec for Clary’s disappearance? What are your thoughts on Parabatai tracking?

TMI Source: I don’t think Jace has that right. While Alec is essentially responsible for Clary’s well being in this instance, that’s only to a degree. Clary is an adult and she’s going to do whatever she wants to do regardless of what she’s told. And we’ve seen she’s a determined woman that won’t be held back so it’s not surprise that she managed to escape Alec’s line of vision. It’s obvious that Jace’s anger towards Alec stems from Jace’s feelings for Clary – it’s not entirely justified. Had Alec been reckless with Clary then yes. But Alec tried his damned hardest to keep up with Clary so he actually deserves some praise in this situation. While I continue to dislike this whole Parabatai tracking, it wasn’t as bad as it was the last time with the chessiness of it all. Still not a fan, but it wasn’t as cheesy.

Tell Tale TV: Nope, Jace is acting like a total boob. It was very obviously not Alec’s fault that Clary snuck off. I feel like they’re just exaggerating Jace’s reaction to “prove” how much he suddenly cares about this random girl that he literally just met. But they’re doing that at the cost of Jace and Alec’s relationship, which is really stupid and annoying. I’m not sure why distancing Jace and Alec is necessary for Jace to get closer to Clary. The Parabatai tracking just seems like a means to keep putting poor Alec in an uncomfortably intimate position with the man he’s in unrequited love with. It just makes me feel bad for Alec more than anything else.

We So Nerdy: No, I don’t think Jace has the right be upset with Alec for Clary’s disappearance; Clary was the one who ran off. I think Alec’s fear of what could happen to Clary is coming out as anger. And this constant miscommunication between Alec and Jace doesn’t make for a great Parabati pair. This layer of distrust is wreaking havoc on their abilities, and to me that was as big of a hindrance, as the water from the pier making it impossible for them to track Clary.

Kathryn, A Fan: Jace’s logic is clouded by his feelings for Clary, so he immediately blames Alec for everything because it’s the easy way out. It’s not right, but Jace’s priorities aren’t what they used to be. The Parabatai tracking was a lot less cheesy this time around, so it’s improving. It does feel like an easy way out of their problems and an obvious plot device, however. I’m surprised that it’s so heavily used. I figured that it was a one-and-done thing.

Fangirlish: Jace needs to take a xanax. All this is not on Alec. There is more to the situation. But Jace seems to be so directed by his want for Clary… I mean – Alec and Clary were the best thing about this weeks episode and we should embrace it.

Luke coming to save Clary. We know that she had every right to be cautious of him at the beginning. What are your thoughts on Luke’s actions?

TMI Source: Luke has always said that he promised Jocelyn that he would look out for Clary, and the fact that he views Clary as his own daughter certainly cements the fact that Clary’s well being is his utmost concern in this situation. With that said, Luke had to do what he had to do in order to ensure her safety. We’ve seen him since the pilot adamantly searching for Clary’s whereabouts. But for the moment he seems to have lost Clary’s trust, and that’s something he’s going to need to work on regaining moving forward here, and that starts with honesty.

Tell Tale TV: I think he’s clearly proven he’s one of the good guys now. His explanation for the conversation Clary overheard back in the pilot (that he was playing the Circle members but only ever wanted to protect Clary) made sense to me; I bought it. I’m curious to see how his killing the former alpha and taking over as pack alpha is going to affect his role in the story going forward. It wasn’t exactly a surprise that Luke was a werewolf though. From the first two episodes, it was obvious. The fight with the Circle member lady behind the car made it abundantly clear that Luke was a werewolf.

We So Nerdy: I’ve been beyond ready for Luke to be a known card carrying member of Team Clary, and Luke coming to rescue of Clary, Alec, Izzy, Jace, and Simon is the way for this to happen. So I’m stoked to finally see Luke come to aid of Clary.

Kathryn, A Fan: Luke’s said from the beginning that he promised Jocelyn that he’d always protect Clary and, whether or not Clary sees it that way, it’s the truth. Luke hasn’t had a lot of screentime, so it’s been hard to gage where his allegiances truly are. After his meeting with the Circle members, Clary thought that he had turned against her, so Luke will have to continue to redeem himself in her eyes. By becoming the new pack Alpha, Luke’s taken another cautious step towards regaining Clary’s trust.

Fangirlish: So glad that Luke finally showed up. I love the Luke of the books – I love how he is with Clary. We’ve seen Luke being that father figure and I am glad we’ll finally be able to explore that relationship more.

Where is the show succeeding? Where is it failing? What would you still like to see improve?

TMI Source: For me, the show has succeeded in the portrayal of several relationships: Clary and Simon’s friendship, Magnus and Alec’s relationship, and a relationship I didn’t know I needed but loved in this episode with Alec, Clary and Simon. There was something about that latter’s chemistry that was just so enjoyable for me. It’s often the relationships you don’t expect to enjoy that end up becoming the ones you end up really loving. So I’m hoping we get to see more of that dynamic moving forward. Then of course Clary and Simon’s friendship is one of the relationships that is so relatable and comfortable, as well as Magnus and Alec’s developing relationship that promises so much to come. As for where the show is failing it continues to have nothing to do with the actors and everything to do with the writing. The failings that I’ve seen on the show continue to be because of creative decisions or the way the show is written. That’s what I’d like to see improve for the show moving forward.

Tell Tale TV: The dialogue is still extremely cheesy occasionally. The pacing is still weird (it’s like they keep having quick bursts of developments and then stalling for episodes at a time). There is still no chemistry whatsoever between Clary and Jace, which is a huge failing based on how popular the book-version of this couple is. So far, the show is succeeding in holding my interest when it comes to certain other relationships, like Simon/Izzy and Magnus/Alec. Those couples have at least demonstrated some noticeable chemistry. I also think that the acting has been consistently improving for most of the cast. I mean, it’s still not stellar, but it’s a lot better (except for Clary, I’m just not a fan of Katherine McNamara in this role, she’s irritating).

We So Nerdy: Chemistry lies between certain individuals and not so much with others, and I just need to accept it as is for now. Overall, I’m being entertained seeing how the creative team goes about translating Cassandra Clare’s work for “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments”, and I remind myself that we have more to see and that means there might come a time where the actors fully envelope their characters and turn me form a sometime fan of the show to a stan.

Kathryn, A Fan: Clary and Alec’s friendship is developing nicely. They play off of each other more realistically than she does with Jace, surprisingly. The same applies for the natural, easy relationship that Clary has with Simon. This episode’s script was substantially better than the previous set and I hope that continues. Additionally, the pacing was improved this week, to the point where I didn’t question the timeline at all. I’m not a fan of the werewolf transformation effects, because it comes off far cheesier than is necessary. Also, the sense of location with the Seelies feels like a step down, because it currently feels like Meliorn lives in a visible circus tent in Central Park. Shadowhunters succeeds the most when the special effects are kept at a minimum and the characters dynamics are the focus. More Alec, Magnus, and Simon, please!

Fangirlish: I didn’t know that I could love Simon, Clary, and Alec – but I do so much. Simon and Clary’s friendship is so great, so important – it is a great part of the show. The development of Malec seems to be promising so I hope that lasts. The show keeps failing though with the writing and creative decisions. I am not putting the actors down – I am telling you that the show’s creative executive decisions need to stop feeling so scatterbrained. They need to make sense for the overall – and right now – I am still not seeing how they are.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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  1. I think each episode is getting a little bit better than the former and am remaining optimistic for the rest of the season. But is it me, or has Clace kind of taken a backseat to everyone else? In Moo Shu to Go at least, they had very little screen time together.

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