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Cassandra Clare shares ‘Lady Midnight’ artwork, a cut scene and more

Can you believe that Lady Midnight will be released in 17 days? 😀 Over the past couple of days Cassandra Clare shared some cool artwork by Cassandra Jean (1 & 2), an extended snippet and a cut scene:

 Mark LMThe first of Cassandra Jean’s set of ten postcards for Lady Midnight. Mark misunderstands the concept of “semi-formal.” 🙂

26 more days to Lady Midnight!

Malcolm Emma LMThe second of Cassandra Jean’s set of ten postcards for Lady Midnight. Emma and Malcolm eat some unusual pizza.

19 more days to Lady Midnight!

The extended snippet:

Emma felt the anger uncurl in her stomach again, but this time it was directed at Mark.

“Jules?” Tavvy asked, sounding nervous, and Julian passed a hand over his face. It was a nervous habit, as if he were wiping an easel free of paint; when he dropped his hand, the fear and emotion had gone from his eyes.

“I’m here,” he said, and went over to pick up Tavvy. Tavvy put his head down on Jules’ shoulder, looking sleepy, and getting paint all over Jules’ t-shirt. But Jules didn’t seem to care. He put his chin down in his younger brother’s curls and smiled at Emma.

“Forget it,” he said. “I’m going to take this one off to bed. You should probably get some sleep, too.”

But Emma’s veins were buzzing with a sharp elixir of anger and protectiveness. She could almost taste it in her mouth, like a bitter copper penny. No one hurt Julian. No one. Not even his much-missed, much-loved brother.

“I will,” she said. “I’ve got something to do, first.”

Julian’s verdigris eyes narrowed. “Emma, don’t try to —”

But she was already gone.

Prepare yourselves for the cut Lady Midnight scene because it’s bound to give you a lot of feels.

Oh Jules 😦

Lady Midnight will be published on March 8 and the book’s launch will also kick off Cassie’s US tour.

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4 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares ‘Lady Midnight’ artwork, a cut scene and more

  1. That was amazing! I wish they hadn’t cut it from the book though. That was so sweet. Cassie made my day. I can’t wait to get Lady Midnight to see what happens with the stuff that hasn’t been cut. It comes out the day after my birthday, it would be scary cool if it had come out on my birthday.


  2. Poor, stressed-out Julian! I like him already. I hope he and Emma get a happy ending!

  3. Why does the Clave what Ty? 😦 I have this sudden urge to furiously protect him from them. And Jules T.T I can’t just…… “I’m going to go mind the perimeter.”

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