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Cassandra Clare shares new ‘Lady Midnight’ art and another snippet

Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight is so close – only 11 more days – that I can almost smell the printed books 😉 Cassie shared another postcard by Cassandra Jean and also added a snippet featuring Julian and Emma:

Jemma LM

Another lovely postcard from Cassandra Jean, another Lady Midnight snippet — though some of you may have seen a bit of this. 🙂

“Why did you pull the arrow out?” Emma demanded, unzipping her own jacket and pulling her sweater over her head. She had a tank top on under it. She patted his chest and side with the sweater, absorbing as much of the blood as she could.

Jules’ breath was coming in harsh pants. “Because when someone shoots you with an arrow, you immediate response is not “Thanks for the arrow, I think I’ll keep it for a while.’”

“Good to know your sense of humor is intact.”

“It was burning,” Julian said. “Not like a normal wound. Like there was something on the arrowhead, acid or something.”

Raziel,” Emma muttered. She’d mopped away as much of the blood as she could. It was still welling from the puncture wound, running in thin streams down his stomach, gathering in the lines between his abdominal muscles.

She took a deep breath. “You’re too skinny,” she said, as brightly as she could. “Too much coffee, not enough pancakes.”

“I hope they put that on my tombstone.” He gasped as she shifted forward, and she realized abruptly that she was squarely in Julian’s lap, her knees around his hips. It was a bizarrely intimate position.

I agree with Emma, pancakes are much better than coffee! I hope Jules will be okay.

Lady Midnight is released on March which is also the first date of Cassie’s US tour.

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7 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares new ‘Lady Midnight’ art and another snippet

  1. No, Jules can’t be hurt! I hope he’s okay.


  2. Seeing this, when she muttered “Raziel” I thought at first we were about to see what would happen if a Shadowhunter named one of their seraph blades after him! Lol wouldn’t that be cool?

  3. Janani Ananthanarayanan // February 26, 2016 at 3:09 PM // Reply

    Wasn’t Emma wearing white tank top? She had taken off her sweater to dab at Jules’ wounds.

  4. Clary Herondale // February 26, 2016 at 3:53 PM // Reply

    This snippet was in the end of my ebook! For like all the Shadowhunter Academy novellas and Clockwork Princess. =)

  5. I like pancakes.

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