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‘Shadowhunters’ 1×08 Recap: ‘Bad Blood’

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Bad Blood" - Alec and Clary are forced to make some hard decisions in “Bad Blood,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, March 1st at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/John Medland) DAVID CASTRO, KATHERINE MCNAMARA, DOMINIC SHERWOOD

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Bad Blood" - Alec and Clary are forced to make some hard decisions in “Bad Blood,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, March 1st at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/John Medland) EMERAUDE TOUBIA

Shadowhunters took an emotional turn as Simon began a new journey and Alec took a leap of faith regarding his future in “Bad Blood.”

While Shadowhunters has seen its share of ups and downs, these past couple of episodes have been the strongest to date. But I feel like “Bad Blood” has been my favorite ironically because of a storyline that I felt was too rushed in this first season: Simon becoming a vampire.

Here’s the rundown (WARNING: SPOILERS)…

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Bad Blood" - Alec and Clary are forced to make some hard decisions in “Bad Blood,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, March 1st at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/John Medland) DAVID CASTRO, KATHERINE MCNAMARA, DOMINIC SHERWOOD

Simon Becomes a Vampire

While the storyline itself might’ve felt too rushed for the first season, I have to give it up to Alberto Rosende for flawless execution of a storyline that could’ve come off as cheap but was executed to emotional perfection. I swear, I’m still wiping away the tears.

Simon’s resurrection was something I never thought we’d get to see on screen after the Mortal Instruments movies were axed. But it has always been one of my favorite storylines from Cassie’s books because of the emotion behind it. This storyline has never been about the vampire of it all but the characters, namely Simon and Clary.

Alberto has easily been the best actor on this show, and he showed exactly why with his portrayal of Simon’s rise from the dead. When it comes to portraying a storyline that isn’t exactly real-world in its implication — what with vampires and all — it’s important to bring a focus to the human-side of the storyline, which is exactly what Alberto was able to do.

While we saw Simon’s initial rise, where he was blood-thirsty and not himself, what we saw soon after was Simon’s reaction to it all. He was still Simon only now he was a vampire. But the thing that was most important in this scene was Simon’s reaction to his new life — a life that he never chose for himself, let’s be honest. Not that we know what he would’ve chosen, but Simon was thrust into this life that he didn’t choose. More than that, he was confronted with a much different version of himself, where he considered himself to be a monster. Despite Clary’s reassurances that he was still the Simon she knows and loves, in his eyes he was different, hideous, a monster. And the way that Alberto delivered that interaction with Clary legitimately had me crying. It was the most moved I’ve ever been with this show. And it goes to show you the power of characters and their emotions.

Simon might’ve been unconscious up until the last act of the episode, the events leading up to Simon’s resurrection were also wonderfully carried out. There was a real emotional focus on how Simon’s death could affect a few different characters, including Clary and his mother. But Clary was also faced with a difficult decision: stake Simon through the heart and let him die a human or bury him and let him rise as one of the undead. And Luke couldn’t have had better advice: “Make sure you do it for him and not you.”

This was a great storyline for Katherine McNamara to tap into emotionally as Clary as she was faced with this difficult decision and having to deal with the possibility of losing Simon regardless, whether it was in death as a human or in living as a vampire. The scene at the graveyard when Clary broke down over Simon was really heartfelt, beautiful, and heartbreaking.

Ultimately we saw Clary make the decision to let Simon die and reawaken as a vampire, which led to an intense resurrection scene and heartbreaking aftermath as Simon declared himself a monster that Clary should stay away from. But that emotion is what made this storyline hands down the best on this show to date. And that’s what happens when you take note from the books. This storyline has always been about the characters and not the vampire plot itself. And with the show choosing to focus on the characters and their reactions, they delivered the most compelling arc yet.

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Bad Blood" - Alec and Clary are forced to make some hard decisions in “Bad Blood,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, March 1st at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/John Medland) MATTHEW DADDARIO, STEPHANIE BENNETT

Alec Chooses His Future AKA Meet Lydia

While Shadowhunters might’ve been able to temporarily distract us with the beauty of Magnus and Alec, this episode threw us a curveball in the form of Lydia Branwell, who is a member of the Clave sent to watch over the New York Institute. Lydia was harsh, authoritative, and downright rude in her debut.

In this episode, Alec and Lydia are thrust together as a means to take a look into this Forsaken ordeal that has the Clave worried — okay more like Lydia takes it upon herself to bring Alec along with her because, just look at him. Along the way the two have a chat about love and marriage. Lydia sees it as nothing other than a business transaction so to speak. She’s all about her duty, which is something that we’ve seen from Alec this season.

Later, we get a nice scene between Alec and Magnus after they call upon the warlock to help them with their Forsaken problem. The flirtation between the two remains as good as always — and Magnus walking in on Alec training while shirtless was one heck of a scene for both Magnus and us. But the conversation between Magnus and Alec felt wasted as Magnus insisted that Alec follow his heart, and instead Alec followed his parents’ wishes as he proposed to Lydia as a means to restore the Lightwood family name.

Now as an avid Malec shipper what one must do is look past this storyline to the “what can be” of it all. It’s possible that Alec or Lydia eventually calls off the engagement and Alec and Magnus unite, but it’s also possible that he goes through with the marriage to satisfy his Lightwood duties and help restore the family name. But as an avid Malec shipper I am hoping for the best case scenario, which means that Lydia goes bye-bye and we get a Malec kiss to celebrate. How’s that for optimism?

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Bad Blood" - Alec and Clary are forced to make some hard decisions in “Bad Blood,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, March 1st at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/John Medland) JON COR, HUBERT BOORDER

New-Look Forsaken

While Simon battled for his life and Alec battled for his future, the Clave came across a new problem in the form of Valentine’s Forsaken. Only these Forsaken were unlike anything that they’d seen before as they had Angel blood.

Now, as the audience we know that this new-look Forsaken is a result of Valentine’s experiments and he appears to be creating his own army of these Forsaken to take down the Clave and Downworlders, retrieve the Mortal Cup, and basically take over the world. Bad stuff, of course.

These Forsaken aren’t your typical Forsaken as it took several werewolves to take just one of them down. That right there would be Valentine’s experiments gone right for Val and wrong for everyone else. They were able to take one down and Magnus and Isabelle studied it to try and find out what made this one so different. Isabelle eventually discovered that it had Angel blood. First off, how’d a Forsaken get Angel blood, and second, doesn’t this mean that they can enter the Institute…? And he eventually does before Hodge and Alec take him down.

But it seems as if Valentine’s plan has been revealed: sic these Forsaken upon the Clave, claim the Mortal Cup, destroy the Clave and Downworlders, and create his own army of Shadowhunters. Uh oh.

Rants and Raves


  • Alberto Rosende: This was by far Shadowhunters‘ most emotional episode to date, and that rested heavily with Alberto Rosende’s performance as Simon Lewis, which brought an entirely different feel to this show. Alberto commanded the screen in the short time his character was conscious, and unleashed an emotion that rocked the audience to its core. Absolutely brilliant. My favorite episode to date because of Alberto.
  • Vampire Storyline: It’s ironic that this is in my raves because from the beginning I’ve never liked the idea of introducing this storyline so quickly when there was plenty of time to explore it. But with that said, this storyline really worked in this episode because it was more about the emotion than the whole vampire of it all. This story — books or show — is at its best when it’s all about the characters and their reactions. And this storyline ultimately found a way for it to be redeemed in my eyes because of it.
  • Parallels: There was a great parallel between Clary’s present situation with Simon becoming a vampire and Jocelyn’s past situation with Luke becoming a werewolf. Where these women’s best friends were becoming something unlike themselves and there was an uncertainty if they’d come out of this the same as they had entered. If this parallel rings true (and true to the books) then Clary and Simon will be just fine.
  • Falcon Story: While it seemed like the time had passed for Jace to tell the Falcon story, we got to hear it in this episode. This story has always been one of my favorite scenes because it’s the first time where Jace opens up emotionally. Though, fair warning, this also made my rants because it felt incomplete.


  • Alec’s Proposal…to Lydia: No, no, no. This whole idea of essentially pressuring Alec to marry a woman when we know that he’s gay just sickens me. While it was ultimately Alec’s decision to propose to Lydia, it was because he feels pressured by that Lightwood family honor. That and he’s running away from his feelings for Magnus. Let’s hope this engagement doesn’t last long.
  • Lydia: While I’m hoping she grows on me, I absolutely couldn’t stand Lydia Branwell. Though of course a big part of that might have to do with the fact that she is now engaged to Alec. I’m just hoping they further explore this character that is an original TV character and doesn’t really have a backstory that fans can connect with. Hers has to be created.
  • Falcon Scene: While I appreciated that they included what is a really important part from the books, they forgot the most important line that explains the point of Jace’s story: “To love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.” This just felt incomplete.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

What are your thoughts on “Bad Blood?”

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55 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’ 1×08 Recap: ‘Bad Blood’

  1. I agree with practically everything you said. Alberto was phenomenal, and his acting is incredible! I was reluctant too, at first, but he really pulled it off.

    I don’t think Alec + Lydia will happen. I have a feeling that the writers will do Malec, that this is just another complication to prolonge it, and if the title of episode 12 is anything to go by, we’ll be seeing Malec soon. Soonish, I hope.

  2. To me the show destroyed Malec. 😦 Matthew Daddario is having a hard time to convey any kind of feelings that Alec may have for Magnus, while Harry is doing a wonderful job in convey Magnus interesting in Alec (but Magnus is more and right now he is only there to be the M from malec, while Alec has a huge sl to his service). In this ep, their scene felt plastic and thinking that we are only 5 eps to the end of the season. I doubt they will have much time to really develope Malec feels.

    Also, they need to stop giving away in thoses sneak peak the whole Malec scene from the ep one week before. Its the second time they do that…

    Alberto was amazing! 🙂 Best part of this ep, hands down!

    Great recap/review! 🙂

  3. I am watching this one for Simon and Raphael! Kudos to Alyssa for this well said article!


  4. Kind of thinking about it, Lydia reminds me of a Charlotte in a way, but a rougher, haughty version. Both Branwell women found themselves in an arrange marriage for business reasons. At least for Charlotte in the beginning it was until she realized that she truly loved Henry and he loved her back. We don’t know Lydia’s true feelings or reasons. Yet. Both Branwell women are authoritative and loyal to the Clave, and both are strong female characters. Charlotte wasn’t mean or rude to Henry though and Lydia…I didn’t like her that much in this episode. Maybe I’ll come to like her as her story unfolds, but right now I’m not sure if I’m okay with what the show is doing. Creating an original character off from one that we already know and love and then make it into a disorientated version of the original.

  5. Did anyone else wonder who it was that was with the Forsaken-like guys? I wonder if it’s Sebastian…

  6. Seriously writers…. What’s up with this episode? Are you guys trying to kill me and all MALEC fans by introducing this idea of “engagement to Lydia” concept? Honestly, i might stop watch this show if u didnt turn this to the original way…. There’s a reason why MALEC is phenomenal, because their love so pure and beautiful…. What u guys did like this, totally stained the beauty of MALEC….i hope the rating won’t go down even further because of this…. And yes, simon is very awesome today…. He’s the main reason i stay watched this episode till the end…..

    • kyementery // March 2, 2016 at 9:31 PM // Reply

      Relax, just let the story unfold. I mean every story has to have a conflict right? This is just one of those. Malec didn’t really have too much conflict in the first three books. It was just Alec coming into terms with being gay and finding the courage to tell everyone he’s in love with a downworlder. Remember that Ignis Aurum Probat and with the boat load of conflict presented with the Lydia storyline (arranged marriage to regain power and influence in the shadowhunter society, control of the institute, repressing homosexuality for political reasons, repressing homosexuality for parents appropval, hiding interracial love etc etc) just makes the whole journey to Malec so much sweeter. So relax my fellow Malec shipper and enjoy the journey.

      • Hi Ed! (You’re the only person I can imagine having this much invested in defending a homophobic, worn out, dull storyline.)

        This is a place for commentary and criticism. Those content to relax and let the story unfold are not going to be here. Nor is there anything wrong with criticism. It is incredibly weird, in a place as contentious as the Internet, to see people constantly telling other people to shut up and keep their opinions to themselves. What do you have so invested in silencing others?

        Yes, you have to have conflict. But it is still up to the writers of the show to do two things: invest us in Magnus and Alec so we care about their conflict, and also create an interesting believable, complex conflict.

        The arranged marriage is a stupid conflict. It is stupid because we are given no background about what it would mean for Alec to be gay in the Clave, and thus no context. Everything you have talked about is conflict you have made up, established and explained never and nowhere in the show (except maybe who runs the Insitute, but literally, who gives a crap and what does it have to do with Malec?). It is stupid because Alec can’t save his family’s honor with this marriage because his parents already destroyed it by being in the circle. It is stupid because the person who had this idea is ALEC HIMSELF, and so this is not a conflict that Alec and Magnus have to deal with because of outside pressure or a complexity in their relationship, but a conflict we have because Alec is a selfish asshole (whatever you think of Lydia, offering her a sham marriage dishonestly is no prize.)

        We are also not invested in MAlec. If you are, that’s because of the books. Not because of the fifteen minutes these characters have spent together so far in the show (I clocked it.) They don’t have a relationship to be threatened. They know nothing about each other. Alec clearly regards Magnus as an annoying bother. Alec isn’t even over Jace. The road to Malec isn’t being made sweeter, it’s being ruined by the lack of time the characters spend together — and the tiny bit of time given over to Malec will now be scenes of Alec and Lydia instead.

        Not to mention that Lydia is the representative of a corrupt government, and Alec is throwing himself further and further into that corruption. This isn’t the Alec of the books who came to work for Downworlder rights. This is Alec the Good German, obedient to the Nazi Party. Not what I tuned in for. It is the height of arrogance for you to demand that someone else enjoy a story so wretchedly bad, so 80’s in its treatment of gay characters, and so nonsensical. As of now I have no idea why Alec likes Magnus, and don’t even think he does, and no idea why Magnus likes Alec past his looks. Why would I ever, ever care if they got together? It’s like wishing for Hodge to get together with Luke.

        If I want a decent exploration of an LGBT relationship, I’ll be over at Empire or How to Get Away With Murder, thanks. Other shows are doing it. Pity this one isn’t, and it’s only going to get worse.

      • kyementery // March 3, 2016 at 4:03 PM //

        Hi Alanna,

        First of all my name is not Ed.

        Second, don’t just throw out words like “homophobic” into the mix because it dulls the impact of the word.

        Third, yes this is a place of commentary and criticism, telling someone to relax and let the story unfold is as much commentery as the way you go on about ranting about everything. It balances your more aggressive stance towards the show.

        Fourth, telling me that the way i comment “isn’t going to be here” is like telling me to shut up and keep my opinion to myself. There is nothing wrong with criticism but what i was driving at is that don’t jump to conclusions nor speak in behalf of everyone. I am not telling anyone to shut up. But just chill out and not jump into conclusions. And trying to shoot down my comments as stupid is not being critical about something, it’s plain being mean.

        Fifth, again you’re saying that “it was destroyed by being in the circle”, non book readers has just been told that the Lightwood matriarch and patriach were members of the Circle. So it balances things out.

        Sixth, actually Alec even up to CoHF told Simon the downworlder that ge was “trying”. It was the scene where Simon asked Alec if the reason why Alec doesn’t like Simon is that because he was a downworlder. You see, just because you’re friends with someone or dating someone doesn’t mean you’ve already thrown out your prejudices, it’s a long and slow unlearning process.

        Seventh, thank you for hating on the show so much that you watch it week after week just to rag on it online. It helps with the ratings. Appreciated!

        Eighth, speaking of empire, didn’t they make Jussie’s character kiss Alicia Keys’? Didn’t people also become up and arms about “oh suddenly Jussie’s character is bisexual or questioning instead of being just gay”? Didn’t people jump to conclusions then? You might have missed that.

        Lastly, if you’re thinking that no one is going to call you out for the negativity that you have spewed week after week after week, you thought wrong. But if you are considering to not watch the show anymore then… Bye Felicia!

      • “. And as much as you’d like to have quality shows, as you put it, the world doesn’t owe you squat. So if you like something then be grateful but if something offends you then just leave it. No point breeding hostility and negativity.”

        So you admit the show is crap, basically, and your issue is that people shouldn’t mention its crap? We should all maintain a polite silence, like we’re pretending we don’t notice because we should be . . . Grateful? Grateful for what? The existence of a television show we don’t enjoy, that disrespects us as a fandom, that is run by people who constantly lie to us? And that is racist and homophobic on top of that? (three dead women of color ripped apart, stuffed in cabinets, and none of you show stans make a peep.)

        If you’re worried about the show being reviewed badly, you shouldn’t be here yelling at people who at least WISH the show was good. You should be worrying about its terrible reviews in the real world. It has a D grade on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. The AV club won’t recap it because they think it sucks so hard. Why are you wasting your time here when the real problem is literally the whole world thinks it’s a terrible show and a wasted opportunity?

      • kyementery // March 7, 2016 at 3:01 AM //

        Didn’t the first attack came from your end? And by your end people who want the show to be just like the one that you’ve seen in your head towards people like me who love the books and the series? Just because people like me, like the show doesn’t mean we love the books any less. You don’t own the fandom. No one does. Oh, forgive me for being here, I didn’t know this was a site for just hating on everything pointlessly. I’m not worried about the show getting bad reviews, heck , even the book gets negative reviews but i still love it. I’m just saying, don’t attack people who like the show. I don’t get why you and the others suddenly got angry when I even started my comment with “Relax”, I wasnt even telling you to keep your opinions to yourself, it was your comment that was very pointed.

        Also, If you’re so keen on being inclusive, how come you don’t point out that there are more POC’s in the main cast rather than white (Latinos, Asians and African Americans)? Did you happen to think that maybe they’re giving more roles to POC’s than white? Just a change in perspective. We can’t be entirely sure but you can’t jump to conclusions that they’re racist. Also, wasnt the first victim white?

        PS. Before throwing my words back at me, kindly understand the whole sentence? Did I tell you to be grateful? No dear. Read it again.

  7. Absolute garbage from beginning to end. The plot line with Lydia is sickening. I could care less if Malec is endgame. This is a repellent plot line to force on a gay character. It’s clearly there so that girls who find Matthew hot can imagine him with a girl. It’s anti-progressive and homophobic. It doesn’t help that Alec and Lydia have been given a huge amount of time and connection that Alec and Magnus are absolutely not given. Right now Malec is a complete nothing — Magnus finds Alec hot, but nothing exists between them beyond that, I don’t even want them to kiss. It would seem ridiculous. They barely know each other.

    The scene with Simon in the graveyard was a joke. “I am a monsterrrrrr!” I burst out in sickened laughter, awful overwriting, total crap. And why didn’t he attack Clary like he did in the books? Are they seriously determined to remove any potential conflict or interesting moment from every single scene?

    I don’t want the show canceled, but it deserves to be. Decter needs to be fired.

    • #freeMagnusBanefromEDDecter!!!!!!!

      Agree 100%
      And some fans says the show treat Malec!!! Oh gosh!!! :X

      • treat Malec better*

      • That has nothing to do with the show and everything to do with their crushes on Matthew and Harry. Who are cute, but the Malec plot is drivel that would never be foisted on a straight couple, and it’s not just a shame but a problematic shame that they keep denying it and telling Ed he’s doing a great job making sure his two non straight characters have next to no scenes together.

      • kyementery // March 2, 2016 at 9:34 PM //

        Actually the whole arranged marriage thing (whether political or not) is pretty prevalent in a heterosexual couple storyline in asian dramas. Welcome to the world my dear.

      • Welcome to the world? Of arranged marriage? Or are you just saying that a lot of shows have trashy plot lines so we shouldn’t ask for quality or hope for it?

      • kyementery // March 3, 2016 at 3:20 PM //

        Yes. Arranged marriages still exist. Much as you’d like to think that it’s 2016 there’s still so much backwardness in the world.

        Sort of yes. There are A LOT of shows with trashy plot lines. Not only in the US but all over the world. And as much as you’d like to have quality shows, as you put it, the world doesn’t owe you squat. So if you like something then be grateful but if something offends you then just leave it. No point breeding hostility and negativity.

    • kyementery // March 2, 2016 at 9:39 PM // Reply

      Hi Anon, i hope you’re an LGBT person as well. I don’t think the Alec and Lydia plot line is homophobic, rather, it has some truths in it. A lot of LGBT people who come from very religious backgrounds have experienced being setup with a guy (for lesbians) /girl (for gays) so that they’ll “convert” back to heterosexuality. I think the Alec-Lydia plot line is there to give a weighty and quite realistic conflict

      • The Alec and Lydia plot is there to keep Alec and Magnus from having to actually interact on screen and also to show Alec spending time and having “romantic” experiences with a girl. Don’t expect to see much If any Malec onscreen until episode 12, when Magnus most likely outs Alec.

        Out of curiosity, how many Asian dramas have complex plot lines given to out gay and lesbian couples in which they fall in love, encounter obstacles, have love triangles, hug and kiss, get married? I’m not so familiar with the format, but you made the comparison so I am curious.

      • kyementery // March 3, 2016 at 5:43 PM //

        Hi Alanna,

        I think you might have mixed my two comments.

        Re: asian dramas, i was responding to your claim that the TV Malec plot (arranged marriages) would never be foisted on a straight couple, because it is prevalent in heterosexual story lines in asian dramas. So no, I didn’t make the comparison. You did.

        Re: LGBT arranged dates/marriages it happens up to today. In the real world. Outside of the books and outside of television.

        Please don’t mix up my comments and turn them against me. I’ve had to deal with a lot of people who do that quoting their favourite book, the bible, twisting its words and using it against me and people like me.

      • She didn’t mix your comments. She was pointing out that the plot lines for LGBT characters in Asian dramas are not as progressive as they are elsewhere due to societal standards, and in fact sexuality in generally is played down a great deal. She is pointing out you are applying the standards of a literally different culture to this plotline in order to try to give it context, because in the more progressive (in this area) media culture we inhabit in reality, a plotline like this is ridiculous. You know what else had arranged marriage? The Tudors. Reign. But there is a reason we don’t expect that in a modern story.

        Also, the only way watching a show makes any difference to its ratings is if you are a Nielsen family, so unless Alanna has a Neilsen box, her watching the shows doesn’t help its ratings at all.

      • kyementery // March 5, 2016 at 8:55 PM //

        Actually she did. Didn’t she say that “that plot line would never be foisted in a straight couple”? That was what i was answering when I said that the whole arranged marriage thing has also been applied to straight couples. She was generalising so you can’t just suddenly backtrack and say “oh but she was referring to a more progressive time…”. As for asian dramas with complex LGBT characters, try watching yaoi dramas.

        If she’s watching it through online streams like hulu or freeform the ratings is scored differenty, like how netflix does it right? Unless of course she’s downloading it ilegally then tsk tsk tsk.

      • She was correct that it is unlikely that an arranged marriage plotline in a modern day setting would be foisted on a straight couple in an American show. And what you seem to be missing is why it’s problematic here, in this specific instance. Throughout the history of depictions of gay men in Western media, Hollywood has been uncomfortable engaging with their sexuality. They have often been “paired” if not romantically than semi-romantically with women (Will and Grace. More on that later after clearing up a misconception of yours:

        Watching through Netflix and Hulu gives you different kind of ratings, yes. But clearly you don’t really understand how television is rated. It’s a statistical sampling taken from people with Nielsen boxes that record what they watch. If you don’t have one of those boxes, your watching a show live makes zero difference to the ratings. Zero. Look it up.

        What you seem to be missing here, and missing willfully, is the entire context of what makes this plotline offensive. For years, gay men as portrayed by Hollywood have still been portrayed as if their primary relationships were with women. See Will and Grace. Or any number of biopics, like the one of Cole Porter that glosses over that he was gay and makes his main relationship with a woman :

        The recent movie about Alan Turing, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, came under a fire of critique because it also glossed over his homosexuality and made his most important relationship with a woman, Kiera Knightley.

        The point is that this kind of plotline is not new. It is not original. It is not there for Malec. It is part of a pattern of Hollywood not wanting to show gay men in gay relationships and therefore making most of their emotional business about women. If Alec was being arranged-married off to a guy, which there is literally no reason they couldn’t have done, the reaction would be different. That Alec is now going to spend a huge amount of time talking to and being with Lydia and preparing for his heteronormative wedding is something GLBTQ watchers have ever right to be upset about. If you aren’t upset, fine, but dismissing the hurt feelings and disappointment of traditionally dismissed and underrepresented groups is offensive.

        Enjoy the future episodes of Alec and Lydia.

      • kyementery // March 7, 2016 at 3:21 AM //

        My dear, what you seem to be missing is that those shows and movies have already been finished, meaning no other plot devices or storylines can ever be used to correct their mistakes. I will go against the grain here but didn’t Malec come to the forefront of the story at the second half of the series? Didn’t anyone point out that in the first three we only experience Malec through an afterthought? No. Why? Because the second half was still in the making. A plot device is a plot device. It only becomes homophobic when the whole story is wrapped up and we see how everything played out. The point that you really seem to be missing is that don’t jump to conclusions when the only thing that you’ve seen is the beginning of the story.

        How can i dismiss the hurt feelings and disappointment of a traditionally dismissed and underrepresented group when I’m gay and asian myself.

        Thanks for the warm wishes my dear. You too! I have a feeling you’ll still be watching the series. xoxo

  8. As much as I too hate seeing Alec turn his back on his true feelings for Magnus I think the writers are trying to stretch out Alec’s struggle over being a homosexual in an intolerant society. AKA, the Shadowhunters. Remember the clave would treat the Lightwoods even worse if they find out Alec’s gay, amongst the Lightwoods past drama. Their honor is at stake. Alec has a strong sense of duty, and he’s trying to save Everyone (Isabelle, Max, Jace, and yes… clary) all while denying who he is. I think that’s pretty epic. So chill. They’ll get to a point in the show were Alec will break loose and run to Magnus in an epic scene. Now that’s worth waiting for.

    • We’ve actually seen little proof from the show that anyone would care if Alec was gay. I believe the society is intolerant. Our own society is intolerant. But without the clear explanation of what kind of intolerant they are from the books, I’d be at sea. The garbage about family honor makes no sense and hasn’t been explained, especially considering that Alec’s parents were in the circle and if anyone’s screwed up the “family’s honor” (random. Never explained) it’s them. If Alec is trying to “save” everyone from something, I don’t know what that is either. How does the Clave feel about gay shadowhunters? What exactly would the issue be?

      Nor is it what I see depicted. I see the writers shoving Alec into spending more time with a girl than he spends wIth Magnus. I see Alec seeming happier around that girl than he has ever seemed with Magnus. And no, I don’t think a scene where Malec finally come together with be epic, because I don’t care about the relationship of characters who have spent zero time together. Why would I root for Magnus and Alec’s relationship when they don’t have one? The time to throw in this kind of “tension causing twist” would be when we actually feel like there is something at stake. Right now the only thing at stake is that Alec is becoming a worse and worse person, and that is sad to see, but it has nothing to do with Magnus.

      Not to mention all this is set up for Alec being about to get married when Magnus shows up to stop the wedding, effectively outing Alec. If that happens I will stop watching. Outing someone is hideously offensive and I could never root for them as a couple after that. And I’d like to see the apologists for this awful show defend THAT.

        People need to adress how problematic the show use of sexuality is being deliveried. People should never clap what Ed and his team is doing.

        I was complete disgusted by the amount of dialogue Alec had with Lydia vs, the almost zero dialogue that he had with Magnus and the meet up 4 eps ago. The even make the proposal looks romantic. *disgusted*

        And even worse is those Malec shipper (how they call themselves that?) saying they want Lydia to help him come in term with his sexuality and help him be with Magnus. They are completely erasing Magnus existence, like he just there to complete the second boy in the gay couple.

      • Also, the show already out him once with the memory demon plot and Jace disgusted face was awful when book jace was more welcome to Alec sexuality than anyone. They did that to shock viewer that the hot dude was gay. *Awfullll* and now they are bound to repeat again, but we should “calm down” because ep 12 is called Malec.

        I love book Malec but i just cannot with them in the show. Alec is a horrible being, i cannot understand what the hell Magnus see in him. #magnusdeservebetter

  9. First seasons are rough. I still remember how tacky Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were in the first season, but they got better as the stories unfolded. Supernatural is driving in their 11th season and Buffy had 7 successful seasons. I’m hoping it will be the same for Shadowhunters.

    One of the few things I’m still having a hard time grasping is the Institute and the residing Shadowhunters. What is their point in being there? I find it odd having all these other Shadowhunters not really doing anything. Even in this episode when Valentine/ a glamoured Lydia walked into the Institute, nobody (not one Shadowhunter besides Alec) reacted. They just stood there waiting for somebody to get rid of the threat. Aren’t Shadowhunters supposed to be this incredible army because it didn’t seemed like it.

    • kyementery // March 2, 2016 at 9:53 PM // Reply

      Haha! Right?! The second episode of Supernatural’s first season was really tacky. I just watched it because Jensen Ackle and Jared Padelecki are hot. 😍 But surprisingly, the way they developed the story is sooooo frigging amazing!

  10. I really liked this episode but I really don’t like they way they are portraying Camille. In the books Camille would never break the accords Raphael even says that in the books and yet in the TV show she breaks the accords and they make Camille seem weak when she isn’t. I really hope Camille comes back and kicks some butt

    • Actually, in The Bane Chronicles, Camille does break the accords. It’s the reason why she goes into hiding and leaves Raphael in charge of the vampire clan during her absence. And she does it again in City of Fallen Angels, killing Shadowhunters (though, she was influenced by Lilith that time).

      I do agree with you on one thing though. I don’t like this version of Camille either. She’s seems weaker than what she’s supposed to be. Camille would have never allow Clary to punch her. I think she would have ripped Clary’s arm before trying and Camille would have not been taken out quickly by her clan. She’s stronger than that and she has a deeper loyalty from her clan. Isn’t that the reason why Raphael never attempted to kill her when he had a chance?

      • True but what I don’t like about this Camille is that she is so careless when she breaks the accords and like you said Camille in the books would never let Clary punch her. Camille may not be liked by everyone but her death in the books was horrible to me and the way she is portrayed in the show is even worse. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of Camille. Also what story in the Bane chronicles did Camille break the accords? If your talking about The Fall of Hotel Dumont she also didn’t mean to break the accords she said that she never meant for it to happen, her and the rest of the clan were addicts, they got addicted to the drug that was inside the humans blood stream (cocaine I think).

      • All in all, the show is undermining well written characters. It worries me what they might do with Sebastian/Jon if they get a second season.

  11. I’m in the minority, because I actually like Lydia. I don’t see her as a threat to Alec and Magnus in any way. I think she is well aware that her proposed marriage to Alec is an arrangement that will get them what they both want. I actually see her becoming a good friend to Alec. In which case she will probably die. Alec in the novels was missing any real friends outside of Jace, I actually like the two of them together- they were very open with one another.

    Alberto did a great job. This has been my favorite episode so far. I am loving Raphael. People have complained about the heaviness of the vampire story, but I like seeing Raphael over throw Camille. I really can’t stand the woman who portrays her though.

    • Thank you. This has been the most reasonable comment I’ve read so far. All this people need to chill and stop accusing people of being homophobic just because Malec isn’t happening yet. Like you all read the books right?? Alec and Magnus’ relationship doesn’t become public or concrete until book 3.

      • I haven’t seen a single comment saying that the show is homophobic because Magnus and Alec “aren’t happening.” I’ve seen people say it’s homophobic because they have invented a plotline requiring Alec, a gay character, to propose to and prepare for marriage with a woman.

        There really is a difference.

    • kyementery // March 2, 2016 at 9:56 PM // Reply

      I agree! I really hope people should jump to conclusions regarding the Lydia plot line. The conflicts that they can conjure up on the journey towards Malec with that is a goldmine!

  12. Some fans are getting unhinged over Lydia. But the show already established right at the start her idea of love. She’s not into romantic love after the death of her first husband. She loves her job most of all, so the only reason she would accept Alec’s marriage proposal is to get her dream job of running an Institute. What’s more, Alec is only intrigued by Magnus at this point and has no actually relationship with him yet. This sham wedding and other obstacles are what these two will have to surmount to create the real Malec relationship.

  13. This was the first episode I had sever issues with, and it all has to do with Lydia. 1 – Aren’t modern Shadowhunters not supposed to know Magnus helped invent the portal with Henry? 2 – Well, basically her whole plotline. xD Takeover of the Institute, Alec’s proposal…ugh! The rest was great though, meaning basically Jace, Clary, and Simon. I hate how the Lightwoods are portrayed. Even Magnus seems a bit off for me.

  14. I hated Lydia the moment she was introduced, because it gives Alec un needed angst.

  15. I agree with everything. The Falcon Scene: when it stated, I was really excited, but not only the missed the most important line, but also Dominic Sherwood looked extremely uncomfortable telling the story. I was expecting him to be more emotional in a way I would buy his pain but I didn’t, it kind of felt like he was telling an awkward story about how he ate everyone’s christmas dessert. Katherine’s acting wasn’t so good in this episode either. I couldn’t connect with her pain on Simon´s death. Lydia was horrible, not good girl but not a bad one either. In a minute she was a bitch and in the next one she was just telling a sad story about a dead husband… I don´t think so. I wasn’t expecting to love Lydia so is not a big lost. She´s not even supposed to be a descendant of Henry Branwell who married Charlotte Fairchild and whose children would carry the Fairchild last name.

  16. Marie-Antoinette // March 3, 2016 at 8:52 AM // Reply

    True, Alecs proposal to Lydia was very suprising, but she hasn’t accepted – yet. We have to wait what becomes of this plot line as the story develops. And Lydia is sure confusing and I am not sure what she is doing here, but I find it interesting and refreshing. I liked her reference to the TID 🙂 And yes it was a pity, that Alec and Magnus had so few scenes together. But the small smile in Alecs face when he talked about Magnus showed that there is definitely something.

    I agree that all these people in the Institute are confusing and I also did wonder why nobody except the four youngsters were reacting to the breach of the outer perimeter.

    Raphael is one of my favorite characters in the book and so far he is doing also very well in the show.

    I know I am alone with my opinion, but I like Alec. He is no horrible person, at all. He is struggling with so much: his true sexuality, his attraction to a downworldler, his conception of duty, the strained relationship with his parents, the dissapointment of his parents and because of his parents, almost loosing Jace to a little girl, All this is a heavy load and he doesn’t loose his contenance and tries to do what he thinks best, best for all. He always trusted in the Clave and the Law and did everything is parents said and wanted. First there is the rip in his relationship with Jace and now he learns that everything he believed in, relied upon, is not rue or not has he thought. His whole world is now upside down. So I think, he is doing an amazing job. It’s a heavy growing up for the character and Matthew Daddario does very well – as far as the script allows him to. I think his Alec will be good for some surprises along the way.

    I am no huge fan of the show, but in the meantime I really enjoy it. And I am curious what they will change further and how they are developing the different plot. And I enjoy immensely when they quote something of the book series.

    • Lydia accepts. We know she accepts because we know there’s a wedding, we know they plan to marry, it’s been shown in pictures and repeated by the writers everywhere. It’s happening. I’m sure Magnus will break in in the middle, thus outing Alec, because the show runners have no sense.

      I can’t help but feel part of the problem with Alec, and why he’s so unpleasant, is that they aged him up. Everything you said about his struggles would be heart-rending if he were the eighteen of the books. But he’s what, 25? Far too old to have no conception whatsoever of good and evil, far too old to blindly follow rules that would be obvious to a child are bad, evil rules. His siblings are smarter and clearer on what’s right and wrong, and younger, which makes it worse.

      If they had changed the plot of the books and come up with a new, different, riveting plot (see Syfy’s Magicians) then sure, I think a lot more people would support it. But they’ve come up with a nothing plot that makes no sense. Why was Valentine buying human blood? Why do we care who runs the Institute? WTF was the point of Dot, Captain Vargas, or Midori, except to be women of color who are murdered brutally to no purpose? Was Isabelle’s character arc seriously to “stop dressing so revealingly”? Why is Magnus doing “autopsy reports” when he’s a warlock? Why is the Institute full of people who don’t talk and never do anything?

      It’s sad to me to see people cling to the tiny, tiny pieces of the books, the few quotes, the miniscule, inaccurate references (BRANWELL?)…because it’s all they have. Imagine if this show had been made by people with respect for the source material and the people who read it? It’ so sad, to think of the happy fandom that could have been.

      • Marie-Antoinette // March 7, 2016 at 4:22 AM //

        OK. I did not know about the wedding. That sucks.

        With the rest of your comment I totally agree. They could have done so much better.
        The writing is crap. The actors are trying. The show is maybe a bit interesting, but it has not much to do with Cassie’s series. The plot is strange and twisted, the Shadowhunter world is upside down, rules do not apply (like “no downworldlers are allowed in the Institute” and what does Magnus do there? He is a warlock for god’s sake.) the characters are changed and the enchanting mystery Cassie is so good at is comletely lacking. I also miss the humor. Every week I question me, if I do like the show or not . . . . but then I hope it gets better. And the little quotes are like breadcrumbs so the people keep watching. They have changed essential things, but still are too close to the original. That’s what’s so bad about it.

        Just think what they could have made of the motion picture with the budget of this show. This movie could have been the major blockbuster. First we all thought the movie was not good ( I still don’t understand why they changed the plot like they did), but compared to this show it was exceedingly good. I liked the characters, the actors did really amazing, it had the athmosphere of the books, the adventure and the humor (up untill the plot change).

        And then I think, why couldn’t they do it like Game of Thrones – a one-to-one film version. A shame really. And it hurts for people of the fandom, that they do such a crappy job with such an amazing material.

  17. See how things are. The same people who says all thoses crap about cassandra misuse of representation are the majority of people claming this plotline is amazing. So progressive. Im side eyeing the shit of this people. ALSO, I CANNOT WITH THE DEFENSE THAT EP 12 IS NAME MALEC, THEREFORE REPRESENTATION.

    also, the show twitter and facebook. Any moment now they will ask for lydia and alec ship name.

    • Yes. It’s a joke. They’re too blinkered to notice that people who don’t know the books are shipping Clary and Alec and Alec and Lydia, because the show hasn’t established any relationship between Alec and Magnus or any reason to ship them, and has done such a poor job with Alec that people are shipping him into straight relationships. THAT is poor representation.

    • “The same people who says all thoses crap about cassandra misuse of representation are the majority of people claming this plotline is amazing.”

      Not exactly a coincidence. They’ve decided that to like the show, they have to hate the books and author. Therefore they have to come up with more and more elaborate excuses for why this homophobic trainwreck of a plot line is okay. (Lydia’s evil! Cause that couldn’t be misogynist. Alec’s doing it for his family! Who cares? It’s still bad writing, and a hackneyed, overused device. Book Alec would totally do this! Don’t make me laugh and anyway of course he wouldn’t nor would his family let him.) excuses, excuses, excuses.

      Believe me, a lot of us are side eyeing them right now. Some people make me ashamed to be a in a fandom with them.

  18. Does anyone think that maybe Lydia is actually Sebastian/Jonathan Christopher? I gave this a thought because:
    1) the shape shifting rune (she was disquised as Valentine when she first came in so maybe she is actually Sebastian)
    2) the first person she asked about was Clary
    3) is it just me or did she roll her eyes when they said that Clary was with Jace?
    This is just a theory because I don’t see the point of introducing a new original character. Maybe the writers want to surprise both book-readers and the non-book readers? But if I’m wrong, I hope I’ll like Lydia better and for Sebastian to show up because he’s highkey the actual villain in the books.

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